While Bella was in transition, with Felix by her side, Jacob, Charlie, Rosalie and Esmee took good care of the little baby. She was growing fast and it had worried Carlisle at first before a contact of the Volturies arrived with information about others half vampires. They now knew that Renesmee would reach her maturity in 7 years and that she wouldn't sparkle in the sun.

The three Volturies leaders decided to plan a trip in southern America later so they could learn more and investigate the man who was doing his best to make half vampires. They needed to find out if he was going to be a danger to them staying a secret or not but all in all, everyone was happy about this new possibility. They could all have children, all they needed to do was find women willing to either die or be changed into a vampire. It was a great step forward in their history.

Renesmee was quickly winning everyone over and when Bella woke up, two days later, everyone was joyful and waiting to see how Bella would react.

At first, Felix was the only one in the room with her. He gave her a few blood bags to feed on and when she was done drinking, they talked a bit. Felix explained to her that her daughter was fine, safe and not dangerous. He also told her how Renesmee communicated but he kept the detail of Jacob imprinting on the baby, leaving this news to either her father or Jacob.

Bella remembered everything and seemed perfectly calm so he escorted her to the throne room where everyone was waiting for them, ready to jump in to protect Charlie and Renesmee should she ever lose control.

Bella entered the room and her eyes immediately found her father who was holding Renesmee with Jacob by his side.

"Hold your breath." Felix whispered softly in her ear.

She nodded and took small steps.

"I… Is it because you're all here with him or because Jacob is next to him?" Bella asked the room.

"What are you talking about?" Marcus asked her.

"Dad doesn't smell that good to me…Why is that?" Bella asked.

"Maybe it's a trait from your human days… You didn't like the smell of human blood by then, maybe it stayed." Carlisle suggested.

"Well, as long as it doesn't make me faint… That would be embarrassing!" She joked, making everyone around her chuckle and relax.

The first thing Bella did was hugging her father before she took her daughter into her arms.

"Hello sweetheart, I'm your mother." Bella said before her daughter put her hand on her cheek, letting her mother know that she knew who she was and that she was happy to see her again, that she had missed her a lot.

They explained to Bella everything that they had found out about half vampires before Jacob cleared his throat and Rosalie suggested she took the baby back. Before she left her mother's arms, Renesmee put her hand against her mother's cheek and silently asked her not to hurt Jacob.

"Why would I hurt Jacob, Renesmee? He's my friend." Bella asked before she realized that Jacob was backing away from her a few steps and glancing at her daughter.

"Jacob?" She asked.

"Listen, don't get mad or anything, it's not what you think…I…I kinda…" Jacob started, making the vampires around him chuckle.

"You kinda what?" Bella growled, getting angry at the way he was looking at her daughter.

"Isn't she amazing?" Felix asked no one in particular.

"Okay, I imprinted on Renesmee." Jacob breathed out.

"You what?" Bella growled, ready to jump on Jacob, which she probably would have if Felix hadn't been holding her down gently with a hand on her shoulder.

"Now Bella, calm down. It's not like THAT yet! Do you think your father, Marcus or even Felix here would have let me walk if it was anything more than wanting to care for her, to keep her safe?" Jacob tried to defend himself.

"Stop looking at her when I'm talking to you!" Bella yelled, her voice resonating through the entire place.

"Gosh, she's great!" Felix exclaimed with a wide smile on his face.

"Sorry… Look, Bella…I just want the same as you do, nothing more. Please…I just want her to be safe, that's all." Jacob pleaded.

"Bella? I can assure you that it's innocent. He let me read his mind and Marcus can see their link. You have nothing to worry about." Aro informed her in a soothing voice.

"Fine, but you stay away from me for a while." Bella warned Jacob who nodded before he breathed out.


Bella ended up being great at being a vampire, like she had been born for it. She was also a great mother to her daughter and over the next few months, she enjoyed watching her crawl on the floors of the castle, going from one vampire guard to the other and climbing on the leader's lap whenever she wanted. She was a little Volturi princess and everyone loved her. Not even Caius, Jane and Alec could say no to her.

Bella knew that she was safe and was happier in Volterra that she had been in her entire life. Jacob called his father and with the help of the Volturi's money, had his few belongings sent to him. Carlisle and Esmee planned to go back to Forks and then maybe to visit the Denali, staying in touch with Bella and promising to visit often, while Rosalie and Emmett decided that they wanted to stay close to Bella and the baby, especially since Bella had named them Godparents to her.

Later, they would try to have their own half-vampire child. They needed to take their time choosing the right mother, of possible one that wouldn't want anything to do in the child's life so it could be only their own.

Charlie knew that his daughter was safe and happy so he decided to go back to Forks, at least for a while. Marcus got him a special credit card so he could afford to visit them anytime he wished, assuring him that he could come with Jacob's father if he wanted and that he was under their protection.

Before he left, Charlie decided to have a talk with Felix and he asked the man to take good care of his daughter and that he approved of them being together.

Shortly after her father left, Aro, Caius and Marcus gathered all of the guards and declared officially what everybody already knew: Bella was now their equal, a ruler and was to be treated as such.

It didn't take Bella long to get together with Felix. Being a vampire made it harder for her to resist her emotions and what she felt for him was too strong to be resisted. They felt good together, like they belonged and even if Edward was Renesmee's biological father, Felix was her dad and everyone soon stopped thinking about the red haired vampire that was in pieces in a cell of the castle's basement.

Bella was happy and she couldn't get herself to regret marrying Edward because it had gotten her Renesmee, her daughter and Felix, her Love.

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