One thing. One tiny, simple, delicious thing. That was all I wanted. A nice cup of coffee to start off this shitty Monday morning before I went to school. All I asked for! What do I get? A broken neck.

Of fucking course. Ryder luck, I'm telling you. We try and pet the bunny and it will end up giving us rabies. We just want the Holy Grail for God's sake!*

So, you know the drill - the alarm goes off, the internal debate as to whether one should get up or not; face Monday, or stay under the blankets for five more minutes? The struggle to get out of bed and get dressed. Trying not to fall asleep as you brush your hair, blah blah blah. Typical, boring, old Monday, right?


God just wants to go, "Up yours!" and screw up my day even more - it's either the Ryder luck or Monday luck really. So I'm all ready to go, in my ever flattering outfit of a hoodie, t-shirt and jeans, complete with the over-the-shoulder bag, and I get that familiar craving.

So I think to myself, what's the harm right? I have over an hour to get to school, I'll just pop into the shop and buy some coffee, and head on - sure, I'll be done ages before I get to school!

And then there I am, waiting to cross the road. Rush hour was hectic; cars whizzing by at the speed of light, drivers cursing their mouths off at everyone, groaning when the lights turn red, don't you know it.

The craving gets worse - I need that coffee! That delicious, warming, amazing beverage made for students - I need it. I glance to my right. No oncoming traffic - safe to cross then! So I run across the road before I realize what a terrible idea that was.

I guess I forgot to take the Ryder luck into play, because next thing I knew I'm flying through the air, my upper body in agony, and my head feeling like it was being split apart. My whole body jerks as I skid across the road, skin tearing off and - I suppose I must have looked like a ragdoll.

Just as I come to a stop, everything burst into pain at once, and dims. Everything around me seemed to stop and I felt like I was sinking deeper into bliss. I had another internal struggle, sort of like the one everyone has in bed, but it went more like:

Sink into peace and away from all the pain, or force myself to face all of that again?

The answer seemed obvious to me at the time, my eyes fluttering closed and my breaths coming out shallower and shallower. And a strange tingling sensation came over my body and bam! The pain was gone.

But with everything good comes the bad. I open my eyes again, and I blink at the sight before me. And I blink again. My brain felt numbed at it was hard to take in the sight before me - well, me.

I was on the ground, my limbs splayed all over the road, my eyes closed and streams of blood flowing down from my forehead, mouth, underneath me... everywhere it seemed. I was literally in a pool of my own blood. And I was so pale. My lips - now tinted blue - were parted slightly and my chest wasn't moving.

Dead. I was dead. I could tell from the amount of scarlet blood - my blood oh my god - everywhere and the unnatural angle my head was at. I could have swore I saw nubs of white - is that my fucking spine oh my god what - sticking out from the huge ass gash in my neck.

Feeling nauseous (or was it just a phantom feeling? I was dead after all - I heard you weren't able to feel anything when you were dead) I turned away and noticed the truck that had hit me. No seriously, it was a big frikken' truck! How the hell did I miss that?

The Ryders' luck obviously, I reminded myself.

Now I know what ye are thinking. "Aren't you taking your death in pretty well? Why aren't you freaking out?" To put it simply, I was numb. My eyes were saying, "Oh dear, you've died hon." While my brains is going, "Oh, nah, that's impossible! I can't die yet! Me - die? Me? No way, it's impossible, I have too much to do."

And the blood splatters that coated the bumper of the truck caught my eye. The driver looked horrified and he was staring at my body. Looking around, I notice cars coming to a stop and people pointing and screaming. And the obvious assholes who were taking fucking photos.

I hissed. Seriously?! I die, and what do they do?

Status Update: OMG!1!1 DIS GRL JUST GOT HIT!11! LOL xDDDD

Fuck them. Fuck them all and this fucked up society. I better look fucking fabulous on facebook - I swear, if my last picture looks like there's a Quasimodo dead on the road-!

Oh, right, priorities. Well, now what was I supposed to do? Well, I could introduce myself for starters. Here goes!

My name is (was?) Flynn Ryder. I am (I was?) a 13 year old girl in a boring school in a boring town with a boring life - erm, death. The thing I liked most about myself, I suppose, was my slightly-longer-than-average red hair - deep red, none of that bright orange Weasley shite - and my bright orange-border-yellow eyes. Weird, I know, but I prefer weird to normal.

I hated my freckles. Despised them, the genetic curses they were, standing out on my deathly pale skin. And seeing as I'm always moaning about "The Ryder Luck" I suppose I should explain:

Us Ryders have a horrible streak of luck. Take, for example, my grandma. She smoked once - once - and she developed a tumour in her lung a week later and died. Or my great uncle Dan. He drank a couple of shots, ended up drunk out of his mind and in a bar fight, got punched so hard he knocked his head off a curb and died of blood loss.

And that's just the two of them - you don't even want to know some of the worst things we managed to do.

And, again life, seriously? Death at 13? That's...that's kind of gay, you know. No, scratch that, it is ultimate bullshit. What happened to graduating? Travelling the world? Being killed heroically by protecting a bunch of kiddies from a savage tiger? that double art class I was gonna have this Friday!?

And another thing, I love art. I mostly sketch and mess around with water colours, and while I'm not exactly Leonardo da Vinci standard, I like to think I'm good enough.

I glance around, ignoring the paramedics rushing in with the...shock-you-back-to-life thingies, although it was slightly amusing to watch them shock my body yet really creepy at the same time, and thought about one thing...

Now what? Where was the whole "don't-walk-into-the-light" scene? Or Death? Or - or something! I didn't want to be stuck roaming the earth, forever watching people drink coffee without being able to have some myself...

I sighed inaudibly. Um...Shinigami-sama? Death? Grim Reaper? Yo, anyone there? I would very much like to move on thanks. Yours sincerely, watching my dead body isn't that fun.

Nothing. Nada! I groaned (but I wasn't able to hear that either - maybe I was just imagining it? Maybe I was going crazy even in death?) and stamped on the ground rather childishly. What, was Ichigo off duty or something? Honestly, stupid gingers...

A sudden idea popped into mind. "O Mighty Jashin-sama," I began. Yes, I was a Narutard and yes this was absolutely ridiculous, but whatever, "I wish to be -" What now? In a fanfiction, people who had died would be reborn or tossed into the Naruverse...Me?

I'm gonna be original! I'm going to do something so ridiculous, so crazy, so...hipster, that I shall make huge changes! Amazing changes! Because of my original idea, to be...!

" - thrown into the Naruverse!"

Yep. 10 points to Gryffindor for originality, right? And I know, "Why don't you be reborn in the Naruverse! You could get chakra/kekki genkai, blah blah... Well, I kind of like being Flynn Ryder, not...Uchiha Sasukia, forgotten twin sister of Sasuke, or some shit, so I waited. Other than a slight breeze, nothing...wait. A breeze?

I frowned. From what I gathered at the crowd's lack of reaction to the ghost of the girl just killed talking to no one, I was invisible, and probably able to walk through things, even though I hadn't even moved yet. I felt an absolute lack of tiredness or urge to move - maybe, maybe it might have something to do with the fact I'm dead?

Anyways. The breeze slowly grew into a wind, which grew into a gale, which grew into what felt like a frikken' hurricane. I winced and attempted to shield my eyes with my hands...which were not solid. Well amn't I smart.

Not too long after the hurricane started - ok, like five seconds after - I was lifted off of my feet again and thrown backwards, although there wasn't any tearing of my skin this time, but my insides felt like they were being thrown upwards...

My eyes, which closed at the force of the wind, snapped open and my mouth popped open into a small 'o' of surprise. I was falling through the Earth.

What. The. Fuck!? Life hack much? No, seriously, I was falling through the sewage drains, then through rocks (which felt really weird!) and then through the mantle which terrified me shitless (hey, if you were encased in molten magma you wouldn't be laughing would you?) and I closed my eyes again.

Was I going to be falling forever? Or maybe I was going to Hell! I only drank that Baileys once, I swear!...ok maybe twice...or three times...or ten...It's not my fault that Irish whiskey is so good!

I kept my eyes closed and my thoughts began to be replaced with the noise of nothingness roaring past my ears filled my head up, pounding against my ears, tearing apart my skull...

And that was when I felt a pulling sensation in my stomach, which spread to my torso, then to my limbs and head and it felt like I was being pulled and pushed in every direction at once...

My poor fuzzy, possibly non-existent 13 year old mind couldn't take it. I blacked out.


Now Hinata was having a nice day. She ate breakfast with her team and sensei, had a vigorous training session soon after and was now chatting with her team-mates. Heck, Naruto-kun even smiled at her! So her day was coming along pretty nicely.

Right now Kiba, Shino, Hinata and Kurenai were sitting down in the training ground and eating bentos packed by Kurenai. The silence was only broken by the sounds of eating and the occasional bird song.

A sudden wave of something unnatural swept over the clearing out of nowhere. They all jumped up and Akamaru let out a low whine, ears flattened against his head as his master sniffed the air uncertainly. Shino's kikaichu were pooling out of his sleeves and buzzing in agitated rhythm. Hinata had activated her Byakugan and was scanning the surrounding area while their sensei had flipped out a kunai and barked out a, "Hinata, what do you see?"

Her pale lavender eyes stopped and stared at one point in particular in the sky, widening in disbelief. What...? Her eyes trailed down and she stammered, "I-I-I don't know! I don't - I can't-! I-It's..."


There was no emotion on said genin's face, other than the subtle slope of his eyebrows. "I can't tell sensei. My kikaichu are picking up on an enormous chakra-like presence." Kurenai's eyes narrowed. "Chakra-like? It's not actual chakra?" She questioned. Shino gave an affirmative nod.

"This needs to be reported to Hokage-sama. Stay there you three while I go get backup," Kurenai ordered, body-flickering away. Silence fell on the trio. "...should we get closer?" Kiba suggested.

Hinata shook her head, wide-eyed. "No K-Kiba-kun! Sensei t-told us to st-stay here!" Kiba rolled his eyes, "What do you think Shino? Shouldn't we get closer?" Shino merely adjusted his glasses again, and said, "It would be better to get a visual, but we shouldn't engage with whatever it is as it's...power levels are huge."

"Yosh! Let's go, Akamaru!" Kiba grinned. They sped off towards the source of the disruption with Shino following. Hinata hesitated, but after a second's indecision she chased after her team mates.

While jumping from tree to tree, Kiba spoke up, "Hey guys? What do you think it is, to have such big power levels?" Hinata shook her head in reply. "I d-don't know, Kiba-kun. My B-Byakugan picked up o-on something re-really strange...but I-I don't know what it i-is."

Shino nodded in agreement. "My kikaichu tell me that whatever the anomaly it is, it's power levels are massive, but it's chakra levels...they are almost non-existent. Even less than a civilians," he told them.

Kiba frowned. "That's strange; something your Byakugan and Kikaichu couldn't pick up on?" He grinned suddenly. "Whatever it is, it's gotta be strong! This is gonna be fun, ne, Akamaru?" Akamaru barked in reply.

A minute later, Hinata called out, "Hey, w-wait!" Kiba, Akamaru and Shino turned to look at her. Hinata's Byakugan was activated and she was looking off to the right. "O-over there. In that c-clearing." She pointed to where she was looking as she spoke.

Team 8 changed their course and reached the clearing a few seconds later. Akamaru whined and Kiba tilted his head in confusion. "A...girl?" For some reason, there was a small crater in the middle of the clearing, and in the centre lay a girl.

Shino frowned. "She looks like she was in a fight," he muttered. The girl looked to be around their age, with red hair that was matted in blood and she lay splayed in the crater. Her face was deathly pale and blood was running down her temple and down her neck, pooling in the hollow of her collarbone.

What wasn't covered was either cut or bloody, and she wore strange clothes which were tattered heavily and tugged up slightly at her stomach, revealing the bottom of a heavily bruised rib cage. Hinata blanched. "W-w-what happened t-to her?" she wondered.

"Should we help her? She looks like death," Kiba questioned. Shino hesitated. "...we should wait for backup. We do not know how strong she is - she might be an enemy kunoichi for all we know." Kiba frowned. "But she looks so beaten up, she can't really hurt us can she?"

"I don't know. We should head back and tell Kurenai-sensei what we've found," Shino replied, and Kiba sighed. "Fine. Let's go."

"A-Ano...guys, I-I'll catch up l-later..." Hinata mumbled, blushing. Kiba blinked. "Eh? Oh, ok then. See ya later Hinata! Don't stay too long!" He called over his shoulder as he jumped away. Hinata just nodded and the moment they were out of sight she jumped down to inspect the girl further.

That's fact, it's abnormal - this girl...she doesn't have a chakra network! No tenketsu or anything!

Hinata crouched down beside the girl, staring at her face for a moment, taking in the bluish hue to her lips. She reached out and touched the girls face, only to withdraw her hand. "S-She's ice cold!" She exclaimed.

She lifted up a limp wrist to check for a pulse, but found nothing. "She's...dead?" she mumbled to herself, eyebrows furrowing. Why was a battered body lying in a crater? In fact...Hinata thought back to when the wave of power swept over the clearing.

What was that? Kiba, Shino and Kurenai-sensei didn't see anything, so I must have seen it because of my Byakugan...But what was it? It just looked like a normal girl...But then why was she only visible to the Byakugan? Even if she's dead and shouldn't have chakra, she doesn't have a chakra network...did she die because of it?

Hinat bit her lip, mulling over her thoughts. I should report this to sensei, she decided, leaping up to the trees and back to the training grounds.

Hinata's day just got a lot stranger.


I groaned. My...everything hurt. My ribs most of all, and my knees and elbows felt like they were on fire. I cracked open an eye, shutting it immediately as light flooded into it. Urgh...turn off the lights please...

I felt the sun warming my face and frowned. Wasn't it raining before...

Right. Before I died. Wait, if I was dead, how could I feel the sun? Wasn't I a ghost or something? I opened my eyes again and attempted to sit up, letting out another groan as my muscles began protesting at the small movement.

I lay down again and closed my eyes, waiting as the pain faded back to a dull throb. I sniffed the air experimentally. It smelt fresh, fresher than the polluted shithole I lived in, so I could gather that I was somewhere different. But where? I listened keenly, making out the rustle of leaves and birdsong. So a forest then.

I opened my eyes for a third time, making out green blurs that I assumed were the crowns of trees, and the big blue blob was the sky. I sighed, and attempted to sit up again. I managed to get into a hunched over position despite my pain. Getting hit by a truck hurts...a lot.

I looked over my hands, vaguely noting the caked blood and various cuts on them, the skin peeled off in some parts. I placed them down in front of me and shifted around until I was on my knees, and I tried standing up, almost falling over from the pain in my legs.

Placing a hand on the tree behind me, I positioned myself until I was leaning against the tree, panting from the small exertion. Jesus, I was mess up bad wasn't I?

My vision began clearing up, so I studied where I was more. Apparently...I was lying a crater. A motherfucking crater? The hell? Looking up, I found I was a clearing in the middle of a forest. I swear, if I was in the middle of no where, with no coffee close by I was going to lose it!

Shakily, I put one leg in front of me and put a bit of weight on it, only to grab the tree behind me when it crumpled beneath me. "Why thank you Mr. Tree, you're such a gentleman," I mumbled. "No, I don't need any help, thank you. Oh, you meant a therapist? Well screw you too Mister Tree!" I yelled, pushing away from it...only to faceplant.

Right, jelly legs. I forgot. I sighed, the sound muffled by the earth my face was currently getting acquainted with, and lifted myself onto my arms again, staying in a kneeling position. I wasn't exactly fit to be moving around, but staying in the one spot was killing me.

Ooh~! My coffee senses are a-tingling! This way! I began crawling determinedly in a random direction, begging my coffee senses weren't wrong - they usually weren't. By god, I would crawl through Hell and back for a drop of coffee right now, I was parched!

I managed to crawl for about five minutes before collapsing again. I could have sworn I heard my muscles creaking, but maybe it's just me.

My eye-lids were feeling heavy. "Ooh...'m sure a...quiiick nap...wou'n't hur'..." I slurred sleepily, and I closed my eyes and fell asleep in the middle of a forest, with no clue where I was or if there were any wild animals around.

Aren't I smart?

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