There was a small island located in the middle of an unknown sea, isolated from the outside world and its evolution. During one cold and dry night, the moon shone brightly over it. There was a large and mysterious cave which was connected to the island, however there was no way for a normal being to enter it from above the ground. Although, the cave was was connected to the sea, which had different likes of flora and fauna. The only way to enter it was to swim through an underwater tunnel.

The cave wasn't really dark. Few rays of moonlight came from the underwater tunnel and some from tiny holes that the cave had from above ground. That light illuminated on the water, making an enchanting neon blue aura.

The water that dripped during thousands of years through those holes, during rainy seasons, formed the rocks into different shapes. It also formed beautiful white crystals.

The air was thick and chilly inside the cave. The cave wasn't touched by a human being for hundreds of years. It was silent and peaceful. All you could hear were the dripping sounds of the water that were sliding down the crystals, maybe even bubbling water sometimes. The bats were sleeping soundless at the highest ceiling in the cave, but their presence wasn't an alone one.

In the center of the cave, on a eyot, stood out an ancient coffin. If someone was to determent its age, then they would miserably fail. It was surrounded by water and a pair of staircases led to it. The coffin was made from dark gray stone. At the edge of it was a skull with a purple ribbon. In the coffin were carved beautiful art lines and blue jewels. However, it was covered with spider webs and dust.

Above the coffin stood an inscription, a message written in an ancient language.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by a shrieking noise. The sound came from the coffin. The lid of the coffin was being removed, slowly from the inside. When it fell on the ground, a child arose from the coffin. Her wavy red hair fell just above her shoulder as she stretched her petite body. While in process of doing that, she removed the big cross which she had held all along. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and let out a big yawn. She opened her big pine green eyes, which suited well her tanned skin, and looked at her surroundings. She seemed out of space and still needed time till she regained the last memories which she had. Her senses became more clear and stronger, and the first thing she registered was the cold breeze. Goose bumps appeared on her skin and she grabbed the thin layers of covers which laid beside her, covering herself and trying to get warmer. In a matter of minutes, the inscription which was written on the wall caught her attention. She slowly examined the message. The shock overcame her. She kept reading it over and over again couldn't believe what it said. It wasn't her imagination or hallucination.

Tears started to leak down her face, as she let out a blood curdling scream, full of sorrow and despair. It echoed through the cave, making the sleeping bats awake. They flapped their wings and scattered around.

The girl sobbed a couple of more minutes until the first words since what seemed an eternity escaped her lips. "Everybody is... gone."