Several weeks later…

It had been weeks since the day Gohanna had come out to her mother. Since that day she and Videl had gone out a total of four times and had agreed that they would be girlfriend and girlfriend. Videl had not come out to anyone but Erasa and Sharpner so they were keeping their relationship secret. Gohanna convinced Videl to come out as her girlfriend to the rest of the Z fighters at the tournament.

The change in their relationship prompted Gohanna to confide in the group more. She also knew she needed to explain things to them before the tournament; it would be hard to explain her father being there. She ended up telling them everything, Saiyans, dragon balls, Cell, everything. They had taken it rather well, though she suspected that had more to do with the fact that they hadn't believed her. That quickly changed after she turned Super Saiyan. Surprising Videl was the one who took it the worst—she fainted. When she woke up she demanded to know if Gohanna had really been the one to beat Cell. When she said yes Videl had been overjoyed and demanded that she make her father eat his words.

Gohanna began training Videl and Sharpner; both were very excited to learn how to fly. They hadn't even really minded sharing their lessons with Pan and Goten who had done better jobs than they had and had soon been flying around their heads while they were trying to concentrate.

It was now the day of the tournament and Gohanna couldn't be more excited. Today was the day she would become World Champ and shut Hercule up. Much more exciting though was the fact that she would be introducing Videl to everyone as her girlfriend. She was dreading Yamcha and Krillin's reactions; she could imagine just how skeevy they would be.

Their group had just arrived and everyone was starting to look for Goku. Before anyone could find him they heard a shout, "Hey, Gohanna!" The entire group turned around and saw three teenagers heading their way.

"Friends of yours?" Bulma asked.

Krillin smirked, "Ooh, does Gohanna have a boyfriend?" He was obviously focusing in on Sharpner.

Gohanna smirked as well, waiting for the trio to reach them. As the group was actually well hidden from other spectators Videl didn't hesitate to give her a kiss in greeting. They broke apart to the sounds of choking. Gohanna turned towards Yamcha who had been the one to choke. He was standing next to Master Roshi who had a lecherous grin on his face. Yamcha, pointing at Videl, choked out, "You…and-and her?"

Gohanna smiled, "Guys," she wrapped her arms around Videl's waist, "this is my girlfriend, Videl." Videl waved to the group.

Krillin blinked and said, "That would be hot if I couldn't remember as a little five-year-old kid."

Yamcha hummed in agreement.

Gohanna laughed at the looks on their faces. She looked around at the rest of the gang, Bulma and the Ox King looked surprised, Piccolo and Vegeta looked bored. She was distracted from her observations by Pan tugging on her hand. She kneeled down, "What is it, honey?"

Pan asked, "Is Videl going to be my Dad now?"

Videl and Gohanna choked while the majority of the group started laughing at them. "No," Gohanna gasped out, "we are a very long way away from discussing children."

Chichi warmly greeted Videl, surprising most of the Z fighters.

"I thought you wanted Gohanna to have a husband?" Bulma asked, surprised at the non-reaction of the passionate woman.

Chichi smiled, "Gohanna is happy and that's what is most important. Besides," she said teasingly, "from what I've heard no boy the world over could be as fascinating as Videl here."

The girls both turned bright red prompting the others to laugh at them again. While they were caught up in their laughter they completely missed the sudden addition to their group. It was harder to miss the familiar, cheerful voice, "Hey guys, what's so funny?"

The group suddenly sobered up as they turned to see Goku smiling at them without a care in the world. While this was reassuring to the majority of the group, Chichi saw in that grin the truth of her daughter's warning; he did not feel bad about leaving and likely would not feel bad when he left again. She made her decision quickly as she leaned down to whisper in her son's ear, "Do you remember what your sister said?"

Goten looked up at her, "Yeah."

"Listen to her."


Goku was having a great time catching up with his friends, but he couldn't help but wonder why his family hadn't greeted him yet. He looked around but couldn't see his daughter. It didn't help that he had no idea what she looked like now. He decided to feel out her ki. He was surprised to find her standing 20 ft. away. She was talking to three other teenagers and had her arm around a young girl. She seemed to be ignoring his presence; he could tell from the looks on the other teens' faces that they knew it too.

He decided to take a minute to look at the woman his little girl had grown into. She had grown her hair out again, it was now waist length and in a tight braid. She had the same large doe eyes that she'd had when she was little. He could sense how strong she had gotten, but he suspected that she was hiding her true strength. He was distracted from his observation when he caught sight of something strange—there was a mini-him!

"Well hi there. Who are you?"

Gohanna gritted her teeth at the question. If he'd been around he would never have needed to ask that question. The trio was surprised at the man's nonchalant tone. They hadn't really taken Gohanna seriously when she had ranted about his lack of empathy. Now they believed her, he really didn't seem to care at all.

"I'm Goten." Goten said, clinging to his mother.

Goku moved to hug his son but was stunned and hurt when Goten moved away from him. The majority of the group was stunned as well.

"Gohanna said we're not supposed to get close to you." Goten said, shocking the group further.

"Gohanna?" Goku asked his daughter, hurt. Then he realized that Goten had said we. He glanced down at the girl Gohanna had her arm around. "Why would you tell them that?"

Gohanna glared at him. "I was looking out for my family."

Goku frowned, "That doesn't make any sense."

Gohanna sneered, surprising everyone. "Doesn't it? You don't seem to have a problem making people love and need you and then abandoning them whenever you feel like it. You don't care how much it hurts people, so someone else needs to. I'm not going to just sit back and let you hurt my family again. If Mother wants to keep you in her life that's her choice. But Goten and Pan are too young to make that choice. So I did. I told Goten I couldn't order him to avoid you, but I did recommend it."

The Z fighters were all shocked; they'd had no idea Gohanna felt like that. Goku felt like he'd been slapped, "I care. I left for you."

"Bullshit!" she snapped. "You left for you. You wanted to train. That's all you've ever wanted. You couldn't care less about family, you've only ever cared about fighting—"

"That's not true!" Goku interrupted, "I love you and your mother."

"Nobody said you didn't love us. But it is true. You were given one day to come back and you chose a day where you could fight. Mother is going to be in the stands, you won't get to spend and time with her. And we're in public; we aren't exactly going to have and heart-to-heart talks. So what part of today is about your family?"

Gohanna took a deep breath to calm herself. She knew she had shocked everyone. She had been burying her feelings towards her father for so long that no one even knew she had them. She mentally kicked herself when she realized she had scared Pan. She quickly kneeled down to look her in the eye. "Hey, I'm sorry I yelled, I didn't mean to scare you."

Pan's voice was clear though quiet as she said, "It's OK. You didn't scare me. I'm a big girl."

"Yes you are," Gohanna said indulgently. "I'm still sorry."

"I forgive you, Momma."

"Momma?" Goku asked, beyond confused at this point.

Gohanna glared at her father again, but this time made a distinct effort to keep her voice down. "Mother wasn't the only one who was pregnant when you died."

Goku's eyes looked as though they were about to pop out of his skull. The little girl was his granddaughter? His shock quickly gave way to slight disapproval, "Who is her father?"

Gohanna quickly turned to Sharpner and Erasa; Pan did not know what had happened and was not going to find out this way and not when she was this young. "Can you guys take the kids to get registered? We're going to be a little while." The blonds quickly agreed and soon whisked the kids away.

Gohanna closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Her…father was Android 17." She wondered if that would be enough for him to understand. She guessed not due to his naiveté. She was surprised that he seemed to understand.

"How?" he asked, for once completely serious. "You were strong enough to kill Cell, how could an android overpower you?"

She was surprised at how accusatory he sounded, "It was before Cell, when we were trying to find them. It was right before Cell absorbed them."

Goku clearly didn't know how to respond to this. They all heard him mutter, "This is why King Kai told me to check up on all of you."

Gohanna saw red, "King Kai told you to check on us and you didn't?" She demanded, incensed.

Goku blinked innocently, "Once you die you aren't really supposed to have any contact with the living."

"When has that ever stopped any of us?" She stomped away, dragging Videl with her. They didn't end up going very far, but in her anger Gohanna didn't notice that the gang followed close enough to hear every words she said.

Goku was about to try and talk to her again, but Piccolo help him back. "Stop and listen. You might actually learn something."

"Are you alright?" Videl asked.

"I'm fine," Gohanna sighed. "I just get so worked up when I think about him."

"I have to admit, I thought you were exaggerating when you told us how callous he can be. I don't get how anyone can be that nice and still be cruel."

Gohanna sighed again, "I don't think he means to be. He hit his head when he was little; it resulted in a total personality change and memory loss. I think it may have also affected his relationships. I don't think he understands that people have feelings other than his own or that he can hurt them. He leaves us and sees it as a fun adventure; he never considers that we might not agree that learning a new technique was more important than being with us. And he was surprised when my mom cried and didn't understand why she was upset with him.

"And what bothers me the most is that Mother, Goten and I needed him and Mother missed him so much and I know he rarely if ever thinks about us. And to find out he was told to check on us and he couldn't find the time to just look at us is infuriating. This is why I told Pan and Goten not to get close to him."

"He's still your dad," Videl said gently.

"Not really," Gohanna said thoughtfully, unaware of the dagger she had just plunged into Goku's heart. "He is my father, but almost in the same way 17 is Pan's father. Dads are involved in their kid's life. A dad is someone you feel safe around. Since age four that has not been my father. Piccolo's more like my dad than Son Goku."

There was a pause, then, "I really don't know how to respond to that," Videl admitted.

"Me neither," Gohanna said. "I know my feelings are justified and that I can't just turn them off. But at the same time I know it's a little unfair because even I know that there was no malice involved. That's the hardest part, I'm so mad at him and I have every reason to be, but he didn't mean any of it to be hurtful. It makes me feel as though I'm being unreasonable."

"I don't think you're unreasonable," Videl said, "You have every right to be upset that your dad abandoned you constantly when you were little. And it is natural to be upset that he abandoned Goten as well. Just because he didn't mean anything by it doesn't mean it's excusable. It's like in a spar if you hit too hard and break something; you didn't mean to but you still hurt them."

Gohanna smiled at the shorter girl, "You are absolutely brilliant. Thank you, Videl. Everyone else is so close to him, I've never really had a chance to talk about my feelings without being interrupted and being told I'm being unfair. Not being able to express my feelings has made it hard to try and move past them. I just wish I could understand.

"I have a daughter now so I think I can take a parent's perspective on the things that happened. I have been in awe of Pan since she was little. It was hard when I started school because I hated how much time I was missing with Pan. If there were ever a reason that I would need to go away for a while I would do anything I could to keep in contact and would come back the second I could. I don't understand how adventures or fighting opportunities could possibly be more important than your own child.

"That's why I say he doesn't care about us. I see how I am with Pan and how Mother is with me and Goten and that is not how Father was with me. He would say the words, but actions speak louder than words and his actions said something different. I can't let him do that to Pan or Goten. They have been surrounded by love and care and his actions would confuse and hurt them. I can't and won't let that happen. Even if it hurts him. He brought this on himself."

Goku felt as though that dagger in his heart had been twisted, pulled out, jammed back in and twisted again. He had never dreamed Gohanna felt that way about him. He thought back on the last twenty years, how could it be that he little adventures had caused so much hurt? He had thought he was being a good father, but hearing his daughter's words he couldn't help but wonder how things would have been had he gone home immediately after Namek or even just asked King Kai to pass messages. But if he had they might have died. While he was on Yadrat he had stayed to learn Instant Transmission and that had saved their lived against Cell! But, he thought with a sinking heart, he could have used the technique to get home instantly, why hadn't he done that? And while training Gohanna for the androids why couldn't he have just once sat down with her and asked her about how she was dealing with everything?

Piccolo felt as though he had been slapped; he had never been a fan of Goku, why wouldn't Gohanna talk to him about Goku? Before he let himself dwell on it for too long he considered it logically; Gohanna clearly felt uncomfortable about her feelings, it was really only the confrontation with her father that had prompted her to share at all. He was beginning to realize that she was far more private than he realized; both major secrets in her life were only shared when it became impossible to hide.

The rest felt shocked that Gohanna felt so differently about Goku that they did. They were also shocked that they'd had no idea.

Everything was quiet as everyone was stuck in their own thoughts. The silence was broken as the kids came running back, bristling with indignation.

"They're making us fight in the kid's round!" Trunks hollered, enraged.

Everyone was abruptly reminded that they were at the WMAT and they did not have the time to stand around like this. For the first time Goku regretted choosing today to come back. He and Gohanna would be busy for most of the day and he would not be able to try and reconnect with her. And he wouldn't even be able to spend any time with Goten.

Gohanna wasn't really all that surprised to find out that the rest of the gang had been spying on them. She could see the anguish and despair in Goku's eyes and felt a twinge of regret. She also felt a little twinge of hope. Waiting for Goku to realize what he was doing to them clearly hadn't worked, maybe throwing his failures in his face would. She knew that she had been let down too often to ever let him back in her life and she would never let him be close to Pan, but maybe it would be possible for him to have a relationship with Goten.

The fighters separated from the spectators and after registering the adults separated from the kids. Gohanna made sure to give the kids a firm reminder of no ki and no going Super Saiyan. She had the distinct feeling that it was all for naught and she was simply wasting her breath. She and Videl quickly left the group to go and finish qualifying. Gohanna felt relieved at getting away from the heavy atmosphere despite the fact that it was of her own creation. They quickly said their goodbyes to Sharpner and Erasa, hoping they could finish their registration before the start of the kid's tournament.