A Reason To Live

M/F, Naruto/FemSasuke.

Rated T to M in the future.

Chapter 1.

Three years into the future...

She could hear his voice.

His beautiful voice that she once hated. Later found just loud and annoying. Then before she knew it, she yearned to hear a whisper of his voice.

She could hear his voice now, loud and clear. Calling out to her, shouting her name as he looked for her frantically through out the hidden base of Orochimaru. She couldn't help but smirk slightly to herself before paying attention back to the assailant who just tried to kill her in her sleep. An almost creepy, male version of herself, the shinobi that called himself Sai had come back with Orochimaru and Kabuto with the premise of being on their side. Giving them proof of his defection with the names of the ANBU Black Ops from Konoha.

Well, obviously it was all a ploy just to get close enough for the pale shinobi to try and kill her. Try, being the key word at this very moment.

"Uchiha Sasuke. I've heard much about you back in Konoha. Details and various information I needed to know to make sure I can assassinate you with little to no trouble." Sai stated coldly with no emotion on his face. "But yet, I have learned more about you in the past three days than I have in the last three years from the best spies."


"From whom, may I ask?" Sasuke's calm voice sent a shiver down Sai's spine after a moment of silence, though he didn't let it show. The information Ne had gotten about the Uchiha's level of strength was greatly misinformed.

"Two words." the Ne shinobi answered back before closing his eyes, not expecting those words to bring about what would happen next.


Sai never saw it coming and before he knew it, he was escaping one of the biggest explosions of his life. A mild look of shock appeared on his face, which was a lot for him as he fought to save his life from the display of power. Sasuke grimaced as she released a powerful jutsu that blew the roof off the entire section where her room once was and jumped to the top of the massive crater. He dared to say...his name to her? He had no right to say his name in front of her! The one she...

The one she...

The one she...

Sasuke didn't even know what he was to her anymore. Not after all that had happened between them three years ago. How could she even...

"Sasuke?" a voice whispered out to her as her body froze at her name being called out. Her line of sight went from the crouching Sai to the new figure appearing in the open door way. The sunlight gleaming off his blonde hair as his deep, dark, blue eyes looked up into her jet black orbs. His tanned face and arms glistening with sweat as her name danced across his lips again with more absolution.


"Naruto." Sasuke could have sworn she saw a ghost of a smile on her former...teammate's face when she said his name back. Suddenly, two more people joined in the fray and ran out of the opening as well up behind the blonde shinobi.

"It's her. Uchiha Sasuke." the obvious leader of the squad muttered as her other, former teammate looked shocked at the sight of her standing above them. High above them like she should be. Like she deserved to be. She was the powerful one now. She needed the power to kill her brother, so she left her home, her team...him to obtain that power.

"Sasuke." Sakura whispered as Naruto slowly walked closer to his former nakama's place. "Naruto! Don't!"

He didn't answer as his eyes never left hers. Sasuke kept her eyes on his as well, her face calm and unchanged during this whole ordeal. He was taller now, but he was always taller than her. Naruto wore a sleeveless black hoodie now underneath a Chunnin jacket with matching pants as his shins and the top of his shoes were covered by dark green, leather leggings. In a blink of an eye and much to the surprise of everyone except her target, Sasuke appeared right in front of Naruto and slightly off to the side as she wrapped an arm around his neck.

"You look well." she whispered in his ear, her rather large bust pressing against his well built chest as her fingers ran through his blonde locks. "Did you miss me? You did come all this way."

"I came here to save you. To bring you home, Sasuke." Naruto whispered back, his hot breath tickling her cheek.

"I don't want to be saved, Naruto. I told you that the last time we met, remember? Before I stuck my hand into your chest." Sasuke retorted as her hand made its way from his neck, down to the middle of his chest. Her fingers gently tracing where her Chidori struck him almost three years ago.

Naruto chuckled softly. "If memory serves, I told you the same thing when we were on Team Seven. That I didn't wanted to be saved from my revenge consuming my soul. You still saved me from falling into that darkness."

"There's a difference...Naruto-kun." Sasuke whispered softly as her hand left his chest and slowly gripped the handle of her sword. "You got your revenge. I haven't. So tell me, how did I save you from your revenge if you already achieved it?"

"Simple...Sasuke-chan." Naruto answered as he wrapped an arm around Sasuke's waist and pressed his lips against her cheek, right next to her ear. "I didn't kill myself afterwards like I planned to all along."

Her fingers tightened around the black handle as she slowly pulled the sharp blade of her sword out from its sheath. Sasuke held the sword high above them as she whispered back into his ear before kissing his whiskered cheek.

"Well, if I saved you from yourself back then. Who's going to save you now...from me?"

Three years ago...





Sasuke sighed as she looked up at the clock from between her intertwined hands for the millionth time. She looked back at the door and grind her teeth against each other as her angry rose again. Their sensei was late, really late and it was pissing her off! She was supposed to be going out and getting stronger, not waiting around for a tardy teacher with some pink haired bimbo who is trying way too hard to be her friend.

Not to mention they were also waiting for some mystery Genin from a previous year who was joining their team because of an odd number of graduates. Iruka-sensei didn't say who the Genin was or why he was leaving his old team, just said that he will join them along with their sensei very soon.

Soon, my ass. Now not only did Sasuke had to deal with her pink haired bimbo of a teammate and a lazy sensei, she had to deal with some loser who couldn't cut it with their own team.





Sasuke sighed again.

She was going to kill somebody very soon if these two mystery shinobi didn't show up soon. Fortunately for the last loyal Uchiha, she wasn't the only one annoyed and frustrated.

"Oh my God! Where are they? It's been four hours!" Sakura Haruno shouted in frustration as she pulled on her long, pink hair. Sasuke scoffed at her teammate's outburst before softly tugging on her own long hair in similar frustration. Though not as long as Sakura's, she did keep her hair in good condition. Just shorter for combat purposes.

First time out in battle, Sakura would probably get her head chopped off because of its length.

"Just relax. They'll be here." Sasuke spoke up, immediately calming down the pink haired Genin. "When they do, then you can yell all you want."

"Sorry, Sasuke." Sakura replied quickly, just happy her idol had finally said something to her since class started. Actually it was more than she had spoken to her since the year had started. "Just can't get ready to get started. I wondered who is our third teammate? It's unusual for an experienced Genin to join a new team of rookies."


"I know, right? Maybe their teammates got promoted and they got left behind? Great. We're going to have some loser on our awesome team."


"And what is going on with our sensei? Is he lost? Did he forget about us? Is he that lazy? Is he stuck in the bathroom after drinking some bad milk? I don't understand why our luck is so bad!"


"So, after we finish this meeting, do you want to go shopping and we can..." Sakura rambled on as Sasuke continued to nod as if she were still listening to her. To be honest, she stopped listening after 'Sorry, Sasuke' and tuned the pink hair girl out. Sometimes, she wished she was born a boy and could avoid all this girly stuff like gossip and shopping. Sasuke couldn't help but feel like she was meant to be one.

Hell, her name alone was a boy's name. She wanted to be a boy growing up to please her father. To get his attention and praise so she did boyish things. Her father himself wanted another boy and thought she was going to be one. Fate however, had a sense of humor and made her a girl. So he focused all of his attention on her older brother and none on her. Then fate again, showed a sick sense of humor with Itachi killing their father and their whole clan. The boy he always wanted.

And so now, she wanted to kill her brother. The boy she always admired and wanted to be.

Irony in its sickest form.

Sasuke quickly shook her head of the dark thoughts and focused back on the clock, waiting for her new teammate and sensei that was supposed to be here hours ago. They better be here soon, not for their health, but for the pink haired banshee next to her. Because if she didn't stop talking soon, she was going to grab a kunai and stick it in Sakura's...

"Hello?" a tuff of silver hair stuck out from the classroom door as it slid open to reveal a masked man with one eye covered by his Hitai-ate. "Are you Team Seven?"

"Are you Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked as the silver haired Jounin nodded. "THEN YES! WHY ARE YOU SO LATE?!"

"Ah, sorry. I got lost on the road of Life. Took a wrong turn." Kakashi smiled with his only visible eye as both girls sweat dropped at their teacher's reason for being late. He opened his eye to count the number of students he had on his team as he cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"Wasn't I supposed to have three students? I only see two." Kakashi asked as he walked into the room, fully revealing himself to his two students. He was a tall man with gravity defying, silver hair and a basic Jounin uniform. The only part of his face that showed was his right eyes with a mask and Hitai-ate covering the rest.

"We're supposed to be meeting them here, but they are late too!" Sakura screeched, making both Sasuke and Kakashi cringed in pain.

"Right, right. You guys are getting a veteran Genin on your team. Well, if he isn't here in one minute, I guess I'll have to fail you." Kakashi smiled again.

"What? Fail us? We already passed our exam!" Sakura stated in surprise. "That's why we're here."

"I hate to say it, but I agree with Pinkie here. We passed our exams. I'm actually the Rookie of the year. The only girl to ever become one, by the way." Sasuke smirked in a rare display of pride. "And Sakura here got the highest marks in the written test.

"My, my. It's an honor. But you guys...err, girls will still fail if they don't show up. The exams you took were just to weed out the hopeless ones. The real exam lies with the Jounin instructors. Out of all the graduates from this year, over sixty-six percent won't make the cut." Kakashi shrugged with his hands in the air. "Them's the breaks."

"Wait, so that means only nine of us will pass?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi looked at his pink haired student with a deadpanned stare before turning to Sasuke. "Highest marks, you say?"

Sasuke shrugged. "So you're really gonna fail us in a minute just because of some loser who couldn't cut it from their own year? We get punished because of some loser that..."

"Big talk from a rookie who hasn't gotten their hands dirty yet." a fourth voice joined the conversation all of a sudden, surprising two of the three occupants in the room. Both Sakura and Sasuke turned to see a blonde boy about their age, only taller than them, staring out of the window as he leaned against the wall. "He's not going to fail you guys, at least not now. He knows that I've been here and I was just outside waiting for him to show up."

He wore a simple black hoodie with long sleeves and a fish net shirt underneath. His pants matched with fish nets closing off the bottom cuffs and into his shoes. His hands were covered in full black gloves with the first two fingers missing from both hands. To finish the outfit off, he wore his black forehead protector around his head. The blonde had his yellow hair cut short and dark bags underneath his deep blue eyes.

"Wait, don't I know you?" Sakura took a closer look at the blonde as Sasuke came to the same realization at the same time Sakura did. "Yeah, I do! You're Naruto. Uzu-something Naruto. Didn't you fail your exam two years ago?"

Sasuke's eyebrows rose as the memory came back to her. The blonde boy was in their class a few years ago. He had been in the academy for two years already when she started at the age of eight. When they were ten, he qualified to take the exam but failed horribly from her understanding. "She's right. You did fail, but you never came back even though you had two more tries."

Naruto scoffed, not looking at the two questioning girls as he looked at his new sensei. "So I'm stuck with Pinkie and Emo girl here? Great."

"Says the Dobe who failed his own exam. How are you here if you dropped out?" Sasuke retorted, annoyed at the blonde's dead toned voice.

"Because I didn't fail, Ms. Rookie of the year." Naruto's eyes left the window and met with Sasuke's as she felt a chill enter the room. "Don't assume when you know nothing. It can get you and your team killed. Rule number twenty-two, isn't that right, Sakura?"

Sakura slowly nodded, feeling the tension between Sasuke and Naruto who was nothing like she remembered. He was a loud mouthed, hyperactive, stubborn knucklehead. Always shouted he would be Hokage someday and wore crazy amounts of orange clothing. That Naruto was nothing like this one. This Naruto was almost, well, almost like Sasuke. Quiet, dark, and brooding. Scary, even.

Sasuke was thinking nearly the same thing. Only Naruto didn't scare her, just pissed her off. His attitude was make her angry and she started to hate every word coming out of his mouth.

"Well...this was fun. Let's meet up at the roof and finish this meeting up, okay?" Kakashi sweat dropped at the whole scene before he shunshined to the roof to avoid even more awkwardness from his students. The three new teammates stood there, alone in the classroom before Naruto scoffed at his new squad and looked away.

"You guys...my first impression is, you suck." Naruto muttered before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. Sasuke grimaced as her black eyes steeled at where Naruto was a moment ago before growling to herself and stood up to make her way upstairs.

Oh yeah. She was going to hate him.