This is an idea that I wanted to try out. If the story doesn't get good reception, then I think I'll just delete it. Basically, Lucy is kicked out, but Lisanna doesn't like that, so she goes after Lucy. They end up traveling together to get stronger. I might add in a few plot twists later.

Also, ever since I moved to Germany, I've had this obsession with trains, so sorry if that filters in to much. There are tons of trains in Germany.

My Most Special Friends

Chapter 1: Run Away, Run Far, Far Away

Lucy sat at the counter of the Fairy Tail bar, idly drawing pictures in the frosted glass of her strawberry smoothie. Lately, she had been feeling kinda neglected. She hadn't gone on a mission with her team for two whole weeks because they were always with Lisanna. Lucy didn't mind Lisanna, not really. She was nice and treated everyone with respect and kindness. But wether she realized it or not, Lisanna was slowly stealing Team Natsu away from Lucy for the past two weeks. Lucy expected to be kicked out any day now and if she wasn't, Lucy decided just to leave herself. And sure enough, he came.

"Hey, Luce!" That was Natsu. She turned around to see him striding up to her, Grey and Erza in tow. "We want you off the team, to make room for Lisanna."

Lucy looked him up in down, her eyes dark and emotionless. "Why?" she said finally.

Natsu cocked his head at her, obviously confused. "Didn't we just tell you that?"

Lucy sighed. There was no arguing or trying to explain anything with this dense ball of fire. She turned to Erza and Grey. "Do you two agree with this?"

Grey frowned slightly, not really sure if it was appropriate to answer his old friends question. Erza, however, nodded readily.

"Of course," she said. "You're not as strong as the rest of us and I believe that it would be a good opportunity for you to get more powerful and train with your spirits. Although sending you off the team may be a little extreme, it is probably for the best."

"See?" said Natsu. "Everyone agrees." Lucy sighed. Grey looked down at his shoes. Lucy was glad that he was at least a little guilty.

"Well, if that's that case, I'm going to quit Fairy Tail to train for a few years," she said, curious to see her old friends reaction. A few of the onlookers gasped and Levy said, "Lu-chan, no!"

Erza's eyes widened. "Lucy, we don't want you to leave forever!"

Lucy smiled slightly. She was sad about her chose, but also glad about it. Lucy wanted to get stronger, to truly be a Fairy Tail Mage someday. She was tiered of always being saved and definitely didn't want a repeat of Phantom Lord. Turning around in her seat, she looked at the small squat man with the white mustache.

"Got all that, Master?" The old man had his eyes closed, but he nodded.

"Put out your hand, child," he said. Lucy placed her right hand in front of the master and he tapped the pink Fairy Tail. It shimmered gold for a second, then began dissolving into sparkles. Lucy turned to face her friends and the crowd that had gathered.

"Bye, everyone! I hope I see you again!" She tried to look brave, but most people could see the tears she was hiding.

"Lu-chan!" wailed Levy, throwing herself at Lucy.

"Bye, Levy," said Lucy softly. "I promise I'll send you my novel when it's down."

"Bunny Girl," growled Gajeel, which was probably his way of saying, "Oh my gosh, I'll miss you so, so much!" Lucy smiled.

"See ya!" she said one last time before walking out the door. Team Natsu was silent and the onlookers were shocked to their bones.

"Oh, and Natsu?" called Lucy, poking her head around the door. "Don't bother stopping by my apartment. Like, ever again." Natsu blinked, but didn't say anything. Everyone stared at the door. They were like that for a while.

"Lushi," whimpered Happy floating by Grey's shoulder.

"Hiya, everyone!" Lisanna had arrived. She noticed the way they stood and stopped, turning her head in confusion.

"Hi, Lisanna!" said Natsu, looking happier.

"What's with this weird mood?" asked Lisanna, looking around.

"Oh, that's because we kicked Lucy off the team to make room for you!" Natsu smiled. Lisanna's eyes widened and everyone turned their attention to her, trying to judge what she would do.

"What?" she said in a dangerously soft voice, hand curling into a fist.

"I know, isn't it great? We can do missions together, just like old times! And-"

"No!" snarled Lisanna with a very un-Lisanna like venom in her voice. "No, it's not great."

"But, why?" questioned Natsu. "She was really just a replacement for you."

"No, no, NO! She was not a replacement for me! She was her own person, she had her own feelings, her own hopes and dreams. You can't just brush someone off like that!"


"I can't believe you, Natsu. Did you really changed that much when I was gone? So much that you would throw away a friend?"

"Lisanna-" Natsu tried again, but she backed away slowly. Natsu reached his hand out as if to grab her.

"You are not the Natsu I once knew," she snarled, tears pricking at the corner of her eyes. "You too, Grey, Erza, Nee-chan, Nii-chan, all or you! I expected better of all of you. You should have gone after her." Pain glittered in her eyes. "She not gone, she's alive and well, she is your friend."

"I'm going after Lucy," Lisanna said, before turning and running out the door, leaving Fairy Tail dumbfounded for the second time that day and Natsu with his hand outstretched and a semi-surprised look on his face.


"Lucy!" Lucy blinked in surprise and paused for a moment. 'I swear I just heard someone call my name,' she thought. 'Oh, well, must be wishful thinking.' She continued walking to the train station with a backpack of all her most precious items on her back.

"Lucy!" 'Okay, I'm not imagining things.' She turned around to see Lisanna, panting heavily, running after her. Lucy walked a little faster. She was almost to the station and the waiting train to send her north.

"Lucy, please stop!" Lucy narrowed her eyes and stared to run. She could see her train up ahead, faintly puffing steam.

"Wait!" Lisanna was a pretty good runner and she wasn't carrying a bag of heavy stuff, so she had almost caught up, but Lucy was almost too her train. She accidentally bumped a few people who shot her nasty glances and muttered rude things.

"Please, stop!" pleaded Lisanna. Lucy grabbed the handrail on the side of the train and hoisted herself on in one smooth motion. 'Safe,' she thought.

Lucy walked down the aisle, panting a little, and sat down on a seat by a window. She maneuvered her bag off her shoulder and placed it next to her. Lucy reached out to grab a book from one of the pockets.

"," said a voice from behind Lucy. She froze and fear ran up her spine. Lisanna appeared by Lucy's right shoulder and walked, panting, to sit in the seat across from her.

"Why did you run from me?" asked Lisanna, giving Lucy a hard look.

"Because I didn't want to face any of you right then, especially the one that replaced me." Lucy glared at Lisanna. Lisanna's blue eyes widened with hurt.

"I'm really sorry about that. What they did was unforgivable and I had absolutely no say in it. I wish...I wish I could apologize for everyone." She looked down sadly. Lucy stared at her in shock.

"I didn't realize that you weren't a part of this, but that's nice to know," Lucy said. Lisanna smiled.

"Really?" Lucy nodded.

"And I accept your apology."

"Does that mean you'll come back now?" Lisanna asked, looking hopeful. Lucy shook her head.

"But-" Lisanna started, but suddenly the train lurched and stared moving.

"Oh, crap," sighed Lisanna, peering out the window as Magnolia slowly began moving into the distance. "Hey, Lucy, where does this train go?"

"Straight to Florence," Lucy said, looking at Lisanna in amusement.

"That far north!?" gasped Lisanna. "That means I'm stuck here, and I'll probably have to stay the night in Florence as well..." She groaned.

Lucy laughed loudly.

"Hey, what's so funny?" grumbled Lisanna.

"It's just...just...just that you look so much like me every time I take the wrong train!" Lucy choked out. "I'm always lazing around and grumbling!"

Lisanna smiled and said, "I know, right? It so annoying!"

Lucy grinned. "There was this one time where I took a train that was normal regional train even thought I though it was a speed train, so the ride that I thought would take three hours took five!" Lisanna laughed. They continued with the "girl talk" for hours, switching between tons of topics including trains, books, food, childhood and even flying monkeys. Lucy and Lisanna found that they actually had a lot in common. However the did avoid talking about Fairy Tail for the most part, Natsu in particular. To put it simply, they really struck it off.

Lisanna and Lucy were laughing together and telling stories to pass the time when the train's brakes screeched and it came to a jotting halt.

"What was that?" wondered Lucy, her hands flying to her keys.

Lisanna narrowed her eyes. "I don't know, but I doubt it's good."

Static crackled over the loud speaker system installed on the train. Lucy and Lisanna both tensed.

"Hello everyone on this train," said a sickly sweet man's voice. "You are all our hostages. Of you don't hand over everything you have, then I'll cut the captains throat." A terrified squeak could be heard in the background. "And to let you all know, we are the dark guild Fear Invoker! Let our name put fear into your hearts!"

"The train's been taken over," growled Lucy softly. "Hey, Lisanna, do you think we should help all these defenseless people?"

"Why not?" answered Lisanna. "After all, there's no point letting all our stuff get stolen."

"True," said Lucy, nodding. " And their catchphrase sucks." They both smiled.

"Oi, quit your yappin' over there!" yelled on of the dark mages patrolling the halls said. He had greasy black hair and was wearing nothing but a white kilt which gave everyone a lovely view of his hair chest.

"Okay, on the count of three," Lisanna said. "One...two...three!" They shot forward, Lucy brandishing her whip and Lisanna growing claws, fangs, and huge bat wings. The dark wizard turned around in surprise, but it was to late for him.

"Fleuve d'├ętoiles!"

"Bloody Slash!" The dark wizard was hit by Lucy's whip and Lisanna's claw attack before he could react and was sent flying back and hit the wall with a crash!

"All right!" said Lucy and Lisanna together, high-fiving. Footsteps sounded on the train cars ahead.

"We'd better go," whispered Lisanna. Lucy nodded and thrust open a door that led out of the car. Lisanna was still in her transformation, so she picked up Lucy and flew them both to the top of the car. The rest of the dark wizards had arrived below and were currently yelling at their fallen comrade.

"He said it was a bunch of wizards!' one yelled.

"Yeah, and they went up. We should follow them!" said another.

"Let's go!"

"Now, now, boys. We shouldn't go rushing into things." Lucy and Lisanna looked at each other. That was the one who has threatened them over the loudspeaker. "Let's sneak very quietly up there so that they won't know we're coming." They sweat-dropped. These people really were stupid.

Lucy and Lisanna jumped when the roof crashed out, bits of metal and wood flying everywhere.

"Metal-make: Platform!" someone yelled and four figures began to rise "dramatically" from the dust.

They were all dressed in kilts of various degrees of horror. They all had greasy hair and extremely hairy chests. When the dust cleared they stepped into poses. The fattiest one flared out his belly like a women showing off her boobs. The skinniest one puckered his lips and batted his heavily coated in makeup eyes. The middle one bared nonexistent muscles and the finial one wobbled around trying to regain his balance.

"We are," they said together. "The Fear Invokers!" Silence. Lisanna sighed and shook her head while Lucy face palmed.

"It's just two chicks!' said skinny.

"How dare you mock us. For thou art a villain, a villain, I tell you!" The fat one waved his chubby finger at us threateningly.

The dark wizards took up fighting stances.

"Metal-make: Lance!" yelled the chubby one.

"Shadow-make: Lance!" yelled the middle one.

"Wood-make: Lance!" yelled the skinny one.

"Flower-make: Lance!" yelled the wobbly one. 'They're all like Grey!' thought Lucy.

"Think up a new move, would ya?" grumbled Lisanna. "Full-body Take-over: Animal Soul!" She transformed into a huge rabbit that easily knocked away the shadows and the metal.

"Open, Gate of the Golden Bull! Taurus!" yelled Lucy, summoning her cow spirit.

"Moo! I will protect Miss Lucy's hot body!" Taurus exclaimed.

"Just get rid of those," sighed Lucy. Taurus swung his axe down and bashed through the flowers and the wood. The wizards backed away nervously.

"Let's get them!" Lucy cried, snapping her whip. She, Lisanna in giant bunny form, and Taurus took chase. The dark mages jumped from the train and charged off towards a cliff, which was extremely stupid, even for them.

"Ahh!" Lisanna yelped. Lucy skidded to a stop.

"What is it?"

"I tripped on something!"

"Ha-ha, now we've got you." Lucy looked up to see the four wizards approaching her from the other side, pushing them towards the cliff.

"Lance!" They all yelled, firing the attacks. Lucy bared her teeth, and acted fast on impulse.

"Fleuve d'├ętoiles!" Her whip snapped through the air and lashed all the wizards together. They squealed like little girls, but unfortunately, their attacks were still going strong. They hit Lisanna, how wailed, and sent her rolling to the cliff. From there, it was a chain reaction.

Lucy had been right next to Lisanna at the time, so she got pushed to the edge, screaming all the way. Lucy didn't let go of her whip, so the four dark wizards were pulled after them.

"If I'm going off," snarled Lucy, determinately holding the handle. "Then you're going with me!"

And so, they fell. Lucy unraveled her whip from the dark wizards, smirking and Lisanna untransformed. The two girls held on to each other for dear life as they hurtled to the forest below, each thinking the same thing, 'I wish Happy were here!'

They waited for impact, but it never came. Instead, Lucy and Lisanna found themselves in a huge leaf with soft cotton on the bottom had broken their fall. They in the forest now.

"What the...?" muttered Lucy, detangling herself from Lisanna and looking around.

"Where are we?" wondered Lisanna.

"I don't know," said Lucy. "Probably that forest we were falling to from the cliff."

"What a lucky save," said Lisanna, eyes wide. "I thought I was dead for sure."

"I know! Me too," said Lucy. "But other than that we're in a forest, I have absolutely no idea where we are."

And those dark mages still might be around here somewhere, if they lived," added Lisanna.

"Hmmm." Lucy carefully lifted her feet out of the leaf and dropped to the ground about 3 feet below. Lisanna followed. They scanned the area, but it was dark due to the foliage.

"I can't see anything strait, it's to dark," complained Lucy. Lisanna nodded in agreement.

"Hey, Lisanna?" Lucy said after a while.


"Do you want to travel with me?"

"Wha-? Travel with you?"

"Yeah. I know that you have family in Fairy Tail and a life there, but don't you think it would be fun to try and get stronger? We can prove to Natsu and the rest of the guild that we're not some pretty face to be taken lightly."

Although she couldn't see it, Lisanna stared at Lucy in shock and admiration. Finially she said, "Okay, I'll travel with you, but only for little while."

"Good, it'll fun! An adventure!" Lisanna laughed.

"Very true, but for now, let's just try to get out of this forest!"


So, how was it? I think I have ADHD or something because I can never concentrate on a story for long. I also have plans to make Lisanna and Lucy Dragon Slayers in the future. Read and Review!