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The Mother of Heirs

A Twilight FanFiction.

The way we live is much different from what the histories say. The past was filled with violence, greed, and vast destruction. Before the time that the scholars now call the Planet Rebirth, humankind was on a path that would kill the planet and everyone among it.

The Planet Rebirth came after the great wars that ravished our homes and destroyed its multitudes of government. It is when the smartest minds left alive came together as one – The Forum – and solved the worlds issues one at a time; often a process that was agonizingly extensive.

They created edicts what we know now as the Great Four—a practice to live by.

First – Survival: Changing the way we lived, exterminating the practices that harmed our planet and our own persons. People were forced to move into groups, each on a place of earth that could sustain itself without harmful chemicals, deforesting, or considerable changes to natural water movement. Each family within the group with a specific job or specialty to further continuance for the entire group. Basic practices such as gardening, handwork, and compassion were returned; no longer replaced by machines and mock items.

Second – Reduction of the Corrosive, the diseased: Every person living was extensively tested physically, psychologically, genetically, and for intelligence. Those with extreme genetic abnormalities were slowly denied approval to reproduce over vast amounts of time. Many thought this to be extreme and uncivil, but after careful genetic monitoring, and advances in medical technology, diseases such as cancer and cystic fibrosis no longer dominate medical care. It is simple things like injuries and birthing that the medical facilities are used for. There is no worry about famine or war, there is no aggression. Wants have been replaced with needs and our society as a whole is happy and content. Our needs are met and we have been taught of what greed, selflessness, and luxuries will get us.

We learnt from history.

Third – Submission: Understanding the changes of Society and living daily by them. Negative thoughts, bullying were all things of the past. We are taught 'to disrespect another is to disrespect one's self.' We learned to no longer try to challenge the things we were not comfortable with and trust in The Forum as a governing form. For they are the smartest minds, uncorrupted; which has our needs in the forefront of their minds.

Fourth – Structure: Create an observable governorship. With The Forum being a closed affair, only open to those deemed worthy, a conscience agreement among first members was that Society needed visual leadership. A member of The Forum, tested by The Forum, to be both the eyes of the people and watchmen of The Forum. A member who's line would be bred to perfection and granted Society-long membership to The Forum.

A royal line – The Cullen's.

Within the fourth edict a procedure called Commission – a process in which a mate is selected to bear or bore the new line of heirs. Each of the royal children – ordinarily many – go through testing created and evolved by The Forum to decide who has the best qualities to rule. Once decided upon the Prince or Princesses in order of selection begin Commission in hopes of bettering the genetic line. Commission is kept secret and only a select few truly know what happens. What we do know is those who are considered and tested for Commission are called The Collection, and that the elimination of the collected is ongoing throughout the process. The only one who knows the entire procedure is the one which is selected to be wed.

The mate selected is referred to as 'The Prime' – The Mother of Heirs.

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