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Pulling up to an all too familiar building Felicity asked once the roar of the engine died down, disappointment thick in her voice. "Work? You're taking me to work? I thought this was supposed to be places I didn't know about? To be honest Oliver, after the arcade this is a bit of a let down."

Taking off his helmet he responded. "Its. A. Surprise Felicity. Be patient." He punctuated each word with hesitation, hoping to get his point across.

She followed suit and continued half whining. "But this is the QC building. I spend everyday here. With you mind you, you think there's something here I haven't seen?"

He allowed her to get off first, taking her helmet. She stood on the sidewalk as she solemnly looked the building up and down.

Hopping off gracefully, he looked down at her sternly and grabbed her hand, "Patience."

She harrumphed but stayed silent and allowed him to usher her inside. He led her to the familiar elevator she rode in a dozen times a day. They rode up to the top floor hand in hand and in silence, Felicity using all her might to stay that way.

Reaching the top level he led her to doorway on the back wall that blended in with the white walls. The door was something she had never paid much attention to, assuming it was some sort of maintenance closet. Unlocking the door, he swung it open to reveal a staircase. "What's this?" She asked, peaking her head in cautiously. He gave her a mischievous look that was slightly prideful. It wasn't often that Oliver knew something Felicity didn't.

"After you," he said as he gestured for her to climb the dark staircase. Midway up, she felt a breeze. As she reached the top, she was greeted on the rooftop of the incredibly tall building with romantic scene composed of a small table for two surrounded by candles. The table was set with wine, flowers and silver covers, which she could only assume, hid food underneath. Looking past the table she took in the view. It was nothing like she had ever seen before. Albeit she worked on the top floor of this exact building made almost completely of glass, with the high speed at which they lived their lives, she never took the time to stop and look over the city she fought with her life to protect. Here in the darkness, the city was lit up like a Christmas display. It was absolutely breathtaking.

She approached the edge of the building to take in the view completely. Reveling in the magnificence, she felt Oliver come behind her and press himself against her back. His hands came to wrap around her waist, his chin found it's way to the crook of her neck and she could feel his hot breath in her ear.

"Amazing isn't it?" he whispered.

"Absolutely." She covered his rough calloused hands with her silky smooth ones and squeezed, "And to think, this is all still standing because of you."

He nuzzled into her neck, breathing in the scent of her strawberry shampoo, "us." He corrected. He stepped back in order to turn her to face him.

Staring into her eyes he expressed honestly, "You are by far the bravest woman I have ever met." His eyes were sparkling and his mouth hung open slightly as if he intended to continue. Her eyes searched his, hoping he would finally say what they both knew hung unspoken between them. His hand dropped from her waist and reached for her hand. "Come, let's eat."

She had to stop herself from audibly sighing. 'Typical Queen.' She thought, but followed him nonetheless. They reached the table and he lifted the lids from the plates to reveal still steaming plates of steak, potatoes and vegetables.

"Is all this what you were planning when you didn't come straight upstairs with Dig?"

He nodded.

"But you were gone for all of ten minutes?" She said truly impressed.

"Money talks Miss Smoak." He said with a cocky smile plastered on his face.

"But it's still hot!" She said pointing to the piece of steaming meat.

He just rubbed his thumb and fingers together.

"I get it, fine, money. I wouldn't know. My boss pays me like shit for all the hours I put in." She said playfully, pushing him in the stomach. He allowed her feeble push to move his solid body backwards and went around her to pull out her chair. "That bastard. But a woman like you? I'm sure you'll own half his company one day." He finished with a wink.

She couldn't help but beam at the implication.

As they ate they talked about how they grew up, their favorite foods, music, places they've traveled, and their families. They shared all the boring and intimate facts that made you, you. They teased each other and made future plans about things to do and see, just like any other man and woman on the planet. But on that rooftop, there was no one else on the planet. None who matter anyway. All of their problems: the arrow's agenda, Laurel, Isabel, work, it all fell away, gloriously forgotten. The speed and ease that his words were leaving his mouth was a half a notch less then terrifying. But the good kind of terrifying like, being at the very top of a roller coaster right before falling where you lifted your hands in the air and screamed on the top of your lungs. She had to remind herself mentally between bites of her perfectly cooked steak that this was in fact Oliver sitting in front of her. Long after finishing their meals the pair sat staring at one another in their first silence of the evening.

Felicity leaned back in her chair and admitted. "Well to be honest, I don't really want this night to end."
"It doesn't have to." He reached behind him into his jacket pocket were he was evidently stashing an Ipod. Taking a few seconds he pressed play and a slow melody emitted gently from the little box. Standing up and reaching out his hand to her, he asked, "May I have the honor?"

Sighing lightly at the cliché but ultimately romantic gesture, she grabbed his open hand and replied, "Of course."

Her thin arms closed around his neck as his strong frame wrapped snuggly around her waist. As they swayed slowly she never felt so protect, warm or honestly, happier than in this moment.

"You're quiet impressive Queen. You really know how to sweep a girl of her feet."

"I haven't forgot all together how to date. It just had to come out for the right woman."

"Well I certainly have no complaints." She allowed her head to fall to lie on his chest. "And thank you for your personal tour of the city. As if I didn't already have an inkling… I can clearly see your passion for this place."

"It's so much a part of who I am. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. One day, I hope to raise our family here." He said softly, almost drifting off in the comfort of their embrace.

Leaning back to look as him, "Our family?" She questioned. She had one eyebrow arched trying to hold back a smirk and failing terribly.

He looked like a deer in the headlights.

"Well I mean I know it's out first date but I can see it. Can't you? Me and you. I mean obviously there would be much more of this," he explained hurriedly, his hands leaving her hips to gesture wildly to the romantic scenario around him. "But you know there would be steps. And I was born here. And raise here. I have so many wonderful memories here and I would want our kids to have those to and," he gulped. "Well I," he continued to stutter. Felicity revealed in the fact that this verbal vomit was happening to him and not her. All she could do was stare at him, cackling silently in her head that this was probably the best thing she had ever experienced. Taking mercy on the poor man she finally interrupted his rant.

"No wonder you fell for me, the babbling thing is pretty charming."

He pouted.

"I could live without the pouting though." She rolled her eyes. He couldn't help but smile.

"There's that smile" She said running her thumb across his jaw.

"It only seems to show up around you." He said sincerely.

She shrugged her shoulders, "It's a gift"

His hands moved from her hips to grasp her around her neck. He tangled his fingers in her soft golden hair as his right thumb traced her lips.

"Felicity Smoak, I want you to be my happy story."

"Now, would be a really great time to kiss me."

And finally he did.

His lips were softer than she imagined, she noted as she watched the equivalent of a Las Vegas light show flash in her brain. He pressed her as close as he physically could without crushing her rib cage but to be honest only a fatal injury would stop her from kissing the man she held in her arms. Every one of her senses was on overdrive as the consumed each greedily.
She felt him smile into her mouth before he pulled away slightly to catch his breath. Felicity was glad he possessed more self-control than she did because she definitely would have stayed locked there until she passed out from oxygen deprivation. He leaned his forehead against hers, his shoulders heaving and breath ragged. She kept her eyes closed, trying to wait out the fact that the world seemed to be spinning and he was the only thing holding her steady. After a few moments he asked quietly, "I'm not going to need verbal permission from you every time I kiss you, am I?"
They both laughed into each other. Opening her eyes, to see his icy blue eyes gleaming, she responded.

"When are you going to realize that I make the rules in this relationship?"

He smiled widely and once more brought their lips together with all the promise of a future behind his kiss.