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Bella's POV

I don't remember what happened after two random figures cloaked in black showed up and knocked me out in the middle of the forest.

"Take her to Aro." That what the blonde had said before I faded into unconscious. Who was Aro? Why did I have to be taken to him? What is the Volturi?

Questions were swarming through my head, wondering what they want with me. I know about the exposure to vampires, but shouldn't they have just killed me on the spot instead of being carried off to the Volturi?

After spending a few minutes in deep thought, I opened my eyes to see that I was boarded on a plane, I also noticed that the same two vampires who stood before me before they knocked me.

Both pairs of crimson eyes were staring straight at me with no emotion implanted in them. The male of the two, who I believed to be named Alec, had the look of absolutely nothing rapidly turn into the look of hunger.

I felt my heart to start to accelerate, which only made Alec's eyes turn black and start to inch closer to me.

I started to panic, realizing that I was only on a plane, so I couldn't go fair, plus I knew I couldn't hold my ground against a vampire. He was fairly close to me already, with his hand slowly riding up my leg. I closed my eyes, scared on what was about to come.

I felt a flash of wind glide across my face and heard a sound of metal bending. I looked up to see the blonde holding Alec by his throat against the side of the plane. I heard an growl come from within her, telling Alec to stop.

"What were you thinking? What would we have told Aro if she showed up dead with the blood drained from her body?" She exclaimed, having one last growl and her grip tighten before she dropped him on the floor.

"Watch out Alec, if you do something to her, it'll be on your head, not mine." She walked across the plane to sit herself right in front of me like she was once before.

After many moments of awkward silence, Alec finally stood up and walked back over to his seat beside the blonde.

Something seemed off about what just happened, there was something else in her voice besides her usual sadistic tone. It almost was like she said protective. Shaking the thought out of my head, it was probably because of her mission, but she did look rather beautiful while she was angry, it almost looked hot.

What the fuck Bella? You can't be thinking like this, you can't find someone else hot right after your boyfriend, that you were madly in love with, broke up with you. Besides, she's a girl and you're not gay. Maybe she's using her gift on me or something like that, yeah that's it.

"We're almost to Volterra." The blonde stated when we made eye contact.

"Volterra? Where is that?" Volterra sounded off, somewhere unfamiliar.

"It's in Italy, that is where the Volturi stay and where you will meet with Aro, Marcus, and Caius so they can decide your fate." She look backed out of the window, staring blankly.

What am I going to do about Charlie? Jake? ReneƩ? How are they going to react when they know I'm missing again. I'm in deep shit.

"Don't worry about your family, we already faked your death to cover everything up," Alec stated.

Great. I never got to say goodbye, who knows what going through their heads at the moment. Charlie is probably drinking away his sorrows and Jake is probably blaming the Cullen's.

I was lost in my train of thought that I didn't notice that the plane had came to an complete stop.

"Come on Isabella, you don't want to keep Aro waiting." The blonde went first and Alec last, to keep me in the middle of both.

We took us one twenty minute ride in a car to reach our destination. Pulling up to what it seemed to be, a castle. Whoa, I was right when I said they looked like royalty.

We made our way through the castle, passing by a receptionist desk, who the lady just smiled and waved. Does she know who's she working for?

"Yes, she knows that we're vampires." Alec whispered as we continued to walk.

"So that means she'll be turned?" I asked unknowingly, within the next second, the blonde answered the question.

"Or become our food." I gulped, I now know not to fuck with any of these people, I don't want to become their next meal.

After going down an elevator, we came across two huge stone doors, which two guards politely opened for us.

We walked into an huge room which had tile floors with marble walls, it also had three thrones in the middle of the room. All three held men, which much meant they were head of the Volturi. There were multiple vampires standing close to the thrones, as soon as we made it to the middle of the room, Alec joined the others, but the blonde walked to man sitting on the middle throne, slipping her hand into his.

Moments later, he release her hand, standing up and directing his glare upon Alec.

"My, our dear Alec, decided on himself to try and have lunch with our guest. Now Alec, you're very lucky to have had your sister there to stop you," walking closer to Alec and narrowing his glare, "now for your punishment, it seems to be a newborn in London that causing a mess, you'll leave tomorrow."

The man snapped his back to me, focusing on my gaze.

The leader, Aro, I assume, walked down the steps to make his way over to me. "Ahhh! So this must be the famous Isabella Swan. It seems like you blocked Alec's and also Jane's gifts."

Jane? That's the blonde name. It suits her, it shows her true beauty. Watch it Bella, pay attention.

"May I take your hand Isabella?" I was hesitant at first, but I turned to look at Jane, who just nodded her assuring me that I was fine. I hand out my hand for Aro to take hold. He gently took my hand and placed it into his palm and using his other hand to firmly lay it on mine.

He closed his eyes and breathed out deeply. After a few seconds, he dropped my hand and turned around to return to his throne.

"It seems like Isabella here is a very powerful shield that is capable to become good use of us," he looked back and forth between the other Volturi leaders, making some sort of contact, "So Isabella, will you accept the honor of becoming a member of the guard?" He raised his eyebrow and his eyes pleading for me to say yes.

"As in human right?" I know it was an stupid question to ask, but I went ahead and asked it.

"Oh, no, no, no dear Isabella, a vampire of course, I'll get one of the members of the guard the pleasure to change you." He smiled, waiting for me to give him a answer.

"What are my other opinions?" I lifted my head to face the three kings. I started to become very uncomfortable, I'm sure every vampire in the room could sense it.

"Death." And that was all he said.

This could be my new beginning, the one I've been craving for since Edward left me. I could finally be the person I want to be. Someone who wasn't so pathetic. I set my gaze towards Aro, a smirk crossing my face, about to announce my decision.

My decision was "yes."

Jane's POV

When I laid my eyes on her, I knew I was in for the long run. I didn't know what it was, but I felt a strange pull to the woman who was standing before me. I didn't care because I knew I couldn't end her, not because she was somehow blocking my powers, but because I didnt want too.

And now she stands before my master Aro, making her decision on rather or not to join us.

When Alec had stepped out of line earlier, I just wanted to use my gift and snap his neck. I didn't know why all these emotions were mixing up inside of me.

I was intrigued by this human, something that I've never experienced before. She made me feel these disturbing feelings, she made my while system go haywire.

I stood there next to Alec, waiting on her response. It took her awhile, but she finally whispered "yes". That made my lips slightly rise upwards.

"I'm sure you'll be an wonderful addition to the Volturi Isabella, now lets see who'll do the honor of changing you." Aro eyes quickly skimmed the room, looking for an worthy vampire to make her go into transition.

"Ah Felix, will you do the honor of changing Isabella?" That pissed me off, I should be the one to change this human, not Felix. Before I knew what I was doing, I let out an fierce growl, only causing many pairs of eyes to look straight at me.

"Jane? Would you like to do the honors instead?" I let my smirk grow even larger, "Yes Master."

I saw that Marcus had a look of curiosity upon his face.

I walked up towards Isabella with a smirk plastered on my face. With every step I took towards her, her blood would call out to me more and more.

When I finally stood right in front of her, I just took a moment to look straight into her eyes, taking in the breathe taking sight. I slowly inched closer to her neck. I wrapped one my arms around her waist and the other into her hair. I could sense how her heart rate was increasing fast. I rubbed my nose against her neck, planting an kiss. I don't know what came over me, but I felt every fiber of existence catch on fire, something that wasn't happen before.

With a smirk still stuck on my face, I licked her neck with my tongue, only to cause her to shudder beneath me. Taking in her scent, I whispered,"Hold still Isabella." I finally opened my mouth, which was coated in venom, I bit down into her neck.

Her blood immediately caught my attention, I've never tasted anything like this. Her blood was running down my throat, I knew I had to stop, I could feel her heart start to slow. It took all my strength to pull back.

Before I pulled back, I heard her moan, and that made me want to never stop. It wasn't until I heard Marcus say "Stop Jane, you're killing her," that I pulled back.

With Isabella still in my arms, she started to gasp and lose control in my arms, I gently laid her on the ground, staring at her face one last time before I turned towards my Masters.

"Everyone dismiss, besides you Jane." Marcus actually showed some interest in what just happened, making everyone else leave besides me and my Masters.

"Yes Masters?"

Marcus questioned, "What was that Jane?" I gulped, "I don't know. Something just took over me, like I had no choice."

Three puzzled looks came across their faces. It was when Aro and Marcus both started to smile.

"My dear Jane! It has seemed that you finally met your mate!" Aro exclaimed. Oh god, that what happened. No wonder I started to feel weird with I laid my eyes on her.

"Jane, your bond with Isabella is very special, even already now, but give her time to adjust to everything when she awakes." Marcus explains, I smiled to myself.

"Of course Masters." I bowed my head and walked over to Isabella, who was currently thrashing around in agony. I picked her up and started to walk to my room. When I left the main chamber, I could still hear their voices.

"It's about time Jane has finally gotten her mate, she's been alone for so long." Aro has been worried for some time now that I would never find my mate, but here she is.

I walked down the hall, everyone avoiding my way since they know I could bend them in agony in a mere second. But I was receiving these weird looks.

As soon as I reached to my room, I laid Isabella down on my bed.

Watching her experience so much pain makes my undead heart ache. I cupped her cheek with my right hand, kissing her forehead.

"Soon my love." I whispered as I retreated to go find her some food. She was going to be hungry when she woke up and I knee what exactly could help her.

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