Author's Note: So, yeah...I had always planned on finishing this, but's been too long and I feel like nobody would give two shits if I ever did finish it. Usually, I wouldn't care about something like that, but at the end of the day, this story hurts too bad. I was writing this when I heard my father fall to the ground and it was the last thing I was doing before I watched him die in front of me. Whenever I try to write for this story, I return to that place where I was and it's like reliving it all over again. So, I am effectively ending this story.

I want to say, from the bottom of my heart, that I am sorry to all those that invested in this story. To all the amazing tributes that didn't live in this story, that were never even used. Each one of them were special to me, as they were my first ever SYOT characters. All twenty-four of you are amazing for even taking a chance on this.

That being said, I wouldn't hold it against you if you don't submit to me in the future. I completely understand. However, I want to give another one of these a try and the prologue for that should be going up very soon. However, I couldn't do that without giving this story the much needed closure that it deserves. I do want to let you all know that I am making this story a part of my "Forgive the Children We Once Were" universe, so when the 54th Chapter rolls around, expect to see this one, complete with winner. I am also leaving this on my page because I want to learn from my past, rather than delete it and pretend that it never happened. Same with the blog, it's staying up. Eventually I shall update it, just not sure when. Probably soon.


Careers - Obsidian Lockett (leader), Versace LaGore, Ryder Rhodes, Arianne Haskell, Opheus Kallikrates, Micky Holder.

Anti-Careers - Isley Fontain (leader), Irene Holleran, Noely Eugenie, Lyle Ostero, Jarvis "Jalyssa" Sprence.

Alliance One - Tarquin Derrein, Colliery Oread, Chester Quaid.

Alliance Two - Elvira Amaro, Leila Siavash.

Alliance Three - Dicky Howett, Taurus Betail.

Alliance Four - Elias Auberon, Illana Tivka.

Alliance Five - Verity Laraine, Tobias Mycroft.

Loners - Tesla Farlane, Hypatia Dawson.

Now, the placements!

Twenty-four tributes, separated by district partner, were filed into two identical Hover Crafts on the morning of the bloodbath. Each injected with a tracker, each eager to see what horrors awaited them. Everything seemed...normal about the flight, or, as normal a flight to your death should be. That is, until lights began to flash inside the ride and the once smooth journey became jerky. The engines sputtered, their screams filled the air as the hovercrafts plummeted from the sky and smashed through an eerie forest, landing not far from each other. There is no Cornucopia, there are no weapons with the exceptions of a few hidden in the trees above them, and they find a few bags have fallen out of the back of the wreckage.

The arena is a Survivalist Forest.


Twenty-Four: Tarquin Derrein, District Eleven Male.

Killed by: Gamemaker's Trap.

Kills: 0

As the tributes began to make their way out of the wreckage, unsure of what to make of it. Is this the arena? Was it staged or a real accident? Tarquin, the last to exit the second hovercraft was shocked to see that some parts of their transportation were working. Getting a little too close to the propellers and trips, being sucked into it and comes out of the back in pieces.

There was little to bring home to his parents, whom refused his casket regardless. District Eleven was hardly moved by his death, believing it karma for the fire he caused. Chaff even found himself smiling, his sister was getting the justice she deserved. What they all didn't know was that the fire was far from his fault, but instead that of a Peacekeeper and a carelessly tossed match. He let the walking blunder that was Tarquin take the blame for it, never once feeling ashamed over turning the poor boy into a district pariah. Tarquin would never get rest.

Tarquin's death started a frenzy. Everyone that remained realized that this was, in fact, the actual arena, and thus, the real Bloodbath began.

Twenty-Three: Noely Eugenie, District Seven Female.

Killed by: Ryder Rhodes.

Kills: 0

The first official kill of the games went to the rugged boy from Two. As Noely stumbled around, looking for her alliance that was all on the first Hovercraft and traumatized by Tarquin bloody death, Ryder was on her quickly. With a nearby rock in hand, he ran up behind her and struck her in the head, beating it into her as chaos ruled around them. Noely bled out as others in her alliance fell around her.

Emmylou Eugenie took Noely's death the hardest of them all. She never took the time to learn about her only daughter, she didn't even know her favorite color or whom her friends were. She was so caught up in her own world that she failed to see the world pass her by. The family mourned, but not for too long. There was too much left to still do. However, they all found ways of making her death easier, especially little Junior. Hellbent on revenge against District Two, he volunteered for the 57th Hunger Games and never returned. His sister smacked him when he joined her on the other side and together, they watched over their family.

Twenty-Two: Illana Tivka, District Twelve Female.

Killed by: Tesla Farlane.

Kills: 0

Elias searched through the hell that was erupting around for the girl he managed to make a connection with, but came up empty. What he didn't see was that Tesla was on a mission and saw Illana as a threat to her perceived alliance and relationship with the boy she taunted through the Capitol. As much as Illana fought, Tesla had a strength to her no one knew she had. Illana was tossed to the ground, her head smashed repeatedly into the hard ground until there was nothing left. When Elias finally found her, it was too late and Tesla was gone, leaving her District Partner wondering who would kill such an innocent, forgetful girl?

The Tivka family was never the same after the accident that caused their daughter's condition and her brutal death, so like her accident just a few years ago, broke them. Camina never truly left her rocker in the corner, her knitting needles never far from reach. Without her daughter, she could never leave her feeble state. Aryan refused to let the District he always felt so superior to see him crumble, so he held it together enough to bury his only daughter in a grave not far from home and he made sure it was maintained until his dying day. Illana would never see Casper, her only friend, work himself to death in the minds. And her family would never know that she was laid to rest with all of her notes still written on her body.

Twenty-One: Elvira Amaro, District Nine Female.

Killed by: Versace LaGore.

Kills: 0

Versace, desperate to prove herself the top Career of the game, quickly pounced on the smaller girl, tackling her to the ground and knocking the wind out of her. As her alliance member, the smaller Leila Siavash watched in horror, Versace stuck the girl over and over again, like a tiger playing with her meal. However, Leila wasn't able to watch for long as she was pulled from behind into the woods...never to see her friend's bloodied face, never to see the competitive, mean-spirited girl snap the neck of the girl she thought to be so close to her. She would never know that Elvira planned to do that to her all along.

When Elvira's name was called, the District scratched their heads. Who was the little girl, youngest of three sisters, that lived in a rundown shack on the outskirts of the District? Her face looked familiar, something that stuck out slightly when items went missing, but she was far too innocent a girl to be a thief. Then they recall her mother, the woman that turn to religion to forgive the sins she committed with the men in town, the men that gave her the daughters she so desperately needed to provide for. None of them knew which of them was the father of the little girl lost so early, few felt guilty, knowing they had slept with Carlotta Amaro in the past. None of them would know the truth. The Amaros mourned for their lost sister and daughter, meals were skipped, but eventually they moved on. But Carlotta lost her faith, Duenna lost her jovial self, and Esperanza lost her bite. Elvira would watch her family change with tears in her eyes.

Twenty: Isley Fontain, District Eleven Female.

Killed by: Dicky Howett.

Kills: 0

Dicky Howett, the observant monster that was, discovered the weapons that were hidden in the trees. With a boast up the tree from Taurus, Dicky was up and flying, getting is pick of the hidden weapons and going with a nice, pointy spear to start the games off with. He also discovered a bag filled with goodies he would use for later. Below him, Isley was finished fighting off a feisty, but weaker Arianne and chased the girl off to her fellow Careers. As she gathered together her own gang, they were shocked to see a spear flying from the hidden canopy of the trees and pierced through her stomach, splattering Jarvis with blood and ending the girl everyone had high hopes for.

The girl had guts, District Eleven knew that. She was also a few apples short of a tree, but if they were to put their money on anyone, it would have been her. The girl always had a plan, a way to get out of trouble, still holding the bag, so to speak. If anyone could take another Anti-Career pack to the finales, it would be her. Instead, she was the official end of the Bloodbath, her death anti-climatic. Amaethon Fontain, her adoring adopted father, broken and alone, left the family for small while, unable to look at the siblings that looked so much like her. Grandmother Aquinnah, a relic of the days before The Hunger Games, suffered a heart attack she would never fully recover from. Eventually, her family would move on in honor of Isley and no one else would be Reaped. Isley was happy about that in the afterlife.


Nineteen: Leila Siavash, District Six Female.

Killed by: Hypatia Dawson.

Kills: 0

Hypatia had been watching the pair from Six and Nine, envying their alliance and a hatred festered inside of her. As the world spiraled around her, Hypatia saw her chance and snatched the younger girl from behind, pulling her into the forest. She wished she had a scalpel, but instead settled for a sharpened rock and went to work on her first live experiment. She noticed early on that the girl from Six felt no pain, as she watched her cut herself at the knives station and not so much as flinch. From that point on, she knew she must have her. As the smaller girl, not even a hundred pounds, squirmed, Hypatia cut into her skin. Some smaller, the blood runny and wet, much like a broken egg; the others deeper, ready to leave a scar. Leila mouth, stuffed with leaves, could only make out muffled screams, but none of them were of pain. If she wasn't interrupted, she might have found out what made Leila Siavash tick.

District Six watched in horror as Leila was tortured and her parents wept as she slowly bled to death. Albin and Vesa had spent the last fourteen years protecting their daughter from the world around her, past the point of overbearing, and all of it was for nothing. She was gone, nothing would bring her back. Axel Cormac, heartbroken over the way his tribute was killed, offered to pay for a proper funeral, but the Siavash's refused, deciding to cremate her instead. Her ashes watched over the family as they struggled to move on, sans for two small jars that were given to the two people closest to her, Eugenia and Lester. Soon, their separate jars would be joined as one as the pair bonded over their pain. Together, they would bring a little girl into the world that they would name in honor of their fallen friend.

Eighteen: Hypatia Dawson, District Eight Female.

Killed by: Jarvis "Jalyssa" Sprence.

Kills: 1

Separated from his dwindling alliance, Jarvis wandered around the forest and soon found himself back at the beginning. The Gamemakers didn't even bother to gather the bodies of the fallen and he puked at the sight of Isley and Noely, the two girls that fully accepted him, no questions asked. He pulled the spear from his fallen friend, vowing to get revenge on those that killed without remorse. It was then that he heard the muffled screams of Leila and stumbled upon his District Partner, playing with the girl from Six as though she was nothing more than a doll. A fight ensued, but Hypatia was no match for Jarvis as the sound of Leila's cannon sends him into a fury. District Eight watched in horror as the one they pegged as nothing more than a sad bloodbath victim speared their other tribute to a tree, leaving her to suffer as she did Leila. After her cannon sounded, Jarvis tearfully pulled the spear out of her body and moved on, never looking back.

Doubted the forgotten daughter of local surgeon Aristarchus, the District spoke of Hypatia in hushed tones. Her scars told a story, but not the tale the girl wanted those to know. They pegged her as suicidal, living in the shadows of her beautiful, beloved siblings. What they didn't see was a girl so eager to follow in her father's footsteps, the girl that stitched herself up to perfect what she saw as her future trade. Her mother refused her body when her casket was sent, as she is too busy to deal with such an ugly task as planning a funeral. Her siblings turn a blind eye to it, eager to forget that such a stain could have befell their perfect family. The burial falls to Aristarchus, who is the only person to mourn the death of the curious girl. He knows that she would have made him proud one day and the guilt eats away at him everyday.


The Careers, still not functioning as a unit, continue to work as separate groups; Versace and Obsidian as a District pair, while the others seemed to split from their Partner, with Arianne and Orpheus getting together, while Ryder and Micky continue their friendship. Versace, using her kill at the Bloodbath to assert her dominance over the group, found herself not winning any friends. Orpheus and Arianne plot against the pack.

Dicky and Taurus make their way towards the riverbank and clench their thirst, before opening up Dicky's pack and getting to work. Crudely made explosives emerge and Taurus regrets teaming up with the sociopath. Dicky rubs his kill in his ally's face.

Verity and Tobias meet up and make their way around the arena. Tobias, injured from a fight against Obsidian, becomes a burden on Verity and he knows it. Guilt starts to burn a hole in their alliance.

Irene and Lyle, together since the Bloodbath, search for Jarvis, as well as food.

Colliery and Chester mourn their friend and stumble upon fox mutts, which drive them in the direction of The Careers, but manage to avoid them.

Elias hides out in the smaller trees, blaming himself fro Illana's death. Tesla stalks him.

Jarvis wrestles with the guilt of his first kill.


Seventeen: Versace LaGore, District One Female.

Killed by: Arianne Haskell.

Kills: 1

By Day Three, the Careers were barely speaking to each other. Unknown to the others, Arianne had been fashioning a sloppily made bow out of items found scattered about and Orpheus, who had spent a lot of time in the edible leaf section, had shown her how to make effective poisons from the berries scattered about. A makeshift arrow was dipped in dark purple goo made from berries, and the two waiting for the perfect time to defect. That came in the form of finding Irene and Lyle as they fed on a package of jerky sent to them by sponsors. Whether due to her poor bow-making skills or to her less than stellar aim, Arianne managed to plunge an arrow into the neck of Versace, as she aimed for the head of Irene, whom was five feet away. Even if the arrow had been placed in the hand or leg, the poison would have ended her.

Versace was never a well-liked girl; most saw her as too competitive and bossy, others saw her as down-right annoying. Obsidian saw through it, knowing her to be a well-trained and aggressive Career, one that should have gone further. He also saw the broken girl inside, the one that her mother never truly wanted and tried so hard to be loved. Charm LaGore only saw the reason she would never get to Volunteer for eternal glory and seeing her daughter fail at that pushed her over the edge. She pushed her son, Divines to Volunteer and lost him the following year. Her husband Adamas would never forgive her. As per tradition, Versace's ashes were scattered on Training Yard at Beaumont Training Academy with no one but Obsidian to watch. Her so-called friends couldn't even be bothered to attend. Versace would go on to haunt the mother she tried so hard to please.

Sixteen: Irene Holleran, District Ten Female.

Killed by: Fall onto rocks.

Kills: 0

In the confusion of Versace's unexpected death, Irene and Lyle attempted to slip out, going in the opposite direction of Orpheus and Arianne, who saw their opening and went for it. Hand in hand, the pair ran, their faces sliced by branches as the Careers, now a trio, nip at their heels. As hovercrafts collect the body of Versace, Obsidian and the pack corner the pair at a cliff. On one side, it was three trained killers, while the other was a thirty foot drop at least...and with hands still clasped together, they took the leap of faith. Lyle was lucky; his body missed the jagged rocks and floated down the river, his head just enough above water to survive. Irene, however, wasn't so lucky. Her body hit the rocks in a sickening pose, her eyes wide. Micky threw up bile against a tree as the boys turned away. As her cannon sounds, Dono - her stuffed dog - falls from her pocket and floats away.

In the wake of her little sister's death, Liesel Holleran returned home and told her family the truth about her employment...that she had been working in a slaughterhouse with a group of friends. The family embraced her, afraid of losing another child. The family moved on as best the could, with Liesel taking over their new store, which was promptly named after the sister she loved. Younger brother Noah became even more emotionally distant; he would never be able to mend the tattered and emotional relationship he had with his big sister. Angus and Selma mourned their daughter, blaming themselves for the way things turned out. They buried Irene next to her beloved grandmother and the two were together again once more...which Irene has wanted desperately since she was nine years old.

Fifteen: Tobias Mycroft, District Seven Male.

Killed by: Fox Mutts.

Kills: 0

The forest was endless, or at least it seemed that way for Tobias and Verity. The pair went in the opposite direction of most others and ended up further and further away from the main water source. Hunger and thirst began to take over, which didn't help the wounds that Tobias suffered at the hands of the Career. Verity was able to sharpen down rocks to make a knife for each of them and the pair carried on. Soon, they realized that must have been boring to the Capitol, as they found themselves face to face with the same Fox Mutts that ran Chester and Colliery towards danger. This time, they were out to kill. Knowing that between his injuries and his heroic fatal flaw, he distracted the Fox Mutts long enough for Verity to make her escape. The mutts didn't take it easy on him and he died a painful, yet heroic, death.

Unlike most tributes, Tobias didn't have a true family to mourn his loss. Some of the foster homes he had lived in mourned his loss, while others had forgotten whom he was. It was his long-term friends that gave him a burial, underneath a tree in Rosalyn Pine's backyard. He never got to travel the district like he always wanted, and he never got to tell Rosalyn his feelings for her. Verity reminded him so much of what he was missing, but it was never as good as the real thing. Rosalyn never got to tell him that the feelings were mutual and that she didn't blame him for following the attractive girl around the arena.


Fourteen: Arianne Haskell, District Two Female.

Killed by: Obsidian Lockett.

Kills: 1

Despite having what they thought to be a solid inner alliance, Arianne found herself annoyed by Orpheus' know-it-all behavior and constant advances. At first she played to his advances, stringing the little horndog along, if only to advance further in the games. But she quickly learned that he was never going to stop and tried keeping him at arms-length. Still, she took the food he was able to rustle up. This, plus running back into the very people she betrayed. Unknown to Arianne, Orpheus had been lacing her food with berries he knew to be poisonous and the toxins made her sluggish. As Orpheus made a break for it, Obsidian got his revenge for Versace and struck her down with a makeshift spear, earning him the first big sponsor gift...the Monk's Spade he has spent most of his training time perfecting.

Regal Haskell, broken by the death of his beloved daughter, closed down the perfume store that made him famous and wealthy. He eventually joined his late wife and daughter, which is all he had ever wanted. Glim, the friend she treated as her own personal lapdog, move on quickly and never bothered to mourn the girl she called a friend...instead, she found herself quickly engaged to Arianne's ex boyfriend, the one that Arianne herself tried to make jealous by playing up to Orpheus' flirtatious ways. Belle Haskell used her bitterness over her father's abandonment and anger over her sister stealing her thunder to train harder and better than before and when the time came for the 57th Hunger Games, she volunteered herself at age eighteen and came out a winner. At least one good thing came from the Haskell name.

Thirteen: Dicky Howett, District Six Male.

Killed by: Taurus Betail.

Kills: 2

The more verbal abuse that Dicky spilled, the more it ate Taurus up inside. The boy knew that much like at home, he was following down a path that would leave him dead inside...if not dead overall. It ate away at him, over and over again, until finally he snapped. After leaving behind a few, nicely placed bomb traps, Taurus started a fight with the younger boy, which escalated in front of the cameras. Dicky could only laugh as the older boy stood his ground, refusing to be his puppet. This drove Taurus into a rage and he tackled the boy into a tree and slammed his head into the trunk until the laughter stopped. However, it was followed by a sound worse than his maniacal laughter - his cannon. And now Taurus was all alone.

Even though she knew the odds were never in a thirteen year old's favor, Maebelle believed she would see her little brother again some day. She had always overlooked his antics, despite being on a first name basis with the local Peacekeepers because of the stunts her brother pulled, and believed him to be a good kid under all of it. She couldn't have been more wrong and her youngest sisters, Heimy and Poppy, always saw him for the twisted little bastard that he was. Rydon Bentley made sure to escort his coffin to his sister Maebelle and became her main source of comfort. Dicky was just happen to go out the same kid he always was and placed at unlucky number thirteen. His mother, addicted to morphling, would join him a few months later, ending his joy.

Twelve: Ryder Rhodes, District Two Male.

Killed by: Dicky Howett.

Kills: 1

Day Four was a bad one for the remaining Careers. Hunger wasn't something they were used to and a nastiness came with those hunger pains. Berries weren't cutting it, neither were the water bottles gifted to them through sponsors. This drove a wedge between the three of them, leaving them to decide to split up, as to not let their hunger turn them against each other. By night fall, the three had put half a mile between them, promising not to attack the other until the finale. Staggering, hungry and alone, he found himself further away from a water source. In his haste, he found himself tripping over one of Dicky's bombs, ending District Two's chances for a winner.

Gloria mourned for the boy she saw as a son and no other child would mean as much to her as he did. Victory, young and already facing so much loss in her life, took his death hard. In his last acts before the games, Ryder had entered the girl into the Bastille Training Center and she took to it like a champ - like Ryder. While she was never picked to join, she joined past victors in training the next generation. Brutus would forever see every kid his trained as Ryder...and it drove him to be a better mentor.


Orpheus finds Micky, pleading with her to join once again - in the interest of District camaraderie - and she reluctantly agreed. Regrets it right away. The pair ends up doubling back and end up back at the crash site. With a boost from Orpheus, she was able to climb up the tree and secure a weapon each, as well as a bag of food that Orpheus insists on keeping a hold of.

Verity find Lyle washed up on the banks of the river, shaken up but alive. They team up and follow the river.

Colliery and Chester rest, nursing fox mutt wounds, get an empty water bottle each from a sponsor.

Jarvis finds a cave and starts exploring.

Elias manages to shake Tesla without even knowing it, Tesla makes her way towards the mountainside. She gets into a tussle with bird mutts, comes out bloody, but OK.

Obsidian wanders around a bit more.


Micky starts getting sick. Orpheus gets more touchy.

Jarvis finds infected bats, fights them off.

Lyle admits his big secret to Verity.

Taurus wrestles with guilt and hunger.


Eleven: Lyle Ostero, District Five Male.

Killed by: Falling Trees.

Kills: 0

Lyle's secret revealed the disruption at his Reaping; he went in place of his twin brother, the real Lyle. Retro Ostero, the reluctant twin, knew his family would be in debt up to their eyeballs without Lyle's job and sacrificed himself for the good of the family. The Capitol swooned; who doesn't like a feel good story of family? President Snow saw it as a black eye; how could something like this get past them? Gamemaker's saw an opportunity and took it, in the form of falling trees. The pair bolted, but the trees followed them like a row of dominoes. Retro, in one last heroic act, shoved Verity to the side and took the brunt of the falling pine tree. He died the hero his District knew he was.

Retro Ostero's death caused an uproar in District Five...there was no way his death was a mere accident, not after his confession the night before. Peacekeeper Romulus, the same Peacekeeper that failed to stop the twins from switching places, fell during the riots and some felt it was a set up. Lyle never forgave himself for allowing Retro to take his place and it considerably affected his work. Thankfully, he had angel looking out for him and their mother Hettie's medical bills were paid off by an anonymous person in the name of Retro. Many suspected Ion Finch, but he would never tell.

Ten: Orpheus Killikrates, District Four Male.

Killed by: Micky Holder.

Kills: 0

Orpheus believed himself the smartest guy in the room and in some ways, he was. Arianne never saw that he was poisoning her from the very beginning, even back in the Training Center. He promised her fame and glory, turning her against the others as he saw them as threats to her whims. He showed her how to poison her arrows, but she never saw him adding those same berries to her food until it was too late - until he wanted her to see it. Micky saw him for what he was; a manipulative boy that was not nearly as smart and charming as he was and that was his downfall. She caught him trying to kill her in her sleep and she took him out, simple as that. No one back home would fault the girl fro defending herself, not even against her own District Partner.

His mother and father prayed for him as he walked up to volunteer and they kept praying for him while he was in the Capitol. After they watched him poison the blonde tramp he was aligned with, the could no longer overlook their son's vile, sinful ways. They rejected his body when the coffin came, making the Capitol take it back and deal with him. Many people shed tears for the boy they once spent the night with and longed to hear him play his flute once more. One of those women, Rainia Cresta, sat with swollen belly, her mouth split with a slight smile...he would never get a hold of the daughter she carried of his.

Nine: Taurus Betail, District Ten Male.

Killed by: Tesla Farlane.

Kills: 1

The poor follower from District Ten never had a chance after bumping off his ally Dicky. Hunger and the cold nights got to the boy, used to solid meals and a warmer climate. Feelings of guilt and the pains of starvation, Taurus wandered through the dense forest, finding his way towards the mountainside, feasted on whatever edible plants and berries he could find. As he rested against a tree, ready to call it a night, he suffered a blitz attack from a blonde opponent and never recovered. Tesla walked away from the attack, tossing a bloodied rock aside as she casually walked away as his cannon sounded.

Erik Betail screamed until he was hoarse as the sound of his son's cannon echoed around him. First his wife was taken from him all those years ago, left to die by some unknown assailant and now his only connection to her was gone as well. While disappointed in the choices of friends Taurus chose to surround himself in, he loved his son and was forever proud of him, even after he murdered the smaller boy from Six. His so-called friends - Sebastian, Cade, Alec, and Lioel - quickly forgot about the younger prankster after he was Reaped, but that was not the end of them. The group was picked up for their prank gone wrong, in the form of a girl named Cadence, left paralyzed by their antics. As his coffin made its way to his father's door, Peacekeepers were on their way to get them.

Eight: Colliery Oread, District Twelve Male.

Killed by: Elias Auberon.

Kills: 0

Colliery and Chester couldn't have had worse luck in the games. First, they lost their friend and ally and in such a brutal way. Then the starvation and fox mutts, it seemed as if the arena was just out to get them. And yet, they continued on. Destined for the bloodbath, they made it to the Top Fifteen and then the Top Ten. But before The Capitol could dispatch the reporters to District Twelve to see what makes Colliery tick, he was struck down. Elias, paranoid by the feeling of being followed and driven past his breaking point by starvation and guilt over losing Illana so early on, attacked the pair believing them to be the stalkers. Elias was able to knock out Chester, leaving the pacifist boy to suffer, he turned his sights on Colliery. The boys went at it, trading blows and tussling around until Colliery was shoved hard and he tripped over an exposed tree root, landing hard on a rock. He was killed instantly, his neck snapping on that rock. Elias fled the scene, believing Chester to also be dead.

Colliery Oread was never expected to win, but The Seam couldn't help but get their hopes up as the beloved boy kept beating the odds. Montus and Alta Oread even believed that their son could make it home and it hurt that much more when his cannon sounded. The Seam wept together, coming together as a family for the first time in a long while. Nathalie Gutierrez, his best friend, spoke at his packed funeral, telling all of her friends good nature and love of life. His girlfriend, Ember Rothman mourned the hardest of them all, despite their short time together. Much to Colliery's dismay, she would join him a year later, victim of the Bloodbath at the hands of the victor. The Games tore them apart, but they were reunited in the afterlife.

Seven: Verity Laraine, District Five Female.

Killed by: Injuries/Infection.

Kills: 0

Verity was reluctant to team up with anyone, knowing that in order for her to win, they would have to eventually die. Tobias Mycroft broke that down, showing her that you could become allies without hoping for the others death. Instead, it hurt her in another way; he would end up sacrificing himself to save her from the fox mutations the Capitol had sent their way. As if that wasn't enough, she found herself days later dodging falling trees with her District Partner before he pushed her out of the way and was crushed by a falling pine. This, along with hunger, ate away at Verity, who was injured in the trap that killed Retro. Her leg, sliced open by a tree limb, was a deeper cut than the girl could see, and it caused her ample amounts of pain as she drug herself around the forest. Soon, she found herself resting alongside a fallen tree and never woke back up. The slice on her leg had turned green under the leaves she used to over it, which lead to the fever that caused her to become so sluggish to begin with. While suffering so much in the arena, she went out with barely a whimper.

Verity's parents, Kester and Liane Laraine, barely knew the daughter that was taken away from them, as they had spent all their time working to put food on the table. They barely wept, as they honestly didn't know much about the girl other than she was given a peaceful way to die in a place ready to rip you limb from limb. Her neighbors, paid by her parents to look after her since she was young, mourned more of the girl than the Laraine's did. Sisters Naia and Isabelle cried for hours at time, unable to cope with the girl they saw as their own blood. Kester, knowing what it would mean to Verity, let her friends plan her funeral completely, even the type of flowers placed in her hands before she was burned at the crematorium and even allowed them to keep a bulk of the girl's ashes. Verity would forgive her parents in the afterlife, knowing they suffered to give her everything she needed in life.

Six: Elias Auberon, District Three Male.

Killed by Tesla Farlane.

Kills: 1

It wasn't long before Elias came face to face with the one that had been stalking him, turning his mind against him and making him paranoid of every shadow. Tesla made her presence known after the cannon of Verity sounded, jumping from the branches of a tree and hitting the ground right in front of him as he walked silently. She confessed to murdering Illana, blaming her death on him as she was jealous of how well the pair got along and how she was felt left behind. Elias defended himself, getting the better of the girl a few times until she pulled out her sponsor gift, a simple knife, and the fight was over. She slashed wildly at him, catching him several times in the chest. As Elias fell down in pain, she pounced, driving the knife into his throat, sounding his cannon.

Elias's funeral was one for the ages. The sociable errand boy had made an impression wherever her went with his corny sense of humor and easy-going nature and he was one never to be forgotten. Jeanne Auberon held the family together as her husband Chet was lost without the boy he saw as his friend and delivered a eulogy that didn't leave a dry eye in the house. The family even erected a plaque in honor of the errand boy at his father's factory, his face smiling down on the man that loved him so very much. The Auberon's would never forgive the Farlane's for what their daughter did to their son.


At first light, the announcers let it known that at high noon the Feast would commence. Everyone needed something and it would be best to make it back to the Cornucopia by then.

Five: Chester Quaid, District Nine Male.

Killed by: Bear Mutts

Kills: 0

Woozy from Elias's attack, Chester made his way towards what he assumed to be the crash site. Armed with a thick branch he fashioned into what acted as both a walking stick and quarterstaff for protection, he followed the river, but as going in the wrong direction. While everyone else managed to make their way back to see what the Capitol had gifted them, Chester wandered further and further away from everyone else. This lead the Gamemakers to unleash the bear mutations, made in order to keep the tributes on task. Failing to see that, Chester attempted to defend himself and with shaky hands, he swung his staff towards the first bear to come towards him and enraged the creature. As Panem watched in horror, the poor boy was ripped apart by the hairy beast.

Isla Quaid lost her grip on the world the moment her youngest son, her baby, was Reaped; his death kicked her over the edge. She stopped eating, barely slept, and the rest of the family was forced to watch her downward spiral. Buford Quaid, large and manly, broke down as well. He spent so much energy trying to make a man out of his youngest, only to have him ripped away before he could tell him he was always proud of him. Clayton and Dallas, known for their teasing of their brother, were taken back by their verbal punching bag's bravery in the face of an unknown beast. Chester was buried on the family land, joined too soon by his mother, who couldn't be willed back into a world without him.


Four remained; Careers Obsidian Lockett from District One and Micky Holder of District Four, Tesla Farlane from Three and pure underdog Jarvis Sprence from Eight. Just as promised, a table rose in the middle of the crash site, but something...was off. Gone were the usual bags marked via their remaining Districts, replaced by something all four needed even more than weapons and ointments for their collective wounds. A feast unlike any they had seen since they were in the Capitol just eight days ago. Four places were set at the picnic table, surrounding a large groosling and all the fixings. Confused at first, all four of them stared down their food, waiting for one of them to make a break for it.

After eight days of berries and bark, it was Jarvis that made the first move.

With his long legs, he jetted towards the food, his crimson hair flowing behind him. He was able to rip a leg off of the groosling before he was joined by Micky, who assured him she wouldn't attack as long as they were feasting and called a truce. Obsidian, starved but leery, watched as the two laid down their weapons and even joked, as they had somewhat struck up a familiarity with each other during training. Against better judgement, he made his way towards the pair...

...that was when Tesla struck.

Four: Micky Holder, District Four Female.

Killed by: Jarvis Sprence.

Kills: 1

Armed with the same knife that killed her District Partner, she went on the attack. The knife cut the air and landed right in Micky's back, leaving her to bleed out. Jarvis scrambled for his weapon, but it was too late. Tesla was gone, leaving behind a dying Micky. As Obsidian watched on in horror, Jarvis pulled the knife out and sobbed as the life drained out of Micky. It was a slow process, one she was awake for, and she begged for him to end her life. After a kiss on her forehead, he granted her request and with Tesla's knife, he ended her suffering.

The Holder Family, well respected in District Four as one of the oldest and riches Fishing families in the District, were at a loss when Micky held up her hand and volunteered for the life of her friend, Bea. They knew their daughter to be loyal to her friends, but never one that would risk her life for them. Micky knew, however, that she had more of a chance at winning than sweet, humble Bea. And, it was a good thing she was...less than eight months later, Bea and her fiance Dos welcomed a baby girl, named Micky in honor of the girl that made her birth possible. Little Micky would always be looked after by The Holders, who saw the girl as their only daughter's second coming.

Three: Jarvis "Jalyssa" Sprence, District Eight Male.

Killed by: Tesla Farlane.

Kills: 2

Teamed with Obsidian, Jarvis was on a warpath over having to mercy kill a girl that had shown him so much kindness. Armed with the spear he pulled from his fallen ally, he charged on, ready to get his hands dirty in honor of Micky. Against Obsidian's orders, he let his loyalty and rage take over, leading him to walk straight into a trap. After the murdering Elias, Tesla began using all of her time building traps from the wreckage site and coil that was sent to her from Beetee, against his better judgement. Tripping the wire, he came face to face (literally) with the blades from the hovercrafts and was killed instantly. Obsidian tried to warn him, but it was too late.

The Sprence Family was a problematic family at best. Their secrets were buried deep, but Jarvis' reaping brought many of them to light. How did Jasynda Sprence, adopted daughter of designer Albert Sprence become pregnant with twins at such a young age? Why was Theodore Desnan, the son of District Eight's mayor, running after the effeminate boy? And why did his twin sister, Saleen, end up moving in with Theodore right after she, too, became pregnant with child at such an early age? The public whispered and speculated, but it was all so much more than their twisted imaginations could come up with. While Jarvis laid dead in the ground, his lover took care of his sister and raised her bastard daughter, named Jalyssa for the one that brought them together. All three were safe and that's all he ever wanted in this world. Albert would never touch another one of them again.


Two: Tesla Farlane, District Three Female.

Killed by: Obsidian Lockett.

Kills: 4

After witnessing Jarvis nearly being beheaded, Obsidian fell back towards the table, where the feast was now getting cold. Tesla was on the move, out of weapons, but not out of options. Using things left around and twisting the coil, she was able to make a slingshot of shots, where she began lobbing rocks in her opponent's direction. He was able to dodge them for the most part, but he still managed to be hit by a few. Off his guard, Tesla flew at him, swinging wildly, catching him in the face with a heavy rock. Obsidian fought back, blocking her shots with the staff of his blade and landing a crushing blow to her nose with his fist. Tesla attempted to make a break for the surrounding forest, but was met with a sudden, sweeping fire that locked them in the crash zone and trapped them inside. There was nowhere for them to go, the Capitol was getting their finale.

The battle raged on; Tesla was somehow able to knock his weapon from them and they continued trading blows. The flames climbed higher and higher, which soon traveled to the hovercrafts and the grass surrounding them. Smoke clogged their lungs, driving them apart long enough for Obsidian to get his hands on his weapon. With a quick swipe of his staff, he drove the blade across the face of Tesla, causing her to scream out and stumble backwards...into the flames. Obsidian dropped to the ground, covering his ears as the flames licked her body, killing her slowly.

Arista Farlane always had his suspicions about his daughter, ever since the Peacekeepers came knocking on his door to tell him the fate of his beloved son, Sparky. Tesla was acting strange before then; happy and normal one moment, vindictive and sinister the next. He knew she had something to do with her brother's demise and he couldn't put his finger one it until he saw her pull the girl from District Twelve into the woods, killing her in nearly the same fashion Sparky had been. Glitch refused to see her daughter as the monster she was, even after the four murders committed in the arena and it became a source of many arguing. After a few years, the couple would split, never seeing eye to eye on the girl that Tesla had turned out to be. On the other side, she remained split, never whole. Always two sides of her going at it for supremacy of her mind.

One: Obsidian Lockett, District One Male.


Kills: 2

Obsidian, already a reserved and quiet boy, became more of an introvert after returning home to District One. He took the house next to his mentor Jewel and settled into his new life. He barred his overbearing father Jericho from his home, refusing to see the man that drove him to this. Tesla's horrific screams would keep him up at night, as would the sight of Jarvis' face being split open and Irene's mangled body. He would mentor when needed, doing his best for his tributes as Jewel had done for him. The two would form a bond that would last until her death just before the 70th Hunger Games. Eventually, time would move on for Obsidian. Like other victors before and after him, he was sold into the sex slave business. This drove him more into himself, but with the help of his mother Radiance (who would end up leaving her husband over his treatment of their son) and Jewel, he slowly came out of his shell. While he would never be the same person he was before the games, he would never have to touch a bit of alcohol or find other ways to relieve the pain he bottled up inside.