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Drinking Buddies

A soft sigh escaped 2D's lips as he continued to push the channel button. Nothing was on, not very shocking. In this household, you'd have to find your own entertainment with all of this free time. That wasn't too hard, they did have Murdoc. That was more than enough.

Speaking of the devil, Murdoc stepped in front of the T.V, blocking 2D's vision. "The hell are you doing mate? You're flipping through all of the good shows!" He grumbled and snatched the remote from the vocalist. Hearing 2D complain, a smirk formed and he slapped the side of the others head. "If you want to watch it so bad, do something about it why don't you?" He asked with a grin.

2D's nose scrunched up as he rubbed his head, even with the distance, he could smell the rum on his clothes and breath. He knew he had to be careful; Murdoc was more violent when drunk. 2D bit his bottom lips lightly as his eyes wondered over the older man. Even through the abusive behavior, he still cared for the harsh man even more than a friend. No one would know though. A blush soon formed and his thoughts were interrupted when a hand was placed on his shoulder. He looked up to see Noodle smiling down at him; he immediately knew she wanted something. "Yeah Noods?"

"Can you do me a huge favor?" She asked as her smile widened. "Can you watch Murdoc while Russel and I go out to see this awesome movie that just came out?" She said excitedly before noticing 2D frown. She moved her lips to his ear, "Pretty please? He's drunk and I don't want him to end up hurting himself or something you know? Ill owe you big time." Noodle pleaded.

2D sighed again and glanced over at Murdoc who had all of his attention on the television a few inches in front of him and on the bottle of rum in his hand. He then slowly nodded, "Sure Noodle. Go have fun and tell me how it is." 2D said with a grin even though he felt that this was going to bite him in the ass in the future. After receiving a thankful hug from the smaller girl, he listened to her run off to get ready before the door slammed shut.

As soon as the front door closed, Murdoc swung around and gave the younger one a grin. "Seems like it's just you and me," He slurred lightly before falling onto the couch next to 2D. "I heard Noods… babysit me… what a joke! I'm a fucking grown man!" He huffed and paused. He then took a drink of his rum before shoving the bottle into 2D's chest. "How about you drink with me? We can make this a fucking party!" He said with a sarcastic tone. A frown formed when 2D didn't drink, "Drink. Or ill break a bone or two in that body of yours." He threatened with a new smirk.

The bluenette swallowed hard and knew he wasn't bluffing. Staring at the bottle, he groaned and picked it up. Closing his eyes, he took a small sip and gasped when Murdoc tilted it more, causing a stream to run down his chin and onto his shirt. He groaned as the alcohol burned its way all the way down his throat. Finally, he pulled the bottle away from his lips and panted softly. "Why in the hell did you do that?" He asked angrily but his anger soon faded away when he noticed Murdoc's annoyed expression.

Murdoc took a drink and rolled his eyes. "It wasn't even that much, fucking girl." He slurred before his eyes slowly ran down 2D's wet chest. He then looked away, "Let get drunk off our asses and go get some birds, let's get crazy mate!" He suggested and noticed 2D's eyes close halfway. He smirked, "Such a light drinker…" He teased and handed it back to 2D. "I don't know if you know this but your shirt is getting rather wet if you haven't noticed already."

2D took a drink before he handed his bottle back. "Why are you looking?" He asked and soon tugged his shirt off. "See what you like?" He slurred and tossed the shirt onto the floor. "I knew you secretly watched me." He laughed loudly.

Murdoc frown and gave him a punch. "Don't think of yourself so highly." He growled lowly, jabbing his long finger in the vocalist's chest. His eyes widened when 2D grabbed and put it to his bare chest. 2D's heart was pounding, a light blush soon spread across both of their cheeks. Murdoc took a moment to register what was happening before ripping his hand away. "What in the bloody hell man?"

2D gave a grin, "You really don't feel anything?" He asked before leaning over, easily slipping his hand under Murdoc's shirt. Alcohol didn't really help 2D think straight. He began rubbing it, leaning more on the other man, wanting to touch more than his chest. "I've always wanted to touch your chest…" He said before leaning in, with this closeness, he could easily smell Murdoc's cheap cologne. "I love it…" He whispered to him.

Murdoc's eyes widened before he frowned deeply, "You sure have guts Stu Pot." He growled before roughly pushing 2D away. He stood quickly, "Don't touch me again you damn queer." He hissed and fixed his shirt. Giving the bluenette a glare, he huffed and rushed to his Bago. He didn't have time for that touchy feely idiot. What was up with that anyway? He must have gotten hit really hard on his head or something it seemed."

2D sat there looking at the spot across from him that was now empty. Why'd he leave? All he wanted to do was touch the other mans chest, nothing more, nothing less. Okay, so a lot more actually. "Queer…" He mumbled to himself and laid down. He wasn't gay, he was just attracted to Murdoc. He sighed and closed his eyes; he knew neither would remember what happened so he wasn't too worried. Even though the sun wasn't even close to setting, he felt exhausted. Soon enough, he passed out.

After an hour passed, Noodle and Russel soon returned from their movie. She noticed 2D passed out on the couch so she went over to wake him. As soon as she reached out, she could smell the rum. She immediate got angry at Murdoc. "I'm going to kill him." Noodle growled lightly before glancing at Russel. "Can you take him up to his room?" She asked politely and Russel nodded. A deep frown then formed and she headed to the Winnebago. She banged her fist on its door. "Come out here right now!" She said angered.

Moments later, the door swung open. "What is it love?" He asked innocently after seeing how angry she was. He didn't feel like getting killed today by this smaller girl.

Noodle crossed her arms, "I can't believe you made him drink!" She yelled angrily. "Shouldn't you feel ashamed of yourself?" She asked as she put her hands on her hips.

Murdoc sighed, "Of course I feel ashamed of myself love… Ill apologize to him, I promise." He said with a smile, hoping she wasn't angry anymore. He hated it when she was. He then rustled his fingers through her hair, "I was just having fun that's all."

Noodle sighed, "You gotta start being nice to him you know?" She then smiled, "You missed a really good movie. It was hilarious!" She said excitedly and sighed happily. "I should go help Russel with dinner." She said as she began backing up. "Itll be ready in a bit." She said before running off to go help the drummer of the band.

Murdoc sighed heavily when she left and closed the door. His hand moved to his chest and he let it just rest there as a light blush formed on his cheeks once more. "That idiot…" Shaking his head, he walked over to his bed and collapsed on it. "Bloody hell…." He groaned softly to himself.

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