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Chapter One – 'The Raven Has Flown From its Nest':

A raven colour polluted the sky; it ripped the pastel blue day-light sky into shards, so now only the blackness was shown in the sky. The heavens had opened pouring its contents on any willing civilian to walk in its harsh path.

There stood Miss Hermione Jean Granger, at the tender age of seventeen-years-old. She was wearing very little clothing; the weather – formerly – had been bright and airy, very controversial to how it was now. She was wearing: a denim jacket, white shirt, a black pencil skirt and ballet shoes – the same midnight black shade as the skirt. The shards of rain dribbled down her porcelain pale face, which had a few sparse freckles over the taunt skin of her face. Her footsteps on the callous cobbled stones echoed throughout the whole of Knockturn Alley.

What Hermione was doing in Knockturn Alley was another matter. She had been doing her own private research on creating a new line of potion; she was very close to reaching a result. She was researching and developing a cure for the nervous system to repair, after being exposed to the Crusiatic Curse. Her inspiration for this had come from her own pain and suffering; she had experienced this when at Malfoy Manor from Bella... She still had the scar on her left arm - it read: 'mud-blood'. She had tried a Glamour spell to cover it, but nothing worked. Similar with her nervous system, she had tried every potion going and nothing had worked for her.

The type of herb she was searching Knockturn Alley for was: Ginseng. It was an herb which: calms the nerves, repairs and broken links, but the wrong amount could kill. The herb was on common in Asia - Eastern Siberia to be more precise - hence her reasoning for heading to Knockturn Alley for it. She was heading to the shop named: 'Ye Old Curiosity'.

Hermione stepped gingerly down the Alley; she was very cautious walking down here, it was eerie...a creepy atmosphere. Goosebumps slashed across her arms and legs; it was as if a blade had slashed across her skin the way the Goosebumps appeared. Hermione turned her head to gaze behind her, she felt as if she was being watched by something… or someone. There was only a small light in the far distance. She kept walking towards it, a faint bit of hope that it would give her an inclination of safety. She knew she should have asked Harry to come down the Alley with her… Hermione was now close to the light, when she looked behind her again she saw three silhouettes rooted behind her. The first face emerged with a grin; piercing blue eyes, rotting, angled sharp teeth, wispy thin hair and a squashed ugly face. Greyback, Fenrir Greyback. The second one stood in the light: clad all in black attire, a thick set of black hair on his head and brown eyes – Antonin Dolohov. The third figure had a mane of thick curly hair, pasty and was female. No surprise whom she was, Bellatrix Lestrange…

Hermione gasped in sheer fear. Her heartbeat had increased manically; she could feel it in bouncing off her chest. She let out a small cry. The last time she had seen Bella was when she had tortured her at Malfoy Manor. Hermione gripped onto her wand as the mad women spoke, "Look who it is… the dirty, filthy Mud-blood… Still have your scar Muddy?" Bella let out her manic, evil laugh and then formed a smirk over her lips. Her nails clawed at Hermione's left arm; ripping away the long sleeves of the denim jacket.

"It is still there – branded forever…" Bella evilly laughed, and the other two mongrels joined in.

"What we going to do to her? Perhaps teach her she should not come out to play in the dark?" Dolohov said with an equally horrific smirk on his lips. Greyback came close to Hermione's neck practically breathing on it, before sticking his tongue out and licking her neck. Hermione whimpered and tried to point her wand out at them, Bella soon put a stop to that by using a spell to flinging it away into a gutter.

Sweat, ripping of material could be heard. Short shrieks varying in sounds could be heard from Hermione's voice... so innocent and sweet being compromised with foul heavy breathing and screams. Hermione's purity was being robbed from her by three evil, villainous Death Eaters. Had she not had enough torture lately, had they not done enough to destroy her life already? The war had taken many people out of her life – including her Mother and Father…

They left her battered, bruised ripped clothing stained with blood. She was near on her deathbed. Unconscious with the rain dripping over her lifeless body…


A black clad, Potions' Professor stumbled out of 'The Leaky Cauldron' – he had just had a few drinks to celebrate Minerva McGonagall's birthday… it had been an awful night.

'Shots… what fucking idiot thought it was a good idea to give that insufferable Scottish woman Shots… She had been all over me like when I had chickenpox as a child' Severus bitterly thought to himself, reminiscing about what happened in The Leaky Cauldron. He stumbled towards Knockturn Alley's Apparition Point; there was no other one closer to him. Severus began to stumble towards the Apparition Point slowly; all of a sudden he tripped over a soft lump on the ground. He landed with a large bump and was flat on his back, as he fell his hands fell over some soft…skin. Severus immediately sat up and stared at the lump.

'Shit… a body?' He thought and whispered, "Lumonus,"

His wand's tip light up – shinning a glowing light illuminating the truth the dark had blanketed over in the dark of the night.

"Granger?" His soft toned voice spoke in a little worry. He then saw the crimson stained pale skin an ripped clothes, he went into panic mode and had to Occlude his mind to calm his anxiety, which had begun to flare up…

"Miss Granger?" He said placing his hands on her shoulders and shaking her lifeless body. There was still nothing from her. Calmly he crouched and whipped his cloak of his shoulders and wrapped it around Granger's near-naked body, before clasping two strong arms around her and carrying her off to the Apparition point.


Soon, they were both inside the warmth of his home, Spinner's End. Hermione had not awoken at any point; so Severus gave her a few healing potions and stripped her out of the remains of her clothes. Not caring about breaching shitty boundaries... He would not sit and see the girl covered in blood. He washed every inch of her in his bath. He had come to the conclusion someone had attacked and raped the poor girl. He pulled her out of the bath and put her in one of his long shirts and jogging bottoms. Before wrapping her in several layers of blankets and placing a heating charm to keep her extra toasty.

He sat watching her for hours on end, checking she was alright; giving her several potions in that time. It was not until five o'clock in the morning she woke up with a scream. Severus' eyes were bloodshot and bags under his eyes had formed, sitting on a wooden chair for five hours had not been an easy task.

"Hermione, it is okay... You are safe now," Severus' tone was soft; he gingerly stepped closer to her...and sat on the bed. He wanted nothing more than to reach out and hold the wreck of the beautiful woman she now was because of some monster.

"They...three of them." She sobbed her chest heaving hysterically as her face littered with glass-like orbs of water.

"B-B-Bella..." She whimpered looking at her left arm.

"Hermione, shhh," Severus cooed in a velvet soft tone. "No-one but you and I is here right now. I am here to look after you - you are safe with me I promise you..." He noticed the tension ease a little from her face so carried on speaking, "you are safe, Hermione, no-one can harm you. Trust me." He carried on to speak for a good while, the tone in his voice sounding like pure silk wrapping around her. She soon relaxed and stopped her crying.

"You saved me." She whispered to him.

"Returning the favour, Miss Granger," Severus gave her a soft smile to help her relax more. "Right, Miss Granger, I am going to fix you something to eat - toast and tea okay?" He asked her. Hermione's response was a simple nod. And with that Hermione was left on her own as Severus had gone downstairs.

She got up and scowled at her gaunt frame – all sharp edges and gone were her soft subtle curves. She saw the yellow bruises and slashes over her skin. As lifted up the white shirt and gasped, she had so many gashes – and deep cuts – over her torso and breasts. She was close to tears seeing them over her milky coloured skin. She could see that Healing Salve had been applied to each and every individual wound – it looked as if Severus had put so much care to ensure she was looked after. Hermione's brows knitted together as she noticed these were not her clothes that she was dressed in.

'These are not mine,' she thought to herself as she smoothed down the button-up shirt. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, as the thought dawned on her, 'he has seen me…naked and…oh no!' she clenched her fists until they went as white as a cotton bed linen. She was angry at him. She walked down the stairs and saw him placing a plate on a tray.

"Hermione – is everything okay?" Severus asked looking into her eyes; he had a frightful look in his eyes – a genuine look of concern. Hermione's anger melted away like butter, she came to the conclusion he had done it out of concern; not wanting her to remain blood stained and in tatty clothing… It was rather sweet of him really. Hermione relaxed and stared back into his eyes.

"I was just wondering where you had got to – I don't feel comfortable on my own," She whispered stepping closer to Severus. For some reason when he was around her she felt security, safe and relaxed. She may barely know him on a personal level, but he had saved her life and brought her into his home. Rather like she had. When Severus was on his near deathbed a year ago; aged thirty-six. The 'insufferable-know-it-all' had gave him several potions as he lay bleeding from his neck from that dreaded fucking snake, Nagini. Voldemort thought he had seen the last of Severus; but with thanks to Hermione she healed him and levitated him to St. Mungo's Hospital.

"Ah, I understand, Miss Granger." Severus finally whispered as a reply. "Here – eat this, I am sure it will make you feel a little bit better. Twinnings tea always does the job – a wonderful Muggle product." Severus happily said, trying to cheer Hermione up a little. Hermione's lips formed a small smile at him.

"I like that tea, too," She croaked at him, her soft voice filled with pain. Severus smiled back and decided to pass her the tea and toast to eat. Hermione slowly picked at the toast, she ended up taking a few bites out of it, on the other hand, she had drank all the tea.

"Let's go back upstairs?" Severus suggested to Hermione. She followed him back up to his cosy bedroom. She climbed into the quilt covers and laid her head onto the pillow. Severus awkwardly scratched the back of his neck and looked at Hermione.

"Hermione – I really do not want you to feel uncomfortable… but-but would you mind if I lay on the bed with you? Side-effects of the Cruciatus Curse, means I am required to lie on a special sort of bed; the couch is not an ideal place for me – I am sorry. I will not kick you to sleep on the sofa," Severus blurted in an awkward manner.

"Yes... It is fine," She said hesitantly and scotched up to the edge of the bed.