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It was a hot day in August when we pulled up outside of Renee's work, I could not believe Alice was going to make me go in there and face her. I really didn't give a shit about the matching tattoos that we just got on our thighs. She was going to have a fit about them regardless, but he was going to be there. Alice knew this and that was why she was forcing me to go show Renee right now instead of waiting till she got home from work. I don't even know why or when I told her I had this huge crush...lusty, obsession thing with a guy that worked in my mom's office.

I had gone to a party with her over the summer at one of her co-workers houses and he was there. I sat in a chair in the back, out of everyone's way and just watched. He was over by the bar and talking with his friend. I watched him interact. I noticed everything about the way he moved and everything I saw appealed to me. He glanced in my direction a few times; I couldn't be sure if he was looking at me, or if it was just in my direction. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I don't know what it was that was so intriguing, but as soon as I laid eyes on him; I knew I had to have him. I just didn't know how.

Renee wasn't always a nice woman. I had my freedom, but it always came with a cost. I wouldn't say I was a bad kid, but I definitely pushed the limits. I liked to party; what kid didn't, no harm no foul. I wanted him, but didn't know how I was going to get around Renee to get the things I wanted. I was obsessed over a guy I had never talked to or had any idea how old he even was.

Alice, my best friend and partner in crime on many occasions was the only one who knew how I truly felt. She was bound and determined to get us together if it killed her. I was content in watching from a far, at least for now…I was enjoying the warm tingles his presents gave me.

We pulled up outside the office and I finished my cigarette. I hoped it would calm my nerves before walking in there. I had to show that nothing bothered me once I entered through the doors. I was especially nervous about seeing him again. I kept my fingers crossed the entire way, hoping that he was out on a sales call or whatever in the hell he did.

I wasn't positive what he did at the company anyways, and I never wanted to ask Renee about him to find out. And, Uncle Charlie was out of the question, if I dared to ask him it would cause him to wonder about my intentions. I didn't need that and Alice knew, she just laughed the entire way at how stupid I was acting.

"You know Bella, you are gonna marry him someday. Just wait and see," she said, over and over. She was convinced she had some physic power bullshit. She needed to stop watching so much TV. However, I was a nervous wreck and she wasn't making it any better chatting that shit over and over like it was going to come true just because she said it.

"Alice …" I huffed "... he doesn't even know I am alive. I'm a kid; he's…an adult, like a real man!"

We both looked at each other and laughed; I was no Virgin Mary, but the odds of him wanting someone my age was still a little nerve racking. He was older and we still didn't know by how much. There was no way he would want anything to do with me. I was a legal adult according to the law, so that should be a problem; I had already turned eighteen. However, something told me that I was playing with fire, and when you play with fire; you end up getting burned.

Alice was a couple years older than me, but she was still young when she had her two little girls. She was a good example of playing with fire and getting burned. Their piece of shit father took off after the first, only to come back and out popped the second. Leaving Alice and the girls to fend for themselves. I love those girls like my own.

For as long as I can remember, it had just been Ali and I. The men that had been in my life had always seemed to let me down when I needed them. Except my grandfather, he cared when no one else really did. He was the only man I truly trusted. Then after seeing the things Alice went through, I just didn't know how to trust a guy or how to even start.

"Bells, get your head out of your ass...let's go," Ali yelled from the front of the truck.

I got out of the truck, tossed the smoke, took a deep breath and walked in. I stopped short at the doors; I had to press a button to get buzzed in and I hesitated. Alice reached across me and hit the button shaking her head.

"Come in Girls," Lauren called out in a snotty tone. Lauren was always a royal pain in the ass and I knew she disliked me. I also knew the exact reason why, or at least I guessed the reason why. I mean, I didn't think it was that obvious that I like him. Hell, I had figured they must have known each from school or mutual friends. A lot of the people that worked in this office all went to the same high school and everyone seemed to know one another. She was in love with him that was for sure; Ali and I had that figured out in a minute. The looks we got could cut glass, she hated us so much. It was to the point of being comical, one because we really weren't a threat, and two she was almost ten years older than us.

As I opened the door, I grabbed Alice's hand; I knew I had to walk right past his office. I didn't think I could do it. So, I stopped and took another deep breath while Alice was still trying to keep her shit together. She had a big mouth and didn't know when not to use it; I usually did too. I could feel his presence and knew I was doomed; it was always the same feeling, like butterflies were loose in my stomach. That's when I saw him sitting at his desk with his head down; I stopped briefly to stare. He must have sensed my presence too and looked up. He smiled and I felt the warmth wash over my entire body. My face burned red with embarrassment of being caught looking at him. I hoped he didn't notice the blush that stained my checks. I smiled back quickly leaving his doorway before he could notice my blush and making my way to Renee's office. I saw Lauren out of the corner of my eye and noticed she had a terrible grimace on her face. I couldn't resist the urge to tell her to fuck off, so I flipped her the bird, and turned around walking straight into Renee's office. Jealous Ass Bitch!

"What did you do now and how much do you want?" Renee sneered before I could even get through the door and a word out of my mouth. Ali strolled over to one of the chairs to sit; no sooner than she sat down in the chair, she began spinning in circles having the time of her life laughing out loud. I stared down the woman that made my life a living hell.

"I just came to show you my new tattoo…wanna see? Ali got a matching one."

Renee turned the other way and continued to work, like it was nothing. I knew it was stupid to come here. Finally, registering what I had just said to her, she whipped around in her chair, eyes wide on us. Oh, Shit! I thought. We were in trouble for something now and I knew it wasn't the tattoo because she had given her consent for my first one at sixteen. So, adding another one to my collection wouldn't have been the reason she was pissed. However, this was how things went with Renee. She went from hot to cold so fast; you never knew what mood she was going to be in or how to react to her moods.

"We are having an open house with the company next door that your Uncle Charlie works for and I need help. I decided that you two will volunteer your time to do this. Meaning you will not be getting paid. It is this Friday, so you have three days to prepare yourselves."

Alice and I were shocked; first of all she wanted us to work for her … for free. What in the hell was she going to make us do? We weren't her personal slaves, what if we didn't want to work for her. I mean, she ordered us around whenever she wanted. I guess I expected that from her. We would do the work, so she wouldn't have to pay someone else to do it. Figures!

"By the way girls everyone in both the companies will be here including the owners. We will be having guests and they will be here with their wives or girlfriends. Make sure you dress appropriately, don't wear you bar slut attire please," Renee said with firmness to her tone.

"Yes Mom," we said in unison. It was all we were able to get out, rolling our eyes at each other. I knew we both were thinking the same thing, bar slut attire...what a bitch.

We both walked out of Renee's office pissed off. We were almost to the door when I felt Ali poking me in the ass. I looked up at her and she pointed over into his office. I looked in seeing him sitting there. He was smiling at me again. I smiled back, to afraid to say anything. That's when I froze in place.

"Ali, Renee said everyone was going to be there didn't she?" I asked in a whispered tone so he couldn't hear me.

I chanced a glance in the direction of Lauren's desk; she was once again staring at us with a face that could kill. I resisted the urge to flip her off again, not wanting him to see me act like a spoiled brat. Alice noticed, quickly dragging me out of the office humming the Wedding March. I was so fucked!

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