"Come on Karen I want to see who my kindergarten teacher is!" shouted my brother Andrew to me and I could not help but mope around a little bit. Second grade had ended and I feel really sad. I just knew I was going to miss Ms. Colman and our class pet Hootie the most.

Hi I am Karen Brewer and I am 8 years old. This year I am starting the third grade at Stoneybrook Academy. I have one more week until I start the third grade. Right now mommy, Andrew, and I are visiting the school. Andrew is starting kindergarten and will start to go to school with me.

According to mommy I will get a chance to meet my teacher and see who the kids in my class will be. Mommy also has to pay for our textbooks for us to use. She has to enroll Andrew into the school so he can go.

I am going to show Andrew around so he knows where the playground and the cafeteria is. Right now I wish my friends Hannie Papadakis and Nancy Dawes was with me. Hannie is visiting her grandmother who is a whole state away. Nancy is with my step-sister who is babysitting her.

"Come on Karen I see the list!" Andrew yelled at me and I walked toward him. On the walls in front of the first grade rooms had a typed list. At the top had a name of a teacher then a list of the students.

I looked over Andrew's head at the list. He had Mr. Posner! I remember him back in the second grade we worked on Halloween costumes with his class. Sigh. I really need to stop thinking about the second grade but I could not.

"Look Karen I have Callie, Keith, Jodi, AND Alicia in my class!" Andrew said excited. He had four friends of his in his class already. Andrew kept talking as I looked around the hall.

A table had been set up with Mommy talking about books with Mr. Metz. Mr. Metz is a secretary that works with the principal. Several kids from the sixth grade student council went around decorating the halls for the first day. Lucky ducks I would have been happy to be decorating.

Down the hall in front of the papers about the third grade I saw Pamela Harding looking at the paper. My stomach flip flopped at the idea of being in the same class as Pamela again. She looked at me for a minute and then turned back to her parents and sister. Her sister looked like Pamela but she looked like an older version of Pamela. Maybe around Charlie or Sam's age at the big house (I will explain them later).

Nervous I walked down holding Andrew's hand since I promised mommy he wouldn't get lost. I saw the names of my former first grade classmates in Mr. Berger and Ms. Colman's second grade classes. Not looking I saw the list of the third grade classes.

There are two classes in each grade at school. The third grade teachers are Mr. Tang and Mrs. Oliver. I had heard many things about these teachers.

Mr. Tang is very nice and helps out around the school. He was just standing in the office talking to Mrs. Titus (she's our principal) a few minutes ago. If I had him I would be volunteering a lot. I would also have not much homework since I heard the work is very easy.

Mrs. Oliver can be very strict from what I hear. Sometimes she can be fun but I did not want her to be my teacher. I want Mr. Tang because everybody tells me how nice and fun he is as a teacher.

"Karen do you want to see who your teacher is?" asked Andrew as I stared at the kids in Ms. Colman's class list. If I had not skipped a grade I would be in Ms. Colman's class this year.

I nod before heading over to look at the list. Pamela and her family had left and nobody is in front of the list. I told Andrew to follow me and help me find my name.

The first paper I looked at was Mr. Tang's class. I really wanted to have him the most. At the top of the sheet his name is big along with the class in smaller letters underneath.

Mr. Tang – Third Grade

Jackson Bahadurian

Tracey Bannon

Teresa Barkan

Oliver Chang

Nancy Dawes

Deborah Dvorak

Molly Foley

Robert Gianelli

Janet Gilbert

Edwin Grant

Robert Ingram

Ian Johnson

Christopher Lamar

Leslie Morris

Hank Reubens

Adelaide Sidney

Richard Torres

Mary Washburn

Boo and bullfrogs! If I was in Mr. Tang's class my name would be between Terrie Barken and Oliver Chang's name. My class had to be Mrs. Oliver since her class is the only other third grade teacher. I look at the list looking to see if Nancy and Hannie were in this class.

Nancy is in the same class with Bobby Gianelli (he's sometimes a bully but he is okay now). Lucky ducks they are neighbors and classmates. Yuck but they had Leslie Morris in their class (she can be mean).

"Karen I found your name!" Andrew said tugging at my shirt. I looked at the paper wanting to see Hannie in my class but she was not there. What happened to Hannie? She wasn't moving at all unless she wasn't telling me anything.

Mrs. Oliver

Victoria Anders

Tamara Barkan

Nina Bluesky

Karen Brewer

Michael Davidson

Edwin Farley

Sara Ford

Audrey Green

Pamela Harding

Omar Harris

Carter Lewis

Christina Olsen

Colleen Owen

Michelle Rivers

Natalie Springer

Amelia Waters

Liddie Yuan

I did not know what to think about my new classmates. I remember Edwin Farley I beat him for class representative in the second grade. Natalie Springer Sara is nice and was also in my class.

Then I gulped at Pamela's name. I am going to be class with Pamela this year again? I took a deep breath and the next couple names I knew. Omar and Tammy were in my class last year too. Maybe this wasn't going to be too bad if I had a nicer teacher.