Hi. I'm back. If you happen to be following my other piece of writing (Inquisitor, Wh40k X MassEffect), I'm still working on that; it isn't dead. My friend proposed this idea because we were playing a D&D game set in a mageocracy, and I was a human sorcerer/noble (the mage=nobility came into effect I used what I called my 'obstructive bureaucrat powers' to 'requisition' some heavy dwarven artillery) and declared war on the elves. While I made the action following Imperium of Man kill-all-xenos philosophy, the situation reminded my friend of Familiar of Zero, (which I will admit to knowing almost nothing about until now) and he suggested I write something FoZ related. I took up the challenge and decided to cross it over with Touhou, because everything can be crossed with Touhou (though I'm really only acquainted with the first Windows game, couldn't get pass the first boss [Rumia] when I played it, and the bullet patterns gave me a headache pretty fast) as a default when one needs something to crossover with. So pardon my ignorance on the subject I'm writing about here; I should have an update for my other one sometime soon.

I own nothing, neither Touhou or Familiar of Zero. They are owned by ZUN and Noboru Yamaguchi, respectively.

Tristan Academy of Magic

Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere yawned as sunlight streamed into her room at the magic academy. She sighed as she opened her eyes and sat up in her bed. She was nervous for today, as today was the day of the Springtime Summoning Ritual. Today was the day she either proved herself a mage worthy of her lineage or as a failure good only for a political marriage. She desparately hoped it would be the former as she dressed herself.

She soon found herself standing before the summoning circle preparing to summon her servant and lifetime companion. She ignored the jeers and taunts of her classmates as she stepped up and began to chant.

"I, Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere, in the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers, following my fate, summon a familiar!" she declared, pouring magical power into the circle, which glowed. For a minute, nothing happened. The runes of the circle lit up with the light of stars before changing to the black of the void between them. She supported her spell through sheer force of will, keeping open a portal to worlds far away.


A ball of darkness raced through the woods, chasing after its fleeing target. A young man fled on foot, looking back over his shoulder periodically to see if the sphere which absorbed all light was still following him. All light except for two glowing red points, that is. Blasts of magic struck the ground around him as the sphere's occupant resorted to firing blindly. As fast as he ran, the youkai pursuing him was still gaining on him.

"Come back~" the Youkai of Darkness sung through the brightening forest as she flung patterns of magical rounds ahead of her in the general direction of her prey. Within her bubble of darkness it was pitch black though, and she couldn't see out; she could only locate her prey by the noise he made.

The boy ran and ducked around trees. He had been told that the Night Youkai couldn't see from within her bubble and might collide with a tree allowing his escape. Unfortunately, the scramble of his feet made enough noise that allowed his pursuer to track him as he wove through the woods, allowing her to avoid the trees as well.

A ways in front of him, the boy suddenly saw an unstable green rift in reality tear itself open, like the rifts of the Gap Youkai. He saw his chance, disregarding wherever it may take him, and ran for it. His pursuer chased after him, making a full-speed beeline for him to run him down. He wouldn't make it before the ball of blackness overtook him.

But he saw another opportunity. The blind youkai couldn't know the gap was there and was still bound by the laws of physics. If she was gone, he would effectively be safe from her, despite still being in this strange land of magic. Still running, he ducked as he was enveloped by the black sphere. He felt the wake the youkai occupying the sphere made as she rocketed inches above his ducked head.

In accordance with the law of inertia and mere meters from the portal, the youkai had no time to stop or alter directions before she sailed through it and vanished from Gensokyo. The portal collapsed behind her, having accepted a vague substitute for its intended target.

Saito Hiraga sighed with relief. Lost in the woods, he spotted the sun and followed it, hoping to find a road leading to the human village he had been told about, where he would be safe. He just might survive here, if he didn't run into any of the other creatures he had been warned about before he made it out.

Tristain Academy of Magic

The circle Louise had been holding open detonated as the spell collapsed; a wave of eldritch energy washed over the assembled students, who sheltered themselves from the flying debris with their sleeves.

Chunks of dirt and fragments of vegetation flew through the air as the explosion tore a sizable crater out of the ground. The air was filled with smoke and dust. A wind mage dispersed the debris to reveal the object at the center of the crater.

At the epicenter of the blast was a black dome from which no light escaped. At the dome's center were two glowing pinpricks of blood-red light. It was frightening. The young aristocrat stood frozen to the ground as the dust cleared. Slowly, she moved to bind whatever being she had summoned that lived within the sphere of darkness.

"My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere. Pentagon of the five elemental powers; bless this humble being, and make it my familiar!" she chanted as she pointed her wand at the set of eyes within the black sphere.

She stepped forward into the sphere slowly to complete the ritual, unsure of what she might find.

Within the darkness, she stumbled across a body lying on the ground.

"A human?" She thought in passing, but any concern she had was overridden by her fear of the blackness.

Frightened from her inability to see, she quickly kissed the first part of the body she could grab, a hand, sealing the contract. She ran from the sphere as fast as she could as a second point of light, indicating the familiar runes' formation, lit up within the dome of darkness.

The runes worked their way through their victim's mind, attempting to overwrite priorities to prepare the familiar to serve its master. They encountered something else. A warding, something holding back the being's power. The powerful seal fought with the familiar rune's over the unconscious but healing youkai.

The magic of the runes was like a sledgehammer; the seal was like an ornate cage. The unrefined magical power of the runes slammed into the seal as if they had a mind of their own, trying to overwrite the specially crafted block.

Louise felt the spell drawing on more and more of her magical reserves as it tried to break down the wall. She let the magic flow, desperate to succeed, unwary of the consequences. The tide of magical energy began to back up against the dam holding back the Youkai of the Dusk's power. The youkai's cage was split open by the brute force of the runes, the complex magical seals shattering and releasing the eventually frightening power they had safely locked away from their owner.

Onto the ground within the darkness fell a red ribbon, and the Youkai Who Hides in the Darkness arose, powers no longer fettered by the magical amulet placed upon her long ago. She grasped the fallen ribbon in her hand and floated into the air.

The black sphere rose up and seemed to expand. Students panicked, the professor readied his weapon to attack the black sphere if something went wrong. Another teacher tried to shepherd the students indoor as away from the rising and slowly growing mass of black. Louise stood rooted to the ground in fear before the darkness began to expand, encompassing the academy and continuing to spread.

In the darkness, she was blind. She could hear the panic of the others as they were enveloped by the area where light could not pass. Magelights were of no use, the darkness swallowed their feeble light before eyes could see it. The only light allowed to penetrate the darkness was that of the youkai's glowing red eyes.

She willed herself to see, to sense anything through the darkness. She focused on the red eyes of what must be her familiar and tried to navigate using them as a lighthouse in the night, doing her best to make a mental picture of the courtyard relative to her familiar. She wondered what sort of familiar could project a field that absorbed all light, why it would have eyes in such darkness, what it could see with its glowing eyes.

Louise suddenly realized that the blackness seemed to have partially cleared for her. It was no longer the inky black field, but now just seemed to be a dark grey tint placed on everything. She could see professors and students panicking and stumbling about blindly, she could see herself standing and staring at her with a curious expression.

"Wait, is that me?" she thought.

She moved her arm. It looked odd from the third person perspective hovering in the air. She took a tentative step in the blackness, watching herself walk towards her point of view.

"Hello~" she heard a childish voice from both her viewpoint and straight in front of her. "I can see!" the voice repeated, excitedly.

She stopped to think about it. Suddenly, her viewpoint began to move towards her body.

"Who are you?" her viewpoint declared as it inspected her.

Then it suddenly dawned on her, she was seeing the world through her familiar's eyes, those glowing red pinpricks she had seen in the dark! She had subconsciously piggybacked on her familiar's senses when her own were rendered useless by the darkness and she wondered what her familiar saw. When she thought about it, she stopped subconsciously feeding the spell supporting the magical sharing of senses, and her vision returned to blackness.

"I am Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere, noblewoman of the Kingdom of Tristain, and your master, familiar!" she answered her familiar's question.

"Is that so? I am Rumia, Youkai of the Shadows!" the child's voice declared cheerfully.

"Familiar! Are you the source of this darkness?" Louise asked.

"Yes! My seal is gone, I can see, I am powerful!" Rumia declared, still cheerful.

"Dispel this darkness, for I cannot!" the noblewoman commanded.

"No! I like the dark! I am strong in the dark!" her stomach gurgled as she realized her prey had escaped earlier, and her childish mind changed tracks to thoughts of food and sleep. "I'm hungry; and tired."

Louise could see the pinpricks of red light circling her slowly. She changed tactics.

"Dispel the darkness and I will feed you."

"I can hunt on my own, now that I can see! And I like the dark." Rumia declared, and turned to move towards the panicking crowd trying to find their way indoors.

"Then make your darkness smaller so the rest of us can see!" Louise ordered as she willed her familiar to obey.

The familiar runes had done their job imperfectly, but worked, and the youkai acquiesced.


The darkness shrunk until it formed a human-sized sphere around Louise's familiar, the bright light that replaced it suddenly blinding the students and teachers.

"Now may I eat?"

"Follow me. I'll have a servant bring you some food."

"I want meat~"

"You can have meat, but come with me first."

Louise noticed her professor, the only person who hadn't made it inside, walking up to her as she headed for the door, familiar in tow.

"Excuse me, Miss Valliere, may I see the runes on your familiar?"

"No," Rumia declared.

"I need to record them."


"Familiar, show him the runes. They should be on one of your hands."

Rumia sighed and shrunk her bubble further so as to allow her hands to stick out.

"Interesting," the professor mumbled as he wrote the runes burned into the familiar's hands down before the youkai restored her bubble of darkness to its normal size.

He ran off to meet with the headmaster, as students filtered back outside, shaken by the darkness that had enveloped the area earlier and wishing to avoid it not that it had moved into the hall, leaving Louise and her familiar alone.

"May I eat now?"

Louise sighed and called to a maid running errand or another.

"You! Bring my familiar some food! Meat of some sort!"

"Yes my lady," the servant replied and scurried off to do the noble girl's bidding.

"Familiar, while we wait for the maid to bring you your food, show yourself to me."

"When it is dark~" Rumia declared in her childish sing-song that was starting to irritate Louise.

It didn't take long for the maid to return with a large chunk of raw meat; she was frightened of whatever both the notoriously volatile noblewoman and the eyes in the darkness would do to her if they became impatient.

"Here you go my lady," the servant placed the tray on a table and ran away as fast as she could.

The youkai moved over to the tray, obscuring it within her ball of darkness, and began inhaling its contents. Louise heard greedy sounds as her familiar consumed the chunk of raw meat, disregarding the presence of bones; making sickening cracking sounds as she chewed through the brittle mineralized tissue.

"By Brimir, what exactly is this familiar?" she thought to herself.

Despite having a passing resemblance to human body structure, she knew of no human mage who could project such a field of absolute darkness. In addition, nobody ever had glowing red eyes.

Well that's chapter one of this experiment. Was it okay? Next chapter promises violence of some sort.