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Warm sunshine streamed down upon the dozens of bodies pushing past each other, muttering apologies and excuses, as they hurried off to their first day of classes. On one particular sidewalk, leading to the performance center, a wide berth was being cut amongst the sea of faces by a tall, burly blonde male escorting a copper-haired ball of energy to her first class.

"I just can't believe it," the girl was saying. "It's so big!"

The "it" that she was referring to was Arendelle School for the Fine and Performing Arts, the premier school for music and arts on the west coast. Thousands auditioned each year in an attempt to be counted amongst its prestigious ranks, but only a few hundred were accepted, also making it the most competitive audition process in the country. And she had been one of the lucky few.

"Anna," the large blonde sighed. "I get that you're excited, but can you please stop shouting?"

"I can't help it, Kristoff," the girl called Anna exclaimed, louder yet. "I've dreamed of this place since I was seven!"

Anna was a pianist by trade, having been trained classically since she could talk. Her mother, a famous cellist, insisted on her daughter learning to properly play the instrument when she had stumbled upon Anna banging out "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on the family piano one afternoon, despite never having taken a single lesson and merely watching her father practice. It turned out that Anna was a natural and had dreamed of being a famous composer ever since. When she had been accepted into Arendelle, only her parents had been more ecstatic.

"That's great, feisty-pants," Kristoff relented. "But people are starting to stare."

Where Anna was a ball of energy, her large, blonde friend was much more casual and levelheaded. Friends and neighbors all their lives, Kristoff had a history of pulling the excitable girl out of situations that could have very well been avoided, thanks to Anna's "leap before looking" policy. Regardless, he loved her for her enthusiasm.

Like Anna, Kristoff had been dreaming of Arendelle for a long time, but not for music. Harboring an imagination of grandeur since his youth, Kristoff was a storyteller, something he had been translating into film and pictures ever since he got his first video camera at age 10. When Anna had shown him the website for Arendelle in junior high, his mind was made up. Pouring all of his energy into his craft, Kristoff worked relentlessly over a period of two years on his film entry to be considered for the school's program. Now a sophomore, he was also starting to experiment with production and editing, though his first love remained directing.

"Sorry, I just never actually thought I would be here," Anna said, finally calming down, though still walking with a slight bounce in her step.

"Well, you are, so get used to it," Kristoff smiled down at her.

They walked a few more minutes in comfortable silence before their destination rose up and loomed ahead of them.

"There it is, the Arendelle Performing Arts Center," Kristoff announced. "Do you know what room you're in?"

Anna looked down at her list of classes. "It says PR 107," she stated, matter-of-factly.

"Oh, good, that's Practice Hall seven. It's just a little ways down the hall on the left when you enter," Kristoff explained. "Are you alright on your own?"

Anna smiled up at her friend, appreciating his protective nature. "I'll be fine. Will I see you after?"

"Sorry," the blonde apologized, shaking his head. "I need to take Sven for a walk before my afternoon gets too busy."

"Aw, okay," the younger girl pouted. "I guess I'll see you tonight then. Bye!" And she lunged herself forward into a hug before they parted ways, Kristoff heading for his film editing class.

Anna walked along the remainder of the pristine walkway, reaching the front doors of the massive building with a look of awe on her face. Double the size of most churches, the white-stoned building seemed to glow in the mid-morning sun. Breathing deep, Anna reached forward and pulled open the glass-paned door and walked methodically toward her performance class, hearing her footsteps echo off of the arched hallway. Upon reaching the closed door of the practice hall, Anna gave an excited squeal before pushing it open, with some effort.

The hall was large, set up for lectures and containing about one hundred seats with adjustable desks facing a moderately sized stage. The walls were accented with the usual grooves, waves, and cuts that provided proper acoustics for a hall this large. With ten minutes still left before class, the room was about half full of students either mingling with their classmates or keeping to themselves in their own seats, while the professor gathered his materials at the podium on the side of the stage.

Gazing around, Anna settled for an aisle seat halfway toward the back. Neutral territory, she told herself. Pulling out her materials for class, Anna didn't notice that someone had come up behind her until she felt a light tap on her shoulder, causing her to jump slightly. Looking up, her turquoise eyes met the green of a guy with cropped brown hair and a wide smile. She smiled back, politely.

"Hello," the stranger said, still smiling widely. "Mind if I join you?"

"Oh, sure," Anna said, moving her things out of the way so he could sit down.

Taking the seat right next to her, the stranger turned , extending his hand. "I'm Hans, by the way; junior, majoring in Musical Performance, conduction specifically.

"I'm Anna," she replied, taking his hand. "I'm a freshman and a Classical major, focusing on the piano."

Hans continued to smile at Anna, bordering dangerously on a disconcerting leer. Okay, this is starting to creep me out, she thought to herself, looking anywhere but at the guy next to her.

Hans opened his mouth to say something, but closed it immediately as the lights dimmed on the students slightly and the professor moved toward the front of the stage.

"Good morning," the older, bespectacled man began. "And welcome to Classical Performance."

There was a murmur of greeting from the students and the professor launched into his speech about the class curriculum, his expectations, and the brief mention of a semester long project that he would introduce next week. Anna found her attention wandering as the older gentleman continued to drone on in monotonous fashion. Looking, instead, around at her fellow classmates, she saw a rather eclectic group before her. Hipsters, slackers, jocks, plastics, nerds; they were all there, much to her slight surprise at the diversity. She studied each one in turn, taking in their appearances and attitudes toward the teacher; ranging everywhere from rapt attention to a kid snoring softly in the very back.

Anna turned away from him, amused, and that's when she saw her, on the left side of the room, just a few rows down from Anna. Sitting quite noticeably away from other people, the girl was leaned slightly over her desk, writing something in her notebook. The first thing Anna noticed was her hair, tied in a loose braid that hung over her left shoulder; it was a blonde so platinum that it glowed in the dim light coming from the stage at the front of the room. The second thing she noticed was the girl's clothing choice. She was wrapped in a light gray sweater that hugged her lithe frame, an odd choice for such a warm morning, with a black scarf hanging around her pale, elegant neck. Skinny jeans clung to impossibly long legs that led down to a pair of black, low-top Chuck Taylors. She was gorgeous, perfect.

"Whoa," Anna breathed.

Before her mind could form a second, incoherent thought, the lights in the hall suddenly brightened, violently ripping Anna out of her reverie. Class was over. Standing to collect her things, she continued to watch the beautiful stranger, unprepared for the moment when the tall blonde looked straight in her direction. A pair of bright, ice blue eyes pierced Anna straight to her soul, holding her in a moment that seemed to last for hours. However, just as quickly as it happened, it was over. The next thing Anna knew, the blonde was sweeping from the hall, hips swaying with delicious appeal.

Still staring after her, Anna felt a light nudge at her elbow. Hans was standing beside her, holding her bag in his hand, looking between Anna and the door with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Thanks," Anna mumbled, a light blush staining her cheeks.

"You're welcome," he replied, a slight edge to his tone. "Do you have another class? May I walk you?"

"Um," Anna hesitated, still not entirely sure how she felt about this Hans guy. "Actually, I promised I'd meet my friend Kristoff after class," she lied quickly. "Sorry," she added.

"Oh, okay," Has replied, waving off her apology. "I'll see you next week then?"

"Yeah, sure," Anna reassured him, pleased that her fib had worked. "See you then!"

She hurried from the room without another word, staring intently at the ground all the way back to her dorm, as one question echoed over and over through her mind; Who was that girl?

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