These are the two first chapters of a 10 chapter long story that I have almost finished writing. This is a test upload. It's the first time I am trying to upload stories here.

It's a story based on the tv show Once Upon a Time but a few of the characters in this story are not currently featured on the actual show.

This Fairytale is about the fate of two young girls. A strange exchange. Witches, Fairies and an odd golden Man.

Chapter 1:

Somewhere Over the Wild Waters.

In a land called Oz, there Once lived a Wicked fairyWoman, her name was Mombi. This is not her story but the story starts with why she came to be the guardian of a little human girl.

A beautiful little baby girl. with red hair, marble white skin and eyes as blue as the summer skies. This little baby girl, where did she come from? she was not Mombis own child. The baby was brought to her by another fairy from a land beyond the wild river that boarders the land of Oz.

Mombi was old so old she was as wrinkled as the bark on the oak brances. She lived in a small house made from oak wood, so if you happened to one day pass by as she was sitting on her porch you might not have even been apple to tell the woman apart from the house. But the fairy knew where to look fairies always knows.

So that day, many years ago a fairy brought the little baby girl too Mombi. "Take care of her" the fairy said "Give her a name, treat her like she was your own Dear Mombi and you will be rewarded. You see- This girl is a princess from a nother land and one day she shall travel back to her land beyond the wild waters, you must tell her that.. And tell her- Her halfsister by her father will lay claim to the throne and be Queen of that land, but the throne rightfully belongs to our little princess here. I will return on the girls 15th birthday and see how she is and to tell her how she shall return to her rightfull place"

Mombi was not the mothering kind, but she took the little girl in and brought her up the only way she knew, she did her best, wich was not a lot. Certainly her motivation to take care of the girl was not out of love, but for the prospect of that reward the fairy had talked about, that promise had laid claim on Mombis wicked mind and she sat each day on her small wooden porch wrenching her hands thinking of the gold and treasures this bothersome child-care business would earn her.

Chapter 2:

Where the little Princess came from

The fairy had travelled far to get the baby to Mombi, but she knew that Mombi was Fates choice for the baby. It was not the fairy's choice, she only did Fates biding. It was for the best. The only way everything would fall into its rightfull place- she told herself that everyday. The fairy did not feel good about what needed to be done, so many innocent humans had been and would be victims of this.

But if Fate didn't happen everything would be chaos. She could not just let loose and let go, though she often wanted too, She had seen her good friend be lost and a hole world be sucked into nothingness, for that exact reason.

The fairy thought back to a few days earlier, the day she had come to take the other little baby girl away from her mother. The young mother had tried to hide her feelings but the fairy could easily see the despair and sorrow in her eyes. The King and father of the young mother had sternly looked at his daughter and said too her "Its for the best Eva. The reputation of our kingdom cannot fall on an illegitimate child. The good Fairy Godmother will find a suitable place for the child" And the King had looked at the fairy and asked again if they could count on her discretion and confidentiality. Offcourse they could, she had told the King, but she had not told him her reasons nor did he ask them of her. All the King and the Royal family had wanted at this point was for this whole misère that their young daughter had been culprit off, too be over, done with and forgotten about.

The fairy had tried to console the young princess again she had taken her hand and told her she would take her baby girl and give her to a kind and loving family. "The world is more full of weeping then we can understand my child, but your baby will be safe, I will make sure of it"- Then she had taken the little baby in her hands and hurried away so as not to drag on the heartwrenching moment for too long.

When she reached the outskirts of the forest that she had agreed to meet in for the exchange of the babies, she had paused for a moment. Looking down at the little girls face, as she slept so peacefully "You are a pretty little thing aren't you. So innocent.. your fate hold so much power to change things.. and you don't even know it.. Im sorry it has to be this way" as she looked at the sleeping girl, the baby suddenly opened her big brown eyes and looked at the fairy. The fairy was startled at how aware the little girl looked. Maybe the girl did know, maybe she already blamed the fairy for what she was doing to her, stealing her life away..

But it had to be done. Or they would all be lost.

The fairy walked to the agreed meeting place and waited. Thankfully the little girl had fallen asleep again, she could not have held all of her tears back if she had had to look into those brown eyes for much longer.

Finally the fairy heard someone approach. It was him.

"Goodday to you Rumplestiltzkin" she said- "Same to you Dearie" said the man approaching her. He had an odd complexion to him almost like he shun a bit with golden dust. In his right hand he carried a basket, it looked like one of those big baskets you might use when you go apple picking. But there were no apples in it. Instead there was a little baby lying there wrapped in a white blanket, all the fairy could see of the baby was her red hair sticking out from above the white edge of the blanket. But then as she got near she could all of a sudden also hear the red-headed girl very loudly as she started screaming her little heart out. And a couple of seconds later the girl the fairy held in her arms joined in the lovely ear-wrenching choir. The Golden man growled something under his breath and took out a small flask with some brown liquid in it and gave both babies a little sip- they both went quite "There thats better" he said "much more soothing for our ears and for your dreams my little dears" "You didn't have to use a potion on the girls Rumple. They are just babies, babies cries sometimes" she said to him "I didn't dearest Blue, I merely gave them a little drink of rum, no baby ever complained of that"

Blue fairy handed the baby in her arms to Rumplestilzkin and then picked up the other baby. As The Golden Man, put the girl down to sleep in the apple basket. She took one last glance at the brown eyed girl she had not long ago taken from the mother. She knew what would become of the little girl in the apple basket, now that Rumplestilzkin was going to place her with the redheaded girls parents- Lord Henry and Lady Cora in the other Kingdom. At least the girl would be with her real father… but no one would know that she was born in this Kingdom or who she was, untill many years later when they were supposed to know. And the redheaded girl in Blues own arms, were going to the land that lay beyond the big river 'The Waters of the Wild' this was the name of the river boardering the land of Oz. That was this childs destiny. Everything was as it should be. But still, in this moment, those screams from the mouths of babes, felt like they could have come from Blues very own heart.