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When they were little they viewed the whole operation as an elaborate hoax that they were cleverly pulling over their new 'Family's' eyes and one day after they were tired of the back and forth, the creaky elevator and weeks away from home they would both jump out and yell "Surprise!" or something to that effect.

In the end-middle or was it the beginning she didn't know which one it was anymore-they had gotten the chance to let one member of the family in on the joke, not under the circumstances they had planned but that didn't change facts. They had done it.

Somewhere along the lines of seven and ten their 'family' began to look less like a fun project and more like obligated work, a burden that never seemed to lighten.

Rebecca one had been the first to adjust her views, she always liked being first.

"We cook, we clean, for goodness sake we do taxes and what do we get in return?" She had complained to her sister during one of their rare and brief moments together.

Rebecca two wholeheartedly agreed, overworked and underpaid they were the victims in the operation and the sympathy she felt was misplaced.

She knew it was for a good cause, just like their grandfather always said.

But where was he during those horrid years with the Burrows and what did he care about them now?

For all she knew he had ordered Franz to killed, a small voice in the back of her head reminded her it was more than likely Alex, but Rebecca two wasn't taking any chances not anymore.

Her grandfather hadn't told her about her sister, Rebecca two was sure he knew, she knew without even being told she knew so he must have been trying to keep it from her, why? For the life of her she couldn't figure it out, she also knew Alex was among many who didn't approve of her relationship with Franz and a few had enough power to order the death of someone who was generally viewed as extra baggage so in the whole of that incident, Rebecca just was confused.

Which is the main reason Rebecca had borrowed a car from on of the garages and was currently driving on a highway leading somewhere, possibly near London.

Rebecca was not running away in fact she had only planned to circle the car a few times allowing herself a much needed moment to think before returning.

But while deep in her thoughts the wheel got away from her steering itself in an unknown direction through her hands.

After a while of this Rebecca found she didn't mind it much at all in fact it was almost comforting to be out of control while still having the ability to take it back anytime she pleased and with two loaded guns on the passenger seat the threat of remaining law enforcement didn't fester long in her rapidly clouding mind, she had given up on thinking and trying to figure things out instead she attempted the impossible, to not think at all, she figured she'd be less confused that way.

Looking up Rebecca could find not a star in the navy blue sky it was blank how nice it must feel to be blank, to be mindless and unfeeling like the colonist in the resort basement after being exposed to hours of the Darklight, to be dead yet alive, she wanted to be like that Rebecca decided.

It was almost a pity the Darklight wasn't as effective on Styx but there were always hundreds of ways to achieve a goal and Rebecca was sure this one wasn't an exception.

The car had steered onto a ramp and Rebecca feeling a bit lighter found herself humming.

Soon she would find her perfect ending, middle and beginning she might not see the plans she put so much into come to pass, but she would find her circle and just like in fairy tales her sister too and that was just as good.


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