Storm's eyes fluttered open as she saw a small sliver of sun peering through the window. She smiled as she felt Trevor's hot bare flesh on hers. As she slowly rolled from the bed she was pulled back by Trevor's strong hands around her waist "where do you think you're going?" She didn't fight him as she lay back down next to him. He wrapped his arms around her, spooning her. She placed her left hand in his and examined the metal bands that bound them to one another. She caressed her fingers down his to the palm of his hand, drawing invisible hearts in it. He kissed her neck in return and then rested his head in the nape of her neck. She basked in the peacefulness almost not believing how crazy the last three days of her life had been.


Amanda pranced around the house collecting wedding books as she called "This is going to be the best wedding ever! Strom do you want doves or butterflies? Oh maybe a pond with swans would be nice!"

Storm ignored her as she spoke with her brother "Michael I am sure about this, but I need you to be okay with this."

Michael stared into his sisters eyes and then let out a sigh, slumping his head "Fine, but you know I will have to kill him if he hurts you."

She smiled as she pecked his cheek "I know."

Before she walked away Michael called to her "Oh Storm, one more thing" she looked at him to go on "I invited mom to come down for the wedding."

Storms face grew wide as if she had just witnessed a murder "Are you fucking nuts!" she screamed "I am a child runaway, what would make you think I want my mom at my wedding!?"

"Listen Storm this is a big deal and she was there for mine… not that you would know."

She frowned at him "I'm sorry Michael. That was a rough time in my life. You know I would have been there if I could." She approached him putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I know, but this will be good for you and mom. She has no one, she is living by herself. She hasn't seen you since you were a kid."

Storm looked away "Yeah that was kind of the point."

"Well she is older now, I'm sure she has changed."

"Yeah if they gave her a moose tranquilizer than I would believe that."

They shared a laugh as Tracey came screaming down the steps "O. M. G. Auntie S this is going to be the best bachelorette party ever!"

Michael looked at Tracey "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa who said you were going?"

"Daddy please I'm an adult now I can go party and drink if I want!" she looked away and added under her breath "not like I haven't been doing it since I was fifteen."

Storm rubbed her face as she spoke "I almost forgot about a bachelorette party. When is that?"

"Tonight!" she cheered as she pranced down the rest of the steps "Me, mom, you, Auntie Lightening, and-"

Just than the door swung open and there stood Mrs. Townely "and me!" she smiled. She was a medium size woman who had died blonde hair. Her features resembled Storm's and her eyes were small like Michaels. Her outfit screamed trailer trash, and was accessorized with large gaudy jewelry. "There is my little football star!" she grabbed Michael's cheeks and squeezed them topping both of them with lipstick stains. "I missed you!"

Michael smiled "I missed you to ma."

"And my granddaughter, look how beautiful you are!" They shared a hug and then her eyes moved to Storm. "And who is this?"

"Hi… Ma" Storm felt her muscles stiffen.

"That can't be my Storm… look how big you've gotten."

"Well it's been awhile…" they shared an awkward hug.

She looked at Storm one last time before turning back to Michael "So where is my room?"

"Right up the stairs and to the left, here I'll show you." Michael and Tracey went up the steps as Storm stood frozen in the hallway. Storm felt her knees shake as she went to sit were she stood. She clutched her stomach as she starred at the floor.

"Hellooo?" Trevor sang as he walked into the house, he looked down "Storm!" he sat down next to her holding her in his arms "Are you okay? Why are you on the floor?"

"My… my mother is here." She gripped his arm. Trevor said nothing and just continued to hold her in his arms.

Later that night everyone gathered around the table for dinner. Lightening had taken up Michaels offer to buy a house down the street. She skipped into the house happy to be a live and living in a mansion. Everyone was at the table except one open seat. Mrs. Townely was missing.

"Michael" Amanda called from the other side of the table "Where is Nancy?"

Just then she came strolling down the steps with curlers in her hair and Tracey's robe on. "Oh my god, dad that's my robe!"

"Hello everyone thanks for not starting without me." She sat down and fluttered her eye lashes. "So what are we having? If it's something Amanda made than I think I'll order a pizza" Jimmy chuckled as Amanda made an upset face at Michael telling Jimmy to stop laughing. Michael held back a chuckle as he tried to shut up Jimmy.

"Hey ma" Lightening said from across the table as she looked down at her food.

"Is that my baby girl? Wow honey I'm sorry I don't recognize you, I didn't get to care for you as long as I wanted" she cleared her throat as she went to her food. Storm stiffened again feeling the stab from her mother. "And who is that…? Is that Trevor Philips? Michael I thought I told you not to hang out with him, many years ago?"

"Yeah ma I told you Storm and Trevor are going to be married."

"How have you been Mrs. T?" Trevor tried smiling.

She continued to eat and not look at anyone "Well I would have guessed Storm to marry a psychopath."

"Excuse me Mrs. Townely" Trevor stood up spitting the words at her "I'm not the same man I was twenty years ago, thanks to your daughter I'm a changed man." Storm tugged at his arm to sit as her face grew red.

He laughed mockingly "You better watch out she is good at abandoning people. She took my child away from me and never bothered to call or come back. Who was she to do something like that?"

Trevor went to speak but Storm got up "Listen-"

"Oh no" Michael said as he cupped his face in his hands.

"I did what was best for my baby sister! You were an abusive mother and I wasn't going to let her live her life the way I had too. You don't deserve children, you never had!"

"Well how about your brother he knows how to respect his mother"

"He was beaten by that no good father that ran out on us and you did nothing to stop him, you…you…bitch!"

Nancy looked at Storm angry her moth hung "You better watch your mouth young lady?"

"Yeah what are you going to do about it? I am an adult now I'm not scared of you!"

"Well we will see about that!" The mother stood and left the table in a huff.

Storm's face continued to grow angry as she left the table to "I'm going for a walk."

"Wait Storm what about the bachelorette party tonight?" she grunted and then slammed the door.


Storm had come home after a few hours and things seemed to be settling down. Michael came down the steps with Jimmy to greet Trevor. Franklin came to the door with Sasha.

"Hey my dudes, gonna be a good night!" he slapped up Michael and Trevor.

Trevor smiled deviously "Are you ready to get crazy boys?" he licked his lips making a slurping sound with his mouth.

"Easy Trevor, let's just go out for some drinks and maybe stop by the strip club and call it a night."

"Don't worry Jimbo, Franklin and I will tuck you in by eight and finish the night off without you, old man."

"Ah fuck off" Michael said smiling

"Listen Mickey this is my last night to get crazy, alright? So let's make it happen!"

"Yeah I like it Uncle T" Jimmy cheered as he went to slap up Trevor. He looked at him confused and punched his knuckles. Jimmy cringed in pain.

The girls came down the stairs all dressed up. Tracey has a short sequenced dress on with gold pumps. Amanda had on a knee length black dress with a slit up the thigh. Lightening was also wearing a short dress that was white with a black Lightning bolt down the center. And Storm had a simple off the shoulder dress that was a little above the knee and maroon.

"Where's ma?" Michael inquired.

Amanda frowned "she doesn't want to come she says she is tired from traveling. It's probably for the best."

"There is my sexy lady" Trevor approached Storm and took her hands in his. He led her down from the stars and kissed her. "Behave tonight…?"

She gave him a wink as she squeezed his butt "I will if you will."

He smiled as he watched the ladies leave "alright boys behave, Michael I'm trusting you." She shot Michael a stern look.

"Oh we will ladies, but I think it's you guys we should be worried about."

When the door shut Trevor screamed, throwing his arms around his friends "Let's get fucking fucked!"

Storm and the girls got to the club and immediately ordered a round of shots. "To Storm!" they cheered as they downed there first. Amanda started to move towards the dance floor and all five ladies went to dance. Storm refused staying by the bar. She ordered a beer as she thought about her mother, she gripped her glass tighter. Suddenly she felt someone touch her shoulder, it was Lightening.

"Come on sis, just forget about her this is your night." She dragged her from her seat and Storm danced to about two songs before returning to the bar. As she walked back she heard the DJ over the speakers "Where is Storm? You have a special surprise up on stage!" Amanda and the girls brought her to the stage, they were already drunk.

"Come auntie S this will be fun"

Storm was pulled up on the stage as she looked out at the people cheering in the audience. She looked to the right and three male strippers came from the curtain. The lights flashed and the bass pounded in her head the men started to touch rub her. She got stiff and angry as she tried to brush them off. Finally she gave up and ran off the stage. Lightening saw that and chased after her. "Storm where are you going?"

"I can't, Lightening, I'm too tired and the music everything is just too much. I'm just going to go home. Take care of the girl okay?" Lightening didn't fight her and let her go home.

When Storm got into the house she went straight to the couch and curled up under the blanket. She slept for about 2 hours when the thunder woke her up. She sprung up quickly screaming "Trevor...!?" the thunder cracked and lit up her mother's figure that occupied the door way "mom…?"

She moved closer "my baby can't sleep?"

She felt herself stiffen "yeah… mom I'm sorry about today. I shouldn't have said what I said."

"That's okay sweetie. Why are you up?"

"I just can't sleep, my head hurts."

"Yeah I feel pain to right here." She pointed to her stomach "why are you hurting me like this?"

Storm looked at her mother confused "mom, don't… I'm not doing anything; your child birth is over."

"How dare you speak to me like that" she wound up her arm and slapped Storm across the face. She fell from the couch gripping her cheek.

"This is why I ran away from you"

"You ran away without your punishment!" she moved closer to her. Storm backed up as she tried to get up.

"You can't hurt me anymore I am a grown woman."

"Oh sweetie you think I didn't know that?" just than she pulled a syringe from behind her "you are going outside for your punishment one way or another." She jumped at her as Storm rolled to get away. She got up and raced for the kitchen. Nancy caught her ankle and she fell to the floor. "Come here you brat" she stabbed at Storm. She dodged again and then kicked her off. The lightning struck again making her mother's face clear. The thunder shook the house. Her mother screamed in pain again.

Michael and the boys pulled up to the drive way and got out laughing. "Uncle T that was crazy when you knocked out that guy with your beer bottle! You gotta teach me that!"

"I think he took it too far when he broke the guys ribs, so that he could suck his own dick." Michael sighed.

"I thought the whole bar fight was nuts!" Franklin complained as he touched the blood on his forehead "shit man I didn't ask for that shit."

"Yeah it was pretty fun though" Michael admitted. As he approached the door he heard screaming from inside the house. "What the fuck? Storm, Storm hold on!" When he got in the house the lightening lit up th3e house again as he saw the tip of the syringe shine.

"Michael, help me!"

"Mom" he flashed back to his childhood as he screamed and tackled her. The syringe rolled from her hand towards the front door. "Jimmy, grab it!" when Michael wasn't looking Nancy elbowed him in the gut. He clutched his stomach as he tried to recover.

She charged at Jimmy as he picked up the syringe "Dad, I got it!" he smiled triumphantly. Before he could bask in his glory he was tackled to the ground by Nancy. Again it rolled. Franklin ran over pulling her off of Jimmy. She made one last break as she lunged for the tool, but before she could grab it a large dirty work boot covered it.

Trevor looked down on her "Hi there Mrs. Townly." She ignored him and clawed at his boot. He picked it up and stabbed it into her neck. She fainted and hit the floor "where are your manners. I said hello."

Michael was hugging Storm until Trevor walked in "Trevor…!" she cried as she wrapped her arms around him. He held her close to him as he felt her shake. He looked at Michael in disgust.

"Come on let's go upstairs to bed." He picked her up as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, buried her head in his chest.

Michael signed as he ran his hands through his hair "Hey Jim! Can you help me take your grandma to the couch?" ah fuck this shit.