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Dark Temptations

Chapter Six


Staring up at the canopy that covered his bed, Harry thought about the past week's occurrences. He had been comfortable with his potion's professor in all variants of the word. Sna—Severus made him feel at ease unlike anyone had before; it was quite surprising actually. In a span of just a few weeks, his relationship which had once suffered sour insults and drastic misunderstandings was now one of relaxed companionship. His affection for Severus was steadily growing.

He found that not only was Severus quite interesting, but he was funny – in a cynical and at the expense of others sort of way.

"Professor McGonagall is rather catty and prone to mouse-hunting, so do not let her fool you into believing such an innocent act..."

Seeing the world through the older wizard's eyes felt like he could finally understand the man's every mannerism and reasoning behind his reactions. Harry found that they actually had quite a few things in common: their interest in muggle fantasy novels, summer weather (that came as a big surprise), flying on brooms, their sordid childhood past, and an equal attraction to wizards (this came as no surprise though Harry had been under the impression Severus was in love with his mother).

"She was the closest friend I had; a young sister that I grew more fond of every day I spent in her presence."

He was smiling – like a goof but cared little. It had been the first relationship that he had made outside of the days with Voldemort. He was beginning to hope, however small, that his professor cared for him in the same way he did. It would mean that their future might harbor a mutual affection though Harry was not sure fully what his affection was for the older man. Surely it was more than a friendship since he had fantasized in great degree of having the man over him, touching him, and giving him pleasure unlike any had before. No, he could not fully explain it, and he hoped it was not all the bond's doing. He really felt that he could come to love Severus.

Knocking broke his thoughts. He rose just as Severus strode into the room with the usual potions before their night together. He smiled as the man came beside him and settled down onto the bed, offering over the bottles.

"Thank you," he said as one after the other, he drank them. "Should we do it on the bed today?" Harry only noticed how those words could be misconstrued as soon as he heard them out loud. He blushed crimson as the small smirk appeared on his professor's lips.

"That was quite forward of you, Harry."

Harry laughed off the embarrassment and explained, "Its just that its a little cramped on the couch. I thought the bed might be a better idea."

"Did you?" the smirk grew. Oh Merlin, the man looked incredibly sexy when he grinned in such a Slytherin-esque way.

"Couch it is," he quickly said. Severus let out a soft, throaty chuckle that warmed Harry's insides and twinged his cheeks further.

"I would much rather go with your first suggestion," Severus said a glint in his eyes as he settled closer to Harry. "Lay down Harry," he ordered and helped Harry to lay flat onto his back. His heart hammered painful in his chest; he could hardly breath at all when his potion's professor hovered over him and pushed some of his hair aside to expose his neck. Dutifully, he turned his head slightly and exposed the expanse of his neck further. He clenched his hands, taking a handful of the duvet into them as he did his best to control his rapid heartbeat.

What in Merlin was he thinking suggesting this? It felt overly intimate as the man was a mere few inches away. The man pressed down into him just before Harr felt the familiar heat painting over his sensitive neck. Oh gods, he thought just before the pleasure ripped through him like a great fire. Harry heard his voice echo off the walls as he moaned in bliss. The pleasure was twice what it usually was; whether it was their new position or his already overexcited body, he was not sure. Hips pressed roughly into his own and once again, pleasure ripped through him in hard waves that left him breathless and moaning.

A hand quickly worked the button and zip of his trousers, exposing his weeping erection (as he had worn no boxers to save the laundry) and stroked him to completion. Harry was beyond coherent when he came. He vaguely heard himself crying out the other man's name but it was muddled with other curse words. By the time he came to from the near death experience the pleasure brought about, Severus was already up and bringing a small tray of snacks. Merlin, was he the only one affected to such a great degree by this? He breathed out his modesty as he noticed he was once more tucked away and took a few chocolate frogs from the tray.

"As tomorrow is the weekend," Severus began, "I thought you might join me out on an excursion in Hogsmeade."

A date? Harry nearly dropped the chocolate frog he ate when his mouth opened in surprise. He quickly swallowed and nodded. "I would like that very much."

"Very well," the man replied smoothly. "I will speak with the Headmistress and we will leave early on the morrow." Why did the man have to say everything in an overly extravagant way? Couldn't he just say...'see you in the morning' like a normal person? Thoughts aside, Harry nodded his assertion.


The next morning could not come fast enough for Harry. Sleep had eluded him as he laid on the bed with all nerves and excitement clouding his thoughts. He did not even feel tired that morning as he once more tackled the task of taming his hair (he had tried three times before to no avail). There had to be some kind of spell to tame these unmanageable locks. He pressed the rebellious hair down, his eyes closing to the image of the night before: how it looked to be beneath the potion's professor. Shivering apprehensively, he once more focused on his dark hair. After somehow managing to get his hair looking less messy than normal, Harry threw on his favorite red jumper and some fairly curve-hugging denim jeans.

Severus was waiting in the sitting room when Harry entered. The older wizard looked, for a lack of a better way to describe it, mouth-watering. Long black hair fell like silk over emerald clad shoulders. A form fitting dress shirt was tucked tightly into black trousers. It was a rather simple chicness that Severus was displaying but would surely serve a purpose in getting attention. With features now youthful and handsome, Severus would definitely be turning heads. Harry swallowed down his desire to ravish the tall Slytherin and instead opted for a simple greeting.

"Morning," he said as he came to the older wizard's side. "Looking spiffy, professor."

Severus mock sneered before returning the compliment. "You look decent enough. However, do you own anything other than your House colors?"

"I think I have a green shirt somewhere. Do you own anything other than black and green?"

"I might own a singular red shirt that some might describe as closer to pink and certainly not my color," the older wizard replied with a smirk.

"Sounds awful."

"Which is why I have not worn it since it was gifted to me."

"By who?"

"Who else but Headmaster Dumbledore."

"Figures. Bet it has some sort of flower pattern all over it," Harry said chuckling.

"How could you guess?" his professor asked with a raised brow but mirth dancing in his eyes. "Are you fit to depart?"

"Lead the way," Harry said with a bright smile. "What's on the agenda?" Instead of an answer, he merely received a small smirk before floo turned the fire green and they were stepping into Hogsmeade. Harry brushed soot from his clothing, cursing the floo network the entire time; his hair had become messy when he stumbled out of the fire place. So much for his effort. Sighing, he followed after his professor who had already managed several steps ahead.

They entered a small cafe in which the tall professor immediately chose a small booth in the back corner of the establishment. It was not close to what he imagined the man would consider among the substantial list of places to take him. He sat down and a waitress made her way over, smile primed for her clientele.

"Hello gentlemen," she said her eyes straying a bit too long on Severus and then going wide when she recognized Harry. "Oh my! You're Harry Potter...oh, what a pleasure." Sighing, he gave her his best public smile. "Oh my family won't believe this! Sorry, what can I get you?"

Severus smoothly ordered a small latte with sugar (surprisingly) and the special in-house tart. Harry feared what may result should he take too long so ordered the same. The waitress lingered for a moment longer before skipping off to ready their order.

"Your fans are ever adoring as usual, Mister Potter."

"Merlin," Harry said in exasperation. "I can barely piss in public these days. They are bleeding everywhere."

"Is that why you choose to forgo the weekend excursions?" Severus had set dark eyes on his own and his heart hammered when he realized that not only were they out in daylight, but they were out in public. Oh the Daily Prophet would have a field day with this.

"Partly," he admitted. "I really don't like all the attention and half the time, I can't walk the streets without my photo getting taken. Its a hassle since the last post ran an article about Ginny and I."

"Oh?" the man's eyebrow twitched with intrigue. "Was that the post describing how she was currently your fiancee and carrying your love child?"

Harry bit back his laughter at the monotone in the man's voice. "Er, yeah. It was rather hilarious, but Gin was infuriated."

"I imagine so," Severus drawled. "I suppose being pegged as a promiscuous gold digger would bring about rather intense rage."

"Yeah," Harry said grinning. "She was bloody pissed." He noted that since their relationship had developed, Severus never called him out on his foul language. He still did his best to hold back, but sometimes it would slip through. His professor would always feign indifference, but he noted the slight spark in dark eyes as a result. "Ah, sorry. Yeah, she was raging for a good several weeks. Then they ran the post about our separation which only renewed her previous rage. It was a nightmare for a good two months."


"Sorry, I'm rambling," Harry said finally noticing that he had been doing most of the talking since Severus brought up the post about Ginny.

"It is interesting, Harry." Severus' voice dropped when he spoke his name before he was continuing, "I realize that being in the public eye could have many disadvantages. To be quite honest, I had forgotten momentarily and suggested we come."

"Its fine Severus," he said keeping his voice down as well. "I am really happy you invited me."

The waitress popped back up at their table, setting down the identical meals and once more lingering before departing. Harry just shook his head with a soft chuckle. "That time she was definitely staring longer at you."

"I do not see how you could conclude such a thing," Severus said as he took a sip from his glass.

Harry put down the tart, deciding food in the mouth while addressing his professor was probably as rude as one could get. "Sorry to be the first to break it to you, professor, but you are rather attractive these days; all the girls in school are noticing." Severus watched him with slightly widened eyes before he was returning his gaze to the coffee he held. "Ginny commented on how many of the girls are now pining after you."

"How utterly glorious," Severus responded sarcastically. "Female adolescents with misguided attractions are hardly what I hoped to add to my list this year."

"You could always use glamors," Harry offered. The older man gave him a scowl as response. "Its a suggestion unless you really don't mind all the attention."

"Do not jest, Harry, I hardly believe this humorous."

"It is a little," Harry replied laughing. "You remember Lockhart."

"I try not to," Severus responded dryly.

"Yeah, he was a twat," Harry grinned.

"I guess glamors won't really work now though," Harry said after a moment of pondering. "It would be weird if one minute you're aged and the next not and then right back to aged. They would definitely notice that something is different."

"A fine deduction," Severus responded. "As I am not especially concerned with my affliction becoming public, it may cause possible conflict and I would much rather avoid any if I could." Harry nodded his understanding. "I suppose I will just have to redirect their misguided attentions in a contrary manner."


"Reestablishing the very reason so many before them feared me," Severus' voice dropped into a violent timber.

"How very Slytherin of you sir."

After they finished their meal, they traveled to a few stores, receiving the very same reaction from many witches and wizards that recognized Harry along the way. He was fairly used to it by now, but he did worry for the tall man beside him who stiffened with all the extra attention.

They finally headed back to Hogwarts after lunch and decided to eat their meal in their quarters.

"I did not quite understand the full capacity for screaming imbecilic witches," Severus remarked as he favored a glance to the fire dancing in the fire hearth.

"Yeah," Harry responded with a chuckle. "Today felt a bit worse than others. I wonder if I should take all the blame. I seem to remember quite a few witches crowding around you asking your name and..."

"If you finish that sentence, I do not hold responsibility for the actions that may take place as a result."

"So touchy," Harry commented with a grin. "Poor witches don't know that tall, dark, and handsome is into wizards." This earned him a cutting stare to which he grinned triumphantly to.

"So says the gay savior of the wizarding world."

"Okay, you got me there," Harry laughed. "Its good to be back though." The silence was comfortable the followed their little conversation. Soon, it was late into the evening. Harry had finished a few projects so he would be able to practice tomorrow with little worry to being behind. He had such a great time that one could forget that this was the same snarky git that made his life miserable for the first several years at Hogwarts. Still, he was incredibly happy that it had turned for the better.

"Should we do the feeding in the bedroom again?" His question must have come as a surprise because Severus eyes went slightly wider before returning to their usual facade.

"I suppose," the man responded evenly. Harry began to make his way towards his room before Severus was calling out to him and redirecting him towards his professor's bed chamber with a firm hand on his lower back. "I would much prefer my own bed chambers, if you do not mind." This started his heart once more, and he could only manage nodding as they made their way.

The room was not overly decorated but did display the same simple chicness that Severus often harbored in his dress. The bed was incredibly large (did he roll several times over and do acrobatics in his sleep?) so it was rather daunting as he was led straight towards it. Climbing on it less than gracefully, Harry laid down directly in the middle of the large ocean of material.

He heard the older man chuckle. "You look like a child..."

"Well some of us aren't gifted with legs as long as trees, so sorry if I'm a little small," Harry replied bitterly though he was smiling all the same. Severus merely chuckled again before joining Harry on the bed. It was a rather awkward few minutes as they lie there, saying nothing, and stared anywhere but each other. "Er, so should we start this thing?"

"How articulately put, Harry," his professor teased. Before he could retort, he felt the hot breath on his neck and immediately angled his neck to expose it and give the man plenty of room. However, Severus did not sink his fangs in; instead, he pushed Harry onto his side and painted his length against Harry's backside. Oh Merlin, this was much more intimate. Harry held his breath as he once more felt the ghost of warm breath against his neck before pleasure was once more consuming him. A hand trailed over his hip before dancing over his taut stomach. The feeding mixed with the pleasure the hand was sending Harry into a stream of soft incoherent moans.

His shirt was pried upwards, exposing his sensitive flesh to the cold air before his nipple was teased with the same hand as before. Harry was barely breathing anymore as each sensation was new and just as addicting as the one before. Not long afterward, his trousers were opened and his weeping erection stroked in time with the thrusts he was receiving to his backside. He could care little what was going on; he only cared that it was the most incredible pleasure he had felt yet and it was all over way sooner than he would want.

With a final firm stroke, he climaxed and stiffened. The thrusts to his backside continued another minute before Severus was also stiffening in his orgasm. For long minutes, they lay breathless and numb against one another. Harry finally regained a little of his coherency and had mind to tuck himself away and cast a simple cleansing spell.

Severus rolled away but did not get up from the bed which was the first time since this relationship had begun. Daring a glance over his shoulder, Harry caught sight of the man totally covered in perspiration and completely relaxed into the bed. Smiling, Harry turned over and with all of his Gryffindor courage, molded himself against the taller wizard. To his astonishment, Severus pulled him tightly into himself, wrapping an arm securely around his waist before covering them with the duvet. He was going to let him sleep here? Merlin, was this a dream? Harry wanted to smack himself to make sure but dared not disturb the blessing bestowed upon him. Instead, he remained completely motionless in Severus' arms until he heard the deep even breathing of the other.

Oh sweet Merlin, Severus fell asleep. Like a giddy school witch, Harry watched the potion's professor for as long as he could manage before his exhaustion demand he fall asleep. He did not quite remember what time he fell asleep, but in the morning, he awoke alone in the large bed. Harry ignored the disappointment and quickly left the room in pursuit of the elusive potion's professor. However, the man was not in the sitting room and by the time on the clock, probably busy with other activities. Giving way to a deep sigh, Harry quickly got ready for Quidditch practice.


"Hey," Ginny called as he exited the Gryffindor locker room. She smiled at him as he walked over to her. "I heard you went to Hogsmeade with Professor Snape yesterday." Blimey news traveled fast. "What were you doing there?"

"Talking," he replied simply.

"Oh come on Harry," she said with a laugh. "I doubt that you and Professor Snape would go anywhere together without sufficient purpose." Why was he surrounded by intelligent witches?

"We just went to shop around," he finally admitted. "Since the war, he and I get along better."

"Get along, do you?" The sparkle in her eyes caused the clench in his stomach to tighten impossibly. "So is he the bloke you fancy?"

There was no use in arguing. "Yes."

"Brilliant!" she said with unrestrained glee. "I knew it!"

Harry sighed deeply. "Was it that obvious?"

"Not to anyone who doesn't really know you, no. However, to me, blatantly obvious." She was still grinning as she dropped an arm around his shoulders. "I won't tell. Promise. I'm just excited for you. Have you told him you fancy him yet?"

"No," he responded softly as they began to walk back to the castle. "Its...complicated."

"Always is," she responded with a soft chuckle. "Keep at it Harry. If anyone can, its you."

"Thanks, Gin."

"Keep me informed," she said as she skipped off when Blaise appeared up the hill. Harry watched her go feeling a slight weight lifted. She had figured it out on her own so it was not really as if he told her, right? He still felt slightly guilty. He decided that he would tell Severus this evening about Ginny and headed off the rest of the way to the castle.

As he headed towards the dungeons, Malfoy blocked his path. Groaning in frustration, Harry leaned towards the wall and drew his wand just in case. "Need something Malfoy?"

"Just a chat," the blonde said without taking a step towards him. The violent clenching of the Slytherin's fists alerted Harry to the internal struggle the blonde was having. "I heard you and Professor Snape went to Hogsmeade." News really did travel fast. It must have been in the Daily Prophet.

"You should know why we are spending time together. I don't see why I have to answer any of your questions."

"Are you really interested in him, Potter?" Malfoy asked, his voice uncharacteristically quiet.

"And if I said I was?"

Malfoy's jaw tightened. "I would say that I am the better choice," the blonde argued. The statement caused Harry to take an step backwards. Malfoy remained but he was shaking rather terribly.

"Are you okay?" he asked without thinking.

"If I asked," Malfoy continued, "would you consider me an option?"

Before Harry could answer, a hand on his shoulder caused him to jerk with surprise. Malfoy's eyes had gone slightly wide and he stepped back unconsciously.

"I wasn't doing anything sir."

Harry glanced back and noticed that Severus' eyes had speckles of red glow in their depths.

"Harry?" the man asked without looking down at him.

"He was just talking to me," Harry quickly said. He might dislike Malfoy, but he would not want to see what might happen should he lie about the situation. "We were just talking," he repeated firmly.

"About?" the man hissed. Malfoy took another few steps back.

"About a rumor," he said giving a partial truth. "He had heard about us out in Hogsmeade from others at the school and was concerned. I think he was just worried you might get into trouble..."

Severus' hand which was tightly holding him relaxed slightly. "I have taken care of the matter, Malfoy. Your concern in unfounded. I will speak with you at a later date." Taking this as his sign to leave, Malfoy left the two of them in the corridor alone.

"You took care of it?" Harry asked the potion's professor.

"I spoke with Professor McGonagall this morning, and we were able to issue a statement contrary to what was written in the article. You have no reason for concern. It was hardly anything worth regarding. Now I suspect you are not telling me the full truth in concerns to Draco so I expect a full report when we get inside my chambers."

Harry sighed and was led to their rooms. Even though it was Malfoy's doing, he still felt rather guilty for being made to tattle on the Veela.

He gave the man a full recounting as soon as they entered and he was sat down onto the couch.

"I am rather concerned," Severus admitted after pondering what Malfoy said. "It would seem my theory may be in fact an actuality. I will speak with the Headmistress on the matter this evening."

"What can we do?"

"The only way that a Veela can retract a pursuit of a mate is in the event of its mate's death or bonding to another. Veela, unlike vampires, are not bound to only one mate. They need a constant companion so should their mate being bound or dead before they come into their inheritance, their Veela will find another suitable partner as their mate."

"Oh," Harry replied lamely. "I guess that makes sense. And before you say it, I know I should know all this."

"Indeed," Severus said smirking.

"So we will have to bond soon?"

"I will not force you into bonding, Harry, not even for Draco. That alone is your decision. I will speak with the Headmistress and see if we might be able to brainstorm another possible avenue, but until then, you have to be extremely cautious around Draco. While he remained in control today, the longer he goes without claiming you, the harder it will become for him to control his emotions." Severus was regarding him with a firm gaze; it was a gaze that conveyed just how dangerous the situation could become.

"I will," Harry responded powerfully. "I will be extra careful from now on."

"Be sure that you do."


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