A New Dawn for Bella

Follows the books up until the moment Bella finds out that Edward want to kill the baby before they leave Esmee's Island. Edward is slightly different, you're going to see why.

Warning: Crazy Edward

Ultimate pairing: Bella/Felix

Bella had managed to get some alone time while Edward carried their bags to the boat and she quickly dialed Rosalie's cell phone number, asking for her help. To say that the blond beauty was surprised to hear from Bella was an understatement but she understood the urgency behind Bella's tone after some quick explanations and agreed to help her.

"Don't worry Bella, I'll be waiting for you at the airport, I'll have everything under control." Rosalie reassured her.

"I… I don't trust Edward right now, he just doesn't seem to be himself… We should have a plan B ready just in case you standing up for me isn't enough…" Bella whispered.

"Don't worry, I have it covered, I'll think of something." Rosalie replied before she added:

"I can hear Edward coming back your way. See you soon Bella." Rosalie then hung up and Bella put the phone back where she found it before she rushed in the kitchen and got something to drink acting busy before Edward walked in.

"You're ready to go?" He asked her in a dead voice.

Where was the man she married? What happened to him in such a short time? Why was he acting so distant all of the sudden, like she was a burden for him and not his wife?

"Yes." She replied, refusing to say too much to him.

She was pregnant with his baby and he wanted to kill it… Wasn't he the one who said that he hoped it was a possibility after they told his father about their engagement? Now that it was happening he wanted to get rid of it? Why? And why did he look so…emotionless?

This emotionless look her had scared her more than the rest and she couldn't wait to be with Rosalie. She knew that she would at least be able to trust her and to rest and breathe once she was with Rosalie. Right now, she felt like she had done a huge mistake by marrying Edward, like somehow he had manipulated her all along.

She had never been one to want to get married. She was dead set on not marrying him, at least not before a few years but somehow she had caved and married him… He had then promised her a small wedding, like she wanted but once again she ended up doing what he wanted, letting Alice and him change her mind about everything that was her until all that was left was them. What had they done to her and why could she suddenly see it all now?

It was like a veil had been lifted from her mind and she was suddenly irritated for everything Edward and Alice had forced on her… Placing one hand on her belly, she realized that the baby must be the one who was clearing her mind and she was just that much more grateful for its existence.


As they made their way back home, Bella didn't speak with Edward and she understood that he thought she was mad at him for putting her in this position. He didn't even seem to consider the fact that she might want to keep the baby. Once again, he was making the decisions on his own, without asking her opinion for anything and it angered her.

Did he forget that they were married now? Weren't they supposed to be equals now? Being married to him was supposed to mean that she could count on him to ask her what she wanted to do, that they would both make the decisions together and yet here he was, deciding on his own to end a life they had created together, in what she thought was wonderful and sincere love.

"We're changing airplanes here." Edward told Bella once they landed somewhere in Texas.

Bella nodded and looked around her.

There were a lot of people around and Edward was speaking with a couple, trying to get them to agree to exchange their tickets so they could be home sooner. Suddenly, Bella felt like she was being watched from the left and looked up. She swore she saw Rosalie waving and going inside the woman's bathroom.

"Edward, I need to use the Lady's room." Bella said, putting a shaking hand on her shoulder.

"Okay, I'll try to get us earlier tickets, I'm right here. Be quick." He replied in a dead voice as he pointed at another couple who was waiting for the earlier flight he wanted them to catch.

Bella nodded and rushed to the woman's bathroom only to find Rosalie waiting for her, among a lot of other women.

"With so many people around her won't hear or smell us but we have to be quick. I don't have time to explain. Do you trust me?" Rosalie asked Bella as soon as the pregnant human jumped in her arms.

"Of course I do." Bella nodded.

"Emmett is waiting for us in a private plan. He's ready to get off as soon as we're in." The blond vampire told Bella.

Bella followed Rosalie to the other side of the lady's room and only then did she realize that there was a second door on the other side. They went as fast as humanly possible for Bella and soon found themselves outside and entering a small private plane.

"Let's go Emmett, hurry. I can hear Edward looking for her now." Rosalie said as soon as they started climbing the stairs.

Once Bella was safe on the plane's ground, Rosalie closed the small door and Emmett started to make the plane roll, then fly.

"Thank you… I feel bad for leaving him behind like this but I don't recognize him… Ever since I found out… It's like he doesn't feel anymore, like something's broken inside him…" Bella started to explain.

"Don't worry Bella, you're not alone in this." Rosalie reassured her before she gave her a box of fruit juice.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"In Europe Baby Bells." Emmett's booming voice replied.

"We have a house there, it's safe. The others don't know about it." Rosalie added.

"How did you keep Alice from seeing this?" Bella asked.

"Well, she can't see you anymore, or she sees you but it's all blurry and like a TV with very bad reception. She's so concentrated on you she didn't even see Emmett planning on using her favorite shirt as a grease rug. We told everyone that we were going hunting before you came back and they bought it." Rosalie explained.

"Yeah, don't worry, she didn't see our decision and even if she was to try and look now, she wouldn't be able to because we're with you and she can't see you." Emmett added.

"Good… Maybe someone should warn Edward though…" Bella replied.

"Don't worry, I texted Carlisle that Emmett and I were taking you to a safe place to save your baby. That it was your choice and that they would be able to come and see you only if they agreed to do what YOU chose to do about the baby. I haven't gotten an answer yet." Rosalie explained.

"He probably called Edward as soon as he got your text." Emmett added just as Rosalie's phone biped.

"It's Jasper. He's telling us that Carlisle convinced Edward to come home first. They'll look for us later if they can't convince us to come back and let them kill the baby. Jasper suggests we turn the phones off so they can't try and track us." Rosalie told them.

They flew for a while, thankfully, Emmett and Rosalie had taken Bella's bags and she had what she needed to get changed.

"What if we went to the Volturies?" Bella asked after Rosalie replaced Emmett at the commands of the plane.

"Why would we do that? They'd just be pissed to see that you're still human." Emmett replied.

"Well, maybe this pregnancy isn't a first, maybe it's just rare and if it is, they'd know about it. Plus, once they find out, and I'm sure at some point they will, they'll just get angry at us for keeping this from them. Maybe we should just be honest with them and tell them what's going on." Bella suggested.

"What if they want to kill the baby too?" Rosalie asked her.

"Well, the way I see things, Aro is interested in me, in my potential as a vampire so he won't do anything to upset me or set me against him. He'll want to keep me on his side." Bella explained her side.

"You think you can convince him to let you have the baby and see how things turn out later?" Emmett asked her.

"Yes, I do." Bella nodded.

"At least if we go there Edward won't be able to get to you. We'll have time to try and convince him to let it go, to change his mind." Rosalie nodded.

"You really think this is a good idea?" Emmett asked them both.

"I do. I feel in my heart that it's the best thing to do." Bella nodded.

"It's probably motherly instinct or something like that. Let's go toVolterra then." Rosalie nodded before she changed the flight plan.

Bella explained to them later how she felt like a veil of confusion had been lifted, how she was suddenly capable of being angry at Edward and Alice for everything they had done to her when she hadn't been able to be offended before. She explained everything she had realized earlier and they all started thinking more about it, remembering other facts and events that made them think that maybe there was something behind it all. Maybe Edward and Alice were hiding something from them.

"Alice and Edward always managed to get their way, even if we don't agree with them… Maybe they have some sort of hidden power…" Emmett suggested.

"I think they're aware of their powers and that they have been using them for a very long time… Whatever, we'll find more about it later. That's all the more reasons to get away from them." Rosalie replied.

Nodding in agreement, Bella closed her eyes and took a nap for the rest of the ride.

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