"What are you going to do?" Lightening was scared. She tried to act calm but you could see it in her eyes.

Michael looked away thinking "I have to save her."

"Yeah but how, you can't turn Trevor in?" She approached Michael trying to read his face.

"Why don't you go back home and I will call you tomorrow."

"Michael… please tell me what you're thinking!"

"Go home Lightening we will talk about it tomorrow." Lightening hesitated but gave up and left. Michael rubbed his face as he walked into the house.

"Hey daddy, come on in! We are just starting a movie." Tracey waved from the couch

"Yeah come one Michael. It's not one of your old movies but I think you'll like it." Amanda called.

"I can't right now I need to make an important call." Michael went upstairs to his room. He left the lights off as he made a call to Trevor "Hey T…" he winced at what he was about to do "I think we need to talk about where Storm might be. Want to go for a drink?"

Trevor didn't speak much and his voice was still gruff but sad. He agreed "All right I'll be at your house soon."

He hung up the phone and Michael did the same. His fingers shook as he made the last call "Madrazo…I will bring you Trevor just… please…. Don't hurt my sister."

When they got to the bar Michael noticed something different in his friend. He never looked up from his drink and he sucked them down one by one. It wasn't just a beer he was downing. It was either straight Vodka or whisky.

He finally started to loosen up. "You know what Mikey, your sister is a bitch." He almost fell off his bar stool, but caught himself. "I know I'm trash and I can't do anything right because I'm a psychopath but she made me feel different. I felt like I could conquer the world." He stopped and looked at the bar again. He drunkenly shook of the memories and continued "but of course she was like any other whore in my life… she left and made me feel like shit." Again he paused this time he looked at Michael. He reached out and grabbed his friend's face, who calmingly accepted the touching. "You know you guy's kind of look alike except Storm has blonde hair" he let go of Michael as he tilt back his head smiling "her hair was so soft. I ran my hair through it all the time, it was like silk. And her eyes- have you ever seen such eyes- big and green with a dash of bright blue" he continued to smile as he spoke. Michael came increasingly ashamed "and her lips" his voice softened. He reached out as if she was right in front of him "so inviting, so soft, so…" he trailed off. Michael thought he was going to cry but he didn't. "I gotta piss hold on." He got up and went for the bathroom.

Now was the perfect time. Michael crushed some of Amanda's prescribed sleeping pills into Trevor's drink. That should be enough to knock him out and take him to Madrazo's. He checked his watch shit it's getting late. When his friend stumbled back he let him finish his drink before getting ready to leave "Alright T it's getting late, we better head out."

"What about Storm?"

"Come on we will talk outside." They got into the car. Michael started in the direction of Madrazo's. He looked over at his friend in the passenger's seat. He was still awake and playing with the gold band that fit snug around his finger.

"You know, all I have left of her is this" he spun the ring back and forth around his ring finger. "Why did she go Mikey…" he yawned as he rested his head on the car window "why…?"

He was out before Michael could even pretend to answer. He took a deep breath as he made the drive to Trevor's doom.

As Michael pulled into Madrazo's drive way he was standing on the porch ready to greet him "Well, well right on time." He smiled viciously as he saw Trevor in the front seat.

"Well here he is, now give me my sister." Michael demanded.

"Oh no, no, no not so fast Michael" he licked his teeth with his tongue. His guards came up beside Michael and grabbed him.

"What the fuck is going on here, get off of me."

"You see Michael I don't just want Trevor. I want you to make this fun. You are going to kill him and in front of his wife."

"What!?" Michael kicked trying to break free "Fuck you Madrazo that wasn't a part of the deal!"

"What does it matter Michael? You were cruel enough to bring her husband here to die. What's wrong with just killing him yourself? Bring him in the house and get the other one from the car." As Michael made his way inside he was brought to his knees still being held by the guards "Now boys it will be awhile until Trevor wakes up, let our friend Michael be comfortable." The guards brought Michael up on the couch.

Twenty minutes went by as Madrazo sat reading his newspaper. He suddenly set it down "PATRICIA GET ME SOME COFFEE NOW!" he looked at Michael and smiled, then went back to his paper.

"Let me just see my sister." Michael said coldly.

Madrazo looked at him from the edge of his paper "I suppose we could do that. Boys bring me the girl!" just then Patricia walked in with the coffee she looked up and gasp as she saw Michael.

"Michael, where is Trevor is he here?"

"Shut up woman" he got up and slapped Patricia across the face "This is none of your business now go!" she did as she was told. As she left the room the guards came with Storm. She was crying, her hands and feet were tied and her mouth gagged.

"Storm!" Michael's face was worried as he leaped from the couch to get her. He was held back by the guards.

"Oh- easy there Michael- not yet" Madrazo smiled deviously. Just than Trevor started to awake, the guards grabbed him immediately. "Wow what wonderful timing!"

As Trevor came to he saw Storm in front of him. His eyes grew wild as he struggled to get away from the guards "Storm…?" he was confused as his eyes moved to Michael "Mike what going on?"

Michael couldn't look at him "Ah Trevor do you remember me?" Madrazo approached him, his smile quickly vanishing and turning to hatred "Of course you remember me. I am the man whose ear you cut off and tried to steal my wife!"

"You may want to be more specific that's a pretty normal day in my life." Trevor shrugged.

Madrazo grew angrier. He spit at him. "Well this is a day you will remember I am sure. Bring him here."

The guards moved him face to face with Storm. Trevor tried to reach to her "Storm, it will be okay. I'm here now." Tears streamed down her face as the cloth around her mouth became moist.

"Sadly Trevor it won't be okay. Bring Michael here now." Keeping him handcuffed they placed a gun in his hand. Madrazo went eye level with Trevor "I always get my revenge Trevor Philips, sooner or later, I always do." He got back up smiling "you see, Michael here is going to shoot you, right in the head, and right in front of your beautiful wife. Now Michael whenever you are ready."

Trevor tried to turn to talk to Michael "Come on Mikey he can't be serious, of course you're not going to kill me." He laughed certain Michael wouldn't but he didn't answer "Mikey? Are you really going to do this? After everything we've been through? I mourned for you, for years. You're my only true friend Mike. Look at that tattoo on your arm; you felt the same way when you thought I was dead. Come on, you wouldn't. You couldn't.

Michael's eyes became glassy as he fought back tears. He looked at his bounded sister. He knew he would never be left alone by Madrazo if he didn't do this. Storms muffled screams caught his attention. Her eyes pleaded not to do it, but he had too. "I'm sorry T." just when he was about to pull the trigger Mrs. Madrazo came running in.

"No you can't." she hugged Trevor's body.

"Mrs. Madrazo-Patricia- how are you?" Trevor smiled at her.

"You can't shoot him, I won't let you."

"Patricia that is enough with your games get out of here!" Madrazo grew angry.

"No, I can't let you do this! They are in love, he is a good man!"

"Patricia I am warning you, I am sick of your bullshit!" she didn't listen and gripped Trevor tighter. Seeing her like this made Madrazo furious "That is it! I warned you woman! I am done with you getting in the way" he grabbed the gun from Michael and in one swift bullet he killed his wife.

Her lifeless body rolled off of Trevor and on the floor next to him "Patricia…!?" Trevor's eyes were in shock as the blood spread on the hard wood floor. "You son of a bitch" Trevor jumped up and with his hands still tied head butted Madrazo in the face breaking his nose.

Blood was gushing from his face "You bastard, shoot him Michael! DO IT NOW!"

Trevor went to attack again as Madrazo screamed for Michael to shoot! Everything grew muffled around him as he brought the gun to Trevor. He heard his heart beating in his ears as his breathing became heavy. Storm finally wiggled her mouth free from the cloth. Just as she screamed for him to not shoot Michael lined up his shot and pulled the trigger.

It happened in seconds. He had shot him right in the back of the head. His body fell limp and hit the floor. Storm screamed a blood curdling yell as it felt like the whole world stopped. Michael dropped the gun and fell to his knees. He looked at the floor as tears spilled from his eyes. Madrazo brushed himself off as he bringing his hand kerchief to his nose. He stepped over Trevor and his wife's dead bodies making his way to his bedroom. "Clean this up" he ordered his guards, who were also in shock. "I hope you learned your lesson Michael. Have a goodnight." Storms cries of pain were heard as Michael placed his head to the floor sobbing.

After Michael regained his composer he was kicked out by the guards. He got into his car with Storm. The two siblings coped with these things the exact same way. Their lifeless expressions stared out the window in front of them. Storms eyes were red and puffy and there were red dots around her eyes were she had broken blood vessels from screaming so much. It seemed as though the world wasn't real, that this was all a nightmare. Michael turned to her as they made their way down the winding hills "Storm I…"

She didn't look at him but she spoke "I'm pregnant." Michael's eyes were shocked. He felt a sinking feeling in his chest. He couldn't breathe. He pulled over getting out on the old country road. He took a couple deep breaths as he paced the cliff. He doubled over as he squatted down, feeling weak.

When they got back home Storm refused to stay the night. She said her goodbyes and went back to Sandy Shores. She pulled into the drive way of Trevor's trailer. She went straight for the bedroom and sat on the bed. She thought about him. She thought about the day that started out so perfect and ended so tragically. Her heart felt shattered. Her whole body was cold. She didn't have a heart anymore. She didn't have any reason to live. The only thing that was ever important to her was gone. She took off her wedding band and set in on the bed. She stood up whipping everything off the dresser and flipping the bed. She screamed and swore to the sky. She went to the garage and got the gasoline. Taking it back to the trailer and pouring it all over. She made a trail to the outside. She stood for a minute taking it in and then lit the match. The old mobile home ignited as she rode down the street on her dirt bike to the motel. She did the same to the old structure. She jumped back on the bike and didn't look back. She heard the sirens of the fire trucks but didn't flinch. She was back to traveling, to drugs, back to her old fucked up self, but this time she wasn't coming back.

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