*-------* Introduction *-------*


Sometimes, I would run away to my own Utopia, and look into the star infested sky with a child's curious eyes. To the highest mountaintop, overlooking the luminous city sky lights in the pitch black heavens where the doubts of my ever searching conscience would slowly begin to sedate.

There, my love, I would soar into the perpetual beauty which fills my lungs with the sweet and honeyed breath of Atlantis. A breath that inflates my being with the profound beauty your existence throws to me. I lie motionless under the stricken moonlight, your gaze briefly permits to escape, allowing me a single glimpse of pure perfection entwined in a heightened vision of momentary bliss.

Tears would radiate as I awaken from such a revelation of hope reinstated. My eyes would behold the
abysmal passion once perceived to be the inspiring sensation humanity would embrace to move itself to heights a bird could not fly to. Deny what you must, but such intensely vivid beauty cannot be hidden, but only momentarily shielded from the harsh realities of this unprecedented world.

- 07.20.02 - An Ode To The Complexity of Human Emotion


This story is dedicated to Rich, who was taken from this world too quickly, but never removed from my heart. I think about him constantly, which gave me the inspration to write this story.