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No one had come to me before I had fallen asleep after arriving at the underground garden facility, but I hadn't thought anything odd of it. It was late when we arrived and other than crew and Prince Emmett I hadn't seen anyone else here with me so I laid my head down to sleep when the artificial lights had begun to dim. Most of the lights had shut down signaling the sun sitting and only one remained that I could see in the massive underground hall, shinning over the tops of the central row of small fruit trees like moonlight shines down upon the earth.

The morning brought the dormant lights back on and it danced through the shades of my room's window. It remind's me much of my home and how I woke up with the sun each morning; slipping on light work clothes and spending time on the roof top tending to my plants. Home seemed so far away having not seen it or my father for near eight weeks now.

I got out of bed and stretched my body and began looking around. I open drawers and find a substantial amount of clothing, various designs of skirts, shirts and pants. All things that I would expect to find in a situation like this, unlike the one style of uniform that The Forum provided. I notice all the clothes are the same color as I pull out one of the royal purple trimmed ivory shirts. Over the left breast was 'Bella' in neat script embroidery in the same royal purple as all the trim and accents. On the right sleeve was the Prime seal, a small seedling above an earth filled with roots branching off to hundreds of tiny little ends, signifying the importance of monitored genetics. The roots represent the countless combinations of carefully selected genes to form one tiny perfect seedling; the heir, each one more perfect than the last.

I let out a un-lady like snort at the ridiculous notion that I could add any improvements to the impeccable Cullen line. I start to wonder if The Forum has had a hiccup and men in shiny white coats will walk into my rooms and say "oops." The probability of that actually happening is nil, but it is still more of a possible reality than me ever becoming Prime.

I decide on an outfit to wear after going through the various drawers and cabinets, a tea length a-line skirt and a ¾ sleeved cowl neck shirt that dipped well below my comfort level exposing my breasts. After more rooting through the drawers I found a royal purple undershirt, which covered my cleavage and felt more father-approved than without. He always told me to save the things that are sacred to me and to only share them with those that I loved. I never was on the receiving end of any teasing about not participating in sexual acts like many of the young people around me were involved in, but sometimes I couldn't help feeling left out; seeing all the flirtation and smiling faces of those that partook. Not that my father would let me even entertain the thought of a boy. He often said, "Study hard now and enjoy a better life after school, it's worth it."

I miss my father terribly. They did mention to me during my latest hospital stay at the military center that my father was contacted and was inconsequentially told of my movements. I wanted to make the call myself, but due to security protocols they hadn't allowed me to. The protocols must be new for I had heard from several people from school getting calls from older siblings during their testing. Perhaps it's only in effect during commission, which makes the whole security detail feel more warranted now that I am actually in commission. Seemed silly… no it was rather scary during those first few days at the testing facility.

I'm brushing my hair when there is a knock on the door. I barely get the door cracked when a tiny woman not much older than me skips into my room and sits in one of the chairs placed next to a small table.

"Come sit," she says to me cheerfully, "we have a lot of things to go over." She is beautiful and pixie-like, with spiky brown hair, a tiny waist and sparkling eyes that are so full of life. I smile at her as I walk over instantly feeling happy while approaching her tiny body bouncing in excitement.

"You are Bella, and I am Alice." She says excitedly, and continues on without letting me greet her, but I just smile and nod my head in the appropriate parts. "Welcome to the nursery, now home to commission, which is entirely unusual. I had heard that it would be held in the capital but has since been changed and now the garden's have been run over by good looking me in black uniforms… I love a man in uniform." She pauses momentarily before beginning again.

"I see you found all the clothing, did you need any other items for bathing?" I shake my head. "Good, did you bring any oil with you?"

I must have paused too long or had a confused look on my face because she corrected herself almost immediately. "Your ovulation interruption liniment, O.I.L, oil… you do take it right?"

"Yes, but no I didn't bring any." Oil for short was the pregnancy prevention medication that we were given to use daily, single packaged doses of an oily cream that we rub under our breasts each morning.

"Good, The Forum has requested you stop using it now that you have been selected."

"Why?" I ask quickly before she has the chance to start talking again.

"So your body has time to prepare for a possible pregnancy of course." She says matter-of-factly to me with much more enthusiasm then I would use discussing this subject.

"I'm only 17 years old." I state mostly to myself as I let this information sink in. I never thought that children would be so near in the future for me or anyone my age.

"The Prime must bear an heir, which is your job." She asserts soundly slightly offended.

"I apologize for my candor, but I am not the Prime, nor will I be. I do not possess the qualities good enough to be Prime and I think it's extraordinarily unnecessary for me to be a part of commission. Therefore, I see no reason to stop using the oil." I finish out of breath.

She stares at me in wonder, silently pondering what I said with fierce curiosity lighting up her features.

In a softer more intimate tone she places her hand on my arm and states "I don't know who will be Prime, and I am just here to walk you through this crazy process. You've had an insane last couple weeks and I hope that you will feel comfortable here. I will always be here to answer any questions or lend an ear if you should need to talk. Take a deep breath and let's just take one step at a time, okay?"

"Yeah, okay. I'm sorry again." I say ashamed.

"Nothing to be sorry about Bella," she says calmly, "Are you ready to continue?" I nod my head and her bubbly position is back when she speaks again.

"There will be nine more girls selected for commission arriving today. Everyone will be introduced tomorrow during our first session. We will discuss things and you will be able to ask questions as we go. Today you may wander this section of the nursery if you would like, or stay here in your room."

"May I help with the gardening?" I ask semi-hopeful. She looks down at her paperwork for a few moments.

"Oh yes!" She says excitedly. "You have a job already at home? That's a very generous and sacrificial thing you are doing for society."

"I just want to do my part." I say honestly.

"If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the gardeners if you need help with something, they will be in this awful shade of green that I am wearing." It truly is awful on her and I let out a small giggle at her obvious disgust. Her small stature paired with the color reminds me of a character in a children's book that I used to read about a fairy so small she was dressed in clothing made of leaves.

"You are not a gardener then?"

"Blessed Rebirth no." She exclaims. "I don't know exactly what I am. I've been waiting for two years before I was assigned commission coordinator. And seeing as how this is a temporary job, who knows where I will end up. But seeing as we are hiding out in the nursery they thought it would be good for me to dress the part, for security reasons."

"I understand." I say with a smile on my face.

"I think we are going to be good friends Bella. But for now relax, go play with the plants or whatever it is that you do with them. Tomorrow we will get started."

"Thank you Alice." And just like she floated into my room she left the same way.

Trying not to be overly excited I wait five minutes before venturing out to the gardens, which are absolutely spectacular. Built inside a massive cave the gardens run down the middle of the long cavity to which I cannot see another end. Small fruit trees are placed in the center and small plants are cascaded down in a slope with the smallest of plants in the front row, strawberries with ripe fruit ready to be picked. I approach a gardener with a pleasant smile on my face.

"Excuse me, I've been allowed to help with the gardening, is there anything in particular that you would like me to work on?"

"Oh goodness, you must be Bella. Alice just told me you would probably make it out here to help. I am Siobhan, and over there is Maggie."

"It's nice to meet you."

"Pleasure is all mine, honestly… they've kicked all the men out to another garden and left us shorthanded for the time being, so I'm glad that you are here and willing."

She lists off a few things that need done and I get to work as carefully as I can, trying not to dirty my casual clothes.

I watch as Alice escorts more girls to the four remaining rooms on my level and the five on the level above me. Each girl goes in and none come out; which is disappointing, I was hoping to get some company today. But surprisingly the day goes quickly by and Alice comes to tell me that it's time to turn down.


After showering and dressing into a similar modest outfit as yesterday I venture out to the large area next to the gardens where a circle of eleven chairs have been arranged. Alice is the only one sitting in a chair and is engrossed as I walk up and take the seat to her left.

"May I sit here?"

"Good morning Bella, of course you may." She goes back to her reading and I am content to watch the mists fall down over the gardens in the bright light of the morning. I got lost in the beauty of the gardens for several minutes before Alice's fidgeting and impatient huffing garnered my attention.

"Come on girls we don't have all day." Alice yelled. I failed to notice that not a single other girl had ventured out to sit with us. Alice's shout was loud and piercing and traveled far and the girls started coming out of their rooms one by one.

I smiled kindly to everyone that sat down but I received mixed attitudes in return. One girl glared at me when I said a quiet good morning to her. I kept my mouth shut after that. I didn't see a reason for any of us to treat each other badly so I kept a smile on my face, forced as it were.

"Welcome ladies, I know who you are and you know me, but you don't know each other. Let's take a minute to go around and introduce yourselves and give us a quick thought on how you are feeling about commission." She nudged the girl sitting on her right.

"My name is Tanya and I'm excited to be here," she said happily. Tanya was beautiful, much like the other girls here and more than I. Her long blonde hair was curled and laid elegantly on her shoulders above her amply displayed breasts. Taking a look around the room I realized that all of the girls were beautiful and most of them dressed to accentuate their bodies. There was altogether more cleavage than I thought required.

"I'm Irina and I'm also excited to be here."

"My name is Kate, and while I don't think that I will be Prime I think it will be a fun experience." She says with a smug look. I feel instantly drawn to her, she seems playful like Paul or Emmett… Prince Emmett. Getting close to the prince has made me loose all sense of decency and I hope I remember how I was brought up as a child in the future. Though I find it hard to reason that I would ever be in contact with The Prince again, I'll be going home soon.

Irina seemed friendly, blonde just like Tanya and Kate, but Kate has a way about her; how she looks around the room at her competition, not maliciously… but like an adventurous game. Kate has straight honey blonde hair that falls down below her breasts, also big gorgeous eyes with luscious lashes. Her lips are plump and she has a mischievous presence.

"I'm Jane." The next girl says very quietly, blonde hair pulled tightly into a bun on the crown of her head. "I'm very nervous in new situations." I know how you feel girl.

Heidi says her greeting next and I am offended the most by her out of all the girls so far. She reminds me of the girls that are promiscuous back at school. Her makeup is heavy and tasteless and her mahogany hair curled and sprayed to stiffness. Her outfit modified to show absolutely too much skin, belly button pierced and fully on display. Her breasts are being shoved into a shirt three sizes too small and inside a bra that looks two sizes too small, which is also visible outside of her shirt. I guess the skirt could be considered a micro skirt but doesn't look big enough to properly cover a five year old. If this is to be our new Prime, Blessed Rebirth help us all.

One of the girls closer to me raises an eyebrow towards Heidi, perhaps having the same thoughts as I am; I keep my face amiable. Next to Heidi a brown haired girl locks eyes with the girl with the scowl; her body turned defensively in-front of Heidi. "My name is Chelsea, I won't be Prime but I would like to go into securities." Heidi smirks and looks towards the now cowering girl and gives Chelsea a pat on the back.

"I'm Jessica," the next girl says excitedly, "I'm so excited to be here and this is going to be so much fun." She practically shouts out, nearly falling out of her seat when she bounces too much; I smile at her enthusiasm.

The eyebrow girl literally pushes up her breasts with her two hands, puffs up her chest and flips her long brown curly hair behind her back before starting her greeting. "My name is Lauren and I will be Prime, so you ladies may as well go home now." Scoffs and looks of disbelief ring out around the group, but I'm careful not to let my face fall however.

Next is Tia who says her name quietly, head down and hands down in a very submissive pose. And then the entire group is looking at me, which to be honest is a bit unnerving but I only let it bother me for a few brief moments before smiling brightly and addressing the group.

"My name is Bella and I do not believe that I have the necessary requirements to be Prime, but I am glad to be able to make new friends." Why be unpleasant? This ordeal will be over soon and then I can go home, so I am going to try to make the best of it. I try to keep my smile on my face and connect with each girl, but Lauren talks under her breath and Jessica giggles next to her at whatever she said. I falter and then look towards Alice.

Alice has a look of amazement on her face, her body turns to me and she disguises her tiny face with her hand and mouths "really?" towards me and then quickly moves her hand to play with her hair. "Okay, so the first phase of this commission is societal skills. You will all be observed during sessions on how well your social skills are. You will be put into situations where you will be judged on how well you handle and solve the tasks. Until you are called feel free to socialize and take advantage of the gardens, Maggie and Siobhan can help you if you should want to help out. I'll be talking to you girls individually throughout the day to make sure that you have everything that you need."

I am the only one to actually help out in the gardens and I get lost for the remainder of the day in the work. It's calming, peaceful and most of all rewarding. At home my small garden only benefits a few families in my group, but this garden is obviously a capital garden. Each strawberry that I pick and put into the hand sized re-usable containers makes me feel more satisfied. I wonder who would be eating these, perhaps members of The Forum or the engineers in the tall buildings in capital central. Siobhan silently takes my tray of packaged strawberries and leaves me with an empty one with a polite smile.

Alice comes to me sometime later and sits on a bench close to where I am working and quietly watches me work. Her head tilts side to side with curiosity while she observes me. I raise my eyes in question but still she says nothing to me. After a small amount of time passes I feel the need to fill the void.

"I know I should be getting to know the other girls, and perhaps I would if they were willing to help. Siobhan had said that the men were not allowed to work in this section while we occupy it and it has left them with only a small percentage of their staff here. I want to help and they can certainly use it. It's not like I will be Prime anyway I might as well not waste time while I'm here."

Alice smiles wide with eyes closed, she takes a deep breath before opening them. "Perhaps you would like some help?"

"Help would be tremendous." I say to her sincerely.

"I'll let you handle that." She says openly and begins to walk away. "Do you need anything Bella?" she asks looking over her shoulder.

"No I'm quite comfortable with the items provided."

"I knew you would be." She says loudly as she gets further away.

Great tactic Miss Alice, not only did I divulge unneeded information, I also got tricked into socializing with the girls. I stand and brush myself off and begin to survey the girls that are sitting in the common area.

Tonya, Kate and Irina are sitting together at one table and talking animatedly to each other. Jane, Heidi and Chelsea are sitting on a group of couches laughing much like I do when I watch my father cook. Jessica and Lauren are standing on the outer edge and pointing and giggling at the other groups of girls. And Tia sits alone on a park bench, reading a book under the last tree in the long line. She is a small girl with black shiny hair framing an oval face; eyes set apart with a strong straight nose and lips the color of crimson. She looks smaller than what she truly is; sitting hunched, legs tucked underneath her, head down unnaturally. She reads with her eyes pointing upwards and ultimately hiding behind her book.

I walk swiftly towards my target and sit next to her. "Hello Tia." She jumps and cowers away from me momentarily.

"You're Bella right?" She says quietly.

"Yes, I was wondering if you would like to help me with the garden work."

"I'm sorry but I do not know how." She says softly before putting her head back into her book.

"I can teach you, it's quite easy." I say gently to her. She regards me carefully for a few moments from the side of her eye, head never moving from her book before nodding and standing with me.

I show her what I am doing, and which fruits are ready to be picked and how to package. She works quietly, her body relaxing gradually. I'm glad that she is able to relax, I find gardening serene.

"What occupies your time at home Tia?" I ask after half an hour of silence.

"My father… is very strict. I only do what he tells me to do." She says reluctantly, I frown and feel obligated to let the subject fall when she speaks again with a small smile. "I like to read though."

"I like to read too." I say kindly and her head drops again to the plants below us, this time with a smile on her face. I'll take pride on this small victory and take a moment appreciate my loving and supportive father.

Just like the silence that Alice offered me earlier that made me talk, Tia speaks out as well. "I have nightmares sometimes."

I cannot respond or rather I do not know how to respond to that. I cannot fathom what this girl has gone through to end up like the way she is, a shell—going through life floating around on her father's breath. I do not want her to see the pity that I have for her so I nod my head, keep my face emotionless and begin to work again, intimidated by the dark subject matter. We work in silence again for a good amount of time when she abruptly stands up, says thank you and walks back to her room, book in hand.

What an interesting day.

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