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"Lily is off with her friends in some distant country. From her letters I know that it's very beautiful there and she's with people who care for her... She's a lot stronger then Petunia, but she still wishes you were with us..."

I paused, feeling like I was about to cry before speaking softly to the grave of a man I was once married to. "I wish you were still with us. I cannot tell you how sorry I am. But I am sorry that I couldn't tell you the truth before you died. You deserved so much more then me. But you still loved me..."

It was at that moment that I felt something, a feeling so intense that I shivered. It felt as if my very instinct was warning me, screaming at me, like if my body knew it was a matter of life and death. I whirled around and stared into the dazed eyes of the old caretaker of the cemetery. I could feel my heart beating through my skin and hear its drum like rhythm inside of my head. I tried to back away when I finally noticed an ordinary kitchen knife in his raised hand.

He looked like a puppet without strings; he swayed slightly before bringing down his arm. I backed away as much as I could, only to slam hard against the headstone behind me.

I heard a scream behind me as I myself gasped for air when the knife struck my abdomen. Tears ran down my face when the image of my baby flashed in front of my eyes. My baby... The thought of my unborn child kept running through my mind. I could envision everything that could have happened, but never would. I could almost see the lovely nursery that I had already prepared. I could almost hear the sweet melody emanating from the spinning mobile. I could almost touch the soft blanket inside the crib, the color of fresh snow.

Another gasp escaped my lips when the knife cut through the side of my face. I thought of Petunia, my poor girl, my darling orphan... I don't want to the cause of your pain... I'm so sorry... Can you ever forgive me?

The knife ran down my arm, slicing through my veins easily... so much blood... Please don't cry, Lily. It breaks my heart to see you cry... You are what kept me going in life... You are what gave me hope...

The final blow was struck at the side of my neck, just above my collarbone. I thought of Tom as I slumped sideways off the headstone, never removing my tear stained eyes from the caretaker. I watched as he stabbed himself and drew the knife across his stomach. His eyes stayed still, his hand was limp as it cut through his major organs easily.

I heard sirens in the distance and voices coming towards me. I hugged my bloody form with one arm and clutched my throat with my free hand. I sobbed silently, as the caretaker fell backwards, out of relief and confusion.

I lay on the ground and barely acknowledging that there were people around me now. I could hear music, but I believe that it was all in my head because I could see someone yelling at me to keep me awake. But I couldn't hear them, the music was getting louder, I could hear the piano keys being stroked by expert fingers. I stared at the clouds above me. I could see them moving, as if the world was sped up and I lay perfectly still. My vision blurred, it became harder to breathe. The pain was unbearable, and through it all I could still hear the soft playing of a piano.

'Tom where are you?'

The world dimmed around me, the clouds stopped moving, and the music stopped playing.

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