I saw the video to Dustland Fairytale by The Killers a few days ago and haven't been able to get the song out of my head. This story sorta formed along the line. I think it has real potential.

Disclamer: All characters except my two OCs belong to S.E. Hinton, and the story line belongs to The Killers.

A Dustland fairytale beginning or just another white trash county kiss…

She was a princess, well as good as. She was one of those southern bells that were born a hundred years too late. She had etiquette, and poise. She was a lady in ever since of the word. Tall and lean with long brown curls and red lips, and the kind of face that only belonged to angels. She was sweet and polite and well loved by everyone. It was impossible not to be wrapped up and carried away in her charm. If she was to be described in one word it would be enchanting. She was drastically out of place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but like a real majestic vision in a pale green sundress, she lifted up her chin and took it with a charming smile. She was there either by accident, or grand design. She came to spend the summer with her uncle, but she managed to condemn one man and save another, while brightening the lives of all she touched.

That was the reputation attached to Allison Beaumont, and she had lived up to it every day of her life. Someone else might say it was exhausting, but she took quiet revelry in knowing she was the center of attention. Though she didn't know anyone her own age, or of her own sophistication, she got by feeding off the attention the older couples would give her when they came to visit her uncle. She had only been socially deprived for a week when she was rescued in the most unsuspecting way. A young lady came by to bring her uncle a cake, so she said. But she was there to view Allison who had become a ramped topic amongst the older woman in the small town.

"You must be Allison," The young girl said in a hyper voice. "I'm Evie, I brought Rog a cake."

Now, 'Rog' was Allison's uncle, her mother's brother; and even though Evie wasn't the kind of girl Allison would normally make friends with, she was falling prey to the ailment all young girls are prone to: boredom.

"That is lovely. Won't you come in? It is an awfully hot day; maybe you would like a glass of lemonade?" Allison offered, trying to resist the urge to grab Evie by the hand and drag her inside just to have female company for a little while.

Evie accepted. Allison could tell she was trying a little too hard for properness, and was missing it. She didn't care though; anyone who knew about lipstick would suffice. After ten minutes Allison was enthralled with Evie's story about her date the previous night.

"Your boyfriend sounds like a real hunk, if you don't mind my saying so, Evie." Allison said at Evie's dreamy conclusion.

Evie smiled brightly and couldn't hide her pride from the compliment. "Well he's no Soda Curtis, but he's pretty alright." She said happily and then her face betrayed the accordance of an idea. "You should meet my friends Allison, Soda's girl, Sandy, is a real riot. And how old are you?"

That was a very improper question for a stranger, but Allison wasn't about to pass up some excitement for something so tedious.

"Eighteen." She answered meekly. "How old are you, might I ask?"

"Seventeen." Evie answered off handedly, but immediately got her inquiry back on track. "You know, Soda has an older brother, Darry. I think you two would hit it off real good. Why don't you come hang out with us tonight?"

Allison took an excruciating moment to fake contemplation, but it was hard not to shout for joy and agree right away. A boy huh? That was even more fun than she had anticipated.

"I would like that. I will ask Uncle Rodger when he gets home; I'm sure he won't mind." Allison said smiling.

In reality it didn't matter what the old man said, Allison was getting out of the house and going to have some fun, with a boy!

Evie smiled in that way excited girls can't help, "That's great. Meet us at the DX at six, that's when Steve and Soda get off. We are going to a party or something. Darry will be there to pick us up so Soda can have the truck. He probably won't go with us, he never does, but you can meet him."

Allison thought anyone would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to go out, but maybe she was just suffering from cabin fever. Evie stood up to leave and Allison showed her to the door. Allison was trying to hold on to any fleeting strings of etiquette she may still have left, just as Evie threw her arms around Allison's neck and squeezed her tight before she ran out the door.

I hope you loved that as much as I did. This will probably end up being kind of a short fic, it was either that or make a really long one shot, so maybe like 4 or 5 more chapters. Let me know what you think, thanks for reading.