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Main Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Severus Snape

Minor Pairings(s): Remus Lupin/Sirius Black; Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy; Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger

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Word Count: 2,145 words.

Summary: Severus is a veela and Harry is his mate who is convinced by his relatives that he's nothing more than a freak. Can Severus heal the damage done? What about Voldemort?



3. A sudden and apparently causeless change or turn of events, the mind, etc;

An apparently capricious notion, occurrence, etc.

Chapter III – Reactions

A soft tickling breath is what woke the sleeping golden boy. Blinking against the harsh light of the morning, Harry pulled back slightly, just enough to get a good look at the very warm pillow. Harry's breath caught in his throat once he remembered that it wasn't a pillow, but his potions master. He was still sitting in Snape's lap, the older mans' warm, strong arms holding Harry close to his chest, almost as if shielding him from harm, even in his sleep.

He looks so… Peaceful…

Without even realizing what he was doing, Harry was letting his fingers smooth down Severus's face. Gentle strokes across his forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks, jaw, and finally, his lips. Just as Harry's warm fingers ran across a softer than expected bottom lip, he looked up to find that the potions master's eyes were open and carefully watching his little mate.

A tiny yelp escaped Harry's mouth as he tried to quickly pull his hand back. Tried. Severus was faster and grabbed Harry's wrist in a gentle yet firm hold, keeping the young man's fingers pressed to his lips. Harry was just about to start babbling an apology until he felt those warm lips leave a soft kiss against his fingers. A blush flooded the young man's cheeks as he bit his bottom lip to keep from saying anything.

"Have you changed your mind about us, Harry?" a smooth deep voice asked. Harry had to concentrate on his breathing as he shook his head. "An audible answer would be appreciated, brat." It continued. Harry couldn't help but let a small smile slip through. Severus somehow made the term brat sound so affectionate. Harry quite liked it.

"No, S-Severus," Harry paused, making sure it was still okay to use his given name, "I haven't changed my mind. I never will."

The young man's seriousness had Severus's heart swelling in joy for his adorable little mate. Leaning up, the older man pressed an affectionate kiss on his forehead. "I'm glad, brat."

"Severus?" Harry asked, and the older man pulled back to see him rubbing his chest, "Why did I feel really happy all of a sudden?"

Severus softly cupped Harry's face with both of his hands before looking in his eyes. Can he feel my emotions already? Severus pushed a wave of love towards the bond he felt forming in his chest just as he felt a wave of confusion and slight fear. A small gasp left the young man's lips and Harry stared into his dark eyes. "Severus?"

"Our bond is forming. It means you are accepting me. You will be able to sense my emotions as well as I am able to sense yours." Severus explained, his thumbs rubbing against his mates flushed cheeks.

Harry smiled brightly before wrapping his arms around Severus's neck in a submissive gesture. The older man moved his hands to gently card his fingers through Harry's hair as he spoke, "We should get you the rest of your potions and check your injuries before you head off to Gryffindor Tower."

Harry nodded and they did just that. Though he was ordered not to do any strenuous activity, he was cleared to leave the infirmary. Surprisingly – to Harry at least – Severus offered to walk him to his dormitory. Harry agreed and they started their walk.

As they walked, Harry couldn't help but feel a little awkward. Nothing was being said and he didn't know what to say even if they were to start a conversation. All he was really doing was staring at Severus's hand that was lightly brushing his own.

Severus, feeling a twinge of longing from his little mate, glanced over to see the boy staring at his hands. Smirking softly, Severus paused in his walking to see Harry do the same in confusion. Holding out his hand, he saw his little mate blush but slide his hand with his, hesitantly linking their fingers together. Severus sent another wave of love and let Harry feel his pride at his mate. The smile Severus got towards him in return warmed his heart and made his veela growl in content.

Even after all the hell I have put my little mate through, he is still smiling at me.

"I'm going to tell my friends…" Harry's voice brought him back from his thoughts.

"Oh?" He said, realizing that Harry could probably sense his worry.

"Will that be okay?" Harry asked hesitantly, suddenly unsure.

"I don't mind, Harry. I just don't want to come between you and your friends. I know how much they mean to you." Severus said gently, not wanting to upset his mate.

He gave Harry's hand a small squeeze before the young man replied with, "I'm not ashamed of you, Severus, and I am not giving you up for anything."

Severus could feel determination, hope, and love from his little mate and he couldn't hold back the growl of pride and satisfaction. Just as he was able to stop his growling, he noticed a spark of lust from his little mate and didn't both to hide his smirk. He just raised an eyebrow as Harry blushed and looked away.

"Oh, shut up." Harry snapped and pulled Severus along a little faster towards the tower.

Severus let out a chuckle, but kept with the pace. There was his spirited Gryffindor brat.

Just as they reached the tower, he felt Harry hold his hand just a little tighter. "It will be fine, brat." Severus encouraged, sending a wave of support to his little mate. "If it will make you feel better, you can always come find me in the dungeons after you talk to your friends. I will most likely be in my office."

Harry nodded and looked up at his mate, "Will you tell me more about this… Bond?"

"If that is what you wish, brat." Severus smirked as Harry smiled in reply.

"I like it when you call me that." Harry admitted.

"Brat? If anything, I thought you would have thrown a fit." Severus snorted.

Harry rolled his eyes, but his smile was still firmly in place. "Nope. I like it. It's something only you can call me, and I know you don't mean anything bad when you call me it."

Severus smiled and leaned down to kiss Harry's forehead softly. "You're quite right about that one… Brat."

A small blush dusted Harry's cheeks as he looked at Severus. "Go on now. I'm sure your friends have been worried about you."

Harry nodded and reluctantly let his hand fall from Severus's. Just as he was about to go to the portrait, he turned back around, ran up to Severus, and stood on his tip toes to press of soft his to the potion master's cheek.

"See you soon, Severus." Harry whispered, before biting his lip and rushing through the portrait before Severus could even react.

If anyone ever asked, Severus would always deny that the Gryffindor golden boy had made him, Severus Snape, walk to the dungeons in a daze as he fought to control the annoying butterflies in his stomach.

As Harry walked into the Gryffindor common room, he finally noticed that it was quite early in the morning; too early for any self-respecting Gryffindor to be awake on a Sunday. Quietly, Harry sent a patronus to Ron and Hermione, shocked when it took the form of a panther instead of a stag. It must be Severus's form then… A small smile spread across his lips at the thought as he sat on the sofa, staring into the fire and gathered his thoughts.

He concentrated on what he could only describe as a ball in his chest. It swirled with emotions not his own and he gently rubbed it for comfort. As if sensing his thoughts – though Severus probably just felt his nerves – he felt a wave of comfort and support from the buzzing ball near his heart.

"Harry!" he heard Hermione's voice call out in relief. Ron came down less than a second later, letting out a jaw cracking yawn. He felt more relaxed seeing his friends.

"Oh, how are you Harry? Do you feel better?" Hermione asked him, taking a seat next to him on the sofa and giving him a soft hug. Harry smiled as he got a mouthful of her bushy bed hair.

Pulling away, he nodded, "Yeah, I feel a lot better."

"I'm glad, mate. We were worried about you!" Ron said as he flopped down in the chair next to the sofa.

"What happened, Harry? All we were told was that we weren't allowed near the infirmary until everything was sorted out." Hermione asked, the curiosity burning in her eyes.

Deciding to just be blunt, Harry blurted out, "Professor Snape is a veela and I'm his mate."

"Oh, Harry! He didn't hurt you did he? Is that why you were in the infirmary for so long?" Hermione asked in concern which caused Harry to stiffen.

"Hermione, that's not poss- Oh, bloody hell, mate! You're already tapped into the power?!" Ron asked in exasperation as he fanned himself, glad he wasn't sitting next to the now roaring fireplace.

"What?" Harry asked confused. Ron sighed in relief as the temperature in the room went back to normal. "And Severus would never hurt me!" Harry defended, trying to keep his temper in check.

"I'm sorry, Harry! I didn't know…" Hermione looked over at Ron for help.

"Harry is right, Hermione. If Snape really is a veela, there's no way he'd ever hurt Harry. His instincts would never allow it." Ron turned to look over at Harry, "So I take it you're accepting of it?"

Harry nodded shyly, but replied, "Yeah… He said we didn't have to be in a romantic relationship, that we could just be friends, but I—"

"WHAT?!" Ron yelled.

"What, what?!" Harry asked in alarm.

"Harry, if you had just been friends then he would have died! A veela who finds their mates and are rejected don't live longer than a year at the most! They just… Lose the will to live." Ron looked at Harry with large, shocked eyes. Hermione had gasped in shock.

"Oh, Harry… He must really love you…" Hermione cooed.

"I'm going to hex his arse for that!" Harry growled. What in the hell was that git thinking?!

"Aw, don't be so hard on him, mate." Ron laughed.

"Why not? The git could have gotten himself bloody killed!" Harry fumed.

"Maybe he was just trying to give you a choice, Harry?" Hermione logically suggested, "After all, we know how much you sometimes feel like you never have any control. Maybe Professor Snape was just trying to make you happy by giving you a choice."

This stopped Harry and he could feel the concern coming from the Severus ball in his chest. He let his appreciation, happiness, and love flow to Severus. Hermione's reasoning made his heart swell in happiness. Severus cared more about him than Harry thought. And even though he didn't think he deserved it, it made him happy regardless.

"Wait a minute, you guys heard who I said was my might, right?" Harry asked. So far, he hadn't heard any screams of horror.

Ron and Hermione looked at each other and laughed. "Oh, Harry, we don't care! If he makes you happy, then we will support you. I thought we had this conversation?" Hermione teased, causing a blush to spread on Harry's cheeks.

"What she said, mate." Ron laughed, "Besides, at least now this gets Ginny off your back."

Harry laughed, "Yeah, at least."

Hermione just rolled her eyes, muttering under her breath, "boys."

"Harry, why do you keep rubbing your chest?" Hermione asked suddenly.

"Oh! Well, I can feel Severus's emotions. I don't really realize that I'm doing that, though. Sorry." He chuckled nervously.

"Really? That's amazing! There's never been a lot of information on the veela and their bonding!" Ron said in awe before he blushed and turned his head away.

"How did you learn so much about the veela?" Hermione asked; not even she knew half of what Ron knew on the subject. In a way, she was proud of the red head who had stolen her heart.

"Oh, well, Charlie's fiancé is a half veela." Ron shrugged it off.

"That and you are brilliant at Care of Magical Creatures, Ron." Harry said, smirking when his friend just blushed brighter.

"Yeah, yeah…" Ron mumbled.

Hermione looked at the clock and jumped up, "Oh! We had better start getting ready for the day! And don't forget, I'll check over your homework before lunch. Now hurry up, or we'll be late for breakfast!"

Harry laughed as Ron groaned and they made their way up to the dorms to do as Hermione said. Harry thought of his two friends.

Maybe, just maybe, things will be okay from now on…

"Should have known right from the start, you can't predict the end…"

Author's Note: Yes, this chapter was shorter than my other two, but I plan on having another chapter up tonight or early tomorrow morning. This story is going to have some Ginny bashing because let's face it. … I hate her. Anyway! Next chapter will contain some Harry and Severus fluff and FINALLY the confrontation with Dumbledore. Stay tuned.

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