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Disobedience (Leather & Lace Series I )

"So, you ever watched porn?"

Jack turned his head when Sam choked on the sip of coke she'd just taken from the bottle. "What?"

"You ever watched porn?"

Her face went scarlet and he turned his attention back on the street, his hands on the steering wheel.


For someone so smart she was really slow on the uptake sometimes. "Not that hard a question."

"Just out of the blue."


"So what?"

"Porn, Carter." Okay, this was getting frustrating. "Have you ever watched it?"

She cleared her throat. "Hasn't everyone?"

Yeah, he really had to learn to be precise in his questions. Damn, he always made that mistake with her. "Let me rephrase. Did it turn you on?"

She took another sip of coke, her fingers clenching the bottle a little too tight. She was definitely nervous.

"Sometimes. Depending of the scene I'm watching."

Okay. He could work with that. He reached over to brush her arm with his fingers. His hand squeezed hers to make up for his unintended gruffness. "That's reassuring."

She gave him a smile. "Why?"

Damn, she was beautiful tonight. Something about her hair was different. It looked even wilder than usual. And that dress…

She'd followed his order and gone shopping earlier. The dress she wore when she opened the door had left him speechless. Tight leather that wrapped her body like a second skin and ended on her upper thighs. Short, but not too short. A soft layer of black, semi-transparent lace accentuated her breasts and ended in long, equally transparent black sleeves.

Combined with her high heels, the woman was a lethal weapon on legs. And she was his. Nice!

Need jolted through him. He considered stopping the car at the side of the road and giving her a quick fuck right there in his passenger seat.

Yeah, he could already see Hammond's face when he learned that two of his flagship officers had been arrested for indecent exposure and public sex. Bad idea. Thrilling fantasy, though.

He focused his attention back on the road.

"You'll see. Tonight, we're gonna work on your obedience." He turned to her. "And don't ever worry. I won't put you on public display, no matter what I might say. I know it freaks you out."

Her smile shook. "Okay."

"I won't do it. Trust me."

"I do."

He pulled her hand to his lips and kissed her pulse point tenderly.

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The End


fanka77: Oh boy. I wonder if you still say that after reading this first story of "Leather and Lace". ;) I couldn't resist having Sam play with Jack's dark side a bit. Well… a lot. ;)

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