Short chapter, but… well, it is wrote from a different character's perspective; and I have never wrote Minerva McGonagall's character in depth, I apologise if it is not perfect. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think? It really does give me inspiration to write!

Chapter Five – Help is Given to Those, Whom Shall Seek it:

She sat across the large mantel piece; it was vastly consuming the whole of the bulky, grey stone wall. Only the fire emblems were burning now; flickering and spreading their light low in the room. The extensive room was imperially dark, despite the fire's best efforts to fill it with light.

The old witch sat occupied by her thoughts. The day's activity had worn her out, too much treading on the old cobbled stones belonging to the castle. It was the activeness the day had provided her with, tiring her out completely. She had been running around after a badly behaved student, Timothy Taylor, whom had consumed Puking Pastilles (he was trying to get out of his Transfiguration exam). He had begun to distribute the Puking Pastilles out among his friends for a price of two sickles for just one! Because of this student's scandal, Poppy had become over-barren with the 'sick' students; she had called Minerva over to help her deal with the growing epidemic of 'sick' students. Minerva had noticed there was something not quite right about this, so she investigated it and soon found out what little Timothy had been up to. She put an end to any other students consuming the Puking Pastilles; she also had swept round every Common Room – and the Student's Dormitories – to see if there were any more of the blasted things. Timothy had a whole supply of the Puking Pastilles, they were soon confiscated from him and Minerva disposed of them. They were now banned from the school. She had triumphed after a lot of leg work! In her old age it was all getting a little tiring.

'Ah, the trouble of exam season, next time I will send Filch round to do the leg work!' Minerva thought with a small, deep chuckle erupting from her own lips. Minerva was acting as Headmistress at the current moment, but she was not certain how long would be able to carry it out; she had only managed this long because she owed it to Albus. And, oh how Minerva missed her Headmaster a great deal; with him retired after the attack from Voldemort, two years ago in the Astronomy Tower. He had miraculously survived the shot of green light denoting - what should have been – his death, but Draco Malfoy had deflected the Curse, and, instead took the wrath of it. Malfoy had died a painless death, over in a flash.

'Oh, Albus –' Her thoughts were interrupted by a flood of black material endeavouring the silver flagstones of Albus' office floor, the black material curled like the sea as the owner of the robes strode towards to Minerva. In the male's arms there was a pasty, young female whom looked severely ill. One of her ghostly-white arms was exposed to Minerva's eyes and she saw several deep, red cashes littering her delicate skin. The wounds looked aggressive, and too close to her main arteries.

Minerva let a loud gasp escape her lips as she saw whom the young lady was, Hermione Granger. Her sea-blue eyes focused on her ex-colleague's ashen face and there were tears dripping over his bony cheeks. In his eyes: there was a look of sheer desperation and pain.

"Oh… Severus." Minerva whispered in a softer-than-soft tone, very unlike her. Yet, she had only ever seen Severus like this previously – at Lily's demise.

"Minerva… God, please help me," Severus' raw voice laced with pain mumbled, "I've tried to help her, Minerva, I just… I cannot – she, her…" He was lost for words; he then regarded the fragile witch within his firm embrace. Minerva took Hermione's thin arm into her hand; she began to trace her wand over the littered wounds, they evaporated and new flesh was now in their place. They had been stitched together by Minerva's magical words; there would be, of course, reminiscence of their existence; but nothing Severus – or Hermione herself – could not fix with a bit of Essence of Dittany. Minerva then repeated this motion on her [Hermione's] right arm; she then placed her into a gentle magical-sleep, which would help her recover. Hermione's copse-like body now lay on a small sofa, near a crackling fire to keep her warm.

Severus had his head in his hands; his hair draped over his features and his cloak wrapped tightly around his demeanour, as if to conceal all the emotion within himself.

"So is one going to share with me what has been going on, Severus?" Minerva asked in a caring tone.

"No," Severus replied shortly.

"Severus…" the elderly witch cautioned him.

"But, I can show you. Legilimens…" He looked Minerva square in the eyes and she began to see:

A lifeless corpse lay on the darkened pathway, only the light of Severus' wand illuminating Hermione's barely-clothed form. The poor witch looked as if she had been doused in blood. Severus' anxiety began to kick in – it had been evident from his facial expression.

"Miss Granger?" He stumbled upon his words, as he shook her shoulders with a gentle motion. A few moments later, the injured witch was wrapped into his cloak and he had Apparated with her.

The image projected into Minerva's mind was in the setting of Severus' personal home:

Severus was bathing the girl in a large black bathtub. He was caressing the girl's skin with a bar of soap; in essence he was bathing her to ensure all the crimson splats of blood disappeared from her milky skin. He was cooing to her with his silky tone:

"Oh, Hermione, poor sweet Hermione. I will find the bastard that did this to you, I promise." Severus' words sounded as if he was embarking on an Unbreakable Vow. His hands still continued their rhythm of circling over her skin, coaxing the bloodstains from the milky flesh. It did not take him long to complete his mission: she was clean. He then lifted her body into his strong arms and wrapped a towel around her to conceal her modesty. Hermione was carried up the shrieking steps to his bedroom, where he clothed her in jogging bottoms and one of his long shirts; she then was obscured by several blankets and left to stretched out across his bed, with Severus watching her every movement.

He watched her, for what seemed liked eternity, aiding her with various potions; while giving himself bloodshot eyes and a shaky form. He looked so worried and stressed as he gazed at the girl's body. Hermione then woke up and was panic-stricken; Severus aided her, he ensured her needs were met in adequate manner. Severus has convinced her she was now safe; he had been soft; caring and showing empathy towards her. Hermione had briefly revealed details of the night's events. They then had shared the bed together, which Hermione seemed comfortable with.

Flashes suddenly began to appear, instead of steady memories: Hermione had written a poem, Severus was reading it. He then looked around manically, before fleeting upstairs into the bathroom. He eyes had been met with a horrific sight. He had saved her life again, from the bathtub incident. Hermione had been so angry at him for this. Then there was Albus and Harry's visit, only to end in Hermione being in tears and Severus angry. Then the words "everything's fucked" fluttered from Severus' lips, just after he stormed into his house and found Hermione on the floor.

Then the connection broke.

"What do I do, Minerva?" Severus asked in tears.