The Hokage sat behind his desk and puffed on his pipe agitatedly, shuffling the papers in front of him. There had been reports of men with black and read cloaks sighted repeatedly along the border between Fire and Sand. Given that the Chuunin Exams were coming up, it wasn't a good sign.

Given that both the Kyuubi and the Ichibi Jinchuurikis are competing in the Exams, it's obvious what the Akatsuki are after. We need to tighten our security for when they attack... Sarutobi Hiruzen steepled his fingers and rested his chin on them, sighing deeply.

Not to mention that strange shock wave that came out of nowhere, literally. What sort of jutsu could use so much raw power yet no detectable chakra? What would it even do? He had seen many a terrifying jutsu in his day, but none with this kind of power.

He was finding it hard to decide which team to send out to investigate the borders and jutsu, although Gai's team was beginning to sound like a good idea, what with the powerhouse of a jounin in charge. Just then the sound of knocking reached his ears.

Sitting up straight, he called, "Enter." The door opened to reveal one Yuhi Kurenai. "Hokage-sama," she greeted with a bow. He smiled warmly, "Kurenai," he returned, "What is it? You look alarmed."

Kurenai straightened out of her bow and looked him in the eye. "You felt it too, did you not?" She questioned. "I believe everyone in this village felt it," Sarutobi replied. "I wish to report, sir," she said.

Nodding his head for her to continue, she said, "When my team and I were in the training ground, we felt the...disruption. Shino's kikaichu couldn't pick up on any chakra but Hinata's Byakugan picked up on something, although Hinata herself couldn't describe it. I left them in the training grounds, although I doubt they would stay put," Kurenai finished with a small smile.

The Hokage nodded his head. "Alright, I shall send Kakashi to investigate the site with you and Team Eight." Just as he said that, Kakashi walked in the open door. "Yo, Hokage-sama, Kurenai," he greeted lazily. "He has already been briefed on his mission," Sarutobi said.

Kurenai raised an eyebrow. "Shall we go then?" She said. Kakashi nodded, eyes still trained on that perverted orange book of his. Bowing again to the Hokage, her and Kakashi shun-shinned out of the office and to the training grounds.

Noting only two of her genin, she asked, "Where's Hinata?" Kiba looked over at Shino, who stared right back, before sighing. "We wanted to get a visual of whatever cause that power..wave..thing... and we saw - um, a girl? But she was all bloody and pale and lying in the middle of a crater! And Hinata wanted to stay behind for whatever reason...and here she is now!" He pointed over behind the two jounins, who turned and saw Hinata running towards them.

Reaching her team, she stuttered, "H-Hello Kurenai-sensei and K-Kakashi-sensei!" "So? What did you find?" Kakashi asked, gaze never leaving that damned book. "A-ano...S-she was d-d-dead...a-and she didn't h-have a chakra net-network! No tenketsu or-or anything," she replied in a confused tone, eyebrows furrowing.

"A dead girl lying in a crater huh...Why don't you show us the way to the body?" Kakashi eye-smiled. Kiba grinned. "Yosh! Follow us!" He hollered over his shoulder and leapt away into the trees with Shino and Hinata beside him and Kakashi and Kurenai right behind.

After a few minutes of silent travelling they arrived at the clearing where the girl was. Except there was no body. What there were, though, were bloodmarks; a pool of blood where the body obviously had lay and drops and splatters of blood leading out of the crater, up to a tree (with blood on it that looked suspiciously like a hand print) and away into the bushes.

"We should follow it as it will probably lead to the body," Shino noted. Kurenai sighed through her nose. "Hinata, Kiba and Shino, you three go and find the body. Bring it back here. Me and Kakashi will collect blood samples and see if we can identify the girl," she ordered.

"Hai!" Team Eight chorused, and Akamaru barked, disappearing into the under-bushes of the forest. Kurenai turned to Kakashi. "So?" Kakashi glanced up at her briefly before going back to reading his book again.

"There's only two options, really. Either someone dragged the body away, or that body is very much alive," Kakashi drawled. Kurenai nodded, crouching down and pulling out a vial from the recess' of her pouch. She began scooping blood into the vial, being careful not to touch it with her hands. Kakashi simply leaned against a tree and read his book.

"I found her!" Kiba shouted suddenly. The blood was spread out in a wider area now, and underneath a tree lay the body of the girl. She lay belly down, and she looked the same as ever, blood and all.

"W-W-Who do you think m-moved her?" Hinata wondered. Kiba shrugged. "I don't know - what do they want with the girl's body anyway?" he grumbled. Akamaru yipped in agreement.

"W-Well she definitely d-didn't have some sort of rare j-jutsu," Hinata pointed out. "Since s-she has no ch-chakra network." Shino spoke up from beside her, "How do you think she survived with no network?"

Hinata shrugged while Kiba said, "Ehh, I'm sure Kurenai-sensei can figure it out." He grabbed under the girls arms and said, "Oi Shino, you lift the legs and we'll take her back to Kurenai-sensei." Shino adjusted his glasses, then held out his arms, his kikaichu flying out of his sleeves and surrounding the girls body. "Let me," he said indifferently.

Slightly miffed, Kiba let go of the girl and trailed behind Shino with Hinata as they made their way back to the clearing. They stepped over the bloodied bushes while Shino's kikaichu lay the body down and flew back to Shino.

Kakashi closed his book with a snap, placing it in his pouch. "So this is the girl then?" He said. Kiba nodded. "Yeah, but we still don't know how she got here," he replied. Kakashi crouched down beside the girl, studying her.

"She's got strange clothes, anyway, so she definitely isn't from around here," he noted. "S-should we take her b-back to the Ho-Hokage?" Hinata asked. Kakashi stood up again, and eye-smiled. "I believe he would be interested in her. Did you find anything else?" He asked, and Kiba and Hinata shook their heads no.

"Maa, let's go then." Without warning he grabbed onto the trio and, pulling them close, he shun-shinned back to the Hokage who looked up at them expectantly. Hinata stumbled towards the wall, using it to support herself while Shino swayed slightly and Kiba fell on his butt.

"D-Don't do that again!" Kiba shouted dizzily. Kakashi just chuckled. A moment later Kurenai appeared with the body. "Here is what- who we found Hokage-sama," she announced. The Hokage peered over his papers to examine the body. " she dead?" He asked.

Kurenai nodded. "Hinata says that she has no chakra network in her body," she informed him. The Hokage's eyebrows rose. "None at all?" When Team 8 nodded, he puffed on his pipe deeply. "Get her to the hospital. We need to run tests on her body," he ordered. How did she survive that long with no chakra network? Maybe somebody ripped it out? But the various wounds around her body, including her neck, told a different story. He just hoped the medics could figure it out.

"Hai!" They chorused, and as Kakashi grabbed the body, Kurenai and Team 8 shun-shinned to the hospital with Kakashi appearing moments later. Immediatly one of the medics rushed up to them. "Hokage-sama wants a team of medics to examine this body," Kurenai informed her, and nodding, the medic took the body off Kakashi and rushed off, a group of medics peeling away from the crowds and following her.

"Maa, I think I've kept my team waiting long enough. Ja ne," Kakashi said and disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Kurenai turned back to her team, who were staring at her quizically. "Well, let's get back to training then shall we?" She said with a smile.


I was dizzy. I was confused. There was a strange sensation of burning crawling up my limbs before I blacked out again.

There were distant shouts that sounded vaguely human. Who were they...? Not moving in the slightest, I realized the burning pain had disappeared to be replaced with a stabbing feel in my chest. Yet again, I blacked out.

Now there was some bullshit about coming into consciousness gently. Like sounds slowly melting into reality, gentle blinking of the eyes, all this. But it's not true! They lie! Everything rushed back to me at once: The pain in my neck most of all, and my chest and limbs, and that stupid headache that wouldn't go away!

Jerking, I sat upright quickly and felt something drift off my head, only to moan and clutch my head with one hand, the other clutching my stomach. It felt like I had swam in nettles or something, what with the stinging pain in my arms. My eyes, which had snapped open, squinted against the bright light and walls. Everything blurred and focused again, in rhythm with the pounding of my head.

After what must have been a few minutes, although they felt like an eternity, the pain in my head faded to a dull throb and I was able to take in my surroundings. I was in a bed, which was new to me. So someone found me in the forest then..? Was my first thought. My second was, I wonder if they have coffee...

There was a lack of anything around me; other than the bed which had a crisp white sheet that I realized had covered my head, there was nothing. Not a window, or a bedside table or anything. Just plain tiles and a bed, and IV's and the such sticking into me.

"Ahh..." I gasped quietly. I guess I must have went into shock or something after that accident - I mean, who turns into a fucking ghost? What was I smoking? - and had that weird dream of falling through the Earth, and waking up in a forest. Now someone probably called the ambulance and here I was, in hospital (I could tell by the bitter smell of anti-septic), about to be greeted by my friends and family!

After a few moments, nothing. "Huh." Was my intelligent reaction. Then again, why was there a lack of furniture in this room? Didn't really feel like a room for a patient, did it? Or maybe I was in a coma! I bit my lip. I better not have been out of it for, like, five years or something!

Scowling, I ripped out the tubes in my arms - always hated needles - and noted the lack of injury on my arms. I guess they cleaned me up - wait, no shit, this is a hospital. I'm retarded. I lifted the covers, glad to see I wasn't in one of those hospital robes that were open at the back, but I was in different clothes altogether. A white tunic or something that fell down to my knees, my scarlet hair splayed messily around me, but that was it.

"Huh," I said again. Then with horror, I realized someone had changed me. Someone had seen me naked! Noooo! I began blushing furiously. Oh god, kill me please! I was mortified. After a minute of panicking I calmed and decided on the best course of action.

Well there isn't really much to do here, and that coffee ain't going to find itself! "Alrighty!" I said out loud. "Commence operation: Get the hell outta the stinky room!"

Slowly, I shifted my body around until I my feet were on the ground and attempted to stand up. Even if I was a little shaky, I managed to stay upright. Noting the pain in my ribs at the movement, I peered down the neck of my robe-thingy only to grimace. My entire chest was littered with purple and yellow bruises. It looked like a fucking rainbow!

"Owie..." I moaned. I shuffled towards the door, my feet squeaking on the spotless tiles. Then I realized a lack of handles on my door. "Ehh?!" I cried out. All that was left was a groove! How the hell was I going to get to my coffee now? I grabbed the edges of the hole where the handle must have been and pulled. Nothing! "Shit..." I cursed softly.

Sudden inspiration hit me. Slowly, I pulled to my right...and the door opened. It was a sliding door. I blinked owlishly. "What the fuck?!" I swore quite loudly. "What the hell is a motherfucking sliding door doing here? I'm not in Japan!" Then I realized that shouting and cussing wasn't the best idea. I peered to my right - and my left, learned my lesson from last time - and realized no one was there. Just an eerie silence.

I shuffled out of the room, shivering in the cool air. There were several door going down the pristine corridor; curious, I made my way over to the door nearest to me, beaming when I slide open the door. I don't know, it felt like an accomplishment not being beaten by a door. Aha! Take that doors! I bet you teamed up with Mr. Tree didn't you? Oh wait, Mr. Tree was in a dream...

I snapped myself out of my musings and stared into my room. "I can't see shit," I mumbled. The room was pitch black, as dark as my soul. Frowning, I entered the room and fumbled around the wall, searching for a light switch. After a moment of searching, my fingers brushed against something and the lights burst into life.

Wincing at the sudden attack on my retinas, I made out the shape of a body under the covers. Feeling apprehensive for whatever reason, I slowly walked over to the lump, and oh so slowly stretched my hand out and peeled off the sheet. I gasped and dropped it again.

Staring, unseeing eyes gazed up at me from a bone-white face, coldness radiating off of it. I stumbled backwards, my breathing coming quicker. A dead fucking body?! I was not expecting that! I ran - more like jogged - back out of the room, slamming the door shut.

Was...Was I in a morgue? Why? What? I glanced around at the other rooms, presumably filled with dead bodies too. And I was in the midst of them...why...? I looked down both sides of the corridor, before catching sight of a green sign hanging from the ceiling with an arrow on it pointing to the left.

I took off jogging towards it, frowning when I noticed the Kanji on it. "Maybe I am in Japan...?" I mused. Either way, right in front of me was a stair case, so I began walking up it. I noted how it got slightly warmer with every step I took.

I finally reached the top, and opened yet another sliding door. The sudden sound of chatting and talking hit me harshly and I winced. I took a few steps into the room, peering around cautiously. No one seemed to have noticed me - yet. I knew if I was caught the nurses would probably force me back into that room surrounded by dead people and I definitely didn't want that, so I began weaving my way through the crows, wincing whenever someone would brush against my battered ribs.

After a few minutes of walking I found the exit. It was sunny outside - a sure sign I wasn't in my rainy hometown anymore. As I walked outside I shivered off the last of my cold and took in my surroundings a little more. Little children were running up and down the streets which were filled with stalls and people chattering happily to each other.

Dorothy was definitely not in Kansas anymore.

I decided to skip walking down the main road and chose to walk down the ally way to the left of me. Sure, walking away from the hospital when I was pretty badly injured wasn't really a good idea, but I never really had any good ideas so I just went with it.

Soon, after five minutes of enjoying the nice change in scenery, I checked myself over. Other than the robe, I had my wrist band that was a present from my dad and I never took off, so I was glad for that. Reaching up I felt around my ears and sighed in relief. They didn't take out my earrings! I had two small silver rings each lobe, and three studs on the upper shell of my left.

Looking to my left, I saw another alley. Looking to my right, I saw, gasp! Another alley. Was I lost? I looked behind me to an unmemorable alley. Yep, I was lost. In a place I had never seen before - I ignored that niggling feeling at the back of my mind that I had seen this place before - and with no one I knew around.

...Was it still Monday?

Huffing irately I climbed up a large dumpster with some difficulty due to my ribs and peered over it. All that was there was a litte boring-looking garden. I glanced around and realized that I must be in a housing estate. Shit!

I jumped down and tried to land gracefully but I stumbled and fell. "Damn!" I grumbled, brushing myself off and getting up. Huh, maybe someone can give me directions? I mused. I walked around the corner, down another alley and found myself in front of a rundown looking apartments door. I glanced up. It must have been two or three stories high.

Sighing I made my way inside. There was an abandoned receptionist's desk in front of me and beside that a stairwell. I made my way up that, and hesitated at the first floor. My outfit isn't exactly...modest, is it, I thought dejectedly. Oh how I hated dresses...

I tugged down on the hem of the robe self-consciously and knocked at a random door. Oh please oh please oh please don't let it be a guy...

The door parted slightly, revealing sapphire blue eyes, amazingly blond hair - was it dyed? - and...a guy in a bright orange jumpsuit. Inwardly, I wailed. Noo! Life hates me! Ah - please don't be a perv... Outwardly, I smiled nervously. "Erm, hi...?"


"Erm, hi...?"

Naruto blinked. He had been eating his lunch - ramen, surpise surprise - when there was a knock at the door. Thinking it was Sakura about to sucker punch him for being late for a team meeting (honestly, if Kakashi-sensei was going to be three hours late, it wasn't exactly unjustified to get a bit of grub was it?) he opened the door warily, ready to close it.

He blinked, staring at the girl in a white robe who was blushing slightly. "Ano...who are you?" Naruto asked bluntly. "Oh! - um, I'm Flynn. Flynn Ryder," she said quickly, and kept one hand on the bottom of her dress while the other ran through her blood-red hair.

"So! I'm kind of new here and I got lost, so can you give me directions to, um, the exit of this town...?" Naruto opened the door a bit further, glancing to her hair and piecing together the information in his mind.

He grinned. "Sure! I'm Uzumaki Naruto, dattebayo!" He said. She blinked, seemingly overwhelmed by his sudden friendliness, before she grinned back. "Nice to meet ya!" She chirped happily.

Naruto stepped out of his apartment, locked the door behind him before grabbing Ryder's hand and running down the stairs. "So Ryder-" he began, but she interrupted, "Ah, no, my name's Flynn?" Naruto stopped at the bottom of the stairs, turning back to her and scratching his head confusedly. "But you said your name was Flynn Ryder right?" She nodded. "Yeah, Flynn." Naruto shrugged it off. "Oh, well, my first name's Naruto, not Uzumaki," he told her.

He began running again with Flynn struggling to keep up with him. "So Flynn, what do you think of Konoha so far?" He asked. She was silent for a moment, before she shrugged slightly and said, "I don't know. I've been in hospital for god knows how long and haven't seen anything else." Her nose scrunched up and she stuck out her tongue. "You're not gonna make me go back are you? 'Cause it stinks in there," she grumbled.

Naruto laughed. "Nah, can't stand the place myself!" Flynn chuckled behind him, panting slightly, before asking, "Where are we going?" Naruto grinned at her, somehow managing to not run into anything even when he wasnt looking, "Well, let's go meet my team! We have a meeting - erm, had, our sensei is always late, so I thought I should introduce you to them!"

Flynn tilted her head. "Hahh...You know, you're awfully kind...hah..for a stranger," she said between pants. "Are we long lost relatives...hahh...or something and I've just forgotten you?" She questioned. Naruto snorted. "Nope, never seen you before in my life," he informed her, "and I just felt like it cause I have nothing better to do anyway, plus you seem nice too!"

Soon they had to stop at a bridge because Flynn needed to catch her breath - but coincidentally, it was where Sasuke and Sakura were waiting for him and their sensei. "Naruto! Why are you late- and who is this?" Sakura yelled at him, pointing to the girl who was panting heavily.

"Ne, ne, Sakura-chan, Kakashi sensei still isn't here so no harm done right?" Naruto smiled sheepishly, only to get cuffed around the head by her. "Baka! You can't just go running off and bring back random girls! Isn't that right Sasuke-kun?" She went from growling to cooing sweetly pretty quickly.

"Hn." Was Sasuke's oh-so clever reply. "Who are you?" Sakura asked Flynn. "I'm..hahh..Flynn...Flynn Ryder. Or would it be Ryder Flynn?" she mused, and turned to Naruto. "Ano, second name goes first," Naruto responded to her gaze. "Ah. Ryder Flynn then," she told Sakura firmly, who just stared at her like she doubted her sanity.

"Eto...Anyways, I'm Haruno Sakura, and this is Uchiha Sasuke-kun!" She squealed, blushing. "Hn," was all the Uchiha said. Flynn huffed. "Can-can he speak or is 'hn' all he knows?" She asked Naruto, who promptly burst out laughing.

Sasuke bristled. "Yes, I can speak, obviously," he growled. Flynn just blinked at him. "Oh, should have said so sooner," she said flatly. "Don't speak to Sasuke-kun like that!" Sakura hissed at her, but she just shrugged her off.

An awkward moment of silence passed, before Flynn burst out, "I want pancakes!" Everyone turned to stare at her weirdly. "What? Pancakes. Enough said," she grinned. "...what are pancakes?" Naruto asked.

Flynn gaped at him. "What-what? You don't know want pancakes are?!" She grabbed his shoulders and began shaking him mercilessly. "You have not lived, lad, you have not lived!" She cried dramatically.

Sakura sighed. Another crazy person to deal with... Although at least she had her dearly beloved... "Sasuke-kun!" Sakura squealed as he sighed. Too cool..!

The sound of footsteps reached their ears, and they all turned - except for Naruto, he was too dizzy - and saw Kakashi approaching, reading Icha Icha again.

"Yo, sorry I'm late but there was this old lady with groceries-" he began, but was cut off by a loud shout of, "LIAR!" from Naruto and Sakura. Just then Kakashi glanced up and froze at the sight of Flynn.

"You!" He growled.

"Me!" Flynn replied happily.

"Her?" Naruto pointed at his new friend in confusion.

"Hn." That was Sasuke's input.

"Sasuke-kun~!" Three guesses who said that.

Next thing they knew, Flynn was on the ground with Kakashi leaning over her and a kunai at her neck. "Who are you," he growled. "Ah-um - Ryder Flynn?" Flynn tried, only to have the kunai dug in further and a thin trickle of blood run down her neck.

"Ok, this is completely uncalled for!" Flynn whined. "Oi! Kakashi-sensei, what are you doing?!" Naruto exclaimed. "She is an enemy kunoichi who managed to sneak past the border," said man replied. "I'm a what now." Flynn deadpanned.

"Which village are you from? What's your purpose?" Kakashi questioned. "O-Ok, I'll answer you if you let me up!" Flynn cried - a kunai at one's throat was quite daunting. The only visible eye narrowed, obviously debating whether or not to let her up. Slowly, the kunai drew back from Flynn's throat and Kakashi drew back, but it was still out and ready to be thrown.

This was not fair! Jesus christ my ribs are killing me right now - and what did I do to warrant a knife..thing at my throat?! I sat up slowly, rubbing my stinging throat and glared at that man.

"Ok, I'm from Ireland-" no need to go into specifics now was there? "-and my purpose..." I thought back. ", to get better? I don't know, I was hit by a truck, my memory is a bit fuzzy."

The man glared at me, obviously not amused. "Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke, get behind me," he ordered, and the three who had been observing the drama in front of them moved behind him, staring at me.

I glanced down. What, did I have something on my face? Just as I was rubbing my face (they were still staring at me, the creeps) he spoke again, "How are you alive?" I froze. "What."

"How are you alive?" He repeated. I looked up slowly, and stared him in the eye. "Are you retarded." I asked seriously. How am I alive? Are you kidding me? Someone didn't listen in class...



I turned slowly around and stared hard at the knife implanted in the ground behind me. Was he trying to kill me?! The crazy bastard! "Don't mess around," he spat, "how are you alive? You don't have any chakra."

I eyed him carefully, shifting up into a crouch, wincing as my ribs protested. "What's...chakra?" I asked, eyebrows furrowing. Now that I had definitely heard before...but where? Whenever I tried to grasp the memory it seemed to disappear...

"What's chakra? Have you been living under a rock your whole life?" Naruto exclaimed. I gave him a funny look. "No...just, what? I don't have chakra so I can't be alive?" My gaze shifted back to the guy with hair that never heard of gravity before. "So...any reason why you attacked me? 'Cause I'll sue you," I grumbled.

Silver, as I had nicknamed him, eyed me warily before dropping the defensive stance he was in. Then out of nowhere he was suddenly up close and personal. I squeaked as his hand shot out and snatched up my wrist.

"Oi - what the fuck man?" I cursed. "Stay still," he ordered. His fingers were in a position that one usually took when searching for a pulse, but they seemed hotter than normal-? No, not as in they looked nice, I mean that they were frikken' roasting! Did he go around poking lava or what?

He stood up and dragged me up with him (I definitely heard my ribs creak at that!) and said in a curt tone, "Stay here," before my whole world flipped upside down and around and oh my god what the hell-

Everything stilled suddenly and my legs gave out, so I was literally being held up by Silver. "Kakashi-san!"

I craned my neck up at a tall man striding over. He had a heavily scarred face and a weird bandana thing on his head. His gaze shifted from Silver to me and I stuck my tongue out at him.

He glared at me and I hastily stuck my tongue back into my mouth. Silver and Scar-y began conversing in low tones while I tugged - with no avail - to get my hand out of Silver's grip.

Suddenly Silver let go of my hand and I crashed to the floor, a pained yelp escaping my lips, and Scar-y leaned down and picked my up, tossing me over his shoulder. "O-Oi, lemme go bastard!" I hissed at him, beating at his lower back with my fists.

Scar-y continued on like he couldn't feel my attacks - he probably couldn't, I was weak as fuck - and began walking down a stairwell. I lifted my head up and mouthed 'Traitor!' at Silver who just poofed away. "Pff, shitty bastard, I can poof away too," I mumbled. "POOF!" I screamed suddenly.

"Aww, I could have sworn it would work," I pouted, crossing my arms and glaring at the steps as the passed under Scar-y's feet. After what felt like an age walking down steps I got bored.

"Hey, Scar-y, you guys got coffee?" I asked. No reply. "See, funny thing is, that's how I got here," I continued. He didn't reply, but I felt his head twitch slightly against my ribs - ow. So he was listening! "Oh, but is it still Monday? I hope it's not Monday. Mondays suck. Like seriously, they are whores, twenty cents for an hour! Honestly, it should've listened in school more and it might have understood how babies are made and-" Scar-y jostled me roughly in an attempt to shut me up.

My fucking ribs!

I sighed. "I just wanted coffee~" I whined, and after a few seconds of nothing but footsteps reaching my ears I began singing. "But you didn't have to cut me off! Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing~ And I don't even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough~" I sang. Sue me, I was bored and everyone sings when they're bored, right?

"Shut up brat," Scar-y growled beneath me. "Oh. Not a fan of Gotye then? How about Carly Rae Jepson? HEY, I JUST MET YOU! AND THIS IS CRAZY! BUT HERE'S MY NUMBER! SO CALL ME MAYBE!" I screamed/sang.

"Shut up!" He hissed, and jostled me again. "Ah, ok, how about some nice soothing metallica-?" I was cut off (again!) by the sound of a heavy door opening and then swinging shut behind us.

Scar-y put me in a chair and before I could get up again he shackled my wrists to the arms of the chair. I shook my arms about, frowning when the wouldn't budge. "Oh come on!" I sighed. Meanwhile Scar-y took place in between the door and me, and draw a scalpel of some sort out of the recess' of his tent- excuse me, jacket - and spun it around his fingers.

"Start talking." He said threateningly. "Ah - but I was talking before? Or would that count as singing? So I was singing instead? But I was talking in between-"

Scar-y's fist slammed down on the table and I jumped. "Where are you from?" He questioned. "Ireland!" I replied happily. His eyes narrowed. "Stop lying, I'm not a fool," he growled. I gaped at him. "Oh c'mon! I know Ireland's small but I didn't think there was someone who wouldn't know that it exists!" I gasped.

He raised a brow, but continued on, "Are you a spy from Iwa? Kiri?" I frowned at him. "Um...are...are those places from Japan? Cause I'm not from Japan, by the way," I felt compelled to point out. Next thing I knew there was a stinging in my left check and something silver was visible in the corner of my eye.

I gulped and eyed the scalpel which now rested less than a centimetre away from my head. This guy was not messing around then...

"What are your intentions in Konohagakure?" He asked again, completely unaffected by throwing a scalpel at a frikken' kid! Society these days!

"Um- I didn't come here intentionally, let it be said! But um..." Now how do you tell a guy you got hit by a truck, may or may not have hullicinated being in a forest and woke up surrounded by dead people?

"I had an accident and woke up in hospital, eh!" I told him, then winced. There it was, that annoying verbal tic I had when I was nervous or annoyed. "What kind of accident then? Found out by our ninja?" He grinned nastily at me.

I stared at him. And stared some more.

"What have you been smoking and where can I get some," I deadpanned after a moment. These people are just too weird for me... "Ninja? Seriously? Even I know they're just a child's tale. Sure, next thing you'll say is that your Oisín from Tir na Nog," I said tiredly. He probably would, if he was crazy enough to suggest ninja of all things.

Scar-y eyed me for a long terse moment. I pursed my lips, expecting a scalpel in the eye or something, so I blinked when he straightened up and rubbed his temple, muttering something under his breath that sounded like, "Kakashi-san was right when he said she knew nothing..."

I huffed. I take offense to that Scar-y...and I need to stop calling you that. "Yo, Scar-y, what's your name? Cause I doubt it's Scar-y," I said suddenly. He just looked at me before walking out of the room, the door slamming shut behind him.

"Oi! Bastard! Don't just leave me tied to a chair!" I shouted after him. "I'm a celebrity get me out of here?" I tried after that, to no avail. No scarred men or tents in sight. "Ah...ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli," I said in my best robot voice.


I began shouting random things at the door, cursing at it and staring at it but nothing appeared to work. Maybe it was a test? Maybe I had to befriend mister door?

I blinked, and realized something. "Hey! You're not a sliding door! So you're not on Mr. Tree's side are you?" I grinned. "Look, look! We're allies here buddy! Get me out of here and I'll oil you!" I sighed when Mr. Door didn't reply. Then again, I would be freaked out if he did reply.

I got bored of the silence easily and began trying to hold a conversation with Mr. Door again. "So once there was a salmon of knowledge..." I began, and I told him all the myths I knew of, Oisín of Tir Na Nog, Fionn and the Giant and so on.

"...and then Setenta promised him to be the new Cuchulainn!" I finished happily. "See, interesting things happen sometimes..." I trailed off. My throat was beginning to get sore. "Um, hey, can I get some water here or something?" When no one replied I huffed. "You have bad customer service! I give you one star! One!"

After another few moments, I sighed. This was gonna be a bad Monday wasn't it?

...I knew I should have stayed in hospital.

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