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After Story

The two now official lovers walked inside, 2D's hand holding Murdoc's. It had taken a bit to have the bassist agree to hold hands with him but he ended up agreeing so that was all that it mattered. After their little session in Murdoc's Winnebago, 2D couldn't feel any closer to the other man. Squeezing his hand, 2D gave a light blush. "Should we go talk to the other two? Get their input?" He asked as he leaned against Murdoc.

Murdoc shrugged and looked away to hide his own blush, damn idiot. Making him feel all loved and giddy like that. "If you want, I honest don't give a single care." He shrugged, with a tiny smile. He wasn't used to feeling this happy, it was new for him. He didn't dislike the feeling, he definitely didn't dislike the one who caused him to feel this way either. Definitely didn't.

2D grinned and tugged him towards the living room, "I'm sure they'll adjust to it." He grinned and smiled at the other two when they reached the couch. "Hey guys, Murdoc and I… We have something to announce you two." He said calmly as he sat down on the couch next to Murdoc.

Noodle had been curled up next to Russel as she played her video games. "We already know." She said as she pressed the buttons harder. "The paparazzi were here earlier asking all of these questions and telling us about how you Murdoc decided to tell everyone else besides us." She huffed softly.

Murdoc silently pulled 2D closer to him and sighed, "Sorry Love. I didn't know you you'd react to it so I thought I'd get the word out first, you could hear that way. I obviously didn't plan that out too well seeing I hurt your feelings. What do you two think about us being together? Are you okay with it?" He asked, also hoping for their acceptance.

Russel shifted a bit uncomfortably, "It will be kinda strange seeing you two all lovey dovey since you're usually beating the hell out of Stu. But I think we can live. I'm happy for you two." He said with a grin.

Noodle nodded, agreeing with the bigger man. "I think you two are adorable. As long as I don't hear you guys doing… you know, I don't have a problem with it." She smirked, "I'm even happier for you two." She added on.

2D sighed heavily as relief fell upon him. Looking up at Murdoc, he grinned and stole a quick peck. He blushed at Noodle's giggle and rested his head on Murdoc's chest. "I love you Muds." He whispered softly as he looked up into the others multicolored eyes.

Murdoc swallowed heavily, that phase was still hard to get out. Staring into 2D's black holes of eyes, he swallowed again. Grabbing his chin, he kissed him hard, ignoring the other two's responses. Pulling him close, he kissed him until the two needed to catch their breath. He pulled away, panting softly. Standing up abruptly, he yanked 2D up and tossed him over his shoulder. He turned to the two, "Sorry Mates. I gotta go show Stuart here how much I love him." He said as he patted the others ass, showing he was talking about him. He then turned and marched back towards his Winnebago.

2D blushed heavily and smiled softly. He really did love this man. He loved him more than anything, more than his own life. Even if the older was sex craved, he could deal with it. He'd deal with everything. He loved him.

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