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The following as an account of events which occurred after a request for a work schedule adjustment.

It is also love story. Probably.

"This place needs some life in it, don't you think?"

Maka, goddess of Hades, can only give her sister a wry look over her never-ending pile of paperwork. "Was that supposed to be a pun, O Mighty One?"

Kim fluffs her vibrant pink hair as she disdainfully glances about the sprawling, nearly endless space that serves as Maka's central office. "No, but if there happened to be one, poetry would be written about my cunning wit to be retold for all eternity." She adjusts the drape of her Olympian robes, cut with the highest quality fabrics and dipped in gold. "But seriously, this place is the pits. Do you ever do anything for fun? As in not work?"

Sighing, Maka replies, "I handle all the dead people. All of them. Not some of them, not just the ones you stomp into the ground because they tattled on you to Hera because you had an affair, but all of them. It's kind of a full-time job."

"Gods, I'd rather bathe in Lethe than try to have a funny conversation with you. You need to lighten the hell up, killjoy."

"The souls of the dead provide adequate lighting, thank you."

Zeus digs her fingers into her hair and tugs. "Shut uuuuuup! Look. I demand you find a spouse-"

Maka blurts, appalled, "You can't do that!"

Kim points at herself. "Queen of the gods, remember? And queen of the gods says you need someone to remind you you're not as dead as all the other dudes here. Like your little friend," she sneers, waving in Maka's direction.

"What? What fri-oh." Maka eyes the latest soul that had attached to her, unwilling to part with anything alive.

"The hell is that," Zeus accuses.

"The first step is denial," Maka replies. "They figure it out eventually. And I don't need to marry anyone, okay? I'm perfectly fine on my own." She digs through her cloak, finding a pomegranate and offering it to the small spirit attached to her. It accepts the fruit and becomes distracted enough trying to open it that it disengages from her own soul and meanders away.

Kim waggles little bolts of static at the spirit and it hastens out of the office, squeaking in terror. "You're just afraid of the dating scene, don't lie to me."

Maka groans. "As soon as they find out where I live, the spark kinda goes out, alright?"

"Like they even get that far. You couldn't flirt with Dionysus, you're so bad."

"Urgh," Maka replies, slumping in her chair. "Why must you torment me so?"

Kim summons a palm-sized black device that glitters with diamonds and gold. She flicks her fingers across its surface, searching for something in its glossy depths. "Look, lemme find you the latest hottie. I got Helios sending me texts on all the new mortals."

Helios, an old titan of the sun, always tended to rub Maka the wrong way, even if she did mean well. "B-Blair?"

"Yep," Kim chirps. "I get updates like every twenty-four hours; she's the best. Here we go: 'Soul Evans'. Oh man, that name! Clearly Fate at work for a name like that. He's perfect for a consort of the underworld."

Maka rolls her eyes. "Can we not bring the Fates into this- they freak me out a little."

"What, Kid and the sisters? Look, I already told you I cleared up that whole eighty-eight million, eight-hundred blah blah blah problem. I told Kid that mortals needed to live longer than two and a half years, no matter how pretty the amount of seconds looked. We're all cool now! He only gets to use the scissors these days. "

"Urgh," Maka repeats.

"Anyway, back to the hottie. Let's see… his only family is his br-" Kim abruptly cuts off her own sentence, clearing her throat. "His brother. Hm."

Shaking her head, Maka gets back to her paperwork. "What," she boredly asks.

"Nothing bad. I think I dated him for a few months? Haha…"


"And he's kind of god of the harvest? You know, plants, growing food, l-living stuff…"

Maka levels her eyes at her sister. "He's going to hate me."

"Well you're gonna marry his little brother, not him!"

"I'm not marrying anyone!"

With a wave of her hand, the little black device disappears. "Just dress in something presentable and go check him out and I'll smooth things over with the bro," she says, adjusting her breasts in her robes.

"What, like right now?"

"Yes now. You may be immortal but the hottie isn't. So get moving! You need to get some fresh blood in this joint."