This story is about my GTA Online crew "The Ultimates" (My original name was the underdogs but it was taken :p ) And these are the adventures of how the crew came to be and how it made it's way into the Los Santos world. (Takes place before, during and after the events of GTA V (May be canon im not sure yet) Pat's thoughts will be Italic

Book 1: The Peak

Chapter 1: Fly Away

I cannot believe what I see, but it's true, Liberty City has become quiet.

"Thats right people of Liberty City, crime is at an all time low! We at Liberty News are happy to say, this city is safe again!"

The day was April 1st 2013. The TV was the only thing on in Pat's apartment. He starred at it all day while the news reports of crime being pretty much done. He was happy. But for a certain reason.

"PAT!" Yelled his best friend Zach as he ran into Pat's apartment. "Dude did you see the news report?"

"Yeah" sighed Pat. "It's finally over."

"I knew things would be going a little quiet after that European guy killed Pegorino. But damn, ALL crime is gone?! Where is the titles? The battles? The Heists?"

"All done, I gotta say I am glad. Maybe now I can have a normal life."

"Pat, you will NEVER Have a normal life. Especially after being involved with these crime battles in this city."

"But it's over! And even though I am glad its done I realized that this city, is kinda boring."

"You can say that again. At least I got my bowling. You want to come with?"

"Nah, I'm just getting packed"

"Packed!? What for?"

"Moving forward. I mean I love this city, but I gotta pass the time of my life some how? Start over. Especially cause..."

"Oh yeah, Kat. Again I am so sorry about her dude, no one saw it coming. Her betrayal came out of nowhere. Do you know where she is?"

"No." Pat says while packing. "No one knows where she is, It's for the best."

"Where are you going?"

"Los Santos. In South California where its always warm and rarely snows. I have never been there but I heard its beautiful! Besides I am meeting a new friend I made on LifeInvader there. Should be there for a few months. Getting the crime out of me."

"Suite yourself. I loved it. I mean yeah it was bad but what we did was actually not evil. We did some jobs for people for the good guys."

"Haha. Good guys. You still are a funny man Zach."

"Well anyway I'd better go before the guy who owns this building finds me and yells at me again. He's such a jerk. See ya dude. Good luck finding what you need."

Zach leaves Pat's small apartment as he finishes up his things. He hears a noise and he steps out to see a sick mother and her child.

"Are you ok?" Says Pat

"Oh no it's Alright. We just couldn't this months rent in and we were kicked out. Just got to find new apartment."

The woman and child walk downstairs and Pat looks mad. He finishes up his suitcase and grabs one pistol and walks out. He heads downstairs to hearing his loud landowner yelling at him again.

"Patrick! When will you pay rent? I do not want to have to throw you out to!"

Pat takes out his pistol and shoots the man in the head. He throws the body in the dumpster and grabs the keys and walks out. He steps out to see the woman and hands her the keys

"The building's yours now"

The woman smiles as she and her child walk back into the building. Pat calls a cab and steps in one

"Where to?" Says the cab driver

"Airport please"