This is part of the first chapter of Chosen.

I will be posting the rest soon :)

Stiles hadn't seen Derek in weeks. He didn't have the sourwolfs number nor did he know if it was his place to call. Derek had been... Avoiding him.

It was subtle, of coarse, but it was there. He noticed how during their last pack meeting, Derek's body couldn't sit still. He was either sitting, bouncing his knee up and down or pacing the room avoiding Stiles' gaze.

And Stiles? He was beyond confused. This wolf talked about how "He was Stiles' mate" and "Could never look at anyone else ever again" but where was he? Stiles tried to let it slide. Maybe Derek would man up and talk to him first.

It wasn't until Stiles had a conversation with Lydia and Allison that Stiles realized he need to make the first move.

"You haven't what?" Lydia asked almost chocking on the big sip of Diet Coke she had just taken in. Allison and her both stared with looks of horror on their face.

"You haven't spoken in almost an entire month?" Allison asked for Lydia who kept the intense stare. The librarian shot them a look at the sudden increase in volume.

"A month isn't really that long." Stiles protested. Lydia rolled her eyes. Stiles didn't see what the big deal was. He hadn't spoken to may people in over a month. Like the one kid who brought donuts into History a while back. What was his name again?

"One month is a very long time Stiles. Its enough time for Jackson to be back and attending school with his new mate." Lydia whispered not wanting to upset the lady behind the desk. She could be the devil reincarnated sometimes.

Oh, right. Stiles had forgotten about Jackson. After he left Stiles alone with the sex-crazed werewolf (which he was still made at Jackson for doing), he apparently took Stiles up on the offer to go to the strip club. Only, on his way over there, he ran into Danny. And, he not having a mate plus waited too long after the matting moon equils... Jackson just claimed him then and there.

That would suck. At least Derek had the courtesy of claiming him in a bed.

But now, less then a month later, Jackson and Danny were a couple.

"Come one, that's... Danny." Stiles groaned. He didn't want to have this conversation with either of them at the moment. Actually, he wanted to get back to doing his English paper.

"So what? Danny is happy with Jackson. You should be happy with Derek." Allison reached across the table and put her hands over his. Her hands were cold and sent an odd shiver up his spine. Like they weren't meant to be there. He had to restrain from pulling away.

"Go talk to him." She told him and he nodded. Lydia then shot him a look that could kill, but Stiles dodged it as he jogged out of the library.

But yet, here Derek was, avoiding Stiles. It was another pack meeting. This time Jackson and Danny were there. Derek gave Jackson permission to be apart of the pack and now Danny knows... Everything.

"Spring break is soon and I was thinking of going back to London for the week. Would you want to come with?" Jackson was in the middle of proposing his idea to Danny. Danny's face turned fifty shades of red before he nodded his head, refusing to look anyone else in the eye. Stiles took note of the pained expression Derek had on his face. It mimicked his own.

He was happy for them, he really was. But, he wanted that happiness. He shouldn't envy what another couple had but that was what bothered Stiles. Derek and him weren't even a couple. And Stiles sure as hell wanted to be one. So what was the hold up?

Right. The fact Derek refuses to speak to him.

The meeting ended not soon after Scott had resorted to- "Nice weather we're having, huh?" after Jackson and Danny started having a make out session in the corner of the room. Derek started corralling the pack to leave.

"Derek." Stiles was the last one left after the rest of the pack emptied out of the apartment. Stiles stayed because he decided it was time to settle the unwanted tension between the two. He would take Lydia and Allison's word and hope this goes well. "Can we talk?"

Derek's eyes locked with Stiles' for the first time in what seemed like eternity. He missed looking at Derek. Really looking at him and noticing his features: The expressions Derek make when he's thinking and how his eyebrows knitted together. How his jaw gets tight whenever he is might be biting the inside of his mouth and in the process his jaw going forward slightly. How his eye soften when he looks at Stiles. How his nostrils flare when he can smell the subtle hint of arousal on the boy. The barely noticeable flash of red in his eyes before he blinks it away, covering it with a fake facade the he thinks will convince Stiles otherwise.

"About what?" Derek replied. The tone Derek used made it sound like it wasn't a question at all. Like he was answering an unasked question that wasn't meant to have an answer.

"Uh, you know. The thing." Stiles needed to be direct, otherwise this conversation would be going nowhere. But he couldn't seem to quite ask what he wanted to...

"The thing?" Derek asked after a few seconds to fill the awkward sound of the stairs creaking from neighbors moving about. Did Derek even have neighbors?

"Yep." Stiles popped the P and Derek widened his eyes in slight surprise. He clearly wasn't expecting Stiles to be so... Well, Stiles today. "That thing. About us. And the mating. That one"

"There's nothing to talk about." Derek was about to turn around and brush Stiles off like there was truly nothing to talk about, but Stiles reached out and grabbed his arm. Jesus, it was like grabbing granite!

Derek immediately snacked his arm away and his eyes flashed red. His hands were fists next to his side and his body visibly shaking.

"Leave." Derek's voice was deep and intimidating but Stiles held his ground.

"No. Derek, we need to talk. We haven't talked since, well, the.. Uh, other thing. The thing I know you are aware of. The sex, yeah. I said it. Just, please... Please listen to me-"

"I don't want to hurt you." Stiles was taken back by Derek's comment. He couldn't take his eyes away. Was he serious? Derek was afraid of hurting Stiles?

"You won't hurt me." Stiles knew Derek wouldn't hurt him but the fact Derek was worried about him... It made Stiles happy. Derek was being all weird because he himself was afraid of getting hurt.

"Yes I will, Stiles. You don't know me-" Derek's eyes remained locked with Stiles'. His eyes had softened from before but something was buried underneath them. Something Derek was trying to hide.

Anger rose inside of Stiles. He didn't know Derek?

"Bullshit." Stiles let out a small laugh. "You haven't hurt me yet and I have saved your ass on multiple occasions. Remember when you had me ALMOST chop off your arm? Because I do. And I was petrified then. Hell, I still am now. There was also that time when the Kanima paralyzed you and I had to spend hours in the water holding you up? Jesus, you weighed a ton. Ha, Remember when Matt paralyzed both of us? I do. And I wouldn't think for a split second that you would hurt me. That's the last thing on my mind. I'm just surprised you even choose me."

Derek didn't say anything at first. He stood there staring at Stiles. Watching him. He knew Stiles wasn't lying because of his voice. Derek would be able to hear if Stiles was lying but he made sure that even if his hand were shaking from his nervousness, his voice was not. Stiles kept talking.

"Sorry, okay? I haven't exactly told you anything and I guess that my fault, but... I-I like you." Stiles sighed. Those words were weighing down on him. It felt amazing to say them out loud. "Yep. That's it. So, I guess I'll go now. Thanks for putting up with me for these past few weeks. If you don't wanna see me, I get it. I'll see myself out."

Stiles was suddenly over come by sadness. He had been rejected many times by numerous girls but this was completely different. This was his first time giving his body to someone and having them reject it. He might not of been consciously giving 110% into this "relationship" (If you can call it that) but he was trying too. He wanted to. He wanted someone to be able to call his.

He swallowed hard and turned to face the door.

Stiles, you are a man who will not cry. Will not cry. Will NOT cry. Ha, If you're dad could see you right now... Then again he would probably kill Derek so best if he didn't see you right now.

Stiles could feel the tears threatening to fall from his eyes. But before he could dwell too much on that, Derek's mouth was on his. Stiles breath was completely taken away. His eyes were wide and his body tight. He did know what to do. He stood there as Derek held his place. One hand wrapped around his wrist and the other around his cheek. His hands were big and slightly sweaty. They were shaking. But the felt so right. When Allison had touched him when they were in the library, it felt wrong. But this, this felt perfect.

Derek pulled back and rested his head into Stiles neck. Stiles was pushed back against the door to support the sudden weight of Derek leaning on him.

"Don't" Derek mumbled. Don't? What was this crazywolf thinking? "It's my fault. I'm pushing you into this. You don't need to make things up-"

"Am I making this up? Am I making up everything that has happened between us? All of the pain, heartbreak, grief, anger... Love? No. I am not." Stiles could laugh. Laugh at everything he had been through compared to a normal teenage boy. But he didn't want to be normal.

Derek rubbed his head into Stiles as he took a deep breath. "Friday. I'll pick you up Friday and take you somewhere."

"Ha, like a date or something?" Stiles voice came out a little shakier than he would have liked. There was no way Derek was thinking a date.

"Exactly like a date."