Because, as they say, second impressions are almost always better than the first….

Stunning green eyes met each other, and the usually composed redhead let out a heave of relief, and embraced the boy, no, man in an embrace.

"What's with all the hugs?" came the muffled, yet amused, tone of the rather battered looking brit with messy black hair and green eyes. "Natasha." He added as an afterthought.

"I'm just glad you're alright," came her breathless response. "I couldn't help but think about that little six year old boy-"

"-eight," he interrupted. "I was eight when we first met, but extremely malnourished and small for my age."

"-and wondering why I didn't help him," she continued, virtually ignoring his input. Her eyes suddenly narrowed. "But why are you here now? You'd fallen off the face of the earth for twelve years." The man scoffed as if it were obvious.

"Well, my duties as 'Master of Death' are pretty taxing. I've got to ship off the souls to Hela, and then make sure she's playing nice with Thanos, and prevent worldwide disasters, so I really don't have much time to relax." He paused. "But what kind of a father would I be if I didn't give away my little girls on their special day, and threaten the lives of their intendeds?" He scowled.

"I still think they should've asked my permission first, or at least waited until you found me, or something. That I will always hold against them."

Natasha laughed.

Tony Stark, had, for some strange reason, agreed to have a double wedding.

He would be marrying Lily Luna Potter, and his fellow teammate, Clint Barton, would be marrying her sister, Natasha Ginevra Potter.

If he'd known that a double wedding was twice as stressful as a regular wedding - really, he should have seen that coming, supposed genius that he is - he would have never agreed to this whole ordeal.

Pepper had almost been hospitalized with the major freak-outs and stress-attacks she'd been having while trying to get all the necessary security and press coverage for the event. After all, it was a major even when two Avengers got married.

A knock sounded at the door.

"Pepper, don't worry, I'm getting ready, really, I am-" he trailed off as the door opened and a man stepped in. He gulped. "….you aren't Pepper."

"No, I'm not," said the man in a British accent. "I'm 'daddy'."

"Daddy," repeated Tony weakly, not liking where this was going. Not one smidgen.

"Mhm," came the man's reply. "And I'd like to know what your intentions are to my little girl." For a British man, this guy surly was intimidating, and Tony was beginning to sputter and cough, his throat mysteriously dry.

"Um, well, sir, I, ah, you see-"

"Well? Spit it out, lad."

"I really love your daughter," Tony said sincerely. "And I promise I won't do anything to hurt her, ever. Swear on J.A.R.V.I.S.' life."

"…please do not bring me into this, Sir," came the voice of his A.I. The man, Harry, his name was, narrowed his eyes slightly at Tony.

"One wrong move and you will find yourself in the deepest pit's of Hela's realms before you can say 'Quidditch'," he growled out, before smiling pleasantly. "After all, being the Master of Death has it's perks."

Tony fainted.

He would've felt better if he'd known that Clint was in a similar state in the room next to his, only the archer had fallen from the air vent in which he'd been hyperventilating in.

Steve Rogers looked rather awkward next to the British man, peering at him curiously.

"So," said Harry casually. "You're the guy who knocked up my grandmum."

"Yeah," said Steve weakly. "That's me, good 'ole grand-dad." Harry seemed to consider something, before scrunching up his nose, and Steve gaped as Harry's dark raven locks lightened into a smooth blond color similar to his own; but the eyes were the same.

"I personally fancy myself better a raven," said the Brit dryly. "But I wanted to see the resemblance." Steve's mouth opened, then it closed, and then, he closed his eyes for a bit, remembering Dorea, and smiled.

"You remind me of your grandmother, you know. Always getting up to mischief, she was." Harry smirked.

"I'd wondered where my dad got it from. After all, you were always a real one for the rules, but I suppose he and I both got the 'saving people thing' from you, Cap."

"Steve," interjected Steve. "Or grand-dad, either works. But not Cap, makes me feel like I'm on duty." Harry allowed a small grin, hair still blond, and Steve was oddly reminded of himself.

"Alrighty, grand-dad. Hopefully I'll be seeing more of you." They chatted for a while more, and then Harry was whisked off to dance with his daughters.

"He is good man," rumbled Thor, who had somehow managed to sneak up on Steve - which was a remarkable feat for someone of his size. "He reminds me of his father, and his grandmother." Steve's heart constricted painfully at the thought of his late lover and friend and the son he'd never known.

"You knew them?" he asked, a faint bubble of jealously rising up deep in his chest despite his protests.

"Yes," said Thor, nodding as if to emphasize the point. "My father sent me to earth for a while several years after you froze, and the Lady Dorea and Friend Charlus took me into their home with open arms. James… he was a ball of mischief, much like my brother, Loki." He paused, seeming to search for words. "He was like you, too, in a way. Always saving things, whether it be the animals he liked to take in, or people as he did later in life. You'd have been proud of him." Steve smiled.

"I already am."

Clint Barton was confused. Very, very confused. His new wife, her rather large extended family, and her very, terribly scary father, were all embracing Agent Coulson.

What on earth was going on.

"That's what I was wondering," muttered Natasha, and Clint sheepishly realized he'd said that last part aloud.

"Clint!" came other Natasha, Nat's, voice. "You didn't tell me you knew Teddy!"

"Who's Teddy?" he wondered, looking around. Nat gazed at him as if he were crazy.

"That would be me," said Agent Coulson, stepping forward. He smiled at the Avengers. "I'm afraid I've been deceiving all of you for quite some time." He shifted and turned into a man in his middle thirties with pale skin, brown eyes, and bright turquoise hair.

"Agent isn't Agent?" asked Stark, more confused than any of the other Avengers.

"How is that even possible?!" Bruce speculated, eyeing over the man with interest. "From the amount of time you've been working, you'd have to be older!"

"Time travel," said 'Teddy' casually, as if it were the simplest thing in the world. "There really isn't much that witches and wizards can't do."

The team nodded, more so out of confusion than understanding, though. When Nat and Lily had revealed what they were to the team, they'd been very confused, and Tony and Bruce, the sciencebros they were, had immediately tried experimenting, which hadn't gone down very well. But this; well, this was a bit much, even for them.

"So," said Harry, clapping his hands together while shooting dark looks at Tony and Clint, earning a whined 'Daaad' from his girls. "Cake, anyone?"

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