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Naruto walked along the road, keeping his eyes to the ground. He tried his best to ignore the glances and leers thrown his way. One would think that he would have gotten used to it by now, after all these years, but he still felt his skin crawl with revulsion at being stared at like he was nothing more than a tool for their pleasure. His eyes teared up when he heard the crude remarks made so casually when he crossed a group of young men. He blinked his eyes, to stop those dreaded tears from falling, knowing that that would only goad the men on.

Startled on hearing loud footsteps and sniggers he turned around in reflex. His eyes widened on seeing the group containing five men, all around the same age as himself – Betas. They had started walking and were now much closer to him than before. They grinned on finally being able to see his face and grinned wider on seeing long wet lashes. They always said that crying made an omega look prettier. Naruto turned forward again to continue walking.

After a while he noticed that the footsteps were getting closer, the voices louder and the words bolder. He panicked, realizing that they were following him. Hitching his shoulders a bit higher, Naruto started walking at a faster pace, which was still no match for their longer strides. One of them started walking along his right. Another, one with short dirty blonde hair, joined his comrade, walking backwards along Naruto's left.

They started having a conversation with each other, making Naruto an unwilling participant. The one on Naruto's left, spoke to the other young hoodlum, "What'd ya think a pretty little Omega like 'im is doin' out here all alone?" The other answered him, "Lookin fo' customers ofcourse" The first one spoke again this time to him directly, "Goin to see yo pimp sweetheart?" The second man crowded in, "Want some company baby?" "Yeah, we'll take real good care 've ya" This was accompanied by several hoots and whistles from the rest of the gang. Naruto started breathing hard, scared out of his mind.

The blonde guy suddenly grabbed Naruto's hands, spinning him around. Naruto was too scared to shout for help, also knowing that he probably wouldn't get any even if he did. He struggled, trying as hard as he could to break free, and failed. A new member from the gang, the tallest one yanked the omega from the blonde guy. Naruto, now having one of his arms freed, swung with all his might and slapped the tall man hard. He turned his face to Naruto, who winced at the crushing grip on his other arm.

The man snarled, "You little bitch" Naruto closed his eyes, bracing himself for the pain. It never came. Confused, he opened his eyes to see the man's wrist in the grip of another, much larger hand. He followed it to see to see a familiar face. The Omega couldn't help smiling, relief flooding his entire body, "Neji" he whispered, traces of fear still lingering in his system.

The other man smiled at him briefly before glaring at the tall man. He crushed the wrist in his arm, making the man scream in agony. Every other member of the gang stepped back. Even though there were five of them, they knew they were no match for this man. This man was an Alpha.

Neji narrowed his eyes and spoke in a low voice, "Leave. Now." The gang gathered up their fallen comrade and ran, not even sparing a glance at Naruto. The Omega stood still, watching the hoodlums till they disappeared. His chest was still rising and falling visibly with every breath he took. His knees were trembling and palms were sweating. He felt a gentle hand touch his shoulder and looked up to see worried grey eyes "Are you ok?"

Naruto, on seeing the concern and feeling the heat from the large hand seep through his thin shirt, felt his face burn. Quickly averting his eyes, he nodded. He felt, rather than heard, the Alpha sigh, "You shouldn't be out on your own"

Neji was right. Being an unmated Omega, or better yet, being an Omega, he wasn't supposed be walking around on the streets alone. But being an orphan, abandoned by his parents for being an Omega, he needed a job to take care of himself. He didn't ask to be born an Omega. In this incredibly Alpha centered world, Naruto sincerely doubted anyone would want to be born an Omega.

Omegas were fewer than Betas, as were Alphas. And that's where the similarities ended. While Omegas were calm, submissive and nurturing, Alphas were rude, aggressive and always raring for a fight. While Neji seemed to be gentle, Naruto had no doubt that when the time came, Neji could get as hot headed as any other Alpha out there. Omegas were seen as weak, incapable of taking care of themselves and needed only to raise a family. Naruto was lucky he even got a job. He strongly suspected that he only got it due to Neji's influence. And the reason Neji decided to help him was – well, the hand still lingering on his shoulder answered that.

He shifted a little, breaking the contact between him and Neji's hand. While he considered Neji as a wonderful friend, he was still an Alpha and saw Omegas as everybody else did. And Naruto had no intention of being a glorified toy.

Naruto smiled bitterly and started walking, "I don't have a choice, do I?" Neji stepped in front of him, stopping the blonde Omega in his tracks. The alpha was tall and broad, as most Alphas are. Long straight hair cascaded down his back. He was at least a head taller than Naruto and stood with his hands fisted on either side of him. Neji looked directly into Naruto's eyes before he spoke, "Yes you do. Accept my proposal and become my mate". Naruto felt himself blush, he hated it when Neji got this way. He spoke without meeting the Alpha's eyes, "You are my good friend Neji. Let's just please remain as such"

He chanced a look at Neji through his lashes and swallowed at what he saw. The Alpha looked displeased, eyes narrowed and breathing deeply. Slowly, the Alpha began to close his eyes, still taking in deep breaths. Realizing that Neji was scenting him, Naruto trembled slightly, wondering if he had just lost a gang of Betas simply to gain one huge Alpha.

Neji took a step forward bringing his face closer to get more of that alluring scent. Naruto's eyes widened and he leaned back, trying to put as much space between them as possible without setting off the Alpha. Just then a boy came running towards them, shouting Neji's name.

Neji snapped out of his daze and turned to the boy who was trying to catch his breath. The boy, a young Alpha, in turn was distracted by Naruto's presence, taking in the soft golden locks and wide blue eyes. Neji snapped, "What?" The boy visibly shook himself and addressed his superior, "Sensei, they require you at the training grounds" Neji nodded, dismissing the boy and narrowed his eyes when the boy hesitated, taking one last look at the beautiful blonde Omega next to his Sensei.

After the boy had left, Neji closed his eyes once again and took one last deep calming breath. When he opened his eyes again, he seemed more clear-headed. Or at least, that was what Naruto hoped. "Naruto, allow me to accompany you the rest of the way" It was not a request. Naruto sighed and nodded even though he felt that he would very much prefer go by himself. The Alpha would never listen to what he had to say anyway.

When they reached the Konoha library, Neji stood near the entrance looking expectantly at Naruto. The Omega really hoped that he wasn't looking for a kiss. He smiled instead, "Thank you very much for accompanying me for my safety Neji" The Alpha beamed. Taking one soft tanned hand in his own, he kissed the back of it before leaving.

Naruto stood there till his Alpha companion had disappeared as was the custom. The air inside the library was warm and Naruto welcomed it. Not being able to afford heating in his home, he made the most of it in his work. He sat at his desk, hoping the rest of his day would turn out to be better than the beginning.

Naruto rubbed his brow, and looked at the man in front of him, "Sai, please stop staring at me" The other man only continued to smile, "I'm just in utter disbelief that someone as pretty as you have a dick. I just want to make sure if you really do, just in case" The hand that was rubbing Naruto's forehead was now running down his face. The Omega had yet to truly understand the other man. Even though he was sure that Sai was a Beta, he acted like a typical Alpha. Rude, condescending and feeling utterly entitled to say anything they want.

Naruto decided to simply ignore Sai and get on with his work. After about thirty minutes, Naruto lifted his head to see the other man still looking at him with that insipid smile. He sighed.

Naruto decided to take a different route home after work. He didn't want to take any risk, just in case the gang of Betas from the morning decided to try their luck again. There was only one problem; this route was through the Alpha training grounds. The minute he set foot near them, just about every alpha in the vicinity stopped whatever they were doing and stared. Naruto gritted his teeth and trudged on, reminding himself that it was for just a little while longer. He usually avoided this path as much as he could even if he had to walk twice as long. He wished to take a long hot shower (which he couldn't afford most times) to wash off the feeling of those eyes travelling all over his body.

Some of the Alphas stepped closer, but Naruto kept his eyes down and walked briskly. The one and only advantage that he could think of being surrounded by Alphas was that they would start fighting amongst themselves before could even lay a finger on him.

He was edging along the outer wall, almost at the edge of the grounds when something came crashing in front of him. It hit the wall hard and slid down; it was a full grown Alpha. Naruto's eyes widened, it wasn't easy to take down an Alpha. They were very strong by any standard, but an Alpha this big had to be quite powerful. The Alpha in front of him, slowly got up, wincing with every little movement. He leaned against the wall for support. Naruto shuddered wondering how strong the Alpha who had attacked this one must be. Just as he finished that thought, a large form crashed into the Alpha in front of him.

Naruto swallowed hard, rooted to the spot. The new Alpha in front of him was huge. He was tall with shoulders broadened with muscles. One forearm that must be as thick as Naruto's calf was pinning the first Alpha to the wall by his neck. The bigger Alpha snarled, pulling back his other hand to land a undoubtedly lethal punch. Naruto gasped, regretting it immediately when the Alpha's attention turned toward him. Without putting down his fist, the Alpha looked at Naruto with dark, dark eyes.

Naruto knew him. Eveybody in Konoha knew him. Sasuke Uchiha. The last of the Uchiha Clan. One of the strongest Alphas in the village. The most dangerous. The Traitor. He had killed every single member of his own clan. And he had done that when he was just a child. Naruto had never understood how anyone, let alone a child could murder his own family in cold blood. And now, seeing those angry eyes aimed his way, he could see the possibility.

He stood frozen to the spot, eyes wide and lips parted in horror. Naruto truly thought that he might die for interfering with the Alpha's fight. The man looked at him for two more agonizing seconds after which he dropped both his hands and walked away, making Naruto breathe out in relief for the second time in one day.

Neji came jogging to him asking him if he was alright. Naruto other Alphas crowded around him, offering him assistance, none of which he accepted. He knew that they would see it as an invitation and so Naruto started walking, using the wall as his support. Just another day. Life goes on.

Naruto gritted his teeth, bracing himself before pouring the ice cold water over his head. He was determined to take his bath even if it killed him. He always, always starts his day with one and ends his day with one. It was the only thing that could calm him down enough to sleep. Shivering horribly, he got out of the bathtub and wrapped the large fluffy towel around him – one of his most valuable possessions.

After he had gotten himself into his night clothes, he snuggled into his tiny bed, pulling the worn old blanket over himself. He slowly drifted off to sleep, hoping for bright sunny days and warm baths, but instead dreaming of a big hulking form and dark angry eyes.

A few blessed days passed by without incident. And then, there was the summon. A summon to meet the Hokage.

Naruto was nervous, standing inside the Hokage's chambers. He was alone, excluding the bulky guard inside to keep an eye on him. Naruto knew instinctively that something was wrong. The Hokage had never bothered with him before, he had no need to. After all, Naruto was just an Omega.

The sudden opening of the door made Naruto jump even though he had been expecting it. He respectfully lowered his eyes on seeing the Hokage – Danzo Shimura. The Hokage was old and not as large physically as most Alphas, but it did not make him any less intimidating. Swathes of bandages covered almost half his body. Naruto assumed that it was to cover up wounds from previous wars, although knowing the man he would have thought that the Alpha would wear his scars proudly.

He nodded at Naruto, "Omega" Naruto kept quiet. That was the usual greeting from Alphas and even most Betas. Not his name, just what he was. What they thought him to be. The last time he had been summoned, it had been ten years ago, to inform him that he had a demon locked in him. To tell him that he was in fact a monster. That was another name that the village had given him – Monster.

He spoke with his expression unchanged, "I have good news Omega" Naruto remained still, hoping that the feeling of dread he felt at the bottom of his heart wasn't showing on his face.

"You are getting married" Naruto snapped his head up, hoping he had heard wrong. Pleading every deity he could think of to heed his prayers this once. He prayed that the Hokage wasn't about to sell him off to some village head as part of a pact. He hoped that he wasn't about to be gifted to one of the Hokage's loyal soldiers as a job well done. He felt more scared than the time he had his first heat and didn't understand what was happening to him and with no one to explain or comfort him.

Ignoring Naruto's blank stare, the Hokage continued, "By the end of this week, you will be the wife of Sasuke Uchiha"

Naruto sat behind his desk, still in shock, unable to believe the nightmare that his life was becoming. Sai leaned toward him, "Hm, too bad. I was hoping to get a taste before someone else roped you"

When the day came, the lone Omega found himself garbed in the traditional white robes symbolizing his purity. Usually they are passed on from parent to child through the generations. Being an orphan, Naruto was given robes borrowed from a widowed Omega, who had looked at him with profound piety on finding out the name of his intended Alpha.

The ceremony chamber that should be filled with loved ones was now filled with leering Alphas and boisterous Betas – men working for the Hokage. And they were all dunk. Naruto had never felt the loss of a family more than he did now. He kept his head lowered, holding back the tears and the ball of pain lodged in his throat. The men surrounded the couple congratulating the Uchiha on his catch.

One Alpha had thrown his arm around the Uchiha's shoulders and commented loudly, "You lucky bastard, you got yourself such a pretty bitch"

Another crowed, "Every Alpha's dream, a whore of your own"

Catcalls and whistles followed.

Naruto sat on his wedding bed, trembling and with his eyesight blurry, wondering when, if ever, he would find some happiness in his life. He was having trouble breathing, almost hyperventilating in fear.

Alphas were not known to be paragons of patience or even love. He had heard of Omegas raped against their will by their husbands. Beaten or even killed within a week of getting married, over the smallest of assumed transgressions. With the notorious Uchiha as his husband, Naruto didn't think he would last the night, let alone a week.

He clutched his knees to his chest tighter, when he heard the door open. Seeing the looming figure by the corner of his eye, he hunched his shoulders inward, curling in on himself, instinctively making himself as small as a target as he can.

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