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Just for future heads up, in my story none of the citizens of the cities know the real identity of the ninja's. I know some of you might not agree but that's just how I want to do this. Another heads up is the citizens call the ninja's by "nicknames"; for example- Phoenix for Kai, Frozen for Zane, Bronx for Cole, and Flash for Jay. I know that's sort of cheesy and silly but it'll help keep things simple and easy for me while interesting for each of you.

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A young woman groaned, where was she? And why did her head feel like a 2,000 pound anchor?

"Oh good, you're awake." an Elvis Presley tone of voice strung out smoothly. Her blue eyes flickered open only to see a man with brown hair and the same brown eyes. Her gaze narrowed instantly.

"Where am I?" she asked trying to sort her thoughts. Instantly though she shut her mouth, her voice sounded horrible! Like a dying elephant getting squashed by a killer whale.

The man smiled as he spoke, a good couple of feet away. "You're in Ninjago City." He paused before he continued on, "Where have you been lady?"

She closed her eyes confused; Ninjago City? Where on the map of the world was that?!

"I-I don't... know." she said slowly. Where had she been? The more she thought about it, the more she couldn't remember anything. Drat, that was going to bug her now.

He shook his head in sympathy, "You got a nasty bump on your head, maybe that has something to do with it."

Tentatively she felt around her head until she felt a goose egg by her ear. Letting out a hiss of pain the man chuckled, "Don't worry, I phoned for some of my friends to come over and take a look at you."

Seeing her alarmed expression as her bright sky blue eyes snapped open, he quickly reassured her, "They're not going to harm you, and neither am I. We're protectors of this city. We fight for the good of the citizens and protect their rights and freedom."

She tried to sit up but her back exploded in pain, "Ow!" Suddenly blackness overtook her vision and she had a faint feeling she was falling.

"Careful! You're not fully bandaged!" The man cried out worried. He shot out and caught her before she somehow rolled off the bed. With a huff of breath he adjusted her in his arms. "Jeez, who knew a girl could weigh so much?"

She moaned as he carefully placed her safely on the bed. He tucked the thick blankets securely around her and then wrung out a cold rag from a bowl next to her bed. Gently he placed it on her forehead that started to bead with perspiration.

Groaning in panic, the man whispered, "Hurry you guys, I don't know how much longer she's going to last."


"You're sure she's going to be okay?" Dareth asked Nya with uncertainty. The samurai smiled kindly as she shut the bedroom door that led to the mysterious young woman close.

"Of course Dareth. " She said with surety. "She just needs a couple of days to heal up and then she won't be able to go to sleep, trust me."

Nya had been in town when she got a call from the brown ninja of 'hot air'. He said that the other ninja's wouldn't answer the bounty's phone so he had resolved trying to call Nya's Samaria phone in hopes she was in it. She didn't know why her brother, boyfriend, and her other friends wouldn't answer the phone but she planned to find out once she was done here in Dareth's Dojo.

"Why won't she be able to go to sleep?" Dareth asked confused.

Taking a deep breath, the chinese woman reminded herself to be patient with her friend. "Because from what you told me about your discussion earlier with her, she doesn't remember who she is and she'll want answers."

His brown eyes light up with understanding, "Oooh... does this mean she'll be coming back with you to the bounty?"

Nya face palmed, was he really- wait. That was actually a good idea. Not only would the woman get answers but so would she. And how she loved knowing things. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.

"If that's okay with you Dareth... yes. That way if she needs anything I can be right there already." Nya said. Seeing his hesitation she added, "You could see her every once in a while if you wanted to too."

That hooked him real fast.

"You'd let me come visit her?" Derek said with excitement.

"Mm-hm!" Nya said cheerfully. She was so close to having him agree, so close to finding out what she needed... Derek just needed to say yes.

Derek thought for a moment, "Anytime I'm allow over?"

Nya knew what she was about to say was going to haunt her for life but she was willing to take it. So taking a deep breath she said with her eye twitching, "Yes... anytime."

The brown ninja wooped loudly in joy as he hugged his friend. "You got yourself a deal!"

But the beautiful chinese woman only closed her eyes in guilt. Derek was their friend without question and yet he could easily be annoying. She just hoped Derek wouldn't try defeating Kai in another match of spinjistu.

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