Oxygen and Potassium, an Austin and Ally one-shot

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If we're not going to be together it's only a matter of time before one of us meets someone else.

Someone could have warned him that 'a matter of time' was only going to be eighteen hours later. He would have came more prepared.

And no, he's not talking about wearing a poncho.

She'd been carrying a tray of smoothies, him the hotdogs, walking across the sand. A frisbee was flying, and a boy was running backwards to catch it. Then boom. Crash. Flying smoothies rained down, soaking her hair with strawberries.

"I am so sorry," he had said, wiping her eyes off with his thumb. She blinked, and his bright blue eyes came into focus.

"It's okay," she replied, squirming to get smoothie chunks out of her swim top. "I'll get some napkins."

"Allow me."

Drenched to the bone after one long shower, and she's giggling with him on her couch, like two young schoolgirls catching up.

But he's not a schoolgirl. He's a boy. A really attractive boy.

Wiping down with a towel, Austin finds his strokes getting rougher as his mood worsens. Everyone knows that you don't flirt with people that dump smoothies on you, accidentally or not.

He wasn't lying when he said he'd be jealous too.

"What's so funny?" Casually propping himself on the arm of her chair, he wipes the back of his neck.

"I was telling Ally a joke. So oxygen and potassium went on a date. And it was OK." They break into a fresh round of giggles.

Moving to the other side of his neck, he frowns. "I don't get it."

"K is the chemical symbol for potassium and-." His face drops. "Nevermind. I better get going. It was nice meeting you, Ally."

Nice? He dumped a smoothie on her head.

More like ice meeting her.

Did he just make a pun?

He's been hanging around Ally for too long.

"Nice meeting you too, Patrick."

"We should do this again sometime. The date part, I mean."

"I'd like that."

(the heart breaks here)

Day three, he walks into the store, placing a cupcake on the counter.

"For Miss Oxygen." At first a silly joke, now a testimony to how he finds her a breath of fresh air. They're perfect, the way they flirt, how his hand perfectly covers the small of her back.

"Thank you Master Potassium." Solely because of the joke. Because unlike the supplement, excesses of him don't cause low blood pressure and paralysis.

However, she does get tingles, and goes weak in the knees, and her heart adopts that irregular heartbeat. The one where it stops as he walks in, races as he gets closer.

Yeah, maybe potassium is more appropriate than she thinks.

"Would you like to accompany me to Shredders tonight? They're having a disco night, and we can get our groove on." He strikes a pose.

Hah, she'll never say yes. She can't dance.

"I'd love to."

Austin leans against the guitar display, careful not to knock it over, and nods to a girl. "Sup? I'm Austin."

Two can play at this game.

(the heart breaks here)

He wishes he was hydrogen. Then he'd be number one, and together they'd be OH. Like, 'oh, how did I not see how fantastic this could be sooner?'

He already knows the answer.

"See, you're not as bad as you thought you'd be." Patrick points to the sky, back down, back up.

"I have a great teacher."

Is that sharp pain from heartache or his partner's heel coming down on him?


"My bad. Again."

"It's okay. You did warn me that you can't dance." He takes a step to the left. It may be a step away from Ally, but it's a step away from his date, with the foot of doom.

"You'd be better for my friend. She loves to dance." Taking his hand, she leads him over to a girl who is busting a serious move.

He nods. Second times the charm, right?

(the heart breaks here)

Second time is not the charm. It's the time of utter boredom, swirling the straw around the smoothie glass in a effort to stay awake.

It's staring past her at Ally, constructing a sand castle with Patrick.

"Are you even paying attention to me?" She snaps her fingers in front of her face.

"Of course." His eyes dart to hers.

"Then what was I talking about?"

Absolutely nothing. She'd been blabbering on for the better have of an hour, and he'd tuned her out once she'd started talking about the difference between cotton candy and bubble gum pink nail polish.

A girl walks up to him, sliding him a piece of paper. "I couldn't help noticing your staring. Call me."


She'd been lounging next to Ally and Patrick, watching him, watching her. The wrong her.

"We're done." His date storms off.

Life was a lot easier when they weren't dating other people.

(the heart breaks here)

He can catch the lovebug with ease, yet he can't catch a break to save his life.

Not that his life is in danger. Just his sanity.

"Ready to go gorgeous?" She misplaces her comma, and it sounds like she's asking him if he'd like to start being pretty. When she drags him to the salon, he wonders if it hadn't been misplaced after all.

"The salon?" he questions.

"I always start the day with a facial. It's good for your complexion." She pinches his cheek, directing her smile past his shoulder. He wants to turn around, but her grip on his face is too strong.

Austin feels ridiculous.

Though his skin does look smoother.

"I would like an ice cream. Would you like an ice cream? Let's go get ice cream." She grabs his wrist.

"You really want ice cream." He lets her drag him across the way to the ice cream cart.

"You're so funny," she says, laughing at an inappropriate volume. It doesn't make sense until they're at the stand, and she forces her fingers through his, beaming at the boy manning the cart.

With her flirting turned up to an eleven, she rubs their relationship in his face.

Austin is being used.

Ice cream cart boy is steaming with jealousy. It's a miracle that the ice cream in his hand hasn't melted yet.

Somehow he gets distracted with Ally passing by, and when he snaps back into the situation, he finds that his hand is empty. No ice cream, no girl.

There she is, making out with the other boy. He can see her tongue.

Another girl gets in line. "Get a room!"

"Yeah," Austin agrees. The couple separates. "But first, can I get my mint chocolate chip?"

(the heart breaks here)

Over ice cream, and the course of four days, he gets to know his new friend. She likes cherry ice cream and the color purple and tending towards people's needs.

He doesn't need a napkin for the ice cream on his lip. He doesn't need for her to wipe his seat down, no matter how high the germ count, nor for her to alert him that his shoe is untied.

Well, maybe that last one. But still. He can get things done on his own. He only has one need.

He needs Ally to stop flirting with Patrick.

"I don't think this is going to work out."


That excited scream did not come from her. On her end there's a tear falling down her cheek, entreating him for an explanation. He tells her that she's too nice, tends to too many needs. She promises him she can change.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Patrick kiss Ally's cheek.

Maybe she can change. Maybe he can change too, from someone who is too far in love with his best friend to someone who can tolerate the fact that she has a new boyfriend.

"Don't change for me," he tells her. He leaves off the second part.

My heart belongs to another.

(the heart breaks here)

He catches wind that they're going to be walking his dog the following morning, and he sets his alarm to make sure he's up. Today seems as good as any to start jogging.

Taking the opposite side of the road, he keeps an eye out for them. He spots her and slows down.

Craning his neck, he neglects to watch where he's going.

"Sister or crush?" A girl in short shorts pushes herself off the ground, wiping the dirt off.


"The girl you're spying on." She readjusts her ponytail. Pulling out her earbuds, she puts him on the spot. "Don't deny it. It was totally obvious."

He smiles sheepishly. "Best friend."

"Been there."


"Let's walk and talk."

(the heart breaks here)

This girl is perfect. Plays video games, likes horror movies, knows how to make pizza from scratch. She promises to make him a pie, extra cheese like how he likes it.

She calls him in the morning and they jog the carbs off. She says she can't afford to gain weight.

He tells her she's perfect and shouldn't have to worry about those kinds of things. It's not a lie. This past month with her has been great.

There's just one problem.

His void is still lurking, refusing to be filled. It took some explaining from Trish to figure it out.

He doesn't want perfect.

He wants Ally. But she's on cloud nine with Patrick. One day there will be thunder and she'll fall, like a raindrop, like her tears, into his arms, and everything will be A-okay. Not J-okay, or K-okay, or LMNOP-okay, or anything-OK.

Definitely not OK.


A for Ally. Ally and not Patrick, because maybe means he can take it back. It's not time for them to meet other people.

It's time for him to tell her the truth.

"Run faster you slowpoke!"

Ally's eyes shoot across the street. Patrick waves, and he steps up his pace. A crack of lightning strikes through the sky.

Austin prays for thunder.