Ash Potter, Harry Ketchum

By: Aki Akito

Part: 15

            The loud crash that had blared through the hallways, still echoed through the dungeon corridors, as well as my ears. "Come with me, Ketchum," Snape sneered coolly as we left his office and headed up the grimy corridors of the dungeon.

            The cause of the long and loud hurtle had been a cause of a student no doubt, but as we reached an utterly thrashed area of the hall there was nobody there, probably ran off in fright. There were books laying sprawled out on the floor and pages ripped out of them, a broken trinket, glass shattered, and a shrieking portrait of an old lady laying face down on the floor.

            Snape cried out in rage and started to pick up books and place them back on the shelf they had fallen from. All of the sudden he shot up and faced me, his cold black eyes reading mine. "Ketchum, I'll deal with you later. Leave, NOW!"

            I wasted no time sprinting out of the hallway and up to the main staircase where I found Hermione standing with a book in her hands, but looking as pale as possible. "Oh Ash, I'm so very sorry!"

            "Don't worry, I got away for now..." I sighed and sat up on the railing, "So, what's up, what did ya find?"

            "Well, as you know I was searching in the library on obscure traveling, like dimension switching and I think I found something useful. Here read it."

                      Dimension traveling was a popular thing in the 15th century.

But as time went by, people started disappearing and this sport proved dangerous and was banned by the Ministry of Magic. So people stopped. The only way of communicating with the other side of the dimension was a special kind of parchment, which is rare today, Voyage Parchment.

            "What do ya think, Ash? Are you up to helping me find some of the parchment?"

        "You bet! If it's the only way of communicating with my own world, I'm definitely up to it!"

            "Okay, well let's start tomorrow, alright?"

            "Sure thing." I watched as Hermione ran up to the library, most likely to search more up on Voyage Parchment. And I started heading up to the boys' dormitory only to find that a piece of parchment that I had wrote on last night as my diary rolled open on my bed and I rushed to close it, but something stopped me. On it there was a note and not in my handwriting.


        I'm sorry I read some of your diary thing, but it just appeared one night when Brock, Misty, and Pikachu were sleeping and I opened it, not knowing what it was. Well it seems that we've, well, switched places. What do you expect we do?


            I read and reread the parchment many times and it finally fell in. This was Voyage parchment, and I hadn't even known. I shoved the paper in my pocket and ran off to find Hermione.      

A/n- Well, there's a new chapter and I expect I'll be doing some more really soon.