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"Thank you for the invitation Yondaime-san."

"No need for formalities mom!" A very alive Minato Namikaze said with a chuckle as he read over his mother's file, "So what made you want to become hokage all of a sudden?"

"Your boy talked me into it." Tsunade replied, "He has that way with people."

"Guess he takes more than charisma to be hokage though." Minato stated as he set down the sannin's folder and went to work, "And to be completely blunt mom...Jiraiya was really scrapping the barrel when he recommended you."

"Excuse me?"

"'re a twenty year deserter at least." Minato blunted, "Do you realize how bad that makes the village look to appoint deserter as the leader of our village? Why would that be a problem?"

"I know that I abandoned you...but-"

"I'm over that mom, really! This isn't about you and me. This is about you ditching the village because your boyfriend died."

"Are you patronizing me?"

"No! It's just that your actions were completely and utterly selfish and completely detrimental to everything that shinobi are taught. Were you awake during class? I know that you graduated from the academy when you were six so your attention span was reasonably short-"

"Now you listen here-"

"Who am I judge? It's not like I would've walked away from my village and duty just because my significant other bit the dust...oh wait...I'm still here."


"So's Kakashi! And he killed his girlfriend!"

"You're not being fair-"

"Why not ask the old man about fairness? I'm sure that he'd have a lot of perspective considering the loss of his son and wife!"

"You're mocking me."

"There's also Sasuke, who also deserted to kill his brother after said-brother murdered his entire family and clan..."

"Stop mocking me."

"That Neji kid whose father was sacrificed to avoid a war between Konoha and Kumo..."

"I know you're mocking me."

"No, mom! I'm just picking out random names out of the hundreds and thousands of shinobi who have all lost loved ones in the line of duty and didn't ditch the village and gamble away their grandfather's inheritance...not to mention the clan treasury."

"The Senju Clan doesn't exist anymore-"

"And that may not have been the case if it's last heiress hadn't ditched town because she was crying over her dead boyfriend!"

"Fine, I've spilled milk in the past-"

"A lot of it!"

"But I've grown up from the woman that I was! I became the 5th Hokage and led this village through-"

"So what all happened in your first year as Hokage?"

"Sasuke defected-"

"And who you did you send after him?"

"Your son and a team of genin led by a chunin..." It scared Tsunade as to how unreadable Minato just became, "We were short-staffed at the time alright?"

"Please tell me that wasn't everything? Did Sasuke walk out the gates by himself?"

Tsunade nervously thumbed her fingers on the desk and Minato blinked.

"You were so short-staffed that you didn't even have guards at the gates? The Gates that lead directly into the village? Was this simple security feature also low on the list of priorities?"

"He was meeting with a squad of Oto shinobi-"

"He had to have had prior contact with these shinobi to know where to meet them and when to walk out the front door, no? How exactly did they get past the perimeter?"

"You know that Orochimaru used to be with Root-"

"And this prevented you from changing the pass code to the Or was this low on your priority list too?"

"You're acting like this is all my fault!"

"It is suspect that you sent a group of genin led by a rookie chunin to chase down a squad of jonin-level shinobi and almost all of the genin were killed. Was there no one else available?"

"Shizune led another team, but they were defeated-"

"What about Kakashi?"

"He was sent on another mission-"

"What about the ANBU?"

"They were sent-"

"You know what? I've heard enough." Minato handed a scroll and pen across the desk, "Please sign this."

"You want me to cede executive authority to you?"

"Seeing as that I'm the "senior" hokage, I've judged that you suck at your job. I'm taking it and demoting you to inactive status."

"I can't believe that you're doing this to your own mother." Tsunade protested, "I have contributed invaluable assets to this village!"

"What assets apart from your breasts?"

"I'm the best healer in the damned shinobi world-"

"And how does that give you any perspective on strategy or tactics? Most of your career, you were in the rear lines watching other people kill shit and healed comrades when shit tried to kill them."

"I revolutionized and created the medical corps!"

"And then abandoned it."

"I saved your son's life!"

"Many years after you abandoned your own son and wasn't around when the kyubi jabbed a giant claw through my abdomen."

"You got better!"

"My wife's soul is in the belly of the grim reaper! I was in a coma for 16 years! Thousands of people were killed and the survivors vented all of their grief onto my son. Better isn't the word that I would choose."

"I thought this wasn't personal."

"It's not exclusively personal."

"I don't just heal! I'm also really strong!"

"So healing and super-strength...gambler, deserter, terrible mother...still don't see any hokage material."

"I am a sannin!"

"Who couldn't do jack shit against the BDSM zombie gang controlled by a malnourished wimp with a god-complex!"

"What the hell would you have done against Pain?"

"Teleported behind him and slit his throat..." Tsunade grumbled and shrugged her shoulders at her predecessor's answer, "I killed a whole army that way! What kind of question is that? Why do you think people called me the Yellow Flash?"

"Cause you're quick in bed-"

"Sign the scroll and get out."

"Fine! I never wanted the damned job anyway!" Tsunade hastily signed her name on the scroll as Minato shook his head, "What?"

"Deserting the job?"

"You're firing me...that's hardly-"

"Go cry in your boyfriend's chest...oh wait...he's dead!"

"Not another word-"

"Or what? You'll cry and abandon the village? Gamble away the trust fund that Jiraiya left you? Or just go to a local bar and find someone whose into older women?"

"I'm done!" Tsunade stood up to leave, "Enjoy the chair!"

"I will! And I certainly won't desert it!" The office door loudly slammed and the Yondaime Hokage took a look over the files of more upcoming candidates. Minato prayed that the next several interviews would go more smoothly...

Author's Notes:

Tsunade's been pushed from the hokage desk! Who else will suffer the critical wrath of the Yondaime? Who will be found worthy to become a Hokage candidate? Who will get flash-burned next?