Fixing Past Mistakes

Chapter 23

Birthday Boy

Severus woke up earlier than normal, it was a special day today, Harry's first birthday with him and he wanted to make sure it was special. The mail and a coffee was already waiting on him, this was how his days started, he'd have a few minutes to himself before going to wake Harry up. Opening the first parcel he found Harry's uniform, although he wouldn't exactly have called it that. At Hogwarts it was an entire wardrobe as uniform; here it was ironically enough a t-shirt, a jumper for 'cooler' weather. They were allowed to wear whatever shoes, sandals and shorts they wanted. He had gotten him seven t-shirts and two jumpers. He had a feeling though that the jumpers would rarely see the light of day, but he'd pop one in Harry's bag just in case of emergencies. The snacks they served were all healthy and could be paid each day or weeks in advanced. One galleon lasted five weeks of snacks, so he would just hand over ten galleons and that would be one less thing to worry about for a year. Harry had a normal Muggle backpack, but he'd gotten him a new one for his birthday, which surprise, surprise, had wolves featured on it. Harry was obsessed with them, and dragons and horses of any kind. He knew Harry would be over the moon when he saw it, especially considering he'd gotten it to match the wolves he knew.

Putting it aside, he noticed one from St. Mungo's to his old address; Dobby must have collected it when he went to feed Sirius Black. Black…it really didn't sit well with him doing this, allowing an innocent man to rot in Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit. Unfortunately there was nothing he could do, allowing Black for even a second to come here, see his godson would blow everything to smithereens. No Black would just have to be content with the fact he probably knows someone realizes he's innocent and is trying to get him out. The only thing that helped the situation was Black's own words ironically enough, he'd remain in Azkaban he'd said if his godson would just live. He knew he would have to tell Harry about him and the werewolf some day, he was just hoping when that day came his son wouldn't sense his bitterness. At the end of the day Black would do anything for Harry that much was obvious. Although the fact he wouldn't dress Harry for his funeral burial was curious…he'd never given an explanation for that.

Reading the letter he realized St. Mungo's also wanted his newest creation. It seemed as an independent brewer he was doing very well. It was really beginning to hit off, and it was the oddest, most peculiar thing, the other day there one of his neighbours who he only met very briefly at the BBQ/birthday party wanting to buy a few potions from him. Admittedly it had only been a bruise paste, burn paste and a junior pain reliever and bone mender. He'd given them to her with a long winded explanation on how to use them. He'd only taken half of what the potions were actually worth, but he didn't mind, she had four children and was raising them alone from what he could gather.

"Clay? Patter? Adair? Heather? Dobby?" Severus said loudly, summoning all his House-Elves to him, or rather four of Harry's and his. Dobby was the only one who actually belonged to him and was bonded to the Snape 'Regis' family. The others were bonded to the Potter family, and Harry would gain control of them when he turned seventeen. It was July 31st, a very special day, Harry's first birthday with him, and to top it off he'd just received the news that his potion was a huge success, those who had agreed to the trial testing stage did have three different strands of DNA in their system. Other than a little bit of dizziness and disorientation, an upset stomach and in one case even their eyesight changing for the better no other side affects had been apparent. Which meant it was approved, and since he had patented it - it wasn't freely on the shelves. No other but him would ever brew the potion, it would however, remain closely monitored by the Ministry. St. Mungo's wanted more, not to test it but for it to be there if anyone wants it. They were willing to pay a lot of money for it, in bulk if need be, they weren't even attempting to ask him for the recipe. Or rather attempt to buy the recipe from him to take it on themselves.

"How can we help Master Severus?" asked Clay speaking for all of them, as they gazed at him earnestly.

"It is Harry's birthday today," said Severus.

"We know, Master Severus!" said Dobby almost jumping up and down; all of them had been busy making things for him. There was a large banner out the front of the house, with 'Happy 4th Birthday Harrison' done it blue colours since he was a boy of course. A cake was already baking away in the oven, the House-Elves wanted to give him a birthday he would remember. Especially since they knew what he had been through before Severus had taken him. Half through how Harry reacted and half through listening to conversations. House-Elves were shameless eavesdroppers but loyal to the family and would never reveal what they heard.

"Then I assume there is a cake being made?" asked Severus his lips twitching, they'd made a large one for him. His first one, if he was honest, as a child he'd never had one, as an adult he didn't have friends who would want to buy one for him, and he sure as hell wasn't buying one for himself. His last birthday was by far the most memorable, he hadn't spent it teaching students or just staying in his quarters. No he had been blessed with the sight of Harry trying to sing happy birthday to him, along with the Elves, a scrumptious cake afterwards and a divine dinner.

"Yes sir," grinned Dobby proudly.

"Very well," said Severus, "Is the pool been cleaned?" he hadn't used it or went near it since he bought the property.

"Yes sir," said Heather, she was the one who did it just three days ago.

"Good." said Severus, "Breakfast for two as usual." before standing up; grabbing his letters he placed them in the same drawer he always did. He was actually thinking about transferring all the letters from St. Mungo's to his Potions lab, less chance of them going missing or Harry getting his hands on them. Two potions published already, Merlin he loved it, it was just amazing, and he hadn't realized just how teaching students had hindered his career. He barely understood it himself, although the fact he couldn't remember the potions being created the last time around was concerning. He couldn't consciously remember a Potions Master called 'Septimus Regis' or any potion he'd created. Or rather that he had actually created but in the past, oh this was getting confusing.

"Accio Harry's birthday presents!" said Severus summoning them to him, aiming the zooming presents onto the table, ready for Harry to open.

The smell of the food was already beginning to waft through from the kitchen; it hadn't taken them long at all. Shaking off his idle thoughts, he made his way up the stairs to wake Harry up, still proud of his accomplishments. Harry could be his son if he wished to be, right now he wasn't, the paperwork had been written up by the Goblins but it didn't make it true. He hadn't even mentioned being the one who would have gotten custody of him if the will had been read. This potion would make it a reality; he would be biologically Harry's father. He did want that, more than anything else in this world, since getting Harry out of the Dursley's he had been so proud of the process he'd made. Harry had wormed his way into his heart, he wanted nothing but love and to be looked after, that it was something new to Severus. People always wanted something, it was human nature, but looking after someone gave him a sense of accomplishment, he had done that, he was doing something right and it was such a rush of confidence.

Once Severus was up the stairs, he opened Harry's bedroom door, his duvet was once again lying on the floor. He couldn't blame him; it was just too hot here for them. Instead he had a sheet wrapped around him; it's all he had in his own bed even with air conditioning. Shaking his head in wry amusement, Harry had tried to create a little tent for himself again, tried being the keyword. The sheet wasn't big enough, nor was the items he was using to make the tent shape, which were a chair and his cupboard door. Severus was genuinely surprised Harry wanted to be in any enclosed spaces, if it could be counted as such, after what he'd been through. Perhaps it was a testament to the fact he was getting over what had happened to him, no forgetting may be more appropriate as he grew up he will only remember him. Maybe with the odd nightmare about the Dursley's but Severus doubted that would last, he hoped they didn't anyway.

"Good morning, daddy." said Harry opening his eyes, staring at him a smile on his face.

"Good morning, little one." said Severus his lips twitching, he was getting used to the routine. "Happy Birthday." he added, wondering if Harry was even thinking about presents this year or if it would be next year where he would expect them. He'd told him yesterday night that it was his birthday today, and he was turning four years old. He'd just received a sweet tired smile in turn; Harry expected nothing from him, which was why he was determined to make his an extra happy day for him. Since they always went to the beach it wouldn't be special, he decided not to go down that route. Instead he would begin to teach Harry how to swim, then spend the rest of the day outside, have some burgers and hotdogs on the BBQ. It was no means a birthday party, but since he wasn't friends with many children he didn't see the point this year. Perhaps next year after he'd made friends in 'nursery' the thought of being responsible for a gaggle of children made him nauseous though. Yet he'd promised himself to give Harry a normal, stress free childhood and unfortunately birthday parties fell under that category. So this year he would enjoy the time alone with his son.

"Go on then, toilet," said Severus, ushering Harry out of bed as he opened drawers and waited for Harry to pick whatever he wanted to wear. The cupboard was empty, all he had was t-shirts, shorts and of course underwear. He had his jacket he'd bought but it still had its tags on it, the weather was just too hot for such items. It remained on its hook beside the door along with both their cloaks.

Harry bound back through grinning cheerfully, no sign of sleepiness to be had.

"What would you like to wear today?" asked Severus, pulling out his trunks, pulling off the label as he did so. They hadn't been used; Harry hadn't been in the water yet, neither the pool or at the beach just the bath.

Harry peeked into his drawer, his eyes roaming over his t-shirts trying to decide which one to wear today. He decided on his white top with Gobstones on it, with green stuff squirting out of them, he liked the top. His daddy had told him his own mummy had been really good at the game and been the top player. His daddy had sounded really proud, and Harry was determined to have that pride as well.

"Can I play in the back garden today?" asked Harry, staring up at his daddy in awe. He would never get tired of this, he loved it here, he could go outside every day and it was always warm! He didn't have to wait until a day came along when it wasn't raining to go to the park. Plus he wouldn't have been able to go to the beach either and he loved going to the beach.

"Yes, we are going to have lunch and maybe dinner outside, how would you like that?" enquired Severus shutting Harry's drawers as he and Harry moved to the middle of the room. Instead of leaving Severus sat down on the bed, and Harry stopped curiously, why weren't they going down to breakfast? They always did, had he done something wrong? He began to worry his tongue with his teeth.

"Did I do something wrong, Daddy?" asked Harry his green eyes clouded with confusion.

"No, Harry you didn't. You are a good boy and I'm very proud of you." stated Severus firmly.

Harry beamed, he might be four and growing up to be a big boy like his daddy but he never wanted this to stop. His tummy felt fluttery just hearing it, his heart felt ready to burst. Even if he didn't understand why people called them Septimus Regis outside and inside his daddy was Severus Snape. It didn't really matter since he was daddy either way.

"You know that I am your dad, I always will be, but there's a potion that can make you even more my son," said Severus trying to explain it in a way the now four year old could grasp. He wasn't sure Harry would, but he had to try at least, if he didn't understand he would wait until he could. He wasn't going to do this without Harry's complete comprehension of the situation.

"More?" asked Harry, his eyebrows scrunching up as he tried to figure out what his daddy was saying.

"Remember how I said you have your mummy's eyes? And your first father's hair? That is because they are a part of you. If I gave you this potion, you would have part of me in you too. Although it might not be any changes we can see, you may just get better at something you might not have found easily otherwise." said Severus, groaning at how grownup that sounded, he was four years old but he could find no better way to say it.

Harry wondered on what his dad meant, if he had a part of his mummy and first daddy why didn't he have a part of his now daddy too? Or did the potion always have to be used to get a now daddy? But his daddy said himself; he was already his dad, then the thought of the nasty people taking him away because he didn't take the potion so his daddy could be a proper daddy. Then he remembered his dad saying they couldn't hurt him, they were locked away now. Did it really matter? He loved his daddy very much, he got lots of food, toys, tucked in at night, got to play and the best of all was his hugs he'd never had that before. He wanted to have a part of his daddy in him…even if he couldn't comprehend the full reality of it.

"Uh-huh," said Harry nodding vigorously.

"Yes," said Severus giving Harry a pointed look, not even letting him off with it since it was his birthday. He didn't want Harry to become inarticulate; you could tell he'd been spending time with children his own age. Especially with words like that, since he didn't normally speak that way.

"Yes daddy, I want to." said Harry still in agreement.

Severus had the odd urge to stand up and jump around like a lunatic, it conflicted with his grown up mind simply put. Was he really experiencing emotions of a teenager? Could this have happened the first time around? If Dumbledore hadn't screwed up his life? His other life? One thing he could blatantly and concretely agree on is it would have been different. They wouldn't have been here, and if they did Dumbledore would never have left them alone. Perhaps this way was better, he was more experienced, and he realized he was being given a second chance to fix things. Back then he wouldn't have, it was a huge revelation when he realized this, and somehow he knew deep down everything was going to be alright. Well if his emotions would settle down, he was not used to this at all.

Taking a deep breath, he removed the potion from his pocket, he'd been hoping to do this but not certain. It already had his blood in it, and would start beginning to work through Harry's body straight away. Uncorking it, he held it out for Harry to take whenever he was ready. Hopefully the blood red (literally) colour wouldn't put him off it.

Harry didn't hesitate; he'd been taking potions for what felt like forever now, they tasted extremely icky. This one was worse than the nutrition potion he had to take. Although his daddy only made him take it once a week now since he was a big boy. Sticking his tongue out shuddering as he handed the vial back.

Severus picked Harry up and hugged him close, feeling completely overwhelmed, he'd never thought he'd have his own child. Never in a million years have his own family, even if it's just the two of them. "Thank you, Harry." whispered Severus, inwardly cursing himself for being such a sentimental old fool.

Harry just hugged him back giggling at how silly his daddy was being.

"Right, breakfast come on," said Severus, placing Harry steadily on his feet before leaving the room quickly, all that was missing was his robes billowing out around him which he no longer wore.

"Happy birthday Master Harry!" called the five House Elves as soon as Harry entered the living room.

Harry squealed grinning widely at them, hopping on the spot he noticed they had brightly wrapped packages in their hands. "Can I open one? Can I open one?" asked Harry, turning his wide hopeful eyes on his dad as he continued to jump around.

"Only one, you need to eat breakfast first," said Severus caving just a little at the look. He'd never seen Harry show so much excitement before. He'd seen him almost doing it but never ever had he displayed such a reckless abandon as right now. It was a sight to see, since so far Harry had been like him quiet and reserved mostly, even at the birthday party. He had exclaimed how much he liked it after a nap after they'd gotten home. Seeing the little girl hurt for some reason had scared Harry a little, he hadn't figured out why. Harry hadn't been able to tell him, merely shrugged his shoulders truly unable to articulate it.

"Okay daddy," said Harry smiling sweetly in agreement.

"You may put them on the table, Harry what do you say?" asked Severus, he knew it wouldn't be anything valuable but it was the thought that counted.

"Thank you, Dobby…Heather, Patter…Adair and…" Harry scrunched up his nose trying to remember the last ones name before explaining it loudly. "Clay!"

"Well done," said Severus, by then the presents had joined Severus' on the table. Severus hoisted Harry onto his chair, letting him choose which one he wanted to open first.

"This one," said Harry pointing towards the large bulky package that Dobby had placed on the table.

Severus lifted it up nearly grunting, Merlin what the hell did Dobby have under that packaging? It felt heaver than a dead body. Placing it on the floor intrigued himself, what had Dobby given Harry? It felt like wood to him, but it was difficult to tell with the paper wrapped around it. Harry practically ripped the paper in one go, gasping in awe at the sight that greeted him, it was awesome. "Thank you, Dobby!" said Harry, his fingers reverently running up and down the smooth varnished wood. It was almost as big as him when he was sitting down on the floor with it. There was even a small hand held Pegasus, he knew exactly where he wanted this! In the middle of all his toys beside his dragons.

Severus' eyebrows almost disappeared completely; that he had to admit was a very thoughtful gift. A lot of hours had gone into creating that. It was a Pegasus, animated to make noise, so much precision in it, no spell could do that for you, and you had to have the talent yourself. Harry's love for any kind of big animal with four legs and a tail was well known. Which included hippogriffs, horses, Arabians, unicorns and of course Pegasus'. He was grateful Harry hadn't taken to Centaurs or centuarride (the females) there was none in this part, it was far too warm for them they liked cooler climates.

"Breakfast, Harry." said Severus.

"Okay," said Harry, giving it one last longing look before standing up, not quite ready to challenge his daddy just yet.

"Well done," said Severus, appreciating just how difficult it was to come away from his shiny new toy. Oh he knew there would come a day when Harry didn't want to and had the determination to speak up. Hopefully by bringing him up right, so when he spoke it would be enough to make Harry realize he was serious. Only time would tell, and wasn't it strange that he was looking forward to Harry actually talking back to him? It would be a sign of a normal child, that he was recovering, or rather recovered. "Do not choke yourself." added Severus amused, Harry was trying to swallow his meal whole.

"I'm excited!" confessed Harry, gobbling down his food, despite the fact it made his tummy ache. He had so many presents; he wasn't sure how many since he only counted up to ten. If they were anything like the wooden Pegasus it would be brilliant, he would have to do something for the House Elves to say thank you. Maybe his daddy would help him with that, since he couldn't do it by himself.

"I can understand that, but take your time, they will still be there when you finish." said Severus, eating his own breakfast at a more sedate manner. He mentally made a note to change his plans on potion brewing, he no longer needed to brew nutrition potions, and Harry definitely didn't need them anymore. Not even once a week, he was 100% healthy, potions had done all they could to make up for the damage the Dursley's had inflicted.

After Harry practically inhaled his breakfast, Severus allowed Harry to open his presents. Which were a great many, Severus had spared no expense. Fortunately he had drawn a line and only got Harry two maybe three considerable expensive gifts, the rest were just what was commonly referred to as 'stocking fillers'. He had sworn never to spoil Harry, not wanting him to think he can get whatever he liked when he demanded things. Unfortunately it was easier said than done, even for a man like him. Although he was proud of himself for being able to draw the line and not end up buying more. Which by the way he had been sorely tempted to do, he could think no other explanation other than he was totally and utterly going soft.

Considering he had just nine months ago bought enough items to fill a shopping cart, and not to forget the items he had been buying through the wizarding delivery service - yeah it was a surprise he had anything to buy him.

Severus had bought Harry a dragon handler outfit, which in fact mostly consisted of Dragon-hide ironically enough. It was thin though, not like the actual stuff the dragon handlers wore. It was imbued with Fire-resistant spells, to prevent them from being fried to a crisp by an angry dragon. Accompanied by a real dragon tooth, which he hoped Harry didn't lose or misplace, they were actually very rare to get. He'd had to use every connection he had, to get the damn thing.

Harry immediately put it on, the dragon tooth taking a pride of place around his neck; he didn't seem to care how big it looked against his chest. The junior boots were awesome, and loud when he jumped around but he didn't care, he was grinning so widely it was beginning to hurt. There was also the firemen costume and trucks (Muggle of course), and of course the Auror costume.

Paints, paper, crayons, and a large board and chalk all with educational books and activities, he was determined Harry would learn and be the best he could be. So that if he decided his career it wouldn't be an impossibility for him. He knew not to push too hard, children needed time to develop socially not just academically. Speaking of academic Severus had also bought Harry building blocks, although part of him thought Harry was maybe a little on the old side for them.

He bought Harry a few DVDS to enjoy, which would join the others in his room. These days he was allowing Harry to watch the TV when he went to bed. It seemed to send him off to sleep much easier; he was certainly sleeping within twenty minutes when he went to check on him anyway. He still had his nightlight, which he was hoping wouldn't be needed for much longer. The only thing that soothed him is the fact children who had been brought up without abuse were scared of the dark as well. It wasn't as if Harry potentially thought that he was back in his cupboard or terrified someone was out to hurt him.

When Harry began to play the toy guitar, he thought he'd have something he would regret buying him. Until he got his hands on the keyboard, which did take the place of a toy he would regret. Harry didn't play long regardless; he was trying to get through all the presents. Toy cars, as were needed for a boy, its one of the things he noticed there were more off in the Muggle store. A huge selection of them, and they wouldn't make them if boys didn't play with them obviously.

He also bought a few items that Harry would have to go outside to play, he under no circumstances wanted Harry to be like him. Now since they already had a swimming pool in their house, he decided on a sandbox, although he had noticed Harry wasn't particularly…a boy who liked to get dirty. He would come out of his shell sooner or later, he was positive of that. He also added a toy broom and a bike to the collection, he considered them and the dragon handler set to be his 'big gifts'.

He bought Harry a submarine, one that moved on its own, made engine noises, and voiced itself when it suddenly popped up over the water or decided to go down, the whole shebang. Also a different assortment of toys he could play with in the bath or in the swimming pool.

The last to be opened by an overwhelmed four year old, who was actually putting his ripped wrapping paper in the bin each time he finished, was the gifts from the House-Elves. Which all seemed similar to Dobby's, but since they didn't get paid really what could you expect from them a miracle? Heather had created a unicorn to compliment Dobby's Pegasus. The only difference is that the unicorn was mostly smooth, whereas the Pegasus' were winged and feathered creatures, so it was a much more difficult image to carve. Patter, Clay and Adair had made respectively, a T-shirt with ET stitched excruciatingly detailed with the last stitch, a carved ET and a Dragon-Wolf carving, a creature composed of two animals, a Dragon and a wolf. It has the head and ears of a Dragon but with the whiskers, tail and forelegs of a wolf. Its main body of a Dragon. He had to admit he was blown away by what the Elves had done for Harry; it was obvious to see they liked Harry as well as Harry liked them. He prayed it would never change, and his son wouldn't treat them horribly, like the likes of Lucius Malfoy and his ilk. No it wouldn't he would never allow Harry to become like them, it would only happen over his dead body.

Harry stood at the very edge of the pool, staring wide eyed, he had nothing but his trunks and a pair of armbands on. His daddy was already in the pool, just standing in it waiting on him, as if he understood how scary it was. Harry didn't want to go in, his daddy was big and he was nearly disappearing inside the water.

"It's alright Harry, I won't let anything happen to you, I promise," said Severus trying to convince the four year old to come into the water. Inwardly amused, children were odd creatures, from what he could gather this was a typical thing, children absolutely refused to go into the water properly. Then once they do actually go in, you can never get them back out; at least this was his impression from the frequent visits to the beach. Also from what he'd read about the curriculum on the school, they began teaching children how to swim from the age of six. Being surrounded with so much water, Severus had to agree it was one of the best ideas. Not everyone here could cast Bubble-Head charms after all, especially not minors or Non-Magical people as they were called here.

Harry bit his lip as he looked at the deep water again, swallowing thickly; he dipped his toe in before yanking back. He didn't want to disappoint his daddy; this was the most prominent thing on Harry's mind. Steeling himself, finding his courage that lay with the trust he had in his dad not to let anything happen to him. He'd came and rescued him from the dark place, made sure the horrible people didn't hurt him, made him all better just like he'd done for that little girl. Sitting down at the edge, he cagily let his feet go into the water. Unconsciously he began to kick his feet around, rather enjoying himself, and then he shrieked as he was pulled in by his ankles.

"You're bad!" exclaimed Harry, his pout big enough to hold an iceberg on it; his green eyes were filled with fire.

"I am," agreed Severus, his face blank hiding his amusement, watching his son, wondering if he'd realize he was in the water and definitely NOT drowning. Severus was looking for any change in Harry, no matter how small it was. Unsurprisingly he couldn't see any sign of change, he wasn't sure if he was relieved or not. Probably was, he would never want a child to look like him. A closed part of him had wished as a young man, no wondered even what a child of him and Lily would look like. There had been a time when he'd been confused about his sexuality, especially when he began to admire men rather than woman. There had been no doubt his feelings for Lily had been more than just best friends. Who wouldn't with Lily about? She had been absolutely stunning, fiery with an attitude that let people know she wasn't going to take anything sitting or lying down. As evident by her need to protect everyone she saw needing help. This had also been the breaking of their friendship, and it was apparent by Lily's letter that's what it had been. The letter, he'd read it so many times since he got it, each night he couldn't help himself but sit and read it. It didn't fail to warm and hurt his heart just seeing her writing and knowing she hadn't died hating him. She'd forgiven him, and if they hadn't been under the Fidelus charm…they maybe would have been able to reconcile their friendship.

"Would you like to play with your new ball?" asked Severus, as Harry began finding his sea legs. He obviously couldn't reach the bottom, but that didn't matter since he realized nothing would happen.

Harry's green eyes were illuminating, they even put the water to shame, and despite the rocky start he was beginning to enjoy himself. He nodded vigorously; he loved all his new presents and couldn't wait to put them in his room beside all his other treasures. Severus summoned Harry's brand new ball and passed it along, feeling elated with himself, as he always did when he could successfully make Harry so happy. He no longer dwelled on the depressing fact that Harry could have died…he was also trying to live for the moment. Which meant going out more often, and not just wanting to rush straight back. This had him written all over it, even talking to the Headmaster of what would soon be Harry's new school didn't quash it. He didn't know himself if it was an innate fear of being away from a place he called home, being outside among people or if it had begun through fear when he was spying. He summarised it was perhaps a bit of both, but he could never really be certain.

After half an hour of tossing the ball back and forth, and learning to use his arms to move around in the water, Severus placed a Bubble-Head charm on Harry, and removed his dragon depicted armbands. Of course Harry held onto his dad like an octopus all arms and legs terrified of going under the water despite the fact the spell wouldn't allow him to drown. Severus had placed little colourful plastic rings, which he had created with his wand, on the bottom of the pool floor.

"Harry the spell allows you to breathe underwater," explained Severus, before he dunked both of them under the surface. Harry squeaked in surprise, and true to his word he could breathe.

Which led to a few hours of fun, where Harry gathered all the rings and after a few unsuccessful tries, he finally began to navigate a previously unknown terrain underwater. Severus for most part was just content to watch Harry having fun, introducing him to new things, seeing his face light up it was interesting to say the least. He wanted to make sure Harry had fun with him, he was going nursery soon, and Severus knew he was going to feel a little lost for a while. He'd gotten so used to being a full time father…him of all people! To think in a few months it would have been an entire year since this all happened. The day he went was pretty unforgettable, since it also happened to be Christmas day.

"Can we see the wolves now?" asked Harry, chatting away as his daddy got out the water, he'd been helped first and told to keep away from the edge of the pool.

"Of course," said Severus bemused, instead of being less fascinated with them, Harry spent more time than ever with them. Not that he minded, but he did warn Harry never to go alone, and always stay where he could see him. He'd put wards up anyway, if he stepped three foot inside he'd meet a barrier preventing him going further. He didn't think he wolves would do anything; they'd taken an immensely good liking to him. He just didn't want Harry getting lost, there would be a time where he could, but not right now.

Now it was time for some lunch, cake and if they were hungry later - dinner. Just how exactly did he get the time to invent Potions again? Right now it seemed like a big mystery. Only for a few minutes before it became insignificant.

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