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"I've never loved you Bella, you were just a play toy to pass the time."

Those were the words that shattered my world, destroying everything that I built up.

I dropped down onto my knees, my vision blurring with the upcoming tears that threatened to escape. I couldn't lose the one thing that kept me going so far, my whole life is being snatched away in mere seconds.

"Please don't... you can't leave me," my voice was barely pass a whisper, but I knew he heard it.

I force my head to lift up and meet my eyes with his, this time, tears were spewing down my cheeks and dropping onto the soggy moist ground of the forest.

I was begging him to stay, begging him not to leave me alone in this wretched world. My emotions were out of control, I couldn't even control any part of my body.

"Goodbye Bella."

In one second, my whole existence vanished right before my eyes, leaving me in this fucking forest, alone where anything could happen.

My body was physically exhausted and collapsed onto the floor on the forest with tears and whimpers uncontrollably forcing themselves out, causing me going into a mental breakdown.

I'm tired of being like this, I'm tired of being someone who breaks down over her boyfriend leaving her, someone so pathetic it makes me disgusted with myself. I want to change. I want to become something that I'll be proud of no matter what path I take in life, someone who just doesn't give a damn.

I don't know how long was I there lying on that cold soggy, I don't even remembering how I got back to my house, all I remember was waking up in my bed with a banging headache.

I rolled off my bed, dragging my feet down the hallway during the process, only tripping and causing me to tumble down three stairs and completely making myself look like a fool in front of Charlie.

"Whoa, you okay Bells?" Having a sense of panic in his voice and rushing to my side, I confirmed that I was okay, " Yeah, I'm fine, nothing to worry about."

I could feel the tension in the air, I could literally cut it with a knife. I knew Charlie was going ask what the hell happen, I had to mentally prepare myself.

After grabbing some Advil and sallowing them with a glass of water, Charlie made his first move.

"So Bells, would you explain why I had to put out a search for you? You weren't home for two days."

Vomit. That was exactly what I was thinking. I didn't want to think about how Edward took me to a forest and just abandoned me there without any self defense of anything.

"He left me." Tears were threatening to burst out once more, almost making me faint from all this pressure and recent stress.

"Edward? I didn't really like him anyway, but I am sorry Bells. It'll be okay, there's plenty of fish in the sea." Without saying another word, I walked up the stairs to room, grabbing clothes, and going into the bathroom. Once I was in the shower, I immediately let my walls drop, spilling all of my tears.

My hands were against the wall trying to keep me from falling. I couldn't believe that I was alone now, sure I had Charlie, Jake,Angela and maybe to Jessica to talk too, but none of these people gives me feeling of safety and love.

After my long relaxing shower, I dressed myself in some simple pair of black skinnys with a light blue long sleeve, and to top it off, a gray zip up jacket.

Making my way to school, with a warning from Charlie to be careful. I stressed how this school day was going to go, since its a Monday, its already going to suck. But how am I going to handle without Edward there beside my side? Tough, I'm sure.

Walking through the building of Forks High School, getting numerous of glares and questionable looks from other hormonal teenagers, I finally made it to my first class of the day.

The day was going by rather quickly, until I made it to lunch.

"Hey Bella, why did Edward dump you? Did he finally get tired of your boring ass? I've would have." I should've known that the animals would've attacked, I was a target for bullies.

No matter what they said throughout the day, I had to try and ignore them. I couldn't let them get to me and start to break down in front of everyone. I wouldn't let them hold the upper hand.

Going to all my classes that I had with Edward, or any of the Cullen's for that matter, was rather hard. I would always look where they use to sit at, only finding an empty chair. It hurt, it hurt that he just left me, they all did.

The rest of the week went by in a blur, suffering hell though the day and having mental breakdowns during the night. I couldn't see how I was functioning the way I was, so physically exhausted and also emotionally, but I was still going day by day.

I was extremely happy when the weekend came, free time from everyone, it can just be myself. Lying there in my bed, I couldn't help replaying the tragic events that only happened a week ago. Edward taking me to the woods, saying that he never loved me, and just leaving me there for hours unprotected.

I don't know, but I had the sudden urge to go back to the place where my world was destroyed. Walking for miles to reach my destination, I finally reached it, studying the surroundings and replaying the memories that took place in this very spot.

I need to be better, I can't just be depressed over a boy who broke my heart. I had to be better than that. I know I'm better than that.

Drowning in my own thoughts, I couldn't hear the approaching steps that were coming directly towards me. It wasn't until I heard a male say "Isabella Swan" that I was snapped out of my daydreaming.

I turned to look at two figures covered in blach cloaks, both seemed to look like they're from some kind of royality, there were one female and one male. The male seemed to be the taller of the two, having short brown hair with bright red eyes, with what it seemed to me was a smirk on his face.

The girl, she was absolutely beautiful. She appeared the around the age of seventeen, maybe a little younger. She has a pale hair that was tied back into a bun on her head. She also had these alluring crimson eyes that I couldn't help to be enchanted by. She was absolutely gorgeous, like an angel. I couldn't help being memorized be her, it was just something about her that drew me in.

She had the expression of anger, but there was a hint of shock in her eyes. Then it disappeared in a second, replacing it all with more anger and a scowl.

I knew what they were, human blood drinkers, but for some reason, I didn't feel a sense of fear at all. All three of us stood still for minutes, until the blonde girl spoke first.

"Isabella Swan, correct?" She spoke with no emotion in her voice, it was so monotone. I didn't know what to do, so I just responded with a nod of my head.

She didn't seem impressed. "Under the order of the Volturi, you, Isabella Swan, shall be executed for an possible exposure of our race. Prepare to die."

What the hell? This couldn't be happening, not after I put with this week. I closed my eyes, accepting my death that was about to come forth, but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to see an even more shocked expression of the blonde's face and even more anger.

"Pain" that was the word she spoke, but nothing happened, I felt fine. She turned and look at her partner, "Alec, my gift isn't working, try yours." With that command, nothing happened again.

Both of them stood there dumbfounded, but the blonde still wore the expression of anger and hatred on her beautiful face. She abruptly turned around and spoke four simple words...

"Take her to Aro."

Suddenly my vision faded to black and I faded to unconscious, not knowing what is about to happen me.

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