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Summary: What if Petunia raised Harry as promised as like a son with unexpected help from someone in the wizarding world? What was inside of the trunk that Lily sent to Petunia before she passed away? Good witch Petunia and wizard Dudley, Godfather Severus, Alive Regulus Black, Good Malfoy's, Free Sirius Black, Cured Remus Lupin, Good but misunderstood Salazar Slytherin and one Horcux in Harry's scar

Bashing: Dumbledore, Molly Weasley and Ginny Weasley

Me: I don't own the books or movies of Harry. Apologizes to those who are German as once again I tried to find how to type German accent with a website help – not goggle.

Harry reached down at the secret entrance of the Chamber where he called out his grandfather's familiar. But as he waited for the deadly snake, he heard a loud gasp. Harry turned around to see Dolores standing behind him with her hand over her mouth.

"Wha – What is this place?" murmured Dolores then glared at Harry, "What is this place, boy?!"

Harry didn't say anything and turned his back from Dolores.

"Why you ungrateful…" said Dolores. She marched over to Harry, grabbed his shoulders and turned him around. She gritted her teeth, "Show some respect to your betters, brat! Now, tell me what is this place or you're going to be punished!"

Harry shook Dolores off and step back, "You have no power to give out punishments, Umbridge. I suggest that you leave this instant!"

"We'll see about that," murmured Dolores. As she was about to drag Harry out of the Chamber, the large deadly snake came out and hissed angrily towards the witch.

"Leave this sacred place, witch! You're not welcome here!"

Dolores squeaked, taking off her hands from Harry's shoulders and covered her eyes. "Call it off, Potter! Call that beast off, now Potter!" she demanded.

"…no, like I said, you are not the boss of me," said Harry. He then addressed to his grandfather's familiar, "I don't care what you do with her, but there is a riot in Hogsmeade – a Death Eater riot! You need to protect the school in case they come here!"

"I'll go…right after dealing with this toad witch," hissed Aura. Harry nodded before dashing out from the Chamber, leaving Dolores to her fate.

Meanwhile in Hogsmeade, Hermione and the others lead many witches and wizards to the hidden passages while the professors and Aurors were fighting off the Death Eaters.

Severus was facing off against Voldemort when Albus appeared between them.

"Dumbledore," sneer Voldemort before addressing towards Severus, "I didn't think you would need his help, Lord Slytherin."

"I don't," stated Severus. "What are you doing here, Albus? You're risking going to Azkaban for your crimes."

"Ah, don't worry my dear boy, those crimes will be cleared once I have finished here," said Albus, calmly.

Voldemort laughed, "As much as I want to get rid of you both, I need to pick up…someone," he said as he looked over at Hogwarts.

"Over my dead body, you blasted snake!" snapped Sirius.

"Do you really think you can beat me? I'm the most powerful wizard in all of Britain!" shouted Voldemort. "I'm going to finish you off, you blood traitor and once I do, I will become the rightful Lord Slytherin!"

"I think not Riddle. You have been disowned. Your family bloodline no longer has connection to the Slytherin bloodline," stated Severus.

The few Death Eaters stopped fighting and gasped in shock.

"Lies! Lies! The Dark Lord is the rightful Lord Slytherin, you filthy halfblood!" screeched Bellatrix, angrily. She pointed her wand towards Severus, "Curio!"

Severus and Sirius dodged out of the way. Sirius smirked over to Severus, "Shall we show them what a true Slytherin can do, Snape?"

"Indeed, let the way Black," said Severus.

Spells and hexes were casted left and right, but unknown to them, Hermione and rest of upper class students were watching the fight including Minister Fudge. The Gryffindors got some new respect to their former potion master and were in awe upon seeing their head house fighting the remaining Death Eaters.

"Merlin's beard," whispered Fudge. "And I was close onto believing Umbridge about the Dark Lord not returning…it's a good thing I didn't send those statements to the Daily Prophet."

Hermione and the others sigh in relief.

"I know it's a bad thing to say this right now, but – I bet three galleons that Headmaster Snape beats Riddle!" said Alcor.

Alois shook his head, "I don't zink zo mate. I zink he vill chust take avay his vand…maype Brofezor Plack vill knock him out or something."
(I don't think so mate. I think he will just take away his wand…maybe Professor Black will knock him out or something.)

"Ah, both of you are wrong. I'll say that Headmaster Snape and the other professors will knock down Riddle and Dumbles!" said Mizar.

Fudge gritted his teeth, "I don't care who gets who! I just want this bloody war to end!"

While Severus and Sirius were dueling against Riddle and Bellatrix, Remus and Regulus were dueling against Dumbledore.

"Remus, please," started Dumbledore, softly, "Why do you let yourself get clouded by them? You know you can't trust the Slytherins. Please let me help you like I am helping Molly and her daughter when Arthur did the unthinkable."

Remus frowned, "If you had paid any attention, Salazar wasn't truly evil. It was his adopted son that wanted to kill the muggles …as for your help, I don't need it. You got nothing to use against me."

Albus sighed, knowing what he said was true. He would have used Remus' lycanthropy against him by presenting it to the board, but since Remus was cured, he got nothing. But the question still remains, who had cured him?

"Enough of this! Rabastan, bring me your arm! I'll finish the traitor off this instant!" snapped Voldemort. Rabastan smirked as he handed his left arm to Riddle.

Severus and the others watched as Voldemort pressed his wand onto Rabastan's arm and said something in Latin. But after a few minutes, Voldemort grew impatient and turned to face an unharmed Severus.

"Why are you not in pain?!" snapped Voldemort.

Severus smirked before revealing his left arm to show there was no dark mark. Only the professors and the Black brothers were not in shock.

"How! How did you remove your mark without me knowing about it?!" shouted Voldemort.

"Oh, that's quite simple. You see, Harry and Dudley didn't like seeing this 'ugly' mark on my arm as it was causing me so much pain," started Severus before chuckling, "All they had to do was to place their little hands over the mark and ordered the snake to go away…within a few seconds, the mark simply vanished."

The Death Eaters couldn't believe their ears. Two young children were able to get rid of the dark mark that easily?!

"Lies! Lies! Lies!" screeched Bellatrix.

"Then, I'll end your pathetic life in the most painful way possible," said Voldemort, pointing his wand towards Severus, "Curio!"

Severus dodged out of the way, "Expelliarmus!"

"Confringo!" said Sirius towards his cousin.

While Bellatrix was cut off guard, Riddle's wand went flying towards Severus. The potion master quickly broke it in half and threw it to the ground.

"It's over Riddle! You have nothing left! Face defeat!"

"He's right Riddle! Zurrender now! All of your remaining follovers haffe peen cabdured!" shouted Alois' father.
(He's right Riddle! Surrender now! All of your remaining followers have been captured!)

Voldemort looked around to see all of his followers were tied up, but a few were not. Like Lucius and Igor who were standing next to Nott and Avery that were tied up.

"Traitors! All of you!" shouted Voldemort to those that were free. That's when Alois' father and two other Aurors tied him up and apparated out of Hogsmeade.

"Minister Fudge, you must hear me out," began Albus.

"Not another word Dumbledore," Fudge sneered. "You are hereby arrested for your crimes against the young Slytherin heir, Harrison Potter-Snape. You will come quietly and face your crimes, do you hear me?"

"Please Minister, you don't understand. You wouldn't be able to defeat Voldemort," argued Albus. "He insured his survival by…"

"Enough! I had enough of your lies Dumbledore! Auror Moody and Auror Tonks take him to the Ministry holding cells where he waits his trial!" ordered Fudge.

"No, you must understand what I'm doing is for the greater good!" begged Albus. He turned around, "Alastor, please. You must understand what I'm doing is right?"

"Be quiet you old coot! We have enough of your talk about the greater good!" snapped Moody.

Severus and the professors sigh in relief upon seeing both Albus and Voldemort being taken away for good. Sirius, Regulus and Remus were on the floor with a huge smile on their faces.

"It's finally over – oh merlin, it's finally over!" said Sirius, happily.

"I must announce this to the wizarding community immediately!" said Fudge, excitedly. "If you would excuse me Headmaster, but I must get going. You and the other professors will be receiving the highest honor of medal for finally getting rid of the Dark Lord."

"That's not necessary," said Severus. "But please do tell the wizarding world that they don't have anything to fear any longer. Riddle is finally locked up along with that crazy old coot, Dumbledore."

"If you insist," said Fudge before apparating with Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt.

-Hogwarts, Great Hall: Next day-

"As many don't know, your former Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and the Dark Lord Voldemort was given the dementors kiss and residing in Azkaban. You can all rest easy now," assured Severus, happily.

The students clapped happily to know that their families and friends will be safe once again.

"And by celebrating, we decided to cancel your exams and send you off early to see your families as a reward," said Petunia as the students started to clap excitedly before she smirked, "But for the those who need to take their O.W.L's and N.E.W.T's, will be taking it around the summer break."

"Aw, come on," whined Dudley.

Harry laughed, "Do you really think aunt Petunia will allow us to escape our O.W.L's?"

Dudley pouted, "I was hoping she was…"

The Black twins smirked while the others laughed.

"So any news what happen to Molly and Ginny?" asked Blaise.

"I believe Tonks mention that Prewett will be send to some juvenile wizarding school in Germany while Molly was given some community services for helping Dumbledore," replied Draco.

"I hope they get some kind of mind healer to help them out," said Tracey. The others nodded and began enjoying their breakfast before going home early.

-Prince Manor, June 28-

"Morning everyone," greeted Sirius as he and his brother walked into the dining room. He sat across from Remus, "Any good news in the Daily Prophet?"

"Not really. Just the small ceremony in the Ministry from last night," replied Remus. "This time, Skeeter didn't put any false statements. But I still wonder how she can get some information that nobody can."

"Who cares," said Sirius before smirking, "But for Snape getting the Order of Merlin, First Class…it's quite an honor. Even Harry got one since he revealed to everyone that he was the one that created the potion to cure lycanthropy."

"Harry was rather sheepish and turned shy when the reporters surrounded him," giggled Petunia, "He hid behind Sev's robes like he did when he was younger."

"But never the less, Severus, you deserve that medal," said Regulus, taking a sip of his coffee. "For the shit you had to do endure, I'm glad you were recognized as a hero."

"He was close onto getting the Warlock title, but Severus refused," said Remus.

"Why did you dear?" asked Aurora.

"Having that title would have been an honor, but being the Headmaster and Lord Slytherin is enough for me right now," said Severus before grabbing hold onto his wife's hand, "Besides, I have something else to think about."

Sirius and Regulus were confused while Remus and Petunia were smiling.

"Congrats to you both," said Petunia, happily.

"I don't get it," said Sirius.

Remus sighed, "It means that Harry is going to be a big brother."

"So there will be a mini Snape or a mini Aurora roaming around here," murmured Sirius before grinning, "Dibs on teaching the child about pranks!"

Severus glared, "No you will not Black! I will not have you teach my child any foolish pranks!"

"Aw come on Snape, a little prank or two wouldn't hurt anyone," whined Sirius.

"You want to bet," warned Severus, taking out his wand. Sirius paled before running off from the dining room. The potion master ran after him, "Come back here Black!"

Petunia and Aurora were giggling while Remus and Regulus were speechless upon seeing Severus chasing Sirius. Suddenly they head laughter coming from the fireplace. Petunia looked up to see Godric and Salazar laughing while Helga and Rowena were giggling as well.

"Enjoying yourselves?" said Aurora.

"It's a blessing to see them being carefree after for so long," said Helga, happily.

"Indeed," said Salazar. "I give my blessing to your future child young Aurora. I hope the young one will have a bright future."

"Thank you Salazar," said Aurora before getting up, "Now if you would excuse me, I need to get Harry's help on dealing with his father and uncle."

Suddenly Remus, Petunia and Regulus felt sorry for the two wizards since Harry did inherit the infamous Evans-Slytherin temper.

-Hogwarts Express, 2013-

"Hey there first years," greeted thirteen year old Teddy Lupin, the eldest son of Remus and Tonks Lupin. He sat next to a boy with dark blond hair and green eyes, "So do you know what house you all will be sorted into?"

The dark blond shook his head, "No, but dad said it doesn't matter which house we will go into. All of the four houses are unique."

The blond with gray eyes nodded, "That's what mum said to me too. Though I believe they want me to be in Slytherin, you know, to follow up family tradition and all. But I'll be fine if I'm sorted into any of the houses including Gryffindor."

A dark redhead with blue eyes snorted, "You? Scorpius Malfoy, being a Gryffindor? Highly unlikely if you ask me and I'm not the sorting hat."

"What? It could happen!" argued Scorpius then he turned his head to the dark blond, "If I remember right, great-uncle Siri was sorted into Gryffindor even though his family was sorted into Slytherin, right Salazar?"

Salazar Potter-Snape, the youngest son of Harry and Luna, nodded, "That's right. Septimus, if you recall the times that Scorpius have acted like a reckless nut, then the house of Gryffindor is right for him. Remember, the sorting hat sorts you into the house that fits your personality perfectly…right, Teddy?"

"That's right, Sal," said Teddy. "Take Lily for example. Her father was the former Lord Slytherin while her mother was the former Lady Ravenclaw. While she was a bookworm throughout her life, she was sorted into Slytherin."

"Oh, that's not surprising," said a dark tan boy, "Now, the set of the Black twins, their sorting was slightly surprising…well, only Cedrella since she was sorted into Slytherin while her brother, Arthur was sorted into Gryffindor."

Scorpius snorted, "There is no doubt that you'll be sorted into Ravenclaw. You'll be with my sister, Sal's sister, Lucy, Victoire and Emma, Zaire."

Zaire Zabini, the youngest son to Blaise and Tracey, smirked, "If I am, then I bet Sally here will be sorted into Slytherin since Rowena was sorted into her namesake's house. There is no doubt that Sally will follow in his namesake's footsteps."

Salazar pouted, "Will you quit with that silly nickname?"

Zaire grinned, "Nope."

"Well, you guys better change. We are almost there," said Teddy before leaving the compartment. The four boys quickly changed into their robes before hearing that they will be arriving at the station soon.

Once they seat out of the train, they spotted the large half-giant, Hagrid waving. He was shouting, "First years! First years! Over here, come quickly now!"

The four boys followed the half-giant to the great lake to the entrance of the magical school. Going inside, Hagrid took them to a few stairs where they spotted his grandmother, Headmistress Aurora Snape standing in front of the Great Hall entrance.

"Thank you Hagrid," said Aurora. The half-giant nodded before leaving the young first years to Aurora. She then turned around and smiled, "Well now, once we enter, you will be sorted into your house by a magical sorting hat. Your personality will determine what house you will be sorted into. There are four houses and they are Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Shall we?"

Salazar and his friends were in awe upon seeing the Great Hall. That's when he spotted his grandfather, Headmaster Severus Snape sitting at the head table. He gave a small wave to him who returned the gesture back.

Headmistress Snape stood in front of them with a parchment on one hand while the other had a worn out, black wizard hat.

"When I call you, I will place the sorting hat upon your head where you will be sorted."

Salazar took a deep breathe. He knows that most of the wizarding world is expecting him to follow in his father's footsteps by being sorted into Slytherin, but his father and mother assure him that he shouldn't listen to those dunderheads and follow his own path.

His father was expected to become an Auror, but he surprised everyone on becoming a healer and the second youngest potion master. His mother become a professor in Divination and only accepts students that are Seers or have the sixth sense.

"Christian Diggory – Hufflepuff!"

"Johnson Flint – Slytherin!"

"Scorpius Malfoy – Slytherin!"

Scorpius sighed in relief before taking off the hat and headed over to the table of snakes. He sat next to Eren Black, the son of Rigel and Pansy. He then spotted his older sister, Serenity sitting at the Ravenclaw table with Rowena Potter-Snape and Victoire Weasley who were smiling at him.

"Salazar Potter-Snape!"

He took a deep breath before taking a seat on the stool and felt the hat being placed on his head. "Ah, the young namesake of thy Salazar Slytherin and the youngest child of Lord Slytherin…now where should I sort you?"

"Um…my dad said to follow my own path so if you please sort me where I can be view as myself, not my father or forefathers," requested Salazar.

"Yes, Yes…I can see your ambition, but you also have great knowledge, courage and loyalty…just like your father…but you have one trait that is stronger than the rest. Fear nothing of the gossip child and like your father said, follow your own path, understand?" said the sorting hat.

Salazar nodded.

"Very well – Gryffindor!"

Salazar was slightly surprised, but shook it off before heading towards the table of lions. When he took a seat next to Jessica Longbottom, the Black twins, Roxanne and Fabian were grinned and started shouting.

"We got Potter-Snape! We got Potter-Snape!"

Salazar blushed while Arthur Black, their cousin snapped at them before patting Salazar's shoulder. He grinned, "Those two are always like that. It doesn't help since their father is quite a jokester…I'm glad I'm not like that though."

Salazar nodded before looking over at the head table to see his mother, Luna Potter-Snape nee Lovegood smiling at him while his grandfather had a proud look. He glazed over at the Ravenclaw table to see his sister giving him a warm smile.

The last two, Septimus Weasley was sorted into Gryffindor while Zaire Zabini was sorted into Ravenclaw. During the welcome feast, Lucy came over to the Gryffindor table to congratulate her little brother being sorted into Gryffindor. Blake who was a Slytherin went over to the Ravenclaw table to do the same to his little brother.

As the feast finished, the four founders watched the students leave the great hall to their dormitories. Helga smiled, "It's wonderful to see carefree students once again."

"Sure does, my dear," said Godric before smirking, "Well brother of mine, it looks like your namesake went to my house; jealous?"

"Of course not, you idiot," snorted Salazar. "I had a feeling that he was going to be a lion the moment he recklessly defended his sister a few years back."

"Reckless, but that show he had true bravery, my dear godson," said Merlin, appearing behind the four. "At long last, no more of that idiotic house rivalry between the Slytherins and Gryffindors."

"Not to mention, the wizards stop believing that anyone sorted into Slytherin are future dark wizards or witches," said Rowena before frowning, "But there are still abused muggleborns that are being discovered."

"That's true. Draco and his partner Alois, that German boy, found a few abused muggleborns within the past four years," stated Helga, sadly.

"At least they are well-protected here in Hogwarts," said Merlin.

"What I didn't suspect that Ginny girl becoming the primary professor to the young witches and wizards," said Godric. "I guess she got some help after finishing up that school in Germany. Where ever happen to her mother anyway?"

"She starts working here in Hogwarts after serving her community services with Filch, but she can't use any magic," replied Salazar.

"Our grandchildren will give her a hard time," murmured Helga before remembering, "I still can't believe that your familiar killed Umbridge those many years ago, Sal!"

"What?! She deserved it!" argued Salazar. "She was going to hurt my heir and Aura wouldn't have it! No dares to threaten my family or the safety of the students!"

"Can't argue with that," murmured Godric as Rowena agreed.

Helga sighed, "I guess you're sort of right…"

Salazar shook his head before the five of them heard the shouting from Argus. They started to giggle upon hearing the 'creative' words that the squib was using on Molly. As Merlin and the other founders went to another portrait to see the fight, Salazar looked out the window to see the moonlight shining through the Great Hall. He closed his eyes, 'Let this peace and unity stay for all eternity and continue for all generations to come.'

-Break Line-

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