Author's Note - So Loki Laufeyson has been calling me for another go around and I finally put it down in words. It will sort of be an AU Thor 2 fiction as it's a sequel to My Sweet Destruction.

Special shout out to Lambm77 for the push - Love you girl! You're awesome and awe inspiring! :-)'s chapter 1...hope you all like it, please enjoy, read and review! Thank you!

Time had passed, the nurses, doctors and Nick Fury told me it was only a year and a half but in my heart if felt so much longer. I felt older than just 19. Loki had changed me from the inside out. It was hard to believe that my time with him was so short, only three days total when it felt like a lifetime. Now a lifetime had passed. Mine had passed. I had died in his arms that day, but the 'good' people at SHIELD brought me back for some God awful reason. I spoke his name once. Whispered it against my will and my heart started to beat, my pulse raced and my body worked under a power I had no control over. The medical team assumed that the Asgardian did something that healed me. They studied me, probed me, prodded me but found nothing. Loki only loved and then left me for his greater purpose.

I missed him. This was something I never wanted to admit to anyone, especially not me. The effect the god had on me was devastating. I couldn't function properly. Couldn't speak or think or rationalize; it was all a daze. Most days I hoped that it was all a dream, a horrible and blissful dream that I had. Then I would see the news or Agent Coulson walking by my door and I'm reminded of that day. Reminded of Loki; reminded of everything that I shouldn't be. I shouldn't be. As I stare at my pieced together face in the mirror, I look like the girl I was, but I don't recognize myself. That girl is not me. Would he even recognize me? Still love me? I touched my reflection and the mirror rippled. I saw Loki sitting in a small room, he looked disheveled something I had never seen of him before. What was this? Magic; how could I see him?

"Loki," I whispered as I clung to the mirror and he turned looking directly at me. I backed away screaming as nurses flooded my room. I saw him stand and move closer. The power and prowess he had in his walk was still present as he too questioned what he saw. The nurses clamoring around me as I hysterically shrieked still staring at him. They finally pinned me down, the mirror out of my sight as they sedated me. "I love you," trailed out of my mouth as I fell into a chemical sleep.

It had been ages, now along with Chastity; my mother was gone as well. The two people I loved most in these wretched realms have gone, leaving me alone. Remorse is not a word I am familiar with or use, however now I find that it is my constant companion. I hung my head once again to mourn those I loved when I heard my name. It was faint and far away but it sounded like my Chastity. I lifted my head and saw her clear as day looking at me.

"How could this be," I whispered to myself getting up at crossing as far as I could to her.

She looked the same but something about her was changed, from this small appearance I could see her growth. My darling girl was not the same timid child I knew. She backed away when we made eye contact and screamed. Several women in white uniforms came in trying to get my Chastity to calm down, I heard a whispered "I love you" before the image dissipated. I smiled at the thought, she still loved me. After all this time and after everything that had happened.

Whatever anomaly occurred to let me see my darling girl and her me during this time, I was grateful. It made my mind clear and I focused on what needed to be done. I needed to get to Midgard to find her.