I needed something else to work on in addition to my other story, something with the ability to change genres so this seemed like a good idea.

My attempt at humor.

Prompt: Poker.
Genre: Humor.

After what seemed like a very long time Sweeney had fallen asleep.

Now he was asleep.

As a loud snoring that reminded Stephanie of a broken lawn mower filled the formerly silent room, Stephanie repositioned herself on her makeshift chair, an overturned metal bucket which made strange groaning noises whenever she moved.

Will who was on his own chair of sorts seemed to be very interested in his hands or his shoes and sometimes the ceiling.
By Stephanie's standards this was awkward.
Beyond awkward.
She cleared her throat, then coughed loudly in attempt to recapture his attention, an action done in vain such a pity, things had been going so well earlier!
Yet in a few short minutes the mood had been changed from cheerful and carefree to dark and foreboding.
And the room smelled funny.
Stephanie shot a glare at Sweeney large unconscious form, somehow this was his fault, she just wasn't sure how.

But she didn't want to waste time trying to figure that out, right now Stephanie was determined to lift the invisible sheet of awkwardness hovering over Will's-and consequently her- head.

"Will, Sweeney is sleep." She pointed out cheerfully.

"Huh?" Will said shaking himself as if trying to rouse from a deep sleep, similar to the one Sweeney was in. "Oh, he is."
The last part sounded more like a question than acknowledgment to Stephanie but she figured he was a little bit slow anyhow, it seemed like both the boys were in someway, which is why she didn't mind trading Chester with Elliot too much.

"Well we shouldn't just sit here the rust on this bucket is going to ruin my clothes" Stephanie said. "Lets play cards."

"Um... I don't-"
Stephanie skillfully blocked out the rest of his response and pulled a thin box from her pocket, smirking as Will jumped when she tossed it to the floor.
Stephanie slid from her bucket-chair thingy and began opening the box, it was new and still had narrow but strong strips of tape keeping it closed Stephanie worked carefully with the tape avoiding scuffing her nails.
By the time she got the box open, Will had calmed down and joined her on the cement floor.
"Okay what type of game are you playing?"

"Not me, we" Stephanie corrected him, lightheartedly waving a handful of cards at him, which she then began to shuffle "And we are playing," she paused for effect "Are playing poker."

"Poker," Will repeated cautiously "why poker?"

Stephanie grinned mischievously "Don't tell me you don't know how to play?"

"Of course I do." Will responded, a bit too quickly.

Halfway through the game, they had ended up collecting random items from around the room to act as winnings.
From the start it was obvious Will couldn't play Poker.
At all.
The game was coming to a close and Stephanie was proud of the inch high pile of stuff she had won.
She drew a card and accepted a pencil from Will.
"When this is over, can I have my watch back?" He asked sighing sorely.

"No, its mine."


"Its your turn, hurry up!"

A/N: So Will and Chester are slow? Or maybe that's just Stephanie's opinion or them-and possibly everyone-

Well I hope you liked it and remember prompts are accepted so send in what you want to see!