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As I lay next to him regaining my senses I knew that our work was still not complete. Amora was just one piece of the plan. Fear set in again as I remembered the monsters I saw in that horrible place I was reunited with Loki. I felt frozen to the ground wondering how we would win against something so atrocious. A thousand faces flew across my mind but few lingered longer, Coulson, Barton and Loki. I turned to him, his face set in deep thought. We were thinking the same thing, what next?

I opened my dry mouth to speak, "Do you know where your brother and that woman are?" the choked question came out softer than I anticipated.

The Asgardian looked at me, "No," he said grimly, "I have no way to contact him or Jane."

My eyes looked at the grey metal that occupied the little space between us as I thought carefully of what to say next when something shook the whole Helicarrier violently, throwing both of us into the wall. Loki held me tightly to him so he took the brunt of the impact. Our eyes locked and nothing needed to be said, we both got dressed and rushed out of the cargo hold to find Fury and the others. Barton met us on the way to the control room we all ran in primed for a fight. Even I felt the ire flowing through me; I'd fight anything to keep him near me. I looked between Clint and Loki and they both shared a look with each other and then looked at me. They weren't letting me anywhere near this fight.

"Take care of her archer," Loki told him as he disappeared.

I desperately grabbed for him but he was gone. I looked shocked at my empty hands cursing them for failing to grasp any scrap of his clothing. Barton pulled me to a chair with a harness and buckled me in all while I was trying to fight with him.

Hawkeye shook my shoulders hard once, "Chastity," he said sternly. His voice took on a tone I had never known; the seriousness of it caught my attention more than the assault. I looked at him, his face was solemn and his mouth was set in a frown. This was not the Clint Barton I knew but it was him all the same. "I need you to stay put, you hear me?" I nodded slowly at this new side of Clint taking in every word he said with deep comprehension. His palm found my cheek, "I am not losing you and neither is the Asgardian. Coulson doesn't have any weapons that I know of so you're safe. Stay that way." He kissed my forehead then stood up "Coulson! Keep her safe and out of range for any weapon fire, including yours."

Coulson nodded and the archer bounded off to the ground below. I sat strapped into the chair wholly helpless, my head hung down and an unfamiliar feeling swept over me. I knew they both wanted to protect me but I wanted to be out there fighting with them helping to stop whatever it was encroaching upon us. The Helicarrier shook again and my limbs with it. I tried to undo the harness so I could do something instead of being the fragile damsel in distress, but a pair of strong and recognizable hands stopped my frantic fidgeting.

"It's like you want me to be killed again," Coulson said with a smile.

I saw Barton swing down from the ship, my annoyance with him filled my eyes he was to stay with Chastity, make sure she was safe. I headed for him when one of the Kursed blocked my path and I was reminded why I was on the ground. I pulled my dagger and fought with the monster, it was strong and nearly overtook me but I plunged my dagger into his side. He backed away in pain and then several arrows pierced the beast, he fell at my feet. I shared a look with the archer we nodded to one another as we ran into the growing fray. Chastity was on the ship, she would be safe.

Coulson had finished giving me his pep talk which didn't make me feel any more useful even if he did make me feel a little better. Hawkeye and Loki did care for me and wanted me to be safe, I sighed accepting my fate. I hung my head slightly feeling useless again when I heard Coulson let out a startled yelp and then a loud thud. I craned my neck to see what happened out of the corner of my eye I saw Phil laid out on the floor. I fumbled with the harness again desperate to get to Phil as soon as the lock unclicked I felt a strong grip on my shoulders and saw flowing blonde hair.

A wicked chuckle came from the Enchantress as she pulled my face to her, "Did you think that these mortals could hold me?" she asked wearing an evil grin that twisted her face and made her more frightening.

I opened my mouth, "A-a-a-mora…" I stuttered and my whole body was trembling.

Another laughed poured from her malevolently twisted face, "Yes, my gullible mortal," her eyes burning into mine. "I told you Loki would pay and he will."

We disappeared in green smoked and landed on the ground below. Amora put a deceptively strong arm around my shoulders pulling me into her and I let out a scream. The blonde laughed at my struggling only holding me tighter. I saw Loki first then Clint both charging at us as the chaos behind them continued. I looked at the sky and it looked as if it was being torn away as new worlds bled into ours.

"AMORA!" the Asgardian screamed his dagger readied for a killing blow and Clint had an arrow notched, both of them held similar expressions of anger mixed with hate as the grimaces carved deeply into their features.

The blonde raised her head, "Loki," she purred out confidently, "Did I not say I would have my vengeance?" she turned her attention to Hawkeye, "And now it seems I get two for the price of one," another evil grin played across her delicate face, "It is a shame though, I was hoping for Thor as well. No matter," she shot a truly despicable look at the Asgardian, "I have what I really came for, one step closer and I crush her." The sheer delight in her words terrified me as her arm pressed tighter around my chest making me gasp in pain. "You see Laufeyson, you are no match for me," with her free hand she conjured a ball of green fire and launched it at Loki but he artfully dodged out of the way.

"You will pay for this Witch!" he screamed at her.

An arrow flew at me and the blonde but she caught it just centimeters from her nose, "Pathetic attempt," she pushed me to the ground, advanced on both of them her hands on fire.

I landed on my knees and lifted my head to see Loki and Amora clash, locked in a battle once again. Clint ran to me helping me up. I felt his calloused and sturdy hands on my arms, "Come on Chas we gotta move!" He scooped me up and ran with me away from the Asgardians.

"NO!" I struggled to get out of his grip but he only pulled me tighter into his chest.

"Don't you dare do anything stupid," he told me sternly and held me tighter.

I watched the fight between Loki and Amora get more intense and dangerous. He swiped his dagger at the blonde again and again as she moved to and fro away from the weapon, almost like she was dancing. It was then one of the horrible creatures came skulking up behind the two Asgardians. I saw Amora smile then pushed Loki into the creature and the monster grabbed the dagger from the god and plunge it deep into his chest. Loki gasped as a pained look crossed his handsome face and dropped to his knees. Amora let out a fiendish laugh that echoed off the ground and buildings before destroying the creature.

The blonde sauntered up to me as my breath hitched, "Now watch her suffer as you die Loki," her lips brushed my cheek before she disappeared.

I lay on the wet grass the life leaving me and I heard running footsteps toward me and my darling child came into my view. Tears were streaming down her face as she cradled my head, "Loki, stay with me," she sobbed as her gentle touch comforted me and eased my passing. Her face curled in devastation as my eyes darkened. Two more faces came into my hazy view, my brother and the archer.

"Loki," Thor whispered and pulled me from Chastity, "You fought bravely brother," he put a hand on my chest, "We will get you to safety."

"No," I gasped out, "Keep her safe. Chastity," I called out.

I went to him as tears flowed down my face, "Don't leave me," I sobbed out.

He touched my face gently, "I will never leave you love," he tried to smile but let out a pain filled moan. His bright green eyes wet with tears, "I love you," he said softly.

"I love you," I kissed him lightly and he responded in kind. I looked into his eyes as the light left them and he grew limp in Thor's grip. I fell to the ground sobbing uncontrollably, he was gone. I pounded the grass with my fists as I cried harder.

Thor had a hitch in his voice as he told Barton, "The fight is over, take care of her. Heimdall," he yelled and a beam of light hit the ground with such force that is knocked me down. Hawkeye picked me up and I buried my face away from the light as Thor disappeared with Loki.

"Hey, Chas they'll take care of him," he swallowed hard, "He'll be fine, I've seen him survive worse. Come on kid."

Clint took me back to the Helicarrier where I retreated to my room, mourning my loss for Loki once again. I prayed to the sky that he would return to me. I was grateful that the Earth was safe from the evil force invading it but it cost something so precious to me I couldn't let myself believe it. I let no one come near me, not Coulson or Hawkeye. I stared longingly out my window day and night hoping for a glimpse of Loki to see he was alive but there was nothing, not even a hint of the Asgardian. I sighed letting my hope, however small it was, go and wept for what seemed like days.

It was sometime later, I didn't know how long as time no longer mattered, that a rumbling shook the Helicarrier and a bright light burst through my window; I sat up at the noise and the light filling my room. Then I saw him just as perfect as ever strutting up to me, my face awestruck as a smile graced his face and lit up his green eyes now full of life. He stretched out a hand and I took it almost cautiously. Loki grasped my hand and gently pulled me into him and he kissed me. I was flooded with memories as his soft lips captured mine in a sweet embrace, pulling me closer. His lips dancing with mine as I inhaled his sweet breath as if it was breathing new life in to me, our mouths parted slightly. His hands found my face and whispered, "I have missed you," he nuzzled my neck and inhaled my skin, "Heimdall," he said quietly.