Not many things pleased him as much as screams.

And boy, there was no shortage of those on Pandora.

Sure, some were prettier than others, but all gave him that sweet satisfaction, like scratching an itch just right.

Bandits and engineers, those are his favorites. The sweetest scratch on the tumescent scar of his psyche. But, he can't always have his sweets.

Not now at least. Not since he met her. The siren. My siren, and the rest of the fools heart set on finding the vault.

Me? It's not my thing really. Gave up the heroics years ago, and him, he's just happy to have someone to murder with. She's the reason i stay.

She's also the reason i'm freezing my nips off in the damned tundra. I swear this idiot has something against sweaters, or maybe he just likes having a reason to set himself on fire. Either way I-

"On your left!"


I hear it before i see it and swing on an instinct, severing the varkids gullet before it leapt on top of me.

The bitch is still alive and angry, but that doesn't phase me a bit. He let's out a sick chuckle as the gore streams from the things throat.

As far as he's concerned a blood shower is as good as any and he thinks of letting it bleed to death before it's incisors are chomping on his mask.

"GAHRRAH,ThaT'S MY PAiN PiLLOW," A swift kick to the abdomen and it shrieks, loosing its grip on his mask. The sound bounces in his ears, ripping his face into a twisted grin and spurring him on.

From his back he shifts onto broad shoulders and kicks the fat mosquito off, the steel sole of his shoe almost breaking through the sensitive skin.

Its legs kick in the air as it writhes on the ground and even i would laugh. The damn thing is stuck on its back. Goddamn.

The chubby idiot shrieks of terror and annoyance make it hard for him to compose himself, but ignoring the euphoria of it all he shows a little mercy and caves in its skull with a heavy boot.


Oh yeah.

He turns and sees his siren, jogging towards him, panting and wiping sweat from her brow.

Blood splatters on her combat suit and the sticky residue of mutated varkids making a mess of her hair, but still the sight takes me back a step and i ogle at her beauty.

"Whoo," Maya breathed out, resting her hands on her knees before composing herself, "That was a little close, doncha think?"

Not really, but these chubby bastards can really pack a punch. Maybe more of one if she hadn't told him. tell her we got this.

"NNGh, THeIR GROping miTTS don't EVEN SCRATCH mE!"

"Oh really?" Her eyebrow raise and a devilish little smile plays on her lips, "Because, back there, you didn't seem to notice that chubby sneaking up on you," reloading her smg, he still gawks at the pretty colors of the elemental tech. I personally thing the thing looks like a damn water gun, but i'd never say it.

"Daydreaming again? Or has the little guy been distracting you?"

The accuracy of this nearly surprises me, but its nothing new. After being stuck with me for so long, she can read me better than the others. Hell, sometimes she even makes sense of the psycho dribble.

But one thing that didn't fly over her head was our little fights. By our, i mean my, my fights with…me? He starts most of it really, screaming at nothing, trying to kill every bipedal with a pulse, setting me on fire.

It ain't easy putting up with this kind of abuse and i'm damned if i have the patience for it. Luckily though, she does. And she seems to have come to the conclusion that i'm the one throwing a wrench in the cogs, that i'm the one tormenting him.

I dont know whether to laugh or cry, but i can't really blame her for such a conclusion. I've just gotta keep trying-

"Krieg? Yoohoo?"

Her hand is waving in front of my face and i realize i've been staring at her all this time.

Great, now she'll think we're crazy and brain dead.

He gives a little shake of the head and steps back a pace, the mask hides a sheepish smile but to Maya it probably looks like he's squinting at her.

"You've got a bad habit of that, huh big guy?" She offers a smile and warm eyes and it's hard not to get sucked back into the steel grey of her eyes.

"Come on, we've gotta meet up with the others."

She turns and begins to saunter away, holding the mutated varkid parts on her hip like a beach ball, and i wonder if she knows that there's varkid sludge all up and down the back of her combat suit.

He smiles, a candid smile, and gives a hum of content before trotting after her, his siren.