A/N: Hello everyone. This is the first crossover I've written (well, actually the first I post). I got the idea for this after seeing Frozen in theaters (it's one of my favorite films now; and to think, I almost didn't go see this masterpiece because I was expecting more of the "same old Disney cliches". Needless to say I was completely blown away by the quality and beauty of this film) sometime ago and thinking "Wow, Elsa's powers really remind me a lot of Jack from RotG. I wonder if anyone thought of doing a crossover fic." So when I checked , I saw that indeed they had, though back then there were only a handful; now there's something like ten times as many! Anyway this fic is essentially a "rewrite" if you will, of Frozen to include Jack Frost. The first three chapters follow the story with Jack merely observing and interacting, however with the fourth chapter, the story will really take off on its own, running parallel with the events of Frozen. Rated T just to be safe for later chapters. So, without further ado, on with the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Rise of the Guardians or Frozen or any of the respective characters. They are owned by DreamWorks and Disney.

Through The Storm
Chapter 1: Frost in Arendelle

It was a warm July day in Burgess, Pennsylvania that found the Winter Spirit and Guardian of Fun, Jack Frost, asleep up on a tree branch. The young looking white haired teen hated the warm weather. For him summer was boring and he had nothing to do. Worse, on a day like this, he couldn't even bring about snow because for one, it would melt too fast unless he made it snow a lot; and two, it was so warm that any snow would simply spook and confuse the mortal habitants of the city. So with nothing better to do, Jack Frost slept the days away whenever he could, hoping for this accursed season to end as quickly as possible.
"Jack Frost!" North's voice cut through the still morning air so suddenly that Jack nearly fell off the tree branch he'd been napping on. Peeking over the edge, the Winter Spirit saw North standing with Bunnymund at the base of the tree. Both were glaring up at him angrily; why Jack had no idea.

"What? What's going on?" Jack asked.

"You know very well what's going on." Said Bunnymund. Jack looked on blankly and shrugged.

"Blizzard in summer?! Have you gone mad?!" Asked North. Jack was still confused.

"What are you two talking about?"

"You buried Arendelle in snow!"

"Arendelle?!" Jack repeated. "Where the heck is that? I've never even heard of it!"

"What?" Said Bunnymund. He turned to North. "Could it really be…?"

The three Guardians walked into the map room in North's workshop. Jack wasn't surprised Sandy and Tooth were not present; unlike North and Bunnymund, they worked year round. Jack looked at the huge globe of lights in the center of the room as if expecting a sign to pop up saying 'Arendelle is right here.'
"Alright guys, what the heck is going on?" Asked Jack, sitting on a console before the globe. "What's Arendelle?"

"Arendelle is a kingdom in Scandinavia. As we said it's been buried under snow, though it's supposed to be the middle of summer there." Said North.

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute." Said Jack. "A whole kingdom? How come I never heard of this until now?!" North and Bunnymund exchanged a glance.

"Arendelle is a… very special place." North explained. "It's one of the few places left in the world where magic still exists. As such, a deal was made long ago to keep it and its neighboring nations hidden and isolated from the rest of the world. Arendelle can only be found by those who know of its existence, or if you are able to sense the presence of someone who is already there. Its existence is need-to-know only and only for Guardians."

"Well, how come you didn't tell me about it after I become a Guardian?"

"Well it was need-to-know, and to be honest, it simply never came up." Replied Bunnymund. Jack dropped his forehead into his hand.

"This is all irrelevant now." Said North. "Jack, Arendelle is a place of beauty and wonder. It MUST be protected."

"Which is why it doesn't show up on the map." Added Bunnymund. "We can't risk knowledge of its location falling into the wrong hands."

"So now, Jack, we're sending you on your first solo mission." Said North. Jack quickly leapt to his feet.

"All right! I've been waiting for this! Awesome!"

"You're to head to Arendelle and find out just what is going on and who's responsible for this mess." Said Bunnymund. "And if possible bring back summer."

"You'll be going in completely alone and without back up."

"Why?" Jack asked curiously.

"You're the only one of us who can withstand the cold, and the only one who stands a chance if this blizzard was created by someone hostile." Said North.

"Alright. Go in, find out what the heck is going on, stop it, clean up, get out. Simple, right?" Asked Jack.

"Jack before you leave, there's one thing you should remember." Said North. "There's an old ice trader saying with a line that goes 'Born of cold and winter air
And mountain rain combining,
This icy force, both foul and fair,
Has a frozen heart worth finding'."

"A frozen heart worth finding?" Thought Jack. "What the heck is that supposed to mean?"

"Wait. That's not how it goes." Said Bunnymund. "The song says 'a frozen heart worth mining'."

"Well the saying goes 'a frozen heart worth finding', which I much prefer as it sounds less exploitative." North countered. Jack rolled his eyes as the two started arguing.

"Hey Wind!" Jack called. "Take me to Arendelle, on the double!"

A few hours after leaving North's workshop, the Guardian of Fun had arrived in the nation known as Arendelle. However, he quickly realized he had a problem, when he was unable to find any settlements. So he had set off, flying across the land, looking for any sign of people. Jack swept his eyes from side to side. He absolutely adored the snow but right now, it wasn't helping in his search. This area was pretty much the exact same as everywhere else he went. Snow, more snow, a frozen lake and a living snowman admiring some flowers. Jack halted in midair and spun back around. A living snowman?! As he watched, the snowman suddenly sneezed and its nose went flying, landing in the middle of the frozen lake. It immediately caught the attention of a grazing reindeer that rushed out after it. The snowman gasped, but quickly laughed as the reindeer started slipping on the ice, unable to get traction. The snowman proceeded onto the lake and causally walked toward its nose. Or so it thought, as it soon realized it too had no traction. As Jack watched, the reindeer tried to move one of its legs, slipped up, both its front legs crossing as it fell on its chin. The snowman meanwhile, was using one of its arms to push it along the ice until it too slipped and fell on its back, its arm falling on its stomach. Jack laughed, shaking his head the two creatures' antics and continuing to watch with amusement. Now the reindeer was sitting on its haunches, pulling itself with its front legs, dragging its rump in a way that reminds Jack of a dog tried to get at an itch.

"What the heck…" Jack muttered to himself when the snowman rearranged its body and began using its two large front teeth to drag itself, moving kind of like a snake, while the reindeer frog-stroked, 'swimming' on its stomach. After this, the snowman began using the larger lower ball of its body as a wheel, until one of its coal buttons came off and the snowman, running over the coal, flew right over it's lower body, crashing face first into the ice.

"Ouch." Jack cringed, remembering one time he'd seen somebody do that on a scooter with a branch, onto asphalt. In the meantime, the reindeer had managed to push itself along the ice almost to the carrot, when it licked its lips hungrily, and unintentionally let its tongue touch the lake, getting it stuck to the frozen ground. The snowman screamed and used its body and one branch arm to catapult its head and other arm forward. It landed on its face and grabbed the carrot, which the reindeer already had in the tip of its lips.
The two struggled until the reindeer lost its grip, resulting in the snowman accidentally tossing the carrot all the way to the shore. Once again Jack laughed.

"Man this is the craziest thing I've ever seen!" He said. "The other Guardian's don't know what they're missing." The reindeer stood up, suddenly getting traction, and ran after the carrot. The snowman screamed and grabbed its tail with its arm, picking up the rest of its body as they passed. Unfortunately for it, it was shaken lose as the reindeer reached the shore. The snowman picked up its head and put it back on, looking sad. It looked down, sniffling.

"Oh." Said Jack. The young Guardian felt bad for the snowman when suddenly the reindeer came back and stuck the carrot to the snowman's face. Jack smiled as the snowman gasped in surprise then petted the reindeer, which hopped around like a happy dog. As he played with the reindeer, a bunch of fur came loose and the snowman froze, snuffling. Once more the snowman seemed about to sneeze.

"Oy; here we go again." Said Jack. The snowman grabbed it carrot nose seemingly stopping the sneeze. That was until it suddenly came anyway, blasting the snowman's head clear off, leaving only its body and arms holding its nose. Jack laughed so hard he rolled over in midair.

After watching the events by the lake, Jack had taken off once more in search of a clue.
"Man. A winter out of season, a living snowman, a dog of a reindeer; what kind of place is this?" Jack said to himself. "It's awesome!" The spirit of winter paused in mid-air and looked about him once more. It was nearing late afternoon and he realized that while he was in the kingdom, he had yet to find the castle of Arendelle.
"There is one new trick, I want to try." Jack said to himself. He landed and closed his eyes, trying to sense anything from the snow. It was a new technique he had been developing but had yet to have a chance to test it out. The way he figured, if this winter was brought about by a person, he should be able to get a feel of their emotions from the snow. And there it was. Almost immediately, Jack began to detect the feelings of… someone. Terrible sadness. A tragedy. Feelings of containment; being trapped. The overwhelming need to escape, to break free. To let go. And something else… Jack focused harder and his eyes snapped open as he gasped. Fear. An almost paralyzing fear. He instinctively looked around for any signs of Pitch. He was alone, but he still kept his guard up hoping the boogeyman was too far to sense this fear.

As Jack continued on his flight over the lands, still looking for any sign of life, a voice floated up to him on the wind. Looking around, Jack located the source of the voice; it was a young woman who was talking to herself as she rode on a majestic white horse. Jack couldn't see her face as she was ahead of him, though he saw she had red or strawberry blonde hair that was done up in a neat bun, and was wearing a green cape.
"Elsa! Elsa! Elsa, it's me, Anna, your sister, who didn't mean to make you freeze the summer." The girl was saying as Jack hovered behind her. Since the whole blizzard in summer thing was something strange, and since he had never even heard of Arendelle, let alone been there before, Jack decided not to risk that this girl might believe in him. If weird stuff like this was could happen, who knows what they believed, and he couldn't lose his only lead if he inadvertently frightened her. "I'm sorry; it's all my fault." Somewhere in the distance a wolf howled, making the young woman look nervous. "Of course, it wouldn't have happened if she'd just told me her secret. She's a stinker." Jack cocked his head in confusion and curiosity. Deciding to get a closer look, he proceeded to land. Unfortunately Jack didn't pay attention to where he was landing and stepped rather roughly onto a snow-laden branch of a nearby tree as he touched down. Snap! The branch collapsed, startling the horse, which sent the girl, who called herself Anna, flying off. Jack cringed as she landed on her back in the snow. Before he can fly in to check if she's okay, Anna sits up and spits out snow. He sees her watching the horse running away.
"Oh no. No. No. No. Come back. No. No. No. No... Oooo-kay." Said Anna as the horse doesn't return.

"Sorry." Jack whispered under his breath, hiding behind the tree who's branch he'd broken. He watched as the girl grabbed onto a branch of a leaning tree, trying to pull herself to her feet. Unfortunately for her, the tree snaps upright and releases all its snow onto her. She groans. Jack's eyes widen and he covers his mouth not to laugh. He feels bad, as this is his fault, but it's just so funny. But he does feel bad about it.

Almost an hour later found Jack still following the girl at a safe distance. Part of the reason was that he hoped she would lead him to a town, and partly because he still felt guilty about stranding her here and wanted to ensure she didn't come to any harm. Darkness had since fallen and the Northern Lights played across the sky. Anna was struggling through the snow, still talking to herself.
"Snow! It had to be snow?! She couldn't have had tropical magic that covered the fjords in white sand and warm..." She paused, seeing smoke in the distance. "Fire!" She took a step and fell. "Whoa!" Jack rushed to the edge to see Anna tumble down the hill. She landed roughly in an icy stream at the bottom. Once certain she was okay, Jack covered his mouth not to laugh. He noticed that Anna had lost her cape and saw she was wearing a black and green dress with gold trimming and black straps around her upper arms. Around her neck was a black collar necklace with a gold medal; something jack recognized as a symbol of status and upper class. In fact, it was almost like those Princess necklaces he'd seen in books, but that couldn't be right could it? No Princess in her right mind would be out in this weather at this time, would she? Jack blinked. Anna looked as far as one could possibly from being prepared to be out in this snow at night. Truth be told, she looked like she had come from a party or something. Anna got up, her dress frozen stiff and began to shuffle/waddle towards a log cabin where the smoke was coming from.
"Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold! Cold!" She said as she walked.

Anna reached the porch steps and was able to climb the first two as the snow acted like a makeshift ramp. But as she tried to climb the last, her frozen dress hit the edge. This, plus the fact that she couldn't bend her knee high in the frozen dress, forced the girl to turn fully sideways to plant her right foot on top of the step. She turned back, bringing her left leg up.
"That wasn't too hard." Said Jack from his observation point by the tree line. He got a bit closer, still careful not to make a sound. While Jack approached, Anna brushed the snow off a sign that hung over the cabin's door.

"Wandering Oaken's Trading Post." Read Anna. A smaller sign falls loose. "Ooh! And Sauna!" As Anna heads for the door, Jack takes position outside, gazing in through a window.

"Hoo-hoo! Big summer blow-out. Half off swimming suits, clogs, and a sun balm of my own invention, ja?" Said the shopkeeper, whom Jack assumed to be the Oaken named in the sign.

"Oh, great. For now, um, how about boots? Winter boots. And dresses?"

"That would be in our vinter department." Anna looked and saw that the 'winter department' had next to nothing in it aside for some pieces of clothing, a pickax, a single pair of boots and a pair of snowshoes.

"Oh..." Said Anna as she picks out a pair of boots and a dress. "Um, I was just wondering, has another young woman, the Queen perhaps, I don't know, passed through here?"

"Only one crazy enough to be out in this storm is you, dear." A snow-covered man walked in at that very moment. "...You and this fellow. Hoo-hoo! Big summer blow-out." Jack did a double take. He had been so focused on Anna and Oaken's conversation, he had completely missed the man who pulled up in a sleigh with a single reindeer, and entered the store.

"I have to pay more attention to my surroundings." Jack muttered as a note-to-self. As the man turned toward her, Anna tried to act casual, humming to herself.

"Carrots." Jack barely heard the man's muffled voice. In fact if he wasn't a Guardian, he doubted he'd have heard him at all.

"Huh?" The man leaned his face close to hers and Anna leaned back, eyeing him awkwardly and nervously.

"Behind you."

"Oh! Right. Excuse me." Said the girl stepping aside for the man to grab some carrots off `the counter shelf behind her.

"A real howler in July, yes?" Asked Oaken as the man made his way to the 'winter department' and grabbed the rope and pickax. "Wherever could it be coming from?"

"The North Mountain." Said the other man.

"North Mountain?" Anna repeated.

"Right, North Mountain. That's exactly what I needed." Jack said to himself, making to leave then stopped. "Where is the North Mountain? I mean other than the obvious north." He walked back to the window to see the newcomer trying to barter with Oaken.

"That'll be forty." Said Oaken tallying the carrots, rope and pickaxe. Jack wondered if that was a lot in Arendelle's currency. The shopping man's reply answered his question.

"Forty?! No, ten."

"Oh, dear, that is no good. See, this is from our winter department, where supply and demand has a big problem." Jack frowned at that. Who is this joker?

"You want to talk about a supply and demand problem? I sell ice for a living." Jack looked at the sled that was filled with large blocks of ice.

"Oh, that's a neat job." The Guardian said to himself. "Though I guess supply and demand is pretty skewed right now."

"Ooh, that is a real rough business to be in right now, I mean, that is really-" Anna noticed that the shopping man was staring down at her; she cleared her throat, nervously. "Oohm, that's unfortunate."

"Still forty, but I will throw in a visit to 'Oaken Sauna'." He looked to a door where two adults and two kids were visible through the glass. "Hoo-hoo! Hi, family!"

"What the heck?!" Thought Jack, raising an eyebrow.

"Hoo-hoo!" Replied the people in the sauna. The Guardian shrugged to himself and brought his attention back to the three in the store.

"Ten's all I've got. Help me out." Said the shopper.

"Okay." The shopkeeper placed the carrots in front of the other supplies. "That will get you this and no more." As the shopper glared at the shopkeeper, Anna turned to the man beside her.

"Just tell me one thing: What was happening on the North Mountain? Did it seem... magical?"

"YES! Now back up..." said the man exasperated, removing his scarf, "while I deal with this crook here."

"Oh, idiot." Muttered Jack.

"What did you call me?" Asked Oaken, angrily standing up, to reveal his full height, alarming both Anna and the shopper.

"Okay, okay, I'm…!" He didn't get to finish as the shopkeeper threw him out. "Whooooa!"

"Bye-bye!" With that the shopkeeper slammed the door. As Jack watched, a reindeer approached and sniffed the man. Wait. Wasn't this the same reindeer as from the frozen lake with the living snowman?

"No, Sven. I didn't get your carrots." Said the man causing the reindeer to groan, disappointed, and sat on its hindquarters. "But I did find us a place to sleep, and it's free." Turning back to the window, Jack saw Oaken sit down behind the counter again and once more address Anna.

"I'm sorry about this violence. I will add a quart of lutefisk, so we'll have good feelings. Just the outfit and boots, ja?" Said Oaken.

To Jack's surprise, Anna had chosen to buy the man's supplies as well as her own. She had changed into her new outfit in a side room of the store and had braded her hair into twin plaits. Now the spirit of winter watched as she approached a run down shack where the ice-trader man and his reindeer had disappeared to. As they approached the door, the man's voice floated out to their ears. Anna stopped to listen and Jack took cover around the corner of the shack.
"Reindeers are better than people; Sven don't you think that's true?"

"Yeah, people will beat you and curse you and cheat you. Everyone of 'em's bad, except you." That was still the man's voice, but he had changed it so that it was obvious to Jack and Anna that he was pretending to be the reindeer. At this realization, Anna raised an eyebrow while Jack shrugged.

"Oh, thanks buddy." Said the man before resuming singing as himself. "But people smell better than reindeers, Sven don't you think I'm right?"

"That's once again true, for all except you."

"You got me. Let's call it a night."

"Good night."

"Don't let the frostbite bite."

"Aw, where's the fun in that?" Jack thought to himself. Anna opened the door and entered.

"Nice duet." Peeking in the door, Jack saw the man sit up, but relax when he saw it was Anna.

"Oh, it's just you. What do you want?"

"I want you to take me up the North Mountain."

"I don't take people places."

"Let me rephrase that..." Said Anna. She threw a sack of supplies which landed in his lap.

"Umph!" The man groans. Apparently, Anna threw harder than she meant to. The man peers into the bag and sees the stuff he was trying to buy.

"Take me up the North Mountain... Please." When the man only looked at her, seemingly annoyed, Anna added, "Look, I know how to stop this winter." The man considers for a moment.

"We leave at dawn." He said, lying back down. "And you forgot the carrots for Sven." A bag of carrots hits the man in the face and he groans again. Jack snickers. The girl had good aim.

"Oops. Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't-"Anna stopped, catching herself. "We leave now. Right now."

As Anna exited with the man and his reindeer, Jack leapt up onto the shack's roof to watch.
"I'm Anna, by the way." Anna introduced, offering a hand.

"I'm Kristoff and this is Sven." Said the man, not taking her hand. "You do what I say and don't get us into any trouble, and we just might get up the mountain in one piece." Jack frowned. He understood caution, but this Kristoff dude didn't have to be rude to Anna; even if she had gone the better of him, convincing him to take her up the mountain.

"Yeah, but-"

"I give the orders. You follow them. Is that understood?" Anna frowned defiantly at him. At that moment, snow hit Kristoff in the back of the head, who quickly whirled around.

"Alright who threw that?!" He said, seeing no one there.

"It was the wind!" Jack joked. He decided to play around with the two. Now that Anna was with Kristoff, Jack doubted she would be scared off, on the off chance they could see him. Then again, she had proved that she wouldn't be scared off easily even without the blond man. With that in mind, Jack leapt down, danced around in front of the two, then quickly began to 'skate' around Kristoff.

"Hahahahahaha!" Jack laughed as he skated around Kristoff, snow flying up into the older man's face.

"What?!" Said the blond, wiping the snow off him and looking around bewildered, while Anna giggled off to the side. Jack leapt up and landed on a high branch of a nearby tree. He decided to mock them a bit more, mainly for his own entertainment as they couldn't see or hear him anyway.

"I'm invisible! Can you see me?" Jack hollered. The young woman managed to stop laughing.

"Yes." Replied Anna, causing Jack to nearly fall from his perch.