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'Elsa? Elsa, are you doing this?'

'Hm? Doing what?'

'This snow, in Arendelle.'

'What snow? It's snowing? Oh my, it really is.'

'Wait, if you didn't do it... Then who...'

'I don't know, I really di-'

'Maybe it's Jack Frost!'

'Anna, Jack Frost is just a children's myth...'

'But you can't explain Arendelle's winter.'

'I- No, it's must be some weather thing...'

'They say Jack Frost brings winter, maybe he really did do this.'

'Alright Anna, go to bed, we'll solve this in the morning.'


'Goodnight, Anna.'

'Okay, goodnight.'


'Santa doesn't exist, how could Jack Frost exist.'

'Maybe if you'd just believe.'

'Wha- Who- Whoa!'

'Hey! Hey! Watch where you're firing that thing!'

'Wha-, who are you and what are you doing in my room?'

'Wait..You can see me?'

'Who else would I be talking to? Don't come any closer!'

'Wow, I guess you did believe. Hah, where are my manners. Your Highness, Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, my name is Jack Frost.'

'I'm calling security.'

'Wait wait, I really am Jack Frost! See, I can do this!'

'How.. No, this is some kind of trick...'

'Uh huh, and that's what you do? Tricks?'


'No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that uhm...'

'Tricks huh...'

'No, here, how bout an ice-cone?''

'... Is this the best you can do?'

'Hey, at least I'm trying. Look, why don't we try this again. Hi, my name is Jack Frost, and I hold the power of ice and snow... just like you. Well, except, I'm an immortal guardian, and you're just a queen.'

'The last part was uncalled for Mr. Frost.'

'Please, call me Jack.'


'Grumpy Snow Queen we have today.. He- ouch!'

'I hope you understand this is trespassing, don't think you'd be getting any special treatment. Your business? And please get rid of this winter, it's not even in season yet.'

'Right, special treatment. No, I'm here on an important mission actually. And please, Arendelle is never in season for winter. Well, at least not until I decide to show up.'

'Haha, that's not very funny Mr. Frost. Now would you plea-'

'Alright alright, looks like we have work to do.'

'Wait, are you listening to me? Hey!'

'Come on!'


'Come on!'

'Oh great, you can fly.'

'Oh, yea, there was that too. But what the hey, come on, I'll catch you!'

'No thanks, Peter Pan.'

'What's the matter Wendy? You scared?'



'Alright, you asked for this.'

'Uh-uh, no, you're not supposed to build stairs.'

'Wh-hey! I could have fell!'

'But I caught you didn't I?'

'And if you didn't?!'

'Trust me, I would definitely catch you.'


'Alright, let's go! I'll show you what winter is really like! Hold on tight!'

'He-hey, where are we going?!'

'Let's go build a snowman.'

'Elsa? Elsa, are you in here?'

Brr...god, it's freezing in here.. Why did she leave the windows open...


"Dear Santa, if there's anyone else out there who's like her, please help my sister so she won't feel lonely. Love, Anna."

"Dear Anna, Elsa is a wonderful person. She won't be lonely. Love, Jack."

What's not to love about these two. They're so adorable together -swoons-