The silence in the library was broken by a loud "SUPER!" followed by a shushing noise from the librarian. Franky grinned to himself. He had read the book several times now and felt confident he'd learned what it said. He had even taken notes for extra remembrance!

A chuckle to his right brought his attention to where Robin sat. Franky blushed. He hadn't even seen her enter the library! She walked up to his table and looked at the book he'd been reading.

"Did you like it? I particularly enjoyed the comparisons of Athen and Sparta in ancient Greece." she said with a smile.

"Ah, yes! The Spartan society did seem more equal compared to the one in Athen, right?" he replied.

"Indeed it did. I'm glad you're learning about our ancient cultures. They are something else." she said, gazing at the book.

"Yeah. They really are." Franky said while looking at her. When she noticed, Robin giggled while bending down to kiss him on the cheek. After standing up again, she smiled sweetly.

"I might have to reread that book again. It's been a while."

She softly stroked the book before walking away.